Saturday, August 5, 2017

Some summer news... :)

On June 9th Vanyo went to a school trip. They visited many interesting places – the house of Ivan Vazov /the greatest Bulgarian writer/ in Sopot, the Thracian tomb and the Rose Museum in Kazanluck, the Shipka monastery and monument, the open-air ethnographic museum Etara, the Humour and Satire Museum and Aprilov’s Gymnasium /the first modern, non-clerical school in Bulgaria/ in Gabrovo… He has been to some of these places with us /Sopot, Shipka, Etara/ but he has still greatly enjoyed the trip with his classmates…:) They have spent the night at a hotel in Etara and have had a party in their room…:) He was so exhausted when he came home on the Saturday evening so I can imagine the party has been lots of fun…:) 
Vanyo finished 6th grade on June 15th and he’s on summer holidays now until September 15th… Lucky boy! :)  He got ‘very good’ 5.30 for all of his 6th grade subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Russian, Maths, History and Civilization, Geography and Economics, Man and Nature, IT, Music, Art, Home Ways of Life and Techniques, Sports and Compulsory Chosen Subject /Bulgarian Language and Literature/. It’s not bad at all, but it’s also the worst result in his studies so far… He has the potential to do much better /such is his teachers’ opinion too/ but he was too lazy and absent-minded this school year… Let’s hope he’ll be more diligent in 7th  grade…:) 
On June 23rd  /Friday/ Vanyo and one of his friends from school – Georgi /whose mother is an actress and whose father is a director/ acted in some new Bulgarian TV series…:) It was only a small role, no lines, but Vanyo had lots of fun with his friend and he has apparently done a good job as he was invited to act in a movie the following day…:) The role in the movie was small too but it was a great experience for Vanyo…:) He also got some money for the TV series and the movie which is not bad at all…:) Of course, we don’t have ambitions of him becoming a great actor but as long as he has fun acting, we’re not going to stop him! :) 
In late June Minnie and I tried Yoga and we liked it a lot, so we might continue with it along with Pilates Stretch and Zumba /we’ll probably have to give up the Aeromix, though, as it might become too much at some point…/. 
I saw three movies in June - ‘Interstellar’ /nothing special/, ‘St.Vincent’ /a wonderful surprise - sweet, touching and fun...:)/ and ‘Spare Parts’ /a very touching and inspiring movie…:)/.
I’ve read two books in June. The first book is ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green.  I greatly enjoyed this book - it was easy to read, yet made me think over it, it was full of interesting characters whom I felt close, and bittersweet as life itself...:) Two thumbs up!:) Can't wait to read more books by this author...:) 
The second book is ‘Post Office’ by Charles Bukowski. It was the 8th book of my ‘20th Century Golden Books Collection’. It was easy to read but when I finished it I kept wondering if it wasn't just a waste of time... Or maybe that was the whole idea of the book - that everything is pointless?
Minnie had her practice from July 10th until July 14th. This time she had chosen the cardio section of a hospital in Plovdiv and she really liked it there. Minnie did some simple manipulations to the patients – drawing blood, measuring blood pressure, etc. and she really enjoyed it!:)  
My husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on July 22nd. It happened on a Saturday and I took the Friday /July 21st/ and the Monday /July 24th/ off so it turned out be a real mini-vacation…:) On the day of the anniversary we drove to Trigrad with the children and Teddy…:) We stayed at Trigrad Hotel Retreat and Welness. The hotel was nothing special but the nature in the Trigrad area is very beautiful…:) We also enjoyed the spa centre of the hotel and the delicious food… And on the Sunday /July 23rd/ we hiked to Arkan Han where Minnie and Vanyo rode horses for the first time in their lives…:) They loved it so we have decided that we would come again… And we might even stay at Arkan Han Hotel next time…:) 
I saw twelve movies in July – ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ /great movie - beautiful, spectacular and touching...:)/, ‘Step Up All In’ /some mindless entertainment...:)/, ‘Vice’ /a total waste of time…:(/, ‘A Little Chaos’ /nothing special...:(/, ‘Beloved Sisters’ /a very beautiful movie…/, ‘Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)’ /a bit weird, yet deep and touching movie... All actors were incredible...:)/, ‘Boyhood’ /such a beautiful and touching movie, I loved it!:)/, ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ /there were some scenes that were too cruel and disgusting for my taste but I liked the idea of the movie.../, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ /a very weird, yet enjoyable movie.../, ‘Selma’ /a very interesting and touching movie.../, ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ /good, but not as much as the first Ice Age movie.../ and ‘Trolls’ /a very sweet movie, I loved it!:)/. 
I’ve read three books in July. The first one was ‘Master of the Game’ by Sidney Sheldon. It turned out to be a great book - interesting plot, full of unexpected turns and complex characters...:) A real page-turner!:) 
The second book was ‘Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure’ by John Cleland. It was nothing special – just a beautifully written erotic book... 
And the third book was ‘The Magic Circle’ by Katherine Neville. It was full of interesting details - linguistic, historical, cultural, etc. But all these details were so scattered and pointless, the plot was lame and even irritating most of the time... 
In July started the 7th season of ‘Game of Thrones’ and we’ve been watching it every Monday… Such a pity there will be only 8 episodes this time…
The first week of August was the last working week for me and then my holidays started… I’ll be off for three weeks and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest…:) 
So far I’ve seen three movies in August – ‘Whiplash’ /even though jazz is not my cup of tea, this movie impressed me a lot.../, ‘Deux jours, une nuit’ /very thought-provoking movie.../ and ‘Still Alice’ /one of the best movies I've seen recently... And Julianne Moore was simply incredible!:)/.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our Easter, a firefighter competition, a lovely long weekend in Velingrad, Vanyo's 13th birthday and some other news...:)

We spent our Easter holidays in Devin – a picturesque little town in the Rhodope mountains, famous for its mineral water. We went there on April 14th /Friday/. We stayed at the panorama apartment /on the top floor/ of a lovely hotel called ‘Mountain Boutique Hotel & SPA’. We had such a relaxing time there!:) The interior of the hotel was very stylish and the food was delicious!:) Besides using the spa centre we also went to some trips – to the famous Samodivsko Praskalo waterfalls and to the dam of Dospat… The nature in this part of the Rhodopes is just amazing! :)

On Easter Sunday the hotel surprised us with ‘kozunak’ and boiled coloured eggs for breakfast… :) It was so sweet and thoughtful of them! :) And we had a special dinner - Easter salad and crostini for starters, roasted lamb with ‘drob sarma’ as a main course and a homemade cake for dessert… Oh, and there was some very special and tasty homemade red wine too!:) 

As soon as we had breakfast on Easter Monday, we checked out of the hotel and drove to Sofia because we had to get back to work/school/uni the following day… On our way we stopped at my parents’ home to pick up Teddy and to enjoy another traditional Easter meal – Easter salad, roasted lamb and an ice cream…:) Yummy!:) 

On April 27th /Thursday/ Vanyo got a bronze medal at the Young Firefighter Competition…:) We were all very proud of him because he had started his preparation only a few weeks before the competition…:)   

The last weekend of April was a long one /3-days/ because May 1st /Monday/ was a public holiday – Labour Day…:) We spent it in Velingrad, at the same hotel we had stayed in September 2016 /‘Lucky Light Boutique Hotel & SPA’/ and once again we greatly enjoyed our time there – the special atmosphere, the delicious food and the 24/7 spa /we love to be the only ones using it at night:)/!:)

Besides the Aeromix on Mondays and Pilates Stretch on Wednesdays, Minnie and I started attending Zumba on Fridays too /with a new instructor, who is even better as she explains the choreography in details/…:) Unfortunately we can’t find enough time to attend all the three activities in the same week, so we mainly go to one of two of them… But it’s still better than nothing, right?!:) 

I saw two more movies in April after writing my previous post here – ‘Chappie’ /a total waste of time:(/ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ /it was great to a part of Harry Potter’s world again:)/. 

I read one more book in April a compilation of two historical books by the Bulgarian author Gentcho Stoev. I liked the first one /'The Price of Gold'/ slightly better than the sequel /'The Return'/ but both were beautifully written and touching... There was something very special for me in the first book too - it mentions an inn /Katzigra han/ which was situated at the same place where I've lived as a child and where my parents live now... Of course it's not an inn anymore but an apartment building...:) 

Vanyo became 13 on May 6th so he is officially a teen now…:) We celebrated his birthday at my parents’ home. It was also St George’s Day so we had the traditional meal – roasted lamb, plus fresh ‘Shopska salad’ /tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and cheese/ and a delicious cake, made by Minnie /chocolate, with two types of cream and pineapple/…:) Vanyo got some presents, too – a new smartphone from his dad, his sister and me and some money for his grandparents /we have agreed that they will be spent for new gamer headphones&speaker/…:)

On May 11th Minnie and Vanyo received their certificates for participating at the ‘Librarian for a Day’ initiative at the Library of Sofia in the beginning of April.:) They also got some gifts - books and library bags…:) And Vanyo has given an interview for the radio…:) 

On May 28th /Sunday/ Vanyo had his birthday party with his friends…:) It was in Playground in Paradise mall and included bowling and a laser game… The children had lots of fun together…:)  

Here is the list of the movies I’ve seen in May: ‘Ghostbusters’ /not as funny as the original version/, ‘Victor Frankenstein’ /the movie was good but there were some really nasty scenes/, ‘Last Knights’ /nothing special/, ‘Logan’ /it was so sad to see my favourite Wolverine for the last time…/ and ‘A Merry Friggin’ Christmas’ /a waste of time/.  

I’ve read two books in May. The first one was ‘The Colour of Magic’ by Terry Pratchett. Maybe not the best book I've read but it was interesting and fun so I guess I might read some more of the Discworld series in the near future...:)  

The second book was ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was the 8th book of my ‘19th Century Golden Books Collection’. Even though it was interesting and well written, the characters seemed distant and couldn't touch me...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some spring news...

The schedule at our gym changed in late March so the Zumba on Mondays and Wednesdays was cancelled... Minnie and I started attending Aeromix on Mondays /very intensive/ and Pilates Stretch on Wednesdays /very relaxing/. There is Zumba with another instructor on Fridays so we might try that some time too…:)

I saw four more movies in March after my previous post - Assassin’s Creed’ /maybe not the best movie based on a computer game, but still entertaining...:)/, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ /it was great to be part of the Star Wars world again, but the end of the movie made me very sad.../, ‘Reach Me’ /nothing special:(/ and ‘Collateral Beauty’ /a very strange, yet beautiful and touching story and the actors were simply incredible:)/.

I’ve read one book in March – ‘The Brass Verdict’ by Michael Connelly. It was very interesting, witty and easy to read...:) And I like Mickey Haller's character a lot... Can't wait to read more books about him...:)

Vanyo is on Easter holidays since April 8th… He is just staying at home, relaxing, and one day he invited his best friend from his class /Nikolay/ over for a fun day which has involved a Diablo III game on the PS4 and a KFC lunch…:)

And on April 12th Minnie and Vanyo joined the ‘Librarian for a Day’ initiative at the Library of Sofia and they have enjoyed their internship to the fullest!:) They both said they would enjoy a volunteer job there in summer too…:)

So far I’ve seen only two movies this month – ‘I Origins’ /I greatly enjoyed the idea of the movie but everything else was a disappointment.../ and ‘Little Accidents’ /nothing special:(/.  

I’ve read one book this month – ‘The Temple of the Golden Pavilion’ by Yukio Mishima. It was the 7th book of my ‘20th Century Golden Books Collection’. Even though it was a small book, it took me a long time to read it - more than a month... The writing style was beautiful and unique but the main character and his philosophy were too strange and couldn't touch me at all... 

Also in April I saw the first season of the new mini-series ‘Taboo’ and I enjoyed them a lot - great story and incredible Tom Hardy!:) Can't wait for the second season!:)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Life goes on...

I saw six more movies in January after writing my previous post... Here is the list: ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ /I wasn’t impressed by the first Jack Reacher movie and the second was nothing special, either…:(/, ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ /leaving aside the fact that the best Tarzan for me will always be Christopher Lambert, it was a very nice movie…:)/, ‘Spectre’ /maybe not the best James Bond movie but still fun to watch...:)/, ‘Dying of the Light’ /nothing special…/, ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ /not as brilliant as the first Bridget Jones movie but there were still some super funny moments :)/ and ‘Stretch’ /nothing special…:(/.

On February 3rd /Friday/ as soon as we finished work/uni/school, the four of us went to the famous ski resort Pamporovo. We stayed at a very nice hotel, called ‘The Castle’ for a long weekend and returned home on the Monday, February 6th.  We had a very relaxing time in Pamporovo and the children even tried skiing for the first time in their lives…:) They said it was fun so perhaps we’ll take them again next winter…:) We also greatly enjoyed the food and the service at the restaurant ‘Excalibur’… There was live kaba bagpipe performance and a singer of traditional songs from the Rhodope region every evening at the restaurant, such an incredible experience! :) 

The law firm that I’m working at gave us multisport cards in late January. So since the beginning of February I started going to zumba with Minnie and we’re both enjoying it very much…:)

My mother celebrated her 70th birthday on February 11th … My parents invited us at a very nice restaurant in Plovdiv, called ‘Riviera’ /the same place they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in May/. My aunt /dad’s sister/ was there too with her husband. We had a wonderful evening together! :)

Unfortunately, even though February started well, it brought us a terrible surprise – my mother-in-law passed away on February 23rd… :( It was such a huge shock for all of us as she seemed so well and in good spirits the last time we visited her /in the beginning of the month, on our way home from Pamporovo/…:( We had the funeral on the Saturday, February 25th  and we feel slightly better day by day but it’ll take time for the pain to go away, I’m sure…

I saw six movies in February: ‘Unfinished Business’ /it wasn't a masterpiece, and there were some really silly moments, but I greatly enjoyed the idea of the movie and its positive message.../, ‘Cake’ /a very sad and depressing movie but Jennifer Aniston and Adriana Barraza were simply brilliant! Two thumbs up for both of them!/, ‘American Sniper’ /a really good movie but very sad and depressing as well.../, ‘Paddington’ /I just loved this movie - it was sweet, touching and funny...:) And the bear is simply adorable...:)/, ‘Loitering with Intent’ /a total waste of time…:(/ and ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ /great movie, I loved it:)/.

I read three books in February. The first one was ‘Tales’ by E.T.A. Hoffmann. It was the 7th  book of my '19th Century Golden Books Collection’. I liked some of the tales and disliked or didn't understand others... But it was an interesting book and easy to read so I don't regret giving it a try...:)

The second book was ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ by Philippa Gregory. I greatly enjoyed this book - even though it might not be 100% historically correct, it was very interesting and well written, so I'll definitely read more books by Philippa Gregory in the future...:)

And the third book was ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. It was a great experience to be part of Harry Potter's world again...:) But I still think it would have been much better if this book was a novel not just a play...

On March 1st we celebrated Baba Marta, which, as you know, is one of my most favourite Bulgarian holidays as it marks the beginning of spring…:) 

Vanyo attended a Spelling Bee competition at his school and got the 7th place, which, considering his total lack of preparation, is quite an achievement…:) He got a certificate and a bracelet and is very proud of himself…:)

March 3rd is our national holiday /Liberation Day/ so it was a long weekend… Our plan was to go to Devin /a lovely resort in the Rhodopes/ but my mother-in-law’s sudden death made us cancel the reservation… We just went to Plovdiv and stayed at home instead…

We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th …:) I got flowers from my husband, my children and my male colleagues at work and many greetings by phone, emails and Facebook…:) And in the evening I had a special dinner at home with my dear family…:)

I’ve seen two movies so far this month – ‘The Hateful Eight’ /the story was interesting but the movie was full of cruelty and disgusting scenes - too much for my liking.../ and ‘Doctor Strange’ /great entertainment for the whole family:)/.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

All the news from the last few months...:)

The last week of October was very exciting for Vanyo…:) On October 27th /Thursday/ there was a Halloween celebration at his school and he was Harry Potter…:) And just like last year he got the prize for best artistic performance…:)
And the following day he and two other boys from his class were chosen to teach English to some 8 grade kids /who had just started studying English as a second foreign language/…:) My son was super proud of himself for teaching bigger kids, as you can imagine…:)

On October 29th I attended a very interesting Medical Law seminar. I’ve learned a lot and it was great to meet some colleagues and catch up with them!:)

I saw five more movies in October after writing my previous post. Here is the list: ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ /this movie turned out to be much better than I expected... It was tense, thrilling, emotional, full of unexpected turns and the actors were great...:)/, ‘Jurassic World’ /not as good as the first Jurassic movie but still fun to see...:)/, ‘Life of Pi’ /to be honest, this movie turned out to be much better than I expected... Looks like it's one of those movies that stay with me long after I've seen them.../ ‘Foxcatcher’ /the movie was well done, the actors were great /especially Steve Carell who was simply brilliant/ but it still couldn't touch me.../ and ‘He’s a Dragon’ /a great Russian fantasy, I loved it!:) And it was so nice to find out that Russians have the folklore motif of ladies marrying dragons... It's in our Bulgarian folklore too...:)/. 

Minnie’s name day was on November 11th.  She brought a box of chocolates to uni as a treat for her colleagues and in the evening we had special dinner at home…:) Minnie got some gifts too, of course – her grandparents gave her money and her dad, her brother and me gave her cool Sony headphones and the latest Harry Potter book…:)

The next Friday, November 18th, as soon as we all finished work/uni/school, we drove to Bansko – a lovely ski resort in the mountains. We stayed at a great spa hotel and had a wonderful weekend there… It was an all-inclusive package and the food was so delicious that I’m afraid we ate way too much… But we also did some workout so luckily it didn’t affect us visibly…:) Unfortunately the hotel was too crowded so we have decided that we’ll choose a quieter place for our next trip…:)

On November 24th the four of us attended a very special event – the presentation of a CD with orthodox music – ‘Voice of an Angel’ at the big hall of the University of Sofia. My cousin Plamen /the opera singer/ was the soloist and he was amazing!:) We were all so proud of him!:)

I saw ten movies in November: ‘The Lego Movie’ /great movie!:) I loved it!:)/, ‘The Keeper of Lost Causes’ /a bit cruel and predictable, but still a very good thriller.../, ‘Sin City’ /quite weird and cruel but still a great movie:)/, ‘The Giver’ /I really liked the idea of the movie, but it was too slow and boring.../, ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill for’ /just as weird and cruel as the first movie but maybe a bit less exciting.../, ‘Cinderella’ /great entertainment for the whole family:)/, ‘Horns’ /there were some moments that were too brutal for my taste, but the movie was fresh, exciting and it kept my attention all the time... Daniel Radcliffe was incredible too!:) His character was complex and controversial and he has acted it perfectly!:)/, ‘Stonehearst Asylum’ /a very good movie, full of suspense and unexpected turns...:) Many Bulgarian actors are playing in it and the final scene is shot in Bulgaria...:), ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ /unfortunately not as good as the first two movies, but there were still some funny moments.../ and ‘Winter’s Tale’ /a little strange, yet beautiful story…:)/.

I have read one book in November: ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’ by Irwin Shaw. I greatly enjoyed this book - it was easy to read, the characters were interesting and well-developed, the style of the author was wonderful and most of all I liked his subtle sense of humour...:) The end made me a bit sad, though... But it didn’t put me off reading the sequel so that’s what I took up next!:)

December was a very exciting and eventful month…:)

On December 2nd I went to a Criminal Law seminar in Velingrad… I stayed there the whole weekend and had a wonderful time…:) It was great to learn new things and to socialize with my colleagues…:) On the Saturday evening we had a party and we danced till 2 a.m… :) It was so much fun!:)

On December 11th Minnie celebrated her 20th birthday…:) She wanted to celebrate it in Serbia so that’s where we went…:) We had delicious lunch at a typical Serbian restaurant called Lukavacki Mlin and then went shopping in Dimitrovgrad…:) It was a great day!:) And in the evening we had chocolate ice-cream cake at home…:) Yummy!:)

Minnie got some presents, of course – money from her grandparents and new boots and bag from her dad, her brother and me… In the following days she went out a couple of times with her friends and got some really thoughtful presents from them as well…:)

December 15th  was a very interesting day…:) We finished work earlier at my office and then attended the presentation of a book, published by the law firm I’m working at /a biography of the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic/. Then we headed to the Christmas party of one of our bigger clients… The party was at a wonderful, very luxurious restaurant, called Niagara and everything was perfect – the atmosphere, the food, the service, and the music…:) I had lots of fun with my colleagues…:)

On December 19th /Monday/ my husband and I attended a reunion of our university colleagues… It was in Plovdiv and we both had to work the following day, so we didn’t stay long but it was still fun to catch up with our colleagues…:)

On December 22nd my office had Christmas lunch and in the evening I met a bunch of ladies /current or ex-colleagues at the law firm I’m working at/ for a glass /or two:)/ of wine at a very nice Italian restaurant…:)

December 23rd was my last day at work and then my Christmas holidays started…:) I was off for 10 days and got back to work on January 3rd …:)

This time we celebrated Christmas in Plovdiv for a change…:) We had invited my mother-in-law as well... We had traditional Christmas dinner and Vanyo found the coin into his piece of the ‘pitka’ – just like the previous year.:)  And when we finished eating, the children found their present under the Christmas tree…:) It was just one present this Christmas, but an expensive one – PS4 with two joysticks and a game /Mafia 3/…:) They were both super excited and, needless to say, spent the rest of the evening enjoying their gift…:)

During the Christmas holidays we also visited my parents and had a wonderful time with them as always …:)

We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Sofia…:) We had a special dinner and wine /delicious Tokaj wine we had bought in Budapest in May/, enjoyed the fireworks and danced…:) As always, the children had fun with the ‘survakane’.:) The fortunes we found in the special New Year’s ‘banitza’, were: ‘happiness’ for Vlado, ‘health’ for me, ‘love’ for Minnie, ‘success’ for Vanyo and ‘travel’ for Teddy…:)

 I saw quite a lot of movies in December: ‘The Longest Week’ /nothing special…:(/, ‘Reclaim’ /also nothing special…:(/, ‘The Liberator’ /a beautiful, touching and inspiring story about the life of Simón Bolívar... The actors and the scenery were fantastic too...:)/, ‘The Guest’ /this movie turned out to be much better than I expected... And Dan Stevens is fantastic as a bad boy…:)/, ‘Men, Women & Children’ /a strange movie - full of amazing actors but slow and even boring at times.../, ‘Miss Meadows’ /nothing special…:(/, ‘Focus’ /not a masterpiece, but still a very nice movie, full of unexpected turns and dark humour.../, ‘Step Up Revolution’ /a very sweet movie, full of fantastic dancing scenes...:)/, ‘Seventh Son’ /great entertainment for the whole family...:)/, ‘John Wick’ /a dark movie, full of great action scenes and incredible Keanu Reeves...:) Can't wait for the sequel!:)/, ‘Inferno’ /nothing special…/, ‘Jason Bourne’ /it was full of spectacular action scenes but still not good as the first Bourne movie.../, ‘Star Trek Beyond’ /great entertainment for the whole family...:)/, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ /great entertainment as always!:) I loved it that my favourite Wolverine appeared as well!:)/ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ /also great entertainment for the whole family…:)/.

I managed to read two books in December. The first book was ‘The Neverending Story’ by Michael Ende. It was an incredible, thought-provoking, beautiful and touching story...:) One of those books that remain with us long after we have finished reading them...

The second book was ‘Beggarman, Thief’ by Irwin Shaw. Maybe not as brilliant as the first book of the saga but still very good and beautifully written...

Yesterday, January 7th,  was Vanyo’s name day…:) It happened on a Saturday, so we went to the mall and had a great time there…:) First we had delicious lunch. Then Vanyo and Minnie went to play video games at Playground while my husband and I enjoyed some coffee and ice-cream at one of the cafés…:) When the children came back from Playground, they had some ice-cream too…:) Vanyo got some presents too, of course – a new PS4 game from his dad, his sister and me /Diablo 3/ and some money from his grandparents to spend as he wishes…:)  

I’ve seen five movies so far in January: ‘The Girl on the Train’ /maybe not the best thriller, but not too bad, either.../, ‘London Has Fallen’ /much worse than ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ but it was still great to see Gerard Butler../, ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ /maybe not as brilliant as the first Independence Day movie, but it was still full of excitement and funny moments…:)/, ‘Home Sweet Hell’ /a total waste of time…:(/ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ /the movie was too long and slow at times but as two of my favourite actors were playing /Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill/ it wasn't too bad...:)/. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

So far, so good...

As always, September was a quiet month until the children got back to school/university and the madness started again…:) 

I got back to work on September 7th, full of energy and optimism…:) It was great to meet my colleagues too…:) 

Minnie got back to Uni on September 12th /Monday/. Now that it’s her second year as a Medical student, she is more confident but of course she still has a lot to study…:)

Vanyo started school on September 15th /Thursday/. He is in 6th grade now and has lots of new teachers... I hope it will be a positive change, though...:) 

On September 21st Minnie passed the practical part of the driving license exam so it’s official – we have another driver in our family!:) Needless to say, we are very excited about it!:)

September 22nd was a public holiday and as it happened on a Thursday, the government gave the Friday off too and we had a great 4-day weekend…:) Of course, we had to work the previous Saturday instead… 

On the first day of the long weekend we drove to Velingrad /a beautiful town in the Rhodopes, famous for its mineral springs/. We stayed at ‘Lucky Light Boutique Hotel & SPA’ which was such a wonderful place, with great atmosphere, delicious food and great spa, working 24/7 /it was such a pleasure to be the only ones using it at night:)/! We also visited ‘Kleptuza’ twice. It’s a very beautiful area, famous for its unique nature /protected by the law/ and for the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria…:) We even got on a pedal boat there and it was fun…:) 

Unfortunately our holidays were over too soon and on the Saturday we headed home… But we had a great time so we’re planning to visit Velingrad again /and will most probably stay in the same hotel/…:) 

I saw only one movie in September - ‘Les Miserables’… To be honest, I’m not into musicals much, but I still enjoyed it because the actors and the story were great...:) 

And I read one book in September /actually they are two novels in one book/ - ‘I Claudius/Claudius the God’ by Robert Graves. I greatly enjoyed it - it was very interesting and really well written...:) I learned a lot about the history and culture of Rome and at the same time I greatly admired the subtle sense of humour of the author!:) Two thumbs up!:) 

So far this month I have seen one movie and have read two books…:)

The movie I’ve seen is ‘Me Before You’. It was a beautiful and touching story, bitter-sweet as life itself... I loved it!:)

The first book I’ve read is ‘East of Eden’ by John Steinbeck. I read this book for a first time when I was 16, so wasn't mature enough to understand it then... Now I greatly enjoyed the wisdom and the beauty of the story, the depth of the characters and the diversity of their inner world... 

And the second book I’ve read is ‘Autobiography’ by the Serbian author Branislav Nušić ...:) It is in the list of books Vanyo studies at school this year... It was incredibly funny, and still - full of wisdom and philosophy!:) Two thumbs up!:)