Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year and Vanyo's name day:)

I wanted to start my blog here for a long time already, so I guess the beginning of a New Year is the perfect time for it... Of course, I'm still keeping my blog at Yahoo! 360 and my Livejournal until I decide which ones to give up in the end... So let's get started!!!;)

Our New Year's Eve was quiet and uneventful...:) We had delicious dinner - home-made Russian salad /boiled potatoes, ham, gherkins and mayonnaise/, BBQ and 'banitza' with fortunes /I got the 'health', Vlado - the 'happiness', Minnie - the 'good luck', and Vanyo - the 'love':)/. We had some fruit and nuts afterwards... I was so full!!!:P

We watched some TV, the kids played and danced a bit while we were waiting for the New Year to come.:) At midnight we had some champagne and danced 'horo'...:) Then came the 'survakane' - the tradition that kids adore.:) Each child has a 'survachka' - it's made of a cornel tree's branch, decorated with dried fruit, popcorn, red woollen threads...:) The child holds the 'survachka' with his/her hands, hits the back of a person with it and says a short rhyme 'Surva, surva year, happy year. Green ear at the cornfield, a huge bunch of grapes at the vineyard, a yellow maize at the field, a red apple at the garden, a full house of children, alive and healthy until next year, until next year, until the end'.:) It's a pagan tradition which has survived in our culture after the acceptation of Christianity in the 9th century.:) This rhyme is a verbal magic for health and abundance in everything during the New Year.:) The children get money or treats from the person they've blessed with the 'survachka'.:)

The first few days of the New Year were calm and relaxing - we didn't go out much, just stayed at my inlaws' flat and watched TV, read books, etc.:) Needless to say, the kids and I were getting quite bored, so we convinced Vlado to get back home earlier than we had planned - on the Saturday /January 3rd/ instead on the Sunday...:P So we spent the first weekend of the year at home and we had a wonderful time...:) Especially as Vlado and the kids could play more on the new PC and I could get online and check my e-mails...;)

On the Sunday Vlado and the kids also went to play outside in the snow /it started snowing in the Saturday evening and it was actually the first snow for this winter, so the kids were overjoyed about it:D/.

On Monday, January 5th we got back to our normal routine - Minnie went to school and Vanyo - to the Kindergarten.:) They were both very happy about it as they had started missing their friends a lot.;)

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th /Wednesday/.:) In the morning before going to the Kindergarten he received his presents - a remote control car and a sweater from my parents and another James Bond car from his dad, his sister and me.;) He received some money from my MIL, but we haven't decided yet what to buy him with it... We brought a huge box of chocolates to the Kindergarten and Vanyo treated his little friends and his teachers for his name day.:) And in the evening we went to have dinner at McDonald's.:) My little son had a very special day and he enjoyed it to the fullest!!!:)))