Monday, March 30, 2009

A nice weekend:)

The last March weekend /March 28th – 29th/ was a very nice one.:) On the Saturday hubby and I went to ‘ARON’ shop to order new furniture for our bedroom /should arrive in a week or two:)/. Then we took the kids and went shopping!!!:) After I had bought some new clothes, it was the turn of the other members of my family to do so as well!!:P Vlado got a black leather jacket, a shirt and a pair of jeans, Minnie – black sneakers with golden stripes /very chic:)/, black pants and two tops and Vanyo – a ‘Cars’ blouse, black jeans and another ‘Cars’ toy collection /it’s not clothes, I know, but was far more important for him than the new outfit;)/. Hubby bought something for me too - a black and white shirt, which was definitely very sweet of him.

After all the shopping we went to have late lunch at ‘Pizza Originale’ where we had a wonderful time enjoying the delicious food and a merry conversation.:D The weather was fantastic that day as well, which also contributed a great deal to the high spirits we were in.:)

Unfortunately in the evening I began to feel a bit uncomfortable and the following day I realized I was sick…:( My nose was running, my head was killing me and I was totally out of energy…:((( After a hot shower and taking some vitamins I felt a bit better, so hopefully I’ll be alright soon.;) 

During the weekend I saw only a few movies – ’Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven’ /which was no different from the other two Jack Hunter movies, oh, wait a minute – the first scenes in it are in Tsarevo, Bulgaria:D/, ‘Balls Out: the Gary Houseman Story’ /which was an extraordinary silly movie... maybe the worst I've seen so far this year...:(((/ and ‘Picture This’ /even though I love teen movies, this one I could live without…/.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A weird LOST dream:P

I had the strangest dream a few days ago - Jack from ‘LOST’ was my boyfriend and he told me 'You're pregnant'.:P I answered 'No way'… Then he looked in my eyes and said 'Believe me, I'm a doctor and I know'... Weird, huh?!:P I wonder if Sawyer will be jealous of this dream?!:P And before you ask - no I'm not pregnant at all - knock on wood!!!;)

Now let's talk about real life...:P Luckily the operation of mother-in-law was successful just as the doctors had assured us and last Friday /March 20th/ she was allowed to go home.:) We picked her up from the hospital and left her at our flat to rest and then both Vlado and I got back to work. In the afternoon we all drove to Karlovo and spent the weekend there helping my MIL as much as we could…

Needless to say, it was a tiring weekend /mostly emotionally/ and I was relieved when we got home on Sunday…;) As Mall of Plovdiv had just opened /finally:P/ a few days ago, Vlado and I decided to check it out…:) We visited the ‘Piccadilly’ supermarket there and got some groceries and after that went to grab dinner from KFC.:D The food was so yummy that we had another KFC dinner the following evening as well!!!:D

Yesterday I decided it’s time to finally buy myself some clothes, so I went shopping…:) I bought quite a lot – two shirts /a white and a green one/, two suits /one is a jacket and skirt, the other one – a jacket and pants/ and a pair of long, high-heeled suede boots.:) I don’t like shopping and I don’t care about fashion and brands at all, but I always have to be dressed well because of my job…:) So it’s a good thing I finally added a few items to my wardrobe!!!:D 

We haven’t seen many movies during the second half of March… We saw ‘Inkheart’ /which was an OK family movie/, ‘Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit’ and ‘Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaton’s Tomb’ /the Jack Hunter movies are such a copy of the Indiana Jones’ ones but with a much more handsome and charming actor:)/. We’re planning to see the third Jack Hunter movie /’Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven’/ soon.:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Awww, shucks... I got an award:)


Wowowow, I got an award from my dear friend Saga of Writing... What touched me most, however, was not the award itself, but the words that came along...:) Thank you, my dear!!!:) I feel the same about our friendship!!! *hugs*

Now, there are some steps to go along with the award:
  • Post the logo on your blog.
  • Nominate blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
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    And so, I would like to nominate for a When Life gives you lemons award .... to all my wonderful friends here who inspire me in every possible way!!!:) Thank you for being here!!!:)

  • Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Am I selfish?

    The days after the long weekend were not that bad, because I had to work for only 3 days before the following weekend came…:) Yeah, a 3-day working week and a four-day weekend is just perfect for me!!!;)

    The weekend of March 7th - 8th was a very nice and relaxing one, which we spent at home…:)

    Unfortunately hubby had to work on the Sunday – he was on duty and what a busy day it was for him…:( He spent the whole day in different police stations and had only a brief break of 10-15 minutes during which he came home to give me a bunch of flowers /it was International Women’s Day;)/ and was off again… Luckily in the evening we made it to ‘Verdi’ and had a delicious dinner there!!!:D 

    I got quite spoilt from the kids that day – Minnie gave me a cute card she had made /my girl had written the sweetest words inside:)/ and Vanyo gave me a picture he had drawn in which we’re both holding hands /our clothes are orange which according to the psychologists is a good sign;)/ and a fan he had made for me at the kindergarten!!!:) So hubby and kids made me feel so special and loved that day!!!

    We got to see only two movies that weekend – ‘Speed Racer’ /which was colourful and fun even though a bit silly in my mind:P/ and ‘The Last Templar’ /which in spite of the interesting title and beginning was a total disappointment:(/. 

    On March 13th /Friday/ I treated my hubby and kids dinner at ‘Happy’.:D We all enjoyed the delicious food and the time together so much!!!:)))

    Unfortunately the following day was the beginning of a very difficult period for our family which is still going on…:( My mother-in-law got operated and my hubby is so worried and nervous because of the operation…:((( He spent almost the whole Saturday and the Sunday night at the hospital… He might spend this night there as well…:( I really hope my mother-in-law will get better soon and our life will get back to normal again… Maybe I’m too selfish, but I don’t like it when his mother seems to be more important for Vlado than his children or wife…:( Of course, I’m trying to be supportive as much as I can, but it’s not easy at all…:(

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Chestita Baba Marta!!!:)

    The previous Saturday /February 21st/ I had to attend a seminar in Novotel Plovdiv about the EAW /EU Arrest Warrant/. It was from 9.30 a.m. until 15.00 p.m. and we had only a short lunch break so I was a bit tired in the end, but it was worth it because it was interesting and useful!!!;)

    The movies I’ve seen in the second half of February, are ‘Sex Drive’ /a bit silly movie, but there were some funny moments:P/, ‘High School Musical 3’ /funny and entertaining as the previous two:)/ and ‘Screamers: The Hunting’ /too much blood and disgusting scenes:(/.

    The first March weekend was a long one, because March 3rd /Tuesday/ was an official holiday /Liberation Day/ and the government decided to give the Monday /March 2nd/ off as well /and we’ll work one Saturday – March 14th instead/. Needless to say, I enjoyed the four-day weekend to the fullest!!!:D 

    We spent the first two days of the long weekend in Karlovo and the last two – at home /to my greatest joy:P/. March 1st was ‘Baba Marta’.:) Baba Marta is an imaginary character like Santa Claus, for example, who brings 'marthenitza's to the children and this way shows that the spring has come!!!:)

    'Marthentiza's are made of different sizes and shapes, but always out of red and white threads.:) There are different kinds of 'marthenitza' - some of them /the most popular/ are worn on your hand as a bracelet, others you can wear on your neck or in your hair, and others /those are mainly designed for children/ - on your clothes, like a badge /always on your left side, where the heart is/. You can get an idea of a typical 'marthenitza' from the picture of this blog entry...;)

    By giving 'marthenitza's to our closest people, we wish them health, happiness and good luck.:) They're worn until we see the first stork /symbol of spring here/. Then we take them off and tie them on the branches of a friut tree /for fertility/.:P

    We also greet each other on March 1st with 'Chestita Baba Marta!' /it can be translated as 'Happy Granny March'/.:D 

    Celebrating Baba Marta is an ancient tradition /even older than Bulgaria, which, by the way, was founded in 681 AD/, and has pagan roots like many other of our traditions... It's typically Bulgarian and unique... And very beautiful as well!!!:)

    During the long weekend I saw a few movies – ‘Bride Wars’ /sweet and romantic, but still there's nothing to make me want to see it again...:P/, ‘Wolfhound from the Breed of Grey Dogs’ /I was happy to see a Russian fantasy movie...:) But the story could have been much more interesting...;)/ and ‘Twilight’ /even though I’m actually not fond of vampires, I loved the romantic story and the good-looking actors… maybe I will even read the books…:)/.