Monday, April 27, 2009

A weird Orthodox Easter...

The week before the Orthodox Easter was a very nice one…:) On the Tuesday /April 14th/ hubby and I went to talk with the director of Minnie’s school… You see, after my daughter graduated from Elementary School, she passed some exams to be accepted at one of the three special classes in her school… She did quite well and could actually choose between the three classes /Bulgarian Language and Literature, Maths and English/… And she chose to study at the English specialized class /with 7 English lessons per week/.;) Unfortunately she just couldn’t adjust to her new classmates as she is very hard-working and ambitious and they aren’t…:( They started isolating and offending her and as a result she didn’t feel well in that class…:( Anyway, the reason why we talked with the director was that we wanted to move her to the Maths specialized class… And we did – right after the Easter holidays Minnie started attending the Maths class and she got accepted there very well /as most kids there have the same attitude towards learning as her/…:) Let’s hope she’ll be happy in the new class!!!;)

In the evening we went to ‘Happy Bar and Grill’ to celebrate Minnie’s moving to the Maths class and we had a wonderful time there as always!!!:)

The following day, April 16th /Thursday/ was Constitution Day, so hubby and I both had a professional holiday.:) We worked as usual, but in the evening we treated our kids dinner at the KFC restaurant in the mall…:) Something they were both very happy about!!!:)

The following day /Friday, April 17th/ after work we drove to Karlovo to celebrate the Easter holidays with my inlaws. Unfortunately something really unpleasant happened that evening - the area under my left eyebrow swelled all of a sudden...:( It was painful and looked quite scary /my left eye got totally closed because of the infection/...:( I went to the emergency and they prescribed me antibiotics. After the Easter holidays I went to my GP and she sent me to a surgeon... The surgeon told me that it was a small tumour which needs to be operated, but the swelling has to be reduced first… So he prescribed me some ointment and told me to visit him again the following Monday /which was actually today/. The swelling quickly disappeared, but it was quite uncomfortable to wear a bandage on my face for a whole week...:(

When I visited the surgeon today, he advised me to wait a few more days for the operation, and postponed it until May 7th… Luckily he allowed me to stop using the bandage, which was such a relief...;)

It’s a shame that such a thing had to happen during one of the most important holidays, but there was nothing I could do about it…:(  Of course, we didn’t miss the main details of the Easter celebration…;) On the Saturday before Easter /April 18th/ my mother-in-law and the kids painted the eggs…:) According to the tradition, the first egg should be painted in red /symbolizing the blood of Jesus/. The oldest woman in the house uses this egg to rub the forehead and cheeks of the children for good health, saying 'May you be healthy, white and red!':) This egg is then kept in the home /next to an icon/ till the following Easter. 

Bulgarians have a rich and abundant lunch for Easter.:) Painted eggs are essential, along with the 'kozunak' /a sweet bread cake, made of yeast dough, milk, eggs, sugar and butter/ and roasted lamb or goat.:) People greet each other with 'Christos voskrese' /which means ‘Christ has risen from the dead’/ and the reply to this greeting is 'Vo istina voskrese' /’Indeed he has risen’/.;)

As the family gathers around the table, everyone selects an egg, which is then knocked together with the others to find the victor /the strongest egg/. :) Needless to say, this is exactly what my kids /and especially Vanyo;)/ love most about Easter – the ‘egg fight’!!!;)

An important part of Easter in Bulgaria is the visit that married couples pay to their 'kumove' /the people who have been the witnesses at the wedding and become godparents later/. This visit is a symbol of great respect.:) The guests and their 'kumove' exchange painted eggs, 'kozunak' and sweets. Of course, we visited our ‘kumove’ and had a wonderful time as always!!!;) After the visit we packed and drove home.

We had the Easter Monday /April 20th/ off as well, which was great as we could relax at home after the visit with my inlaws /which is always somewhat tiring for me/. 

Last weekend was a very quiet one.:) On the Saturday we went to have late lunch at McDonald’s /a new McDrive has just opened very close to our home, so we were curious to visit it;)/. We also watched a few movies - 'Hotel for Dogs' /a cute movie for the whole family:)/, 'Echelon Conspiracy' /an OK action movie which so much reminded me of 'Eagle Eye' but was not as good...:P/, 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' /an average comedy movie with some really funny moments:)/.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New bedroom furniture... and some baby news:)


Last week our bedroom furniture arrived, so during the weekend my hubby was pretty busy putting it up together /we got a bed, two nightstands and a wardrobe /four doors with huge mirrors on two of them:)/. The whole set is in a walnut tree colour and somehow imitates an old-fashioned bedroom.;) We could have bought a bigger cabinet as well /with a few drawers/ which is also included in the set, but we decided to give it up, because we want to buy a desk and a bookshelf instead /later on, when we save some money;)/. It turned out that the mattress of our previous bed is a bit smaller for the new bed, so we will need a new mattress as well /hopefully we’ll be able to buy it some time this week/. Actually we can use the old mattress, but it doesn’t look good at all/…:( 
Besides putting up the new furniture in the bedroom, the weekend was nothing exciting – we just stayed at home most of the time and relaxed… Which is exactly what we needed!!!;) On the Saturday Minnie and Vanyo went to a hairdresser for a much needed haircut and after that we went grocery shopping.:) And on the Sunday afternoon hubby and I went to the mall and grabbed some yummy food from KFC /and from McDonald’s for Vanyo:P/.
During the weekend we saw a few teen movies /it was our treat for Minnie as those were the last days of her spring holidays and she got back to school today;)/. We saw ‘Step Up’ /a wonderful movie - full of music, dances, romance...:)/, ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ /maybe not as touching as the first one, but the dances were incredible:)/ and ‘Camp Rock’ /another lovely teen movie, full of music and romance:)/. 
And last, but not least - on Friday /April 10th/ we got a call from Nickolay /whose ‘kumove’ we are/ and he told us that Maria /his wife/ had given birth to a baby boy!!!:) So Vlado and I are going to be godparents soon!!!:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another penpal meeting... and a Rhodope Mountain day trip:)


April started in the best possible way – with a penpal meeting…:) Yes, I met my Czech pal Sarka on April 1st /Wednesday/ after being her pal for about 7 years!!!:) Unfortunately she was here for work and her schedule was absolutely busy, so the only time we could meet was during her lunch break...:( But it’s much better than nothing, right?!;) And we made the best out of the time we spent together, enjoying the delicious food at ‘Happy Bar and Grill’ and having an interesting chat…:) As Minnie was on holidays /April 1st – 12th/, she joined us as well.;) My daughter was a bit shy to speak with Sarka at first, but then she got more confident and started asking a lot of questions…:P And I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed out time together to the fullest!!!:) 

I got into the ‘on-duty’ list again this month, so had to work a bit during the weekend, but as I love my job so much /and would always welcome some extra income:P/, I didn’t mind that at all!!!;) 

Yesterday the weather was so wonderful that we spontaneously decided to get into the car and go to a day trip to the Rhodope Mountains.:) And we had such a nice and relaxing time!!!:) We had late lunch on our way back home in a place, called ‘Yugovo Inn’ /the food was not bad, but not as good as the cuisine of ‘The Blue Inn’ where we usually eat when we visit this part of the Rhodopes/. Actually I was very curious to visit this inn /and the village of Yugovo where I had never been before/, because my paternal grandfather’s ancestors were originally from there…;) During the Turkish oppression they have escaped from the Rhodope Mountains /where the Turkish were especially violent towards the Bulgarian people who didn’t want to accept the Muslim religion/ to the Thracian lowlands /where the atmosphere was much more civilized/. Nowadays I don’t know anyone there but I was interested in seeing where my ancestors have lived... Yugovo is a very tiny village and all the houses are scattered on the steep Rhodopean slopes… They are so picturesque!!!:) I really felt very, very special to go there!!!:) 

As for the movies, so far this month I've seen 'Yes Man’ /which was fun and made me think after seeing it…:) And Jim Carrey was simply great:)/, 'Marley and Me’ /a beautiful story… which touched me so deeply that I even cried in the end/, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ /which was just as good as the first part… And Cate Blanchett does a fantastic job...:)/, ‘Columbus Day’ /there were some exciting moments, but the movie as a whole is just an average action…/, ‘X-Men Origins – Wolverine’ /I love X-Men and considering Wolverine is my favourite character, no wonder I absolutely enjoyed this movie...:) And yes, I will definitely see it again;)/.