Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vanyo's 5th Birthday:)

The first May weekend was quite a long one – we had 6 days off!!!:) It’s because we had two official holidays – May 1st /Labour Day/ and May 6th /Bulgarian Army Day/. The only working days in between were May 4th and 5th which the government decided to give off as well /and we should work two Saturdays instead – May 16th and May 30th/.;)

On the first day of the long weekend /May 1st, Friday/ we visited my mother-in-law in Karlovo. Luckily we stayed only for a few hours…;) In the afternoon we got home and started packing… A married couple we both know from work and whom we’re friends with /the woman is a lawyer and the man is an investigator in the police/ had invited us to visit them in their house in the Rhodope Mountains… So as soon as we woke up on the Saturday, we drove to the village of Starnitza /about 90 km away from Plovdiv/. These friends have a son who is the same age as Vanyo, so the kids played together very well.:) As for us, adults, we had a wonderful time as well – we spent almost all the time chatting – either at the table with delicious meals and drinks, or during our walks around the village /which turned out to be absolutely picturesque:)/… We spent the night there /and stayed up until 1 or 2 a.m.:)/ and after having our coffee and breakfast on the Sunday morning we drove home…:)

The following two days were quiet ones… We spent them mostly at home, relaxing…:) And May 6th /Wednesday/ was Vanyo’s 5th Birthday!!!:) We had a special lunch at home with my parents and my mother-in-law.:) My son is born on Saint George’s Day /who is considered to protect shepherds and herds/. According to the tradition we must have a meal of roasted lamb or goat that day /as a kind of sacrifice/. So we had delicious roasted goat for lunch.:) We also had yummy ‘drob-sarma’ /made of rice, mushrooms and selected inwards of the goat, all roasted together – sounds a bit disgusting maybe, but tastes really good:)/, spring salad /lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and green onions, seasoned with some salt, vinegar and olive oil – very refreshing:)/ and, of course, a wonderful birthday cake /with three types of cream – yum:)/.

Besides the special meals we also enjoyed an improvised show programme, put up by Vanyo – he sang a lot of songs and recited a lot of long poems he had learned in the Kindergarten…:) So sweet and amusing!!!:) Hubby has made a few videos that I’d love to upload to my blog – hopefully I can make the time for it!!!:)

Needless to say, my son got some presents as well – a word game from my mother-in-law /as he is learning the alphabet at the moment:)/, two books and a Lightning McQueen toy from my sister and her family, a clothes set and a remote control Lightning McQueen toy from my parents and an Airport set from Vlado, Minnie and me…:) He loved all the presents and was definitely overjoyed!!!:)

Vanyo had another birthday party the following day /Thursday, May 7th/ - this time with his friends at the Kindergarten.;) He had a huge Spiderman cake and has had lots of fun with the kids there!!!:) He also got a little present – a Winnie the Poor tea cup and an eating pad /to put his dishes on while eating/…:)

That day I had another visit at the surgeon’s and he said the swelling under my left eyebrow was almost gone, so I might not be operated after all… Fingers crossed!!!;)

The weekend after Vanyo’s birthday was a very nice and relaxing one which we spent at home…:) Unfortunately, we noticed a rash on Vanyo’s body and yeasterday we took him to his GP.:( And he was diagnosed with chicken pox /varicella/…:( So far it goes rather smoothly /he doesn’t have any fever, high temperature or other complications/, so let’s hope he’ll keep it up that way!!!

The movies I’ve seen so far this month are: ‘Knowing’ /it was interesting most of the time, even though it could have been much better... Nicolas Cage was great as always;)/, ‘Crank’ /one of the best actions I've seen recently - weird, breath-taking, dark humour...:) Two thumbs up!!!:)/, ‘Two Lovers’ /I was a bit disappointed with this movie - it was too slow and somehow couldn't touch my heart.../, ‘The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon’ /a poor imitation of the Indiana Jones' movies...:( I'm quite disappointed for wasting my time watching it...:(/