Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our 14th wedding anniversary:)

Both Vlado and I had to work on the day of our wedding anniversary /which was yesterday, July 22nd/, but as soon as we got home, we picked the kids up and went to the ‘Rowing Base’. It’s in the neighbourhood here we used to live before moving to our own flat. The ‘Rowing Base’ is how the locals refer to a huge area where the rowing canal /for canoe and kayak trainings/, the Plovdiv stadium, some swimming pools, a lot of tennis and football fields and alleys for bikes, rollers and jogging are situated. There are also a small zoo and a lot of caf├ęs and restaurants, so this is the favourite place for people in Plovdiv who want to do some sports or just to relax!!!:) Vlado and the kids decided to go there as they wanted to play some football!!!:) When we arrived at one of the football fields, Minnie asked me ‘Mum, if you’re not playing, what you are going to be? A judge?’ And before I can figure my answer out, Vanyo replied ‘A cheerleader!!!’. We had such a good laugh!!!:D

After the game we went to the mall for a KFC /and McDonald’s for Vanyo:)/ dinner and when we got home we had some ice-cream and Milka heart-shaped chocolates for dessert!!!:) So it was a lovely wedding anniversary even thought we didn’t go to any fancy restaurant!!!;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our newest project:)

After the visit at our friends' house in the village of Starnitza in the Rhodope Mountains /about which I already wrote here in the begining of May/, Vlado and I decided to buy a house in the same village too...;) So we're going to buy the one on the picture here... It's a stone house, built in a typical Rhodopean style about 50 years ago... And no one has been living there for about 40 years... So it will need a lot of renovations... But it's strongly built and quite big - consists of two floors about 85 square meters each /each floor is bigger than our flat and has four big rooms/, plus a basement and a /very small/ attic... The yard on which the house is built is quite big too - almost 2000 square meters /but we're buying only half of it, because we just don't need so much least for now;)/. So generally it's quite a good deal even though I'm pretty sure that the next few years will be dedicated to renovating the house!!!;) And most probably we'll give up having any holidays away from home this summer... Oh, well...

Last month we signed a preliminary contract with the owners and as soon as we get the loan from the bank /yes, we're getting another loan to add up to the two ones we've already taken for the flat:P/ we'll sign the final deal...:) Anyway, Vlado and I drove to Starnitza last Saturday, got the keys for the house and had a good look at it, planning the way we wanted the rooms and thinking about the most urgent renovations that have to be done... After that we went to have dinner at our favourite place in the Rhodope Mountains /the Blue Inn/ and then drove home... It was quite an exciting day for both of us!!!;)

Tomorrow after work Vlado and I are going to pick the kids up from Karlovo...:) Originally they had to stay with my mother-in-law a bit longer but we really missed them a lot, so decided to take them home earlier...;) Besides, on Wednesday Vlado and I are going to celebrate our 14th Wedding Anniversary, and we would like to share this special day with our lovely kids!!!;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A cute video:)

As I'm still reading 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' and am somehow in a Harry Potter mood, I remembered this cute video and decided to share it with my friends here.:) It consists of scenes from the Harry Potter movies and the song is 'I want you' by one of the most talented Bulgarian musicians - Grafa...:) Enjoy!!!:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A weekend in Karlovo:)

We spent the first July weekend /July 4th – 5th/ in Karlovo with the kids.:) As soon as Vlado and I finished work on the Friday, we left for Karlovo…:) We were really impatient to meet the kids as we have missed them so much!!!:) They welcomed us with so much joy, there were so many hugs and kisses…:) Minnie and Vanyo were so impatient to share with us everything they’ve done during their stay in Karlovo…:) Obviously they’ve had a wonderful time – they’ve been to a few hikes at the mountains /Karlovo is situated at the foot of the Stara Planina mountains/, and to the pool in Banya /a lovely little town close to Karlovo, famous for its healthy mineral water/.:) And Minnie had learned to bake!!!:) She had baked such a delicious cake – all by herself!!!:) And the cream on the top of the cake was so smooth and evenly made – it didn’t look like a hand-made cake at all!!!:) I’m so proud of my daughter /and grateful she is not as clumsy as me:P/!!! She seems to be really interested in cooking /unlike me/ and I’m so happy about it!!!:D 
The weekend with the kids was so relaxing and special, I absolutely enjoyed it!!!:) It was sad to say ‘good-bye’ to them on the Sunday afternoon…:( But it’s really much better for them to stay in Karlovo while we’re working… Besides, it’s so nice to have Vlado’s attention all to myself for a while!!!;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Movie Review

Soooo, the movies I've seen last month are: 'Confessions of a Shopaholic’ /the whole shopping mania thing is totally strange for me, which was maybe the reason why I couldn't enjoy the movie the way I should...:P/, ’27 Dresses’ /a sweet romantic comedy, which wasn't bad at all... The ending made me a bit teary actually...:)/, ‘The Bucket List’ /one of the best movies I've seen lately - great acting, touching story, dark humour... Definitely a movie worth seeing!!!:)/, ‘The Secret of Moonacre’ /a nice fantasy movie for the whole family:)/, ‘Baby on Board’ /the story was generally OK, but the jokes were flat and silly:(/, ‘Angels and Demons’ /interesting and exciting... I liked it even more than 'The Da Vinci Code':)/, ‘Fired Up’ /an OK teen comedy about guy cheerleaders:P/, ‘Terminator Salvation’ /a total disappointment... the movie has nothing in common with the previous Terminator movies - it's boring and silly...:(/, ‘Semi-Pro’ /except of the bear fight scene which was kind of funny, the movie was silly and boring...:(/, ‘Flirting with Forty’ /an OK romantic movie, showing the love story of a 40 year old lady and a 27 year old man.../ and ‘I Am Legend’ /in spite of some really cruel and disgusting scenes the movie was interesting and kept my attention all the time…/