Friday, August 28, 2009

Honest List

I was tagged/awarded by my dear friend Claus.:) It's a shame that only now I find the time to do it... Yes, I've been a very lazy blogger lately, I readily admit...
Anyway, I have to list 10 honest things about me. Sooooo, did you know that:

1. I’m left-handed, but I write with my right hand... When I started school, my teacher told my parents that I should learn to write with my right hand... So I did... I can still write with my left hand as well, but my handwriting with it is not that refined...;)

2. When I was a child, I wanted to be a boy... Sometimes I still think that my life would be much easier if I was a male...:P

3. I have a driver’s license since 1994, but I'm scared to drive... It's silly, I know... Last night I even had a nightmare, in which I was all alone, driving a car... Needless to say, I was greatly relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream...:P

4. My mother was adopted by my grandparents, but I've always felt them closer than my other grandparents /my dad's parents/ whom I'm blood related to... My granny Donka /my mother's adopter/ has actually been my closest person in the world... She literally raised my sister and me and we loved her so much that spontaneously started calling her 'Mama Doni'...;) She passed away in 1998, but I'm convinced that she's not completely gone...

5. My dad has a very special skill - he knows how to heal dislocated or strained body parts by manual therapy... He does it without causing any pain whatsoever... He's very popular and the newspapers have written about him a number of times... My dad says it's a gift from God, so he doesn't charge the people he helps... It must be running in the family as his grandmother /whom he was named after/ had been a healer too... I wonder if my son /as he's named after my dad/ would inherit this power too...;)

6. I've always wanted to have two children - a boy and a girl... But actually I've wanted to have first a boy and then - a girl... Well, it happened the other way round...:)

7. Vlado and I met at the University of Plovdiv in 1993.. I had a boyfriend at that time for almost 5 years and everybody expected us to get married... However, I realized that guy just wasn't the right one for me... And when I met Vlado, I fell so deeply in love with him that I broke up with my boyfriend... Apparently Vlado was deeply in love with me too as he offered me to get married only two months after we met... At that time I thought he was joking... But he wasn't... so we got married in the summer of 1995...;)

8.After we got married, I was desperate to become a mum... Which was a bit silly maybe, as I was still too young... It was a real tragedy for me that I couldn't get pregnant in the first few months after the marriage... Anyway, I gave birth to Minnie while both Vlado and I were still at the University...:) And I'm proud that I never gave up an exam - in spite of having a baby!!!:) I finished my studies on time and with excellent grades!!!:)

9. Before becoming pregnant with Vanyo, I've had a miscarriage...:((( Doctors said I shouldn't get pregnant for a few months after the miscarriage... But on my birthday Vlado and I were a bit careless, so I got pregnant with Vanyo... Hubby jokes that my son has been my birthday present!!!:)

10. I guess now all of you will know much more about me than you've ever wanted to... Maybe that's another honest thing about me - sometimes I'm too honest and share too much...:P

Five people are supposed to play along. I know some of my friends have already done this, so I would tag Go West, creawitch, BellaMio, Quirky Celt and Cottage Crafts! No pressure though. If you don't wish to list your unknown facts - if you still have any - don't even sweat it. Just grab the award.

Monday, August 3, 2009

July movie update...and some other news:)

The movies I've seen in July are: ‘Transformers’ /great special effects, but nothing more…/, ‘State of Play’ /even though it was hard to believe that Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck had been friends from college as Crowe was looking 20 years older than Affleck, the movie was quite good - intelligent, keeping the attention most of the time, combining action and drama in the best possible proportions…:)/, ‘The Riot of L.’ /a Bulgarian movie about the destiny of a young man who was captured while trying to escape from Bulgaria at the time when our country was a part of the East Bloc – the movie was nothing special, but it was interesting to see as new Bulgarian movies are so rare…;)/, ‘Obsessed’ /I was pleasantly surprised that Beyonce is not only an incredible singer, but an OK actress as well...:) Even though the movie was quite predictable, I watched it till the end without feeling bored...;)/,‘Princess Protection Program’ /a cute movie for the whole family/, ’17 Again’ /an OK romantic comedy/, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ /one of the best Harry Potter movies, definitely much better than the previous one!!!:D A movie I would love to see more than once:)/, ‘The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ /an OK romantic comedy/, ‘Miss March’ /a very silly comedy…:(/ and ‘Labor Pains’ /another silly comedy about a fake pregnancy:(/.
On July 26th /Sunday/ Minnie went to a summer camp with her schoolmates and her school teacher. They stayed at a hotel in Primorsko /a lovely little town on the Black Sea coast/ for a week.:) She got home on August 2nd /Sunday/ and told me she has had a wonderful time there!!!:)
While Minnie was at the camp, I took Vanyo with me to the office. We stayed there in the mornings /luckily I wasn’t too busy that particular week;)/, and at lunch we used to go home /as he needed his afternoon nap/.:) Both my son and I enjoyed spending these days together a lot!!!:D