Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A seminar in Sozopol

Last weekend I went to a seminar in Sozopol /a little picturesque town on the Black Sea coast/... We stayed at Laguna Beach Resort which is new and very comfortable...:) But what is most important - it is situated right on the beach /as is seen on the picture/...:)

I arrived with a bunch of colleagues at the evening of September 18th /Friday/ - right on time for dinner...:) After we finished eating, we went to the Piano bar where we had a few drinks /vodka and orange juice/ and danced... Until 2 a.m....:P

Still, we had no problem getting up at 7.30 the following morning for breakfast... And our lectures started at 9.00 a.m. They were about the new Family Code which we'll use since October 1st... We had a break for lunch /during which I made a short stroll at the beach but it was too windy, so I didn't stay for a long time/ and then our lectures continued... The afternoon lectures were not that interesting as they were about the Law of Obligations and Contracts which hasn't changed at all since I've been at the University, so there wasn't anything new to learn...:( But I survived somehow until 6.30 p.m. when the lectures for the day were finally over...:P

The lady I was in the same apartment with /who is by the way the one whom we had visited in Starnitza and whom I find 'guilty' for our decision to buy a house there too:P/ and I decided to rest a bit before dinner... We were planning to have lots of fun at the Piano Bar and to dance even more than the previous night...:P Unfortunately things didn't turn out the way we had planned them... After the official dinner there was some live music at the restaurant and the Piano Bar wasn't working... We could have danced at the restaurant, no problem, but the musicians were simply terrible...:((( So we just remained at our table, drinking white wine and enjoying a chat and that was it... We went to our apartment at about 1.30 a.m. which was a lot earlier than we had intended... Oh, well, we'll have more fun at the next seminar!!!:P

We had some more lectures the following morning /Law of Obligations and Contracts again, yuk...:(/ then we received our certificates, had lunch and after a last glass of white wine we left the hotel... I got home at about 5.30 p.m. and even though I had a good time at the seminar, I was sooo happy to be with my lovely family again!!!:)

What else has happened since I last wrote here...?! Well, Minnie's first day at school /Tuesday, September 15th/ was just as nice as she expected and she was very happy to meet her friends again after a long summer vacation!!!:)

Unfortunately after two days at the Kindergarten Vanyo got sick at the night of September 15th - he had a high temperature /about 38C/ and no other symptoms...:((( It continued until the day when I had to leave for the seminar... I was on the edge of giving the seminar up but Vlado insisted that I should go because I had already payed for it... He told me I shouldn't worry as he would take a good care of our son... I knew that all but still I couldn't leave knowing that my child is sick... Luckily when Vanyo had his afternoon nap at the day I was supposed to leave, he started sweating which meant that the virus was finally leaving him...:) And indeed, when he got up, he was fine..:) So I left for the seminar but I phoned home regularly to see how my son is doing...

The day after Vanyo got sick /September 16th, Wednesday/ Vlado and I had to go to the Rhodopes again /we had to pick up our property deed from the Notary in Smolyan and after that we had to fill up a tax declaration about the house and handle it at the Banite County/... So we left Vanyo at my parents' home and they took care of him while we were away... That day was a real nightmare...:((( We had to travel a lot plus we were worried about Vanyo and we called my parents every half an hour...:((( It was such a relief to find out when we finally got home that in spite of the high temperature Vanyo had been fine and had enjoyed the stay at his grandparents...:) Vlado and I were too exhausted /we had almost no sleep the previous night trying to get Vanyo's temperature down with medicines and wet towels/ so we just grabbed some food for dinner from the mall /McDonald's for Vanyo and KFC for the rest of us/...

On September 17th /Thursday/ we were invited as every year for a kurban at our friends Dobri and Vanya /it's Dobri's birthday actually/. We enjoyed delicious food, good drinks and an interesting chat as always!!!:)

This weekend is a long one as today is an official holiday - Independence Day. The government decided to give the Monday /September 21st/ off as well and we'll work on the Saturday /September 26th/ instead... So after getting back from the seminar I still had two more days to enjoy with my lovely family...:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

We did it...:)

Yes!!!:) We signed the final contract about the house at the Notary's Office and it's officially ours now /plus half of the yard - we're planning to turn it into a separate piece of land in the future/...:) We did it last week /September 10th, Thursday/. The Notary's Office is in Smolyan which is a very beautiful town in the mountains, famous for its clear lakes. So after we finished our work with the Notary /who is by the way a very nice lady we've studied together with at the University:)/, we took the kids to an open-air restaurant at the beach of one of these lakes!!!:) The food and the view were both fantastic!!!:)

The following day /Friday, September 11th/ was my dad's birthday, so we were invited at my parents' home for lunch...:) We had delicious food as always, but what I enjoyed most was the coffee we had at their table on the terrace...:) They live on the 6th floor, so the view of the city is simply incredible...:) Plus, we had wonderful weather that day - sunny and warm, but definitely not hot - perfect!!!:)

The weekend that followed was pretty calm and uneventful - we just stayed at home, read some books, watched TV but most of all just relaxed...:) Quite the opposite of the previous weekend during which we went to Starnitza again...:) Our friends had invited us to their house on the Friday night /September 4th/ after work and we had so much fun again!!!:) We made yummy BBQ, had some drinks and even danced a bit!!!:) No, we weren't drunk, we just had a good time!!!:) We got home on the Saturday afternoon.

Today is Vanyo's first day at the Kindergarten after his summer holidays... I was a bit worried about it, but everything turned out to be just fine - he was very proud to give flowers to his teachers and very happy to see his little friends again!!!:) Hopefully he'll enjoy his time at the Kindergarten as always!!!:) And tomorrow is Minnie's first day at school, so she'll re-unite with her friends as well!!!:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My summer holidays:)

It's my first day at work today and there are so many things I have to do... But I wouldn't miss the chance to write a short update of my life here as well...;) 

The month of August has been pretty uneventful… At first I was thinking of taking three weeks off but in the end I found myself working a few hours every week…:P Which was not that bad as we didn’t go anywhere this summer and we needed the money /because of our house in the mountains project/…:)

I didn’t celebrate my 34th birthday /on August 12th, Wednesday/ much either… Of course I was spoilt by all the attention I got from my family and friends – all these phone calls, SMS, cards, e-cards, e-mails and even gifts I received…:D Feeling that people love me and care about me is what actually makes my birthday special, not the big celebrations!!!:D Minnie and Vlado even baked me a cake which soooo sweet of them!!!:D And the cake was simply delicious!!!:D

We spent the last August weekend /August 29th– 30th/ in Karlovo. This is the time when the fair takes place so we just couldn’t miss it!!!:P We arrived in Karlovo in the Friday evening and headed straight to the fair.:D Minnie and Vanyo went to their favourite attractions and afterwards we had some barbecue dinner at the tables there – yummy!!!:D We visited the fair on the Saturday too and on the Sunday went home.:)

The last day of August /yesterday/ we went to the Rhodope Mountains area as we had to prepare some more documents for the house purchase. We spent the whole day on the road combining the work we had to do with some hiking, wild raspberry picking /yum:)/ and sightseeing…:D On our way back we had dinner at our favourite place there – the Blue Inn.:D

I’ve seen quite a lot movies in August: ‘Hannah Montana' /a cute movie for the whole family:)/, ‘Fast and Furious 4’ /a wonderful movie - full of action and excitement!!!:) Two thumbs up!!!:)/, ’12 Rounds’ /this movie was supposed to be an exciting action, but I didn’t find it interesting at all…:(/, ‘Daredevil’ /wonderful movie - interesting, breath-taking... and gorgeous Ben Affleck:)/, ‘Legally Blonde 2 – Red, White & Blonde’ /maybe not as good as the first Legally Blonde movie, but still cute and funny:)/, ‘Legally Blondes’ /a very silly sequence:(/, ‘Bedtime Stories’ /an OK comedy movie for the whole family:)/, ‘Elektra’ /interesting and exciting, great battle scenes:)/, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ /one of the best movies I've seen so far this year - great and touching story, wonderful acting...:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once!!!;)/, ‘Honey’ /a cute movie with great dancing:)/, ‘Night at the Museum 2 – Battle of the Smithsonian’ /a nice and funny movie for the whole family:)/, ‘The Good Shepherd’ /I’ve never been into spy stories/movies, but this one was definitely very interesting and the actors were fantastic:)/, ‘Fighting’ / the story was good, but the movie was a kind of slow most of the time... Still, it was worth watching it because of the sooo charming Channing Tatum...:)/, ‘Bring It On: Fight to the Finish’ /another cute cheerleader movie:)/, ‘Pitch Black’ /in spite of some really disgusting scenes it’s always a pleasure seeing Vin Diesel:)/ and ‘Duplicity’ /I was a bit disappointed with this movie, it just wasn’t as interesting as I expected… A good ending, though…:)/.

The picture above shows a view of Starnitza /the village in which we're buying the house/. Isn't is so wild and beautiful?!:)