Monday, October 19, 2009

Good news:)

I finally finished reading 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'...:) I loved the movie but the book is so much better...:) I'm still very excited that there is a Bulgarian character in the book /Victor Krum/ and every time I read 'Bulgaria' or 'Bulgarian' I just couldn't help smiling...:) I’ve decided to take a little break from the adventures of the young wizard and instead of starting the next Harry Potter book I’m planning to read ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown next…:) We own a luxurious illustrated edition since last summer, so I guess it’s time to lay my hands on it…;) 
What else has happened since I've last written here?! I remember I wrote that I was sick during the last week of September but luckily during the first October weekend /October 3rd-4th/ I could stay at home with my lovely family and relax so when I went to work on the Monday I felt as good as new!!!:) And in spite of the terrible weather we're having this month, I've been healthy ever since /as well as everyone else in my family, knock on wood:)/.  
On October 8th-9th /Thursday and Friday/ hubby went to a seminar to Tzigov chark /a famous resort in the Rhodope mountains/. When he got back, he told me he had had a wonderful time there learning new things and socializing with his colleagues...:)  
That weekend /October 10th-11th/ we had to go to Karlovo... It was about time as we hadn't visited my inlaws since the beginning of September. The highlight of that weekend was when my hubby and I went to a cafe at the town square on the Saturday evening - see how bored I was!!!:P But I survived somehow!!!:)  
Last Monday /October 12th/ was a very important day!!!:) I moved to another office!!!:) It's in the same building /and even floor/ where my old office was, but it's much bigger and more comfortable!!!:) And /what is most important/ I moved away from the lawyer I shared my previous office with /who was a very negative person/...:) The lady I'm in the same office with now seems so much nicer...:) Hopefully she'll stay that way in the future too!!!:)  
Last weekend was a very nice one...:) On the Saturday we went to Starnitza to see the first renovations of the house. It wasn't anything major /just some work on the roof, filling in holes on the facade, removing the stone stairs from the second floor entrance, etc/, but it was good to get it all started from somewhere...:) We paid to the workers and ordered new windows and a new front door /which should be ready by spring when we're planning to continue with the renovations/...  
On Sunday hubby was on duty so he spent the entire day running from one police office to another... The weather was horrible /freezing and rainy/ so the kids and me just stayed at home reading, watching TV, etc...:)  
I managed to see two movies during the weekend - 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' /in spite of the great acting the movie was too slow and even boring most of the time...:( Maybe only the last 20 minutes or so were really worth it.../ and 'G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra' /very entertaining, great visual effects and lots of action... Plus a charming Channing Tatum...:)/.

Today Minnie left for a 2-day trip to Pamporovo /a famous ski-resort in the Rhodope Mountains/ with her classmates...:) I hope she'll have lots of fun there!!!:)

Friday, October 2, 2009

September movie update...:)

Sooooo... the movies I've seen in September are: ‘Dance Flick’ /a very silly parody of dance movies…:(/, ‘2012: Doomsday’ /not as interesting as I expected…:(/, ‘Mr Brooks’ /a bit strange and cruel, yet interesting movie/, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ /an OK comedy/, ‘The Covenant’ /a teen mystic thriller with great-looking young actors:)/, ‘Cold Mountain’ /the only thing I regret about the movie is that it took me so long to finally see it… A very good movie, both interesting and touching… And Renee Zellweger is simply brilliant in it:)/, ‘Year One’ /a very silly movie:(/, ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ /an OK movie for the whole family/, ‘Watchmen’ /a total disappointment:(/, and ‘The Proposal’ /a bit predictable romantic comedy, still fun to watch:)/

After the long weekend /September 19th - 22nd/ it was Minnie's turn to get sick...:((( On September 23rd /Wednesday/ she called me from school and said she had 39C...:((( Her doctor diagnosed her with angina, so she didn't go to school until the end of last week... Luckily the medicines helped quite quickly and on September 28th /Monday/ she was fine again /and therefore - back to school/.

This week, however, I was the one to get sick... I have painful tonsils and I feel feverish...:((( I could have taken sick leave, but I had three important cases this week that I just couldn't miss or postpone... The worst of it all was that two of the cases were in other towns - Kazanluck /about 2 hours drive from Plovdiv/ and Lovetch /about 3-4 hours drive/... The cases were very difficult but all I worried about was to do my best not to faint into the court...:P Luckily I made it OK and I hope I'll get better during the weekend... Perhaps the main reason for my illness is the stress I've been put to lately, so hopefully the two days of rest will make me feel as good as new...;)