Monday, November 16, 2009

Minnie's name day:)

Minnie's name day was on November 11th /Wednesday/. The Orthodox church celebrates Saint Mina then.:) We had delicious lunch with my parents /roasted chicken wings and potatoes - Minnie's favourite/ and for dinner we had a small chocolate cake.:)

Of course, Minnie got some presents - a turtleneck sweater /from my parents/, some money /from my mother-in-law/ and a new pyjamas with the elephant Horton /a cartoon character she likes a lot:)/ from Vanyo, Vlado and me...:) She was pleasantly surprised that some of her school mates phoned to greet her for her name day even though they were all off school that week /because of the flu/...:) So it was a very nice day for my daughter!!!:)

Minnie's name day was probably the only good thing for me last week... I got a very unpleasant infection of my left eye which continued for the whole week...:( The eye doctor even wanted to get me hospitalized ...:( Luckily by the end of the week the eye drops finally did their trick and the eye was healed...:) It was such a relief and the timing was perfect - I was fine during the weekend!!!:)

The weekend was a typical quiet and peaceful one, spent at home...:) Only on the Saturday we went to visit a couple of clients who live in a viallge close to Plovdiv. They had invited us to celebrate their new house /which they had built with the money I had won for them in court/.:) We had a wonderful time there enjoying delicious lunch and an interesting chat...:) And the kids loved to play with the cat and the other animals of my clients!!!:) So it was a very nice day for all of us!!!:)

As for the previous weekend, on the Saturday /November 7th/ we went to Starnitza again and we took Vlado's realtives along...:) We showed them the house and discussed with them the renovations we're planning to make...:)

Today finally we're all back to the routine in my family - Minnie is back to school /the 'flu holidays' are over/, Vanyo - to the Kindergarten /he was sooo happy to meet his little friends there again/, Vlado and I - to work /I didn't go to the office on Thursday and Friday of the previous week because of the eye infection:(/. Hopefully all the illnesses are behind us already!!!:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First snow...

Yes, we had our first snow yesterday, which is quite unusual for this time of the year... Luckily it melted away almost immediately and even though it's raining today, the weather is much milder, which is definitely nice...:)

What else has happened since I last wrote here...?! Minnie had had a wonderful time at the school trip at Pamporovo /October 19th - 20th/ indeed, and I'm very happy for her because she really deserves it after all the hard work she's been doing at school...:)

The weekend that followed /October 24th - 25th/ was a very nice and relaxing one which we spent at home... Vlado finally put up the blue chandelier in the kids' bedroom and the lamp at the corridor and needless to say these areas look so much better now...:) I hope we'll buy a chandelier for the adults' bedroom soon too as I'm sick of looking at the ugly bulb hanging from the ceiling...:P

Last weekend /October 31st - November 1st/ we were in Karlovo, but I wasn't too bored as on the Saturday we went to visit Vlado's relatives in a village close to Karlovo. We wanted to ask them if they would be interested in helping us with the renovations of the house in Starnitza and luckily they were...:) So next time we go to Starnitza we are taking them along to show them the house and discuss with them our renovation plans...:)

I have some bad news too...:( Yesterday the nurse at Vanyo's Kindergarten called to tell me he had high temperature and I should take him home... I was busy at work, so my parents picked him up and took him to his doctor... Luckily it turned out he was not having flu /as I feared/ but 'just' angina... The doctor had explained that my poor son should be fine by the end of the week and indeed he's feeling much better today and the high temperature is gone...:) Fingers crossed for him!!!:)

During the past few weeks I've only seen one movie - 'The Ugly Truth' /one of the best romantic comedies I've seen recently...:) Fantastic Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl:)/. But I've become a fan of the new TV show 'Flash Forward' which is very interesting and exciting...:) It reminds me of 'LOST' in a way /and not only because some of its actors are also playing there/...:) But of course LOST /and Sawyer:)/ is still my number one!!!:)