Monday, December 28, 2009

Our first Christmas at home:)

Yes, it was our first Christmas at home and it felt extra special because of that!!!:) But before I start writing about it, I should write a few lines about the days before...;)

So...:) When I wrote my previous entry, I was about to take Vanyo to the ENT specialist... Luckily the check up went fine and the doctor said that Vanyo is OK and he won't need any operation after all...:) You can imagine what a relief it was for us!!!:)

After two weeks at home Vanyo had started missing his little friends at the Kindergarten, so he was very, very happy when he could see them again on December 21st /Monday/. His first day at the Kindergarten also happened to be their Christmas party so Vanyo was overly excited!!!:) My little son was extremely happy that Santa had given him exactly what he wanted - a mini TMNT figure with a motorcycle!!!:) You should have seen the joy in his eyes when he showed me the present!!!:) This memory makes me smile even now when I'm typing this!!!:) 

Minnie's Christmas party was on December 23rd /Wednesday/. It took place in a dance club called 'Remix' /just like last year/ and my daughter told me that she had danced almost non-stop during the party!!!:) She reminds me so much of myself at that age, amazing!!!:P 

This party marked the beginning of Minnie's Christmas holidays...:) She should be back to school on January 4th /the Christmas holidays will be shorter this year as the kids had one extra week off in November because of the flu and now they need to catch up...:(/. She will be quite busy during the holidays, though, as she still needs to go to the Maths course... 

December 24th /Thursday/ was an official holiday, but unfortunately hubby was on duty so had to work...:( Luckily he came home in time for dinner...:) In Bulgaria the dinner on Christmas Eve is the most important part of the Christmas celebrations...:) It's full of symbols and rituals...:) The dishes on the table should be either 7, 9, or 12 /these are considered sacred numbers/. People are fasting until Christmas, so the dishes should be vegetarian... My family, however, is not very religious, so we had meat that evening too... 

One of the most important dishes on Christmas Eve is 'sarmi'. 'Sarmi' are made of rice, minced meat and spices, covered with sauerkraut leaves into little packages. On Christmas Eve, however, they should be made without minced meat because of the fasting /we followed that rule/... 'Sarmi' symbolize the baby Jesus in his diapers... 

Another essential item on the table on Christmas Eve is the 'pitka' /homemade round bread/ with a coin inside. Everyone gets a piece of the 'pitka' and whoever finds the coin into his/her piece is believed to be the luckiest in the family during the New Year...:) Just as last year, Minnie found the coin into her piece again!!!:) She is lucky indeed!!!:) The 'pitka' on Christmas Eve should be decorated in a special way - there should be drawn a cross in the centre of it /symbolizing Christianity/ and a circle around the edges of the 'pitka' /symbolizing a wall, protecting the family from evil/.:) 

There should be also fruits, nuts, honey and wine on the table too /symbols of health and abundance/. Needless to say we had all these on our table...:) Plus Russian salad /made of potatoes, ham, gherkins and mayonnaise/ and roasted pork steaks...:) 

Before eating we said a prayer and then we burnt some incense over the table and in every room of our home to drive the evil spirits away...:) 

The following morning the kids woke up and found their presents under the Christmas tree!!!:) They were so excited - especially Vanyo!!!:) He got TMNT mask, ninja weapons and a Gormiti egg /from my parents/ and a Lego Police set /from Vlado, Minnie and me/. Minnie got some Garnier cosmetics /from my parents/ and grey jeans with a black leather belt /from Vlado, Vanyo and me/. There were some little presents from my parents for Vlado /a STR8 deo spray/ and me /a black long-sleeved top/ as well..:) Vlado and I didn't exchange any presents but a few days before Christmas we had bought a new digital camera /Sony Cyber-shot:)/ so we had agreed that would be our common Christmas present!!!:) 

After we had a cup of coffee and some breakfast we headed for Karlovo to visit my mother-in-law...:) There were some presents for the kids there too - a G-Force toy set for Vanyo and a McMillan set for Minnie /an English dictionary and two calendars:)/. We had delicious Christmas lunch and after that went home...:)

The last two days of the Christmas weekend we spent at home just relaxing, watching TV, reading books...:) I absolutley enjoyed our quiet family time...:)

Today I'm back to work but I don't mind it at all as I'll be working for only three days and then we'll have another long /4 days/ weekend!!!:) And I have the New Year and my name day /January 1st/ celebrations to look forward to!!!:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minnie's 13th Birthday:)

Minnie celebrated her 13th Birthday on December 11th...:) I still can't believe that my little baby has grown up so fast and is now a teenager...:) Yes, time does fly indeed!!!:P

Anyway, her birthday was on Friday this year, so she was at school until noon. Of course, she had brought two huge boxes of chocolates as a treat for her classmates and teachers...:) As soon as Minnie finished school, the celebrations started!!!:) My parents had invited us for lunch, so we enjoyed delicious food /barbeque and home-made cake/.:) 

At 5 p.m. started the real party for Minnie's birthday!!!:) It took place at the Excalibur Castle /a great entertainment centre with carting, bowling, billiards and other fun games plus a bar and a room for smaller kids - it's Minnie's third time celebrating a birthday there:)/!!!:) My daughter had invited 9 kids from her class /her best friends/, but only 8 of them /two boys and six girls/ were able to come... First the kids played bowling, then they had a snack /pizza, French fries, chocolate eggs, cake and some drinks/ and afterwards they played some more games...:) All the kids had a wonderful time there!!!:) Vlado and I enjoyed a few drinks and a chat during the party, so we had a nice time too /we were sitting at a separate table as we didn't want to bother the teens:)/.  

When the party finished /at about 8 p.m./ we went to my parents' home to pick up Vanyo /they took care of him during the party/. Then the four of us went to the mall where we had dinner at KFC!!!:) 

Minnie continued celebrating the following day as well - my MIL visited us for lunch and once again we enjoyed delicious food /including a cake/ and a nice chat!!!:) 

Needless to say, Minnie got some lovely presents for her birthday!!!:) She got books, cosmetics, clothing items and souvenirs from her classmates, 'sleeves' /a clothing item which is very fashionable at the moment, she is wearing it on the picture/ from my parents, a black dress from my sister and her family, a golden ring with a purple stone from my mother-in-law, and a light blue top, some underwear and a hairbrush /she had chosen them herself/ from her father, brother and me...:) Minnie loved all the presents she got!!!:)

Unfortunately not everything which has happened here lately has been as nice as Minnie's birthday...:( In the evening of December 4th Vanyo got ill - he had high temperature and no other symptoms...:( His GP said it was a virus and would go away without any antibiotics... And indeed Vanyo was starting to feel much better in a couple of days... Until in the morning of December 9th /Wednesday/ when he complained of ear pain and his temperature got even higher than before... The specialist we went to said that Vanyo had to be operated right away... You can imagine what a shock it had been for us...:( Luckily my hubby decided to consult another specialist and he advised us to try to heal Vanyo's ears with antibiotics first and go for an operation only if the treatment is unsuccessful... In a couple of days my son felt much better, so I hope he won't need any operation after all ... We're going to the second specialist tomorrow, so fingers crossed for my son!!!:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November movie update...and some other news:)

Well, I didn't see a lot of movies in November... Here they are: ‘Surrogates’ /I love such futuristic action movies, so I enjoyed this one a lot :)/, ‘April Showers’ /this movie was totally different from everything I've seen lately... Such a sad and touching story.../, ‘Inglourious Basterds’ /I've never been a huge Tarantino fan actually, but this movie was definitely good!!!:) And Brad Pitt was simply brilliant in it!!!:)/, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ /one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, it deeply touched my heart and made me realize how blessed I am to have healthy children… and the actors did a great job:)/, and ‘Sense and Sensibility’ /it's a shame that I didn't get the chance to see the movie until now... I love Jane Austen so it's no wonder that I enjoyed the story so much!!!:) But the acting was brilliant as well!!!:) Definitely a movie I would like to see more than once!!!:)/.

What else has happened in my life since I last wrote here..?! Let me see...:) Oh, yes, the previous week was full of positive emotions!!!:) On the Wednesday /November 25th/ I finally got a decent sum of money from the National Bureau of Law Assistance... So by the end of that week I had bought some stuff for my office - one of those so-called director chairs /very comfortable, made of black leather/ and a new desktop computer. As a result my working environment has greatly improved!!!:)

Needless to say, when I found out about the extra income, I had to celebrate together with my family!!!:) We went to have dinner at the mall and enjoyed ourselves there a lot!!!:)

That weekend /November 28th-29th/ hubby was at a seminar in Tzigov chark /a resort in the Rhodope Mountains/ so I stayed at home with the kids... But we weren't bored at all!!!:) We ordered Chinese food /we often do that when Vlado is not at home because he doesn't like it/, watched TV, read books, visited my parents for a BBQ lunch on Saturday, did some shopping /Christmas gifts for my nieces:)/ so our days were quite busy...:)

On the Saturday Minnie started attending extra Math classes. The classes are each Saturday from 9 a.m. till 12 a.m. at a private school called 'Argus Plus'. The aim of these classes is to prepare the children for the High School entering exams. Minnie is in a group of 6 kids and she told me she enjoyed these classes a lot!!!:) I'm very happy about it and I hope the classes will really help her to prepare well for the exams /which are very difficult/!!! Fingers crossed for my girl!!!:)