Monday, December 20, 2010

Our trip to Italy...and some other December news...:)

Well, the trip to Italy was so wonderful and I have such great memories that I'm not even sure where to start from...:) OK, I'll give it a try!!!;)

The evening before our flight to Italy /Friday, December 10th/ Vlado came to Plovdiv to pick me and Vanyo up and drove us to Sofia where we were supposed to spend the night. Hubby had taken two weeks off as he wanted to take care of Vanyo while Minnie and I were away...:) When we arrived at Sofia, Vlado and I bought ourselves new mobile phones and I have to tell you that I simply love my smart Experia!!!:) After the shopping we met with Minnie and the four of us had yummy dinner at Subway...:)

The following day /Saturday, December 11th/ we woke up early, hubby and I had our coffee, the children had hot chocolate and some breakfast and we were off to the airport... I was a bit nervous as I was hoping to get there a bit earlier than we actually did, but still we were on time for our flight /which was at 12.05/...:) Unfortunately just after passing the passport check Minnie noticed that the money she had in her jeans pocket /100 euro/ were missing...:((( This made us both quite sad and worried as you can imagine, but I told Minnie that we should pretend we had paid for our flights with those money and not let this unpleasant incident ruin our trip...:) I think this attitude was the best in a situation like that!!!:)))

The flight to Italy was painful as both Minnie and I had a cold...:((( I was almost deaf after our arrival and was feeling quite dizzy but luckily I was completely fine the following day!!!:)))

My friend Bri who lives in Forli met us at the airport. Her dad Bruno was there as well and he kindly drove us to the old part of the town where we had delicious lunch at a very nice restaurant!!!:) We had some traditional Italian dishes /each one of us had a different one and Minnie and I had so much fun trying each other's food;)/ and some very good sparkling wine. As it was also Minnie's 14th birthday, Bri made her a wonderful surprise - she had spoken with the waiter and after we finished eating, he brought two pieces of cake with a candle on them and sang 'Happy Birthday' to my daughter!!!:) She was sooo happy!!!:)))

Then we went to the hotel Bri had found and booked for us. Its name is 'Gardenia' and it was a very nice and clean place, close to the old part of the town and to the bus station, train station and airport which turned out to be pretty convenient!!!:))) During our walk to the hotel Minnie and I kept noticing beautiful details around us and my daughter tried to take pictures of each one of them!!!:)

After leaving our bags at the hotel, we went to the museum of San Domenico. As Bri is a guide, she gave us a very interesting tour - we saw the regular exhibition of the museum as well as the temporary one /about Egypt/...:).

Bri also took us to the Abbey of San Mercuriale which was such a beautiful place, with such an incredible mystic and spiritual atmosphere, we simply loved it there!!!:)

Then Bri invited us to her favourite cafe where she had some tea, Minnie had hot chocolate and I had coffee /both Minnie and I liked our drinks very much:)/. We had a very nice chat and soon it was time to go and have dinner at the osteria Bri had reserved a table at /the place used to be a butchery and it seems to be very popular/. One of Bri's friends met us there as well and the four of us had a great time together!!!:))) We had so many various starters and everything was so yummy that when they brought our main courses Minnie and I were already full...:))) Oh, I shouldn't forget that we had some really good red wine as well!!!:)))

Bri's friend drove us to our hotel after dinner which Minnie and I were so grateful about as we were both so exhausted...;)

The following day /December 12th, Sunday/ Minnie and I got up early as we had to catch the train to Florence /or Firenze, as is the original Italian name of the city/. Bri came to pick us up at the hotel and patiently waited for us while we had our cappuccinos in a hurry /the cappuccinos were heavenly, by the way;)/. Bri's dad drove us to Faenza where we caught the train to Firenze. We traveled for two hours, but the beautiful views and the interesting chat we had made the time pass rather quickly!!!:)))

When we arrived at Firenze my dear friend Sonia was waiting for us at the train station /she had arrived from Pisa in order to meet us/. We recognized each other right away!!!:) I was so happy that we had arranged this meeting and it was funny /though not surprising at all:)/ how Sonia and Bri got along immediately!!!:) They started chatting as if they have known each other for ages, really sweet!!!:)))

As soon as we started walking on the streets of Firenze I understood why everyone says it's one of the most beautiful cities in Italy...:) Minnie and I loved everything about this magical place - the narrow streets, the old buildings, the decorated windows of the shops, the signs, the colours, the sounds, and all the other details we saw were so special, so full of beauty...:)

We heard a man playing harp in the underpass from the train station to the centre of Firenze and we simply loved his music...:) Then we saw a Historical parade of men and boys dressed in medieval clothes who made quite a show with the flags they were carrying in their hands...:)

Bri and Sonia took us to see the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Giotto Tower /luckily none of us wanted to climb it;)/, the Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio /the townhall/, the Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti... Minnie and I were breathless - everything was so beautiful, so full of history, so special...:) We deeply regretted that we had only one day to stay in Firenze... But we did our best to make the most of that day!!!:)

Minnie took pictures of everything we saw but I took some pictures of her as well - with two living statues, one of which was Leonardo da Vinci!!!:) Leonardo was especially nice - he gave a note from his book to Minnie which made her so happy!!!:)))

On the bank of the river Arno we saw rows of padlocks of different shapes and colours... My friends told us that according to a superstition if couples write their names on such a padlock, lock it and throw the key into the river, they'll stay together forever...:) This may seem a bit silly, but Minnie and I both liked the idea very much!!!:))) Those padlocks were so interesting to looks at!!!:)))

Still, the most interesting place for us /and especially for Minnie/ was the Uffizi Art Gallery!!!:))) We spent hours there admiring the marvelous masterpieces, reading the explanations, trying to figure out the meaning of the details... Minnie fell in love with all those fantastic paintings!!!:)

After our visit at the Uffizi it was time to get something to eat so we went for some yummy pizza...:) Then we sat at a cafe and chatted for a while... Sadly this wonderful day was almost over so we had to rush to catch our trains... Sonia almost missed hers so we had to say 'good bye' in a hurry... I was very sad that our time together was over so soon, but I hope we'll have more chances to meet again in the future as she is just as sweet and lovely as she seemed in her letters!!!:)))

The travel back was OK even though we were all pretty exhausted... Luckily Bri's dad was waiting for us at the Faenza train station and drove us to our hotel...:)

Bri had to work the following day /Monday, December 13th/ so after having coffee /cappuccino for Minnie/ and breakfast at the hotel Minnie and I went exploring Forli by ourselves. It happened to be the day of Santa Lucia, so the whole centre of the town had turned into a huge market with stalls selling everything - mainly torrone but also all kinds of food /chocolate, cakes, olives, cheese, meat, bread, herbs, nuts/, souvenirs, clothes, shoes... Minnie and I had so much fun walking around, looking at the stalls, trying the samples we were offered... When passing by a certain stall selling cheese, a young guy gave us some to try. Minnie said something in Bulgarian and the guy asked her where she was from. When she answered she was from Bulgaria, he got extremely excited and said he had been to Sofia /our capital/ for a folklore festival and had danced Italian folk dances there... Needless to say, I had to take a picture of Minnie and him /holding a huge round piece of the cheese he was selling/.:)))

It was not our only strange meeting that morning, though...:) We saw a weird guy dressed only in boxers. His whole body was covered with clear tape and he had a tie around his neck and a laurel wreath on his head... He was carrying a poster looking like a Facebook page and his head was inserted at the place where the profile picture normally stands... His friends asked us to sign on the poster and we did!!!:) When we told Bri about this strange person she said that probably the guy had just graduated and his friends were making jokes of him... Whatever it was, seemed like they were having lots of fun!!!:)))

When Bri finished work, we met and took the bus for Ravenna. The trip lasted for only about 40 minutes. As soon as we arrived at Ravenna, we went to have lunch at a very nice traditional place /Minnie and I had a kind of a sandwich, made of a piece of the typical thin round bread, folded in two and filled with cheese and ham inside - yummy:)/. Bri took us for some delicious ice-cream afterwards /both Minnie and I had chocolate and stracciatella and the ice-creams were so big that Minnie had to finish mine as well;)/.

Then it was time for sightseeing - Bri took us to see the Basilica of San Vitale, the Basilica of Saint Apollinare Nuovo, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Dante's Tomb and another lovely church that I forgot the name of /which had a natural water basin under the altar with fish swimming inside/. Minnie and I were simply astonished by the beautiful mosaics...:) As the Byzantine culture is closer to the Bulgarian, the atmosphere of Ravenna seemed so familiar somehow!!!:)

This wonderful day was over soon as well... After getting back to Forli Bri came to our hotel where we had our last cup of coffee together and then said 'good bye' to each other... It was sad to separate with Bri just as it was sad to say 'good bye' to Sonia the previous day but I hope that I'll meet both of them again before too long!!!:)

Minnie and I decided to go out at our last night in Italy so we went to a nice little restaurant close to our hotel where we had yummy dinner - some bread with herbs, some prosciutto and pizza /ham, mushrooms and cheese/.

The following morning after having breakfast /and coffee for me/ we checked out of the hotel and took the bus to the airport. Luckily Bri had helped us buy the tickets the previous day, had written 'aeroporto' on one of them and had shown us where to take the bus so everything was nice and easy...:) Actually we were at the airport quite early /we arrived at 9.30 a.m. and our flight was scheduled for 1.30 p.m./ but we walked around, did some shopping, had some sandwiches, etc. so the time passed by somehow...

The flight home was painless for both Minnie and me and it was such a shock for us to find everything covered with snow and freezing in Bulgaria while we had had such a beautiful sunny weather in Italy...;) Vlado and Vanyo were waiting for us at the airport and we were so happy to see them again!!!:))) Vanyo surprised us because one of his teeth was missing - it had fallen out!!!:) I was a bit sad that I had missed the moment /it was his first tooth changing/ but we can't have it all, right?!;)

We left Minnie at the flat in Sofia because she needed to get ready for school for the following day. Then Vlado drove me and Vanyo to Plovdiv. /which was so sweet of him:)/ We stopped to have dinner at 'Happy Bar and Grill' and as soon as we got home hubby had to rush back to Sofia as we didn't want to leave Minnie alone for the night...

The following day /December 15th, Wednesday/ there was a Christmas performance at Vanyo's Pre-School. His role was a star and the stars played a very spectacular torch dance...:) Vanyo had so much fun and as always he greatly enjoyed all the attention he got after the performance!!!:)))

Then, on December 17th /Friday/ I had to go to Blagoevgrad for a case which meant lots of traveling again... I took the bus early in the morning /7.30 a.m./ and arrived four hours later. When my case was over, I took the bus to Sofia /luckily this time I traveled for two hours only/ where I spent the night with Minnie and Vlado /actually hubby went to a Christmas party with his colleagues that evening but we saw each other briefly before he left/. Vanyo spent the night at my parents' home. He was very excited as Santa Claus had come to his Pre-School that day and had brought him his most desired toy - William Furno from the Lego Hero Factory Series...:)

The following day hubby, Minnie and I went Christmas shopping both in Sofia and Plovdiv and we had so much fun!!!:))) Then we went to pick Vanyo up from my parents and in the evening the four of us went to the mall where we did some more shopping /Minnie got new shoes, jeans and a T-shirt with a sign 'Daddy's Girl':)/ and had dinner...:)))

During the weekend we finally put the Christmas decoration in our home and everything looks so nice now - cosy and festive!!!:)))

So far I have seen only two movies in December - 'The Town' /well, let's just say that Ben Affleck was the best thing for me in that movie;)/ and 'Legion' /nothing special... the only thing I liked in the movie was the way the archangels looked - their wings were kind of cool;)/...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minnie's name day... and some other November news..:)

I can't believe that it's December already... Where did the year go?! Seems it was yesterday it started and now it's almost over...

Well, except of Minnie's name day /November 11th, Thursday/, the month of November was pretty uneventful... I was sad that I couldn't be with my daughter on her special day, and I was feeling pretty lonely, so I decided to invite four of my High School friends for a drink after work... We went to a bar, called 'Chocolate' and we had such a wonderful time together!!!:)

Of course, Minnie got some nice presents for her name day which were actually all given to her in advance /some underwear from my parents, money from my mother-in-law and a Metallica T-shirt from her dad, her brother and me/. On her name day she had brought some chocolates as a treat for her classmates and teachers, so she has had a nice celebration too!!!:)

On Minnie's name day I also picked up her passport so we got one step closer to our Italy trip...:) We are supposed to travel on December 11th and I still can't believe that it's really happening...:) It all seems so unreal!!!:)))

I met my High School friends for a drink the following Thursday again /November 18th/ but this time I brought Vanyo with me as well...:) He was very happy to meet my friends and they all liked him a lot!!!:)))

The rest of November has been quite dull - I was either very busy or very bored at work /but feeling mostly lonely and depressed/ and very happy during the weekends...

I saw only two movies that month - 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' /a very cute movie, fun and entertainment for the whole family, even though Vanyo kept saying that Harry Potter is a much better wizard;)/ and 'The Expendables' /the story was nothing special, but the action scenes were incredible... and I loved the witty dialogue between Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the church:)/.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quiet time...

After the intense days I wrote about in my previous post, life seems to get back to normal again and I'm so grateful for that!!!:)))

The last October weekend was very nice - after Minnie and Vlado came home on the Friday evening /October 29th/ the four of us went to 'Happy Bar and Grill' where we enjoyed delicious dinner...:)))

On the Saturday we went to Karlovo to see my mother-in-law but we didn't stay there for the night /to my greatest relief:)/...

The Sunday was very quiet and relaxing but I felt very sad and depressed when I had to say good-bye to my hubby and daughter...:(

Luckily I was quite busy during the following week, so the next weekend came rather quickly...:)

After Minnie and Vlado came home on the Friday evening /November 5th/ the four of us went to have dinner at the mall /KFC, what else;)/.:)))

The Saturday was quite busy, but fun...:) First we went to apply for Minnie's passport /should be ready today/, so we got one step closer to our Italy trip!!!:) Then we went shopping - Minnie got two Metallica T-shirts from 'Metal Shop' -'...And Justice for All' and 'Master of Puppets'...:) She actually wanted to have one of Linkin Park, but unfortunately none of her size was available...:( Vanyo got a new Ben 10 toy and hubby got two pairs of shoes... I guess I was the only one who didn't get anything, but it was totally my fault - hubby wanted to buy me a new pair of shoes but I just wasn't sure whether I wanted them or not...:P

We had coffee at my parents that day too and in the evening we saw the movie 'Inception' /unusual, weird, exciting, great special effects, incredible /as always/ Leo DiCaprio/... And actually I would like to see it more than once...:)

On the Sunday evening we went to Karlovo to leave Vanyo with my mother-in-law. I had a case in the Supreme Court of Cassation /SCC/ early on the Monday morning, so I spent the night in Sofia with Vlado and Minnie...

The Monday was quite tiring - after the case at the SCC was over, I went to have coffee and breakfast at 'Happy Bar and Grill' /delicious mini pancakes with chocolate:P/. Hubby was at a seminar in the morning but we wanted to have lunch together so I waited for him...:) When the seminar was over, we had yummy lunch at a Chinese restaurant...:) I missed the 4 p.m. bus to Plovdiv so I got home rather late and very, very exhausted... My mother-in-law and Vanyo were waiting for me already...:) It was so nice to be at home after such a long day...:) I just had a quick shower and went to bed early with my book... This helped me immensely to relax and to recharge my batteries...:)

Today has been a nice day so far...:) I met a friend from High School at a cafe and we had such a wonderful time together...:) Actually we're planning to meet tomorrow again /plus two more friends/ so this is something I'm definitely looking forward to!!!:)))

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Intense days...

The last couple of weeks were very intense... So much was going on... Luckily I have some free time today and I'll do my best to sum it up here...:)

Well, in the evening of October 12th /Tuesday/ I started feeling sick...:( I thought I had caught a virus, because I was feverish and my whole body was stiff and painful...:( My tonsils were hurting a lot too...:( I felt terrible the following day, but luckily by the end of the week I was healthy again...:)

Then, on October 14th /Thursday/ the most incredible thing happened!!!:) My daughter called to tell me that she had won two Wizz Air tickets to a destination of her choice - London, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Milano, Venice, Forli/Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia...:) This came so unexpected that even now, two weeks later, we still can't believe this is really happening...:)))

When I shared the news with my friends around the world, a lot of them suggested to meet, which was so sweet of them!!!:)))

First Minnie and I wanted to go to London but we were told it was very expensive there and we are totally unprepared for making any extra expenses at the moment... Besides, someone from Minnie's class had told her that it would be too cold there in December /when we're planning of making that trip/... So we decided to choose a warmer destination - Italy!!!:) Minnie will go to Rome, Milano, Venice and Pisa with her class in May /as part of their Latin Language Practice/, so she wanted to go somewhere else this time... That's how we decided on Forli/Bologna /you can see a view of Forli in the picture of this post, by the way:)/!!!:)

I have a friend living in Forli /her name is Bri/ who is a professional guide, so we'll be in good hands!!!:) Bri was kind enough to offer to meet us at the airport and she also booked a very nice hotel for us!!!:) She will also take us to day trips to Florence and Ravenna, so we'll try to see as much as we can!!!:)

During the day trip to Florence I'll also meet my friend Sonia who lives in Pisa!!!:) So I'll meet two of my wonderful Italian friends in December - needless to say I'm looking forward to that!!!:)))

I've booked the tickets already and we'll be flying to Italy on December 11th /which is also Minnie's 14th birthday/ and back home on December 14th... It's going to be a short trip, but as I've already said, it was quite unexpected and that's all we can afford right now!!!:) Besides the financial aspect of it, none of us both can be absent from school/work for longer than two days at the moment... But we have decided that it will not be our last trip together so hopefully this will be the beginning of a new adventure for us both!!!:) In fact this will be Minnie's first travel abroad and for me it will be the first foreign trip since 1990!!!:))) So we are both excited beyond explanation!!!:)))

The weekend that followed /October 16th - 17th/ was simply great!!!:) Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia on the Friday evening. The four of us were so happy to get together again!!!:) We went to Mall of Plovdiv to have dinner at KFC /again, I know:)/ and on the Saturday we went to the other mall - Galeria for some shopping and afterwards we sat at one of the cafes there... The time we spent together was so nice and was over so quickly...

Oh, I also saw some movies that week - 'Tekken' /the movie was nothing special, but the battle scenes were quite spectacular;)/, 'Whiteout' /an OK thriller:)/, 'Sex and the City 2' /I loved it!!!:)/, and 'The Last Airbender' /wonderful movie!!!:) Can't wait for the sequels!!!:)/.

The next week brought us another surprise - a very unpleasant one this time...:((( On October 20th /Wednesday/ Minnie called to tell me that she had broken her right wrist at her gym class and it should be in plaster for a month /until November 22nd/...:((( Poor girl!!!:((( I'm really amazed by the way she is handling the situation, though - she is not complaining about the pain or discomfort at all... The only thing she is worried about is that she can't write her homework and do the tests at school, can you believe it?! Wish I was that strong...

Last weekend was nice and relaxing too, but it was heart-breaking to see Minnie's arm in plaster...:((( Still, we went for a dinner out on the Friday evening /October 22nd/ - we enjoyed the yummy food at 'Pizza Originale' to the fullest!!!:)

On the Saturday evening /October 23rd/ I attended a meeting with my ex-classmates... We had dinner at the restaurant called 'Classic' /just like the previous time we met/ and I enjoyed catching up with my friends a lot...:) But I just wasn't in the right mood for going to a bar afterwards, so I skipped that part of the reunion this time...

Last week I saw only two movies, but they were both very good - 'Street Dance' /great entertainment/ and 'Knight&Day' /lots of action and funny moments:)/.

This week has been quiet so far - just work and nothing exciting...:) But I'm somehow grateful for it!!!:) And, needless to say, I'm already looking forward to the weekend!!!:)))

Monday, October 11, 2010

The autumn is here...

...and it seems incredible that not so long ago we were complaining about the heat...;) Oh, how I miss those hot, sunny days...:( It's been grey, cold and rainy here for weeks already and this terrible weather does not influence my mood in a positive way...:( But I should get myself together now and stop complaining... As I have to concentrate on summing up the most important things which have happened in the past three weeks...;)

September 22nd /Wednesday/ was an official holiday - Bulgaria celebrated its Independence Day then... As it was in the middle of the week, Minnie remained in Sofia with my mother-in-law... Vlado, Vanyo and I didn't do anything special - we just stayed at home and relaxed...:) Which was the perfect as it helped me to completely get rid of the cold I had caught the previous weekend...;)

The following day /September 23rd, Thursday/ I took the bus to Sofia... My mother-in-law had something to do in Karlovo so I stayed with Minnie instead of her... My daughter was so happy to have me around...:) We had a great time together!!!:)

In the evening of September 24th /Friday/ Vlado and Vanyo arrived at Sofia too as the following morning we had to attend the first parent-teacher meeting in Minnie's new school...:) The four of us felt so wonderful to be together again!!!:)

The parent-teacher meeting took place in the big hall of the University of Sofia /which makes perfect sense as Minnie's school is a lyceum towards the University/... It was all very official and we liked it a lot!!!:)

As soon as the meeting was over, we headed for the resort in the Batak Area /the same place where we had spent a great weekend back in May/...:) Our friends had arrived there the previous evening and were already waiting for us!!!:) And just as in May, we had a wonderful time again and we didn't feel like getting back home at all!!!:)

The last days of September I also made it to see some movies: 'Letters to Juliet' /very sweet and romantic movie - I loved it!!!:)/, 'Everybody's Fine' /a beautiful yet a bit sad story... And Robert De Niro is brilliant as always!!!:)/ and 'The Joneses' /a very deep and interesting movie...:)/. I also saw 'The Pillars of the Earth' mini-series /I just loved them and regretted there were only 8 episodes...:)/.

On October 4th /Monday/ hubby started working in the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office... So from that moment on he has been the one staying with Minnie... I've been feeling quite lonely without him, but we'll be together during the weekends, so it could have been much worse...;) And I've started making plans of moving to Sofia as well /not before September 2011, though, when Vanyo should start going to school/...;)

Last weekend was a very nice one...:) It was great when Vlado and Minnie came home on Friday evening... They had brought us two boxes of Dunkin' Donuts which was so thoughtful and sweet of them!!!:) We ate some /left a few for breakfast/ and then headed for the mall where we had dinner at KFC /more unhealthy food, I know, but so yummy;)/.

On the Saturday we went shopping and we had so much fun together!!!:) I bought myself a black leather jacket and I'm so happy about it!!!;) We had lunch in the mall /KFC again;)/ and in the evening we just stayed at home and relaxed...:)

Unfortunately Minnie and Vlado had to leave for Sofia early the following morning as there was a ceremony for the 33rd anniversary of Minnie's school on the Sunday and she had to attend... But I'm already looking forward to the next weekend when the four of us will re-unite again!!!:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A good start:)

Well, looks like both children have had a really good start of the new school year!!!:) Vanyo has been doing fine at the Pre-School and his teachers are very pleased with him...:) Minnie likes her new school in Sofia very much too and has already managed to make some new friends!!!:)

On September 11th /Saturday/ the four of us went to Sofia to get the keys for the flat where Minnie will be staying while at school...:) And as soon as we got back to Plovdiv, we visited my dad to celebrate his birthday!!!:) We all had a great time together and the food my mum had prepared was delicious as always!!!:)

The Sunday that followed /September 12th/ was very quiet and relaxing...:) We saw a few movies: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' /I have to confess that this movie was much more interesting and exciting than 'New Moon' and I enjoyed watching it a lot:)/, 'Gunless' /nothing special:(/ and 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' /the second Camp Rock movie was much worse than the first...:( The songs and dances were OK but the story was not interesting at all...:(/.

On September 14th /Tuesday/ after hubby and I finished work, we drove to Sofia and left Minnie there with all her luggage as she had to start school the following day... My mother-in-law stayed with her as well... It was very sad to say 'good-bye' to my little girl, but I tried to keep in mind that I'm helping and supporting her to follow her dreams and this thought helped a lot...:)

On September 17th /Friday/ after school Minnie got home and we were all so happy to have her here for the weekend!!!:) That same evening we were invited by our friends Vanya and Dobri for a 'kurban' at their home and as every year we had a wonderful time enjoying an interesting conversation and some delicious food!!!:)

Unfortunately I caught a cold that day too /I suspect the changeable weather and all the stress I've been dealing with lately are to blame:(/ so I couldn't enjoy the weekend much...:((( But I think I'm a bit better today and I hope I'll be perfectly fine the following weekend!!!:)))

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our summer holidays...and some other news...:)

Well, our summer hoildays were quite short this year, but nevertheless it was great to get away from home for a while...:) We spent a week in Varna /August 18th - 26th/ and it was nice to see my sister and nieces again...:) Plus, the weather was perfect and we could go to the beach every day so the children had lots of fun!!!:)))

My first day at work after the holidays /August 27th, Friday/ was a real nightmare...:( I told the lawyer I'm sharing my office with that after the term of our rental contract is over /beginning of October/ I want to use the office alone... I had every right to do so because it was me who had found the office /I knew the lawyer who was renting it before and he had introduced me to the owner/ and it was always me who was contacting the owner... I had invited that woman to share the office with me as she seemed very nice at first... Unfortunately she turned out to be a totally different person...:((( So I had decided to use the office only by myself for the next rental period... I was hoping to have a quiet conversation with my colleague - but no, she called her husband and made a scene in front of him...:((( Her husband wanted to know why I prefer to be alone but I replied that I would never tell him anything against his wife and that if she wanted to know the reasons, I would readily tell them to her in a private conversation... I did my best to keep my dignity and remain calm even though she tried hard to provoke me... Anyway, a few days later /August 31st, Tuesday/ she moved out and since then I've been working alone in the office...:) It's such a relief for me...:)))

The last August weekend was quite busy - on the Saturday /August 28th/ Vlado and I baptized Angel /the son of Maria and Nickolay - the couple whose 'kumove' we are/ and on the Sunday /August 29th/ we took our kids to the Karlovo Fair /needless to say, they tried all the attractions and enjoyed themselves to the fullest:)/...

During that weekend we also made it to see two movies - 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' /a great entertainment:)/ and 'Salt' /great movie!!!:) Lots of action, unexpected twists and an incredible Angelina Jolie!!!:)/.

The Monday that followed /August 30th/ was very busy too... We went to Sofia to search for a flat to rent for Minnie and we found a nice one-room apartment which is in a new building right next to her new school...:) It's totally furnished with nice new furniture and at an affordable price...:))) I still can't believe how lucky we were!!!:)))

Last weekend was a long one - we had the Monday /September 6th/ off as it was a public holiday /Unification Day/ and we did our best to relax after all the stress we've been through lately...:) And, of course, we saw some movies - 'Iron Man 2' /I didn't like the first movie, but the second was even worse:(/ and 'Robin Hood' /well, let's just say that I expected much more from the movie...;)/.

Today is a normal working day for me and my husband...:) And it's the first day at Pre-School for Vanyo!!!:) He'll attend it at his Kindergarten, even his teachers will be the same so there won't be too many changes for him, which is good...:) This morning he was very happy to meet all his little friends again after the summer break!!!:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some August news:)

Yes, I've been too lazy to post anything here lately... So I guess it's time for a catch-up!!!:)

August started with quite an unpleasant experience - I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed on August 2nd /Monday/...:((( I was very scared because two years ago when I had my other upper wisdom tooth removed, the two shots of anesthesia didn't work and I was in a lot of pain...:((( Luckily this time I didn't feel a thing...:))) And I felt fine enough to go to 'Verdi' with hubby for dinner in the evening...:)

The rest of the month was full of nice events!!!:) On August 4th /Wednesday/ I met three of my High School friends and we had a great time together!!!:) We went to the 'Afreddo Ice Cream House' where we stayed for three hours chatting and laughing non-stop!!!:) Oh, and I had delicious chocolate ice cream cake...:)

On August 6th /Friday/ hubby and I finally went to pick our kids up from Karlovo...:) It was fantastic to have them home with us again!!!:) They have had a nice time in Karlovo hiking in the mountains and swimming in the mineral water pool in Banya but they were so happy to be at home with us too!!!:)

The weekend that followed /August 7th-8th/ we were invited to visit our friends in their house in Starnitza /the same village where we've bought a house too/. We had a great time and both the adults and the kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest!!!:) We had BBQ and a couple of drinks on the Saturday evening... The table where we sat had a fantastic view over the mountain slopes!!!:) And the air was so fresh and cool - totally different from the heat in Plovdiv...:) We didn't feel like getting back to the hot and dirty city at all...;) On our way home we picked up some wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries...:) They were so yummy!!!:)

I had a case in the Law Court of Blagoevgrad early in the morning of August 10th /Tuesday/. Considering that the traveling time is 4-5 hours I had to arrive there the day before... So on August 9th /Monday/ I took the 1 p.m. bus and arrived at Blagoevgrad at about 5 p.m. I checked in at the hotel where I was about the spend the night /it was a family hotel called 'Merida' which wasn't anything special but it was cheap and close to the Law Court so it was good enough/... After checking in and having a quick shower I walked to the Law Court /wanted to see how long it would take me to get there the next morning/ and back... Then I had dinner in the 'summer garden' of the hotel /neither the 'summer garden' nor the dinner were worth it:(/ and went back to my room where I watched some TV, had another shower and felt so bored that decided to fall asleep at 10 p.m. /too early for a night person like me;)/... Getting enough sleep was probably the only good thing during this trip to Blagoevgrad!!!;)

The following morning I had a cup of coffee at the lobby bar of the hotel and then went to the Law Court... Luckily my case was the first one on the list so it was over within 15 minutes...:) I went back to the hotel, had my last shower there and spent the whole morning watching TV /I deeply regretted that I hadn't taken a book with me/... At noon I checked out of the hotel and as my bus was only at 2.30 p.m., I walked around the central part of the town to kill the time... It was too hot and I got exhausted easily so I decided to sit at a pizzeria where I had a light lunch /French fries and Coke/... Time definitely seemed to be dragging those two days...:((( Finally it was time to get on the bus and after 4 hours of traveling my sweet hubby and kids met me at the bus station in Plovdiv!!!:) It was fantastic to be at home again!!!:)

The rest of the week I was quite busy at work and it felt great!!!:) I was busy even on my birthday /August 12th, Thursday/... But it was a very nice and special day for me anyway!!!:) I felt so spoit to receive all those phone calls, SMS, e-cards, e-mails, Facebook messages/wall postings/virtual gifts, and snail mail cards from my friends!!!:) I also got a piece of abstract art created by Vanyo /luckily he explained me in details what he had drawn;)/ and Minnie had written a sweet sign on it!!!:) Vlado bought me a T-shirt I wanted to have /there's a sign on it saying 'Buy me a drink and I'll think about it.' - I love such funny signs on clothes:)/... So I got some cute gifts as well!!!:)

In the evening of my birthday I took hubby and the kids to the 'Mall of Plovdiv'. First we had dinner at KFC and then yummy ice cream /plus great coffee for me and Vlado/ at Afreddo.:) We all had lots of fun even though we didn't have a big celebration...:)

Last weekend was lots of fun too...:) In the evening of August 13th /Friday/ the four of us went to the new mall - 'Galeria'. To be honest, we didn't like it as much as 'Mall of Plovdiv' but it was still interesting...:) There is a 'Carrefour' supermarket there /the first one in Plovdiv/ and we had lots of fun looking at the Carrefour products which were totally new to us...:) And we ended up buying lots of chocolates, biscuits and juices which were almost finished by the end of the weekend!!!;)

Yesterday we decided to have lunch at 'Verdi' - all of us except Vanyo /who had chicken wings as he doesn't like pizza/ had delicious pizzas...:) We were so full that none of us wanted to have dinner that day...:)

During the first half of August I saw some movies - 'The Upside of Anger' /a very beautiful, warm and touching movie... I loved it!!!:)/, 'Amelia' /at first I thought the movie would be boring but it turned out to be quite nice and interesting...:) Not the type I would like to see more than once, though...;)/, 'Couples Retreat' /an OK romantic movie with some quite funny moments... and breath-taking views:)/, 'The Boys Are Back' /a beautiful story which deeply touched me...:) And Clive Owen is incredible as always!!!:)/, 'The Karate Kid' /great movie - touching story, wonderful battle scenes, and a fantastic - cute and very talented - Jaden Smith...:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once...:)/, 'Beauty & the Briefcase' /an OK romantic comedy...:)/, 'Centurion' /I love historical movies but this one is nothing special...:( Comparing it to '300' and 'Gladiator' is quite an exaggeration...:(((/ and 'Killers' /and OK entertaining movie with some funny moments and some interesting action/battle scenes...:)/.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A wedding anniversary and a penpal meeting...:)

Yes, hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on July 22nd /Thursday/...:) We were both quite busy at work that day /so busy that we even missed our usual date over a cup of coffee in his lunch break/ but in the evening we had a very nice and romantic dinner at 'Happy Bar and Grill'...:) And we even got a phone call from the kids /who are still in Karlovo with my in-laws/ wishing us 'Happy Anniversary'...:) It was soooo sweet and thoughtful of them!!!:)

On July 26th /Monday/ I had another penpal meeting - my Dutch pal Yvonne came to visit me with a friend of hers...:) Both ladies had spent 3 days in Sofia /our capital/ before that but they both enjoyed Plovdiv much more /saying that my city has much better atmosphere - and they are absolutely right:)/... That same day Minnie had come to Plovdiv too /as she was invited to a birthday party/ and she said that she wanted to meet my Dutch guests as well... So the four of us had a great time together in spite of the rainy day!!!:)

Minnie and I met our Dutch guests at the bus station and as it had become almost noon, we went to have lunch at a restaurant, called 'The Old Plovdiv'. The food was very good and we had a great conversation, chatting almost non-stop...:) I even tried to learn some words in Dutch /Minnie's idea/ but found the pronunciation incredibly complicated...;)

After lunch we went to the Old Part of Plovdiv, where we saw the Antique Theatre, the old houses and churches and did some souvenir shopping ...:) We were supposed to visit the Ethnographic museum but it turned out that it wasn't working on Monday /what a shame that this piece of info was missing in their website:(/... But we visited another /smaller/ museum, so I guess that was good enough...;)

Then we sat at a cafe for a while where we continued with our interesting chat and I even got a wonderful present from Yvonne - some typical Dutch wafers /which turned out to be really yummy:)/ and... whole two pads of writing paper /Diddl and Diddlina/...:) Minnie and I were both so excited about the writing paper as it's impossible to be found here...:)

After our coffee break Minnie left for the birthday party of her friend and I took my Dutch guests to the bus station... It was sad to say good-bye to them... We spent 6 hours together but we had so much fun that it seemed like 6 minutes...:( Still, I think they both enjoyed their visit a lot too, so I hope they'll come again - for a longer time!!!:)

Minnie had also had a great time at her friend's birthday - she came home exhausted and very, very excited!!!;) It was great to have her at home - even though it was for two days only!!!:)

The following day /July 27th, Tuesday/ after hubby and I finished work, we took Minnie to a new fast food place where we had some real good sandwiches... After that we did a nice walk along the main street /and enjoyed the procession of the participants in the International Folklore Festival which is taking place in Plovdiv this week/ and finally sat on a bench in the Central Park with ice-creams in our hands...:) Then it was time for Minnie to catch the bus to Karlovo...:( Both Vlado and I found it hard to say 'good-bye' to our daughter but we know she has a lot more entertaining things to do in Karlovo and besides, the weather is much better there in the summer... So knowing that we're simply doing it for the children has helped us to accept the separation easier...;)

During the past two weeks I've made it to see three movies - 'Repo Men' /dark, cruel, depressing, but also full of action and unexpected twists.../, 'The Back-up Plan' /a very nice romantic movie:)/ and 'The Last Song' /a very beautiful and touching story, I loved it... and cried a lot in the end...:)/.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer time:)

Well, on the day I last wrote here /June 28th, Monday/ Vanyo got sick - he had high temperature /39C/ and his throat hurt a lot... When I took him to his doctor the following morning he was diagnosed with angina /just as I feared/. He had the same illness in the middle of June as well, so I was rather upset that he would have to take antibiotics again /and even stronger ones this time/...:( But we had no choice... Luckily he got better as soon as he started with the medicines!!!:)

On July 4th /Sunday/ Minnie had to sit for her History exam at the NGDEK school in Sofia... All the four of us went to the capital as well as we wanted to support her...:) The exam was oral and she had to speak in front of a commission which consisted of the headmaster of the school, a History teacher at the school and a History professor at the Sofia University /as NGDEK is a lyceum school towards that university/. Minnie came out of the exam room rather surprised that the commission did not examine her as long as the other candidates... I told her that it was a good sign and I proved to be right - on July 8th /Thursday/ we found out that Minnie has received a very good mark /5/ and was accepted to study at the NGDEK!!!:) You should have seen the joy in her eyes when she found out about it!!!:) These moments are simply priceless!!!:)

After the exam the four of us decided to have a late lunch so we went to a 'Happy Bar and Grill' restaurant where we enjoyed delicious /as always/ food!!!:) Because of the FIFA World Cup Championship we also got a quite unexpected gift from the restaurant - a foot ball /Vanyo was thrilled:)/...:)

The following day /July 5th, Monday/ after work we went to the Rowing Canal. We sat at a cafe next to the water and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening...:) Afterwards we had a walk in the nearby park... :) We all had a wonderful time - especially the kids /as you can see from the picture I've uploaded/...:)

During that week I could see only one movie - 'Public Enemies'. Unfortunately, it was too slow and boring for my liking...:(

That week was also our last one with the kids... On July 9th /Friday/ after work we all drove to Karlovo and spent the weekend there... On Sunday afternoon Vlado and I got home but we left Minnie and Vanyo with my in-laws... The kids will stay there for 3 or 4 weeks as every summer... And just as every summer I've been missing them a lot...:( But I also know that they'll enjoy their time in Karlovo to the fullest...:) And that hubby and I need to spend some time as a couple as well...:)

Actually enjoying our time as a couple was exactly what we did last weekend!!!:) On the Saturday /July 17th/ we went to a theatre performance... We saw 'Golemanov' /a Bulgarian satiric comedy/. It was a charity performance - all the money collected from the sold tickets will be used for the children of Plovdiv - for building a new eco playground and for renovating the asylum for abandoned children... Both are very good causes...:)

After the performance hubby and I went for a walk along the main street of Plovdiv...:) We bought some ice cream /mango and Baileys for me/ which was the perfect thing to do in the hot summer night!!!:)

When we got home, we saw some movies - 'Cop Out' /a nice and entertaining cop movie - lots of action and some quite funny moments... Nothing extraordinary, though...;)/ and 'Clash of the Titans' /it turned out to be much better than I actually expected - lots of action and wonderful special effects!!!:) The perfect summer entertainment!!!:)/.

The Sunday /yesterday/ was quieter - we just stayed at home and relaxed...:) We saw one movie /'Vampires Suck'/ but it was so silly that I'm not sure if it's worth being mentioned at all...:(

Yesterday there was a big celebration in Karlovo and the president of Bulgaria had been there as well... Well, my mother-in-law told us on the phone that Vanyo had somehow passed by his guards and had shaken hands with the president, introducing himself...:) This is so typical for my extroverted and sociable son!!!:D What a pity that Minnie hasn't had a camera with her to take a picture of this important moment...:(

Monday, June 28, 2010

The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner...:)

Well, the title of today's post is actually the name of a wonderful Bulgarian movie I saw earlier this month /and about which I'll write more in a while;)/... It pretty much sums up the way I've been feeling lately - too much worries and stress in the last couple of weeks...:( And then - the enormous help, support and understanding I got from my family and friends...:) After feeling depressed for a while I'm slowly beginning to get back to my positive, optimistic self...:) And it feels great!!!:)

But let me see now what has happened in my life since the beginning of this month /seems like ages ago already;)/... The first June weekend /June 5th-6th/ was a very quiet and relaxing one, spent at home - just as I hoped...:) I even made it to see a movie - 'The Wolfman'... The movie itself was a total disappointment, though...:( I've always thought that Anthony Hopkins is a great actor so I simply can't understand why he has agreed to play in such a bad, stupid and disgusting movie...:(

On June 8th /Tuesday/ there was a performance at Vanyo's Kindergarten - the kids danced dances from various parts of the world... The final dance was a Bulgarian folk dance and my son took part in that one!!!:) He was sooo cute in his folk costume /you can see it in the picture:)/!!!:) And very confident and artistic at his performance, I must add!!!:)

On June 11th /Friday/ Minnie attended a party with her classmates. They celebrated the end of the school year.:) It was held at Club 'Plasma' /one of the most fashionable dance clubs in Plovdiv/ and my daughter had had a great time there - dancing non stop!!!:)

The following day /June 12th, Saturday/ hubby was at a conference in Sofia and as soon as he got back home he had to go out again - this time for a High School Reunion!!!:) He didn't get home till about 3 a.m. and he told me he has had lots of fun there!!!:)

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful...:) I saw the wonderful Bulgarian movie which almost made it to the Oscars - 'The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner' and I simply loved it!!!:) It was such a beautiful and touching story!!!:) Oh, and most of the scenes were shot in Karlovo /my hubby's birth town;)/ so we had lots of fun recognizing the familiar places while watching the movie!!!:)

On June 16th my daughter officially finished her 7th grade!!!:) And for a seventh year in a row she got 'excellent' 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of her subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, Mathematics, English, History and Civilization, Geography and Economy, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry and Ecology, Biology and Health Education, Computer Technologies, Labour Education, Music, Art, Sports, CCS /Compulsory Chosen Subject/ Bulgarian, CCS Mathematics, CCS English and FCS /Freely Chosen Subject/ Mathematics. This school year was quite difficult and stressful, so we're all very proud of Minnie doing so well!!!:)

The weekend that followed /June 19th-20th/ was another quiet and relaxing one, spent at home... I saw 'From Paris with Love' which was a very entertaining movie, full of action...:) A bit predictable, though...:(

On June 24th came the results from the Plovdiv High Schools applications...:) It turned out that Minnie is accepted at the Ivan Vazov Language School /also known as 'The Russian Gymnasium' as the students there study Russian as a second foreign language/.:) It's one of the most prestigious schools in Plovdiv and we're all very happy that Minnie was accepted there!!!:) The class she got into is specialized in English but she can also choose a third foreign language /besides English and Russian/ if she wants...:) This is the school Minnie wanted most from those in Plovdiv but she still hasn't given up the idea of studying at the NGDEK in Sofia... So while all her classmates are enjoying their holidays, she is studying History for the entrance exam at the NGDEK /which should take place in the beginning of July/...:( I know I should be very proud of my determined daughter /and I am/ but sometimes I really wish she was less ambitious... Oh, well...

Last weekend was quite a movie weekend!!!:) I saw 'The Bounty Hunter' /I love Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston but their presence in the movie was not enough to make it worthwhile:(/, 'Brooklyn's Finest' /dark, touching, suspenseful, exciting - a wonderful police movie:)/ and 'Fame' /I have to confess that I haven't seen the original, so I had nothing to compare the remake with, which is probably a good thing... I generally liked it, even though it was a bit too slow and long in my opinion...:P/.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exam period, a High School reunion and a Holiday of the Rose...:)

Yes, the last couple of days were very stressful for Minnie as she had to pass her exams then... Luckily the exam period is over now and she seems to have done a great job /as always:)/...

The first exam was on May 27th /Thursday/. It was Bulgarian Language and Literature... The first part /module/ of the exam lasted 60 minutes. It's a mature exam - consists of 25 questions about the material the kids have studied at Middle School in their Bulgarian Language and Literature lessons... Well, my daughter has obviously got two of the questions wrong /unfortunately one of those could have given her 6 points if she had answered correctly... but what could you do.../. The maximum she could get at this module is 65%.

The second module lasted 90 minutes /it started right after the first module was over/. It was the High School Entrance Exam. This was the difficult part - the children were supposed to retell a story /in written form/ from a book they haven't studied at school. They had to listen to the text, read it for 15 minutes and retell it... The story they had to retell was a bit tricky /a historical theme, full of archaisms and ancient names/, but I hope Minnie has made it nevertheless...:) She has always been good at writing and she used to practice a lot with my mum /who is a retired Bulgarian Language and Literature teacher/ so I'm not too worried about the result of this part of the exam... The maximum she could get at this module is 35%.

The English mature exam was on Friday, May 28th. It lasted 60 minutes. Minnie got 3 questions wrong /-1 point each/ out of 35, so not bad either...:)

The third exam was Maths /Monday, May 31st/. It also consisted of two parts /modules/. The first module was the mature exam. The kids had to solve 25 mathematical problems for 60 minutes /which meant that they had approximately 2,5 minutes for each problem:(/. Minnie got all of those correct!!!:) This means she has 65% /the maximum she could get for this module/!!!:)

The second module was the High School Entrance Exam. It lasted 90 minutes and the kids had to solve 5 mathematical problems which were much more complicated. Minnie is not very confident about the way she has solved them, but we'll see if she did well or not by June 11th /when the official results will be announced/. As with the Bulgarian Language and Literature Exam, the maximum she could get at this module is 35%.

The Social Sciences, Civil Education and Religion mature exam was on June 1st /Tuesday/. It lasted 60 minutes and consisted of 18 questions from the Geography and Economy lessons /Minnie got all of those correct/ and 18 questions from the History and Civilization lessons /Minnie got only one wrong there/.:)

The Natural Sciences and Ecology mature exam was yesterday /Wednesday, June 2nd/. It lasted 90 minutes and consisted of 15 questions from the Physics and Astronomy lessons /my daughter got only one of those wrong/, 15 questions from the Chemistry and Ecology lessons /only one wrong there as well/ and 15 questions from the Biology and Health Education lessons /Minnie got two of those wrong/...

To top it off, Minnie had to go to school on the days of the exams as well /except of when she had her Bulgarian Language and Literature and her Maths exam - those days were school-free:)/... On the day she had her English exam she even had to sit for a History test /the Roman Empire/ - fun, fun, fun...;)

Speaking of fun, on May 28th /Friday/ I attended a High School reunion. Actually I was the one who organized the whole thing this time...;) I met my ex-classmates at a very nice restaurant, called 'Classic'. We enjoyed delicious /and not expensive at all:)/ food, a couple of drinks and an interesting chat...:) We had such a good laugh remembering our school times!!!:) We stayed until midnight /and yes, we were the last ones to leave the restaurant;)/ and continued at a dance club called 'Brilliantine'...:) We had some more drinks there /vodka with black currant for me:)/ and danced until we were almost dead from exhaustion...:P I got home at 3 a.m. but felt so excited that I had a hard time falling asleep!!!:) All those who attended the reunion /we were 8 girls and 2 boys/ said that they have had a wonderful time and want us to meet again!!!:) Sure, why not?!;)

During the weekend we went to Karlovo to celebrate the Holiday of the Rose. As I've probably mentioned before, Karlovo is situated in the Valley of Roses. The roses growing in this valley are a special sort which is used for producing rose oil. Rose oil is very expensive and it's used both in cosmetics and medicine. Anyway, the Holiday of the Rose is one of the biggest events in Karlovo - there are rose-picking and rose oil producing demonstrations, concerts, theatre/folklore performances and even a 'Queen of the Roses' beauty contest...:) Unfortunately the weather was not perfect, but we still attended the event /I'll never forget watching some of the concerts and the fireworks in the pouring rain!!!;)/. The kids had so much fun!!!:)

This weekend will be much quieter but I don't mind it at all...;) I guess we'll just stay at home and relax...:) Minnie will probably start preparing for her History exam, though... It will take place in Sofia in the beginning of July... She wants to apply to the National Gymnasium of Ancient Languages and Cultures /NGDEK/ as she wants to study Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Bulgarian and lots of History... To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this ambition of hers... On one hand, it's one of the most prestigious schools in my country and my daughter would be very happy to study the subjects she loves if she gets accepted...:) But on the other hand, she will face a lot of difficulties living in a strange city /bigger than Plovdiv/ at such a young age...:( We should rent a flat /or at least a room/ for her which would mean extra expenses...:( Also, either my mother-in-law or my hubby should move to Sofia with her at least for the first school year... Somehow I think that the second option would be better for Minnie as Vlado would be able to drive her with our car, help her with her homework, projects, etc. But this would mean that I should stay in Plovdiv alone with Vanyo...:( So if Minnie gets accepted at the NGDEK, it would affect our whole family... As you can imagine, I'm not feeling at ease about the whole situation...:( But I'll keep my fingers crossed for Minnie and hope that no matter where she'll continue her education, she'll be happy and satisfied!!!:) Because she deserves it!!!:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A perfect weekend:)

Last weekend was simply perfect!!!:) On Friday /May 21st/ I worked only until noon and in the afternoon we gathered with some friends /colleagues of my husband with their families/ and headed for the Batak Area in the Rhodope Mountains!!!:) We stayed in a resort which can be used only by prosecutors and their families. Each family had a house of their own which was very convenient...:) And the place was so beautiful!!!:) We had a breath-taking view to the Batak dam lake from the terraces of 'our' house!!!:)

Our company was great - both the adults and the children had a wonderful time together!!!:) There was so much to do at the resort - we could play table/court tennis or football, go to the fitness centre /which I did for a first time in my life and I absolutely enjoyed:)/, try sauna, solarium, hand/hydro-massages /I tried the hydro-massage/tangentor and loved it:)/, etc. or just relax at the cafe or the lobby bar of the resort...:) Unfortunately the pool wasn't working /it was an open air one and the weather was still a bit cold for it/ but all the other facilities were more than enough!!!:) Oh, and I shouldn't forget that the food at the restaurant was delicious!!!:)

We left in the afternoon of Sunday /May 23rd/ but we all enjoyed this weekend so much that we're determined to go to the resort again /probably in autumn as everything is already booked for the summer season/...:)

Monday /May 24th/ was the Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture, so it was another day off...:) We mostly stayed at home and relaxed!!!:) Oh, I also saw a movie /of course;)/ - 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' /definitely not my kind of movie - too weird and unusual...:(/... That was also the day I saw the series finale of 'LOST'... What can I say about it?! It was epic, touching, beautiful...:) Typically for 'LOST' it left a lot of questions unanswered...:) And it brought tears to my eyes!!!:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vanyo's 6th Birthday:)

It's amazing how fast time is flying...:) Seems like it was yesterday Vanyo was born and we celebrated his 6th birthday last Thursday /May 6th/...:) It's also a public holiday /Day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army/ and the Orthodox Church celebrates Saint George then!!!:)

My parents and my mother-in-law visited us for lunch. On Saint George's Day Bulgarians should eat roasted lamb or goat /as this Saint is believed to protect herds and shepherds/ and 'drob-sarma', so we followed the tradition...:) We also had 'Shopska salad' and my mother-in-law had baked delicious 'kozunak'...:) There was also a cake, of course /chocolate with three types of cream inside - very fresh and light taste:)/, and my son was very proud that he could blow all the 6 candles at once!!!:)

But what he enjoyed most about his birthday, was all the attention...and the presents!!!:) He got a Star Wars laser sword /with light and noise:)/, a magic board /where he can write and erase/ and a set of Ben 10 cards from my parents, a tractor toy, a Power Rangers magazine & toy and a book about the letters of the Bulgarian alphabet from my sister and her family, some money from my mother-in-law and a Ahsoka figure /a character from 'Star Wars' I suspect my son has a crush on as he wanted to have this figure for months:P/ from his dad, his sister and me...:)

When we finished with the lunch, we drove to a village close to Karlovo to visit one of Vlado's aunts who had a name day...:) It was nice to see her and her family again...:) We stayed for a while and then Vlado and I went to visit a friend of ours /who had a name day as well/ while my mother-in-law took Minnie and Vanyo for a hike to the waterfall at the Stara Planina Mountain /it's right where the town of Karlovo ends/..:) After the visit at our friend we said 'good-bye' to my mother-in-law and drove home. It was such an exciting day, full of emotions!!!:)

The following day /May 7th, Friday/ was given as a day off /we'll have to work this Saturday, May 15th, instead/, so my son's birthday was the beginning of a long /4 day/ weekend!!!:) The second day of the long weekend was quite full as well!!!:) We went to Starnitza /the village in the Rhodope Mountains where we've bought a house/ as we wanted to plant a pine tree in our land!!!:) We all enjoyed our day in the mountains so much!!!:)

On the Saturday that followed /May 8th/ Minnie had to attend her Maths course but right afterwards she went to the birthday party of one of her friends /a girl in her class she is very close with/. The party took place in the 'Excalibur Castle' and obviously my daughter has had a wonderful time there!!!:)

During the long weekend I finally could see some movies...:) I saw 'The Lovely Bones' /such a sad and heart-breaking story...:((( Still, there were moments - when Susan Sarandon appeared - which put a huge smile on my face...:) The movie was good, but I doubt I would like to see it again... Just the topic of children being abused/murdered is too painful for me...:(((/, 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' /an OK entertaining movie with some really good special effects...:) Still, my teen daughter remarked they could have chosen a better-looking actor for Percy's role...:P/ and 'The Book of Eli' /such a disappointment... even Denzel Washington's acting could not make me like the movie...:(((/.

On May 10th /Monday/ Vanyo had a birthday celebration at the Kindergarten /his cake was with a picture of Harry Potter which he had chosen himself/:) and he was very happy to get some extra attention and some more presents /a Ben 10 colouring book and a desk organizer with pencils, a ruler and scissors - the perfect gift for a boy who is going to attend pre-school next year:)/.

Minnie will attend two more birthday parties of her classmates /a boy and a girl/ this week...:) The first one is this evening at the 'Excalibur Castle' and the other one will be on Sunday at 'Club Escada'. Choosing a present for the boy turned out to be quite a challenge, but I hope he'll like the T-shirt we got for him from 'Metal Shop' /it's black with a picture of skulls that are glowing in the dark...:P/.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy weeks...:)

Yes, the past few weeks were absolutely hectic... I had a super full 'on duty' month... There were whole days spent in court and sometimes I could not go home before 7 or 8 p.m. One day I was even called for a murder case and I couldn't get home before 10 p.m. But I love my job, so I actually enjoyed being so busy!!!:) A few of the cases I worked on were mentioned in the press, the murder being the most popular one... They even published my picture and asked me for an interview...:) Perhaps this means that I'm finally going to become a famous lawyer?! Well, I truly hope so...:P

April 16th /Friday/ was Constitution Day, so both hubby and I celebrated our professional holiday then... We treated the children yummy dinner at a Chinese restaurant, situated on one of the banks of the Maritza River and we all had a wonderful time that evening...:)

Last weekend we visited my in-laws in Karlovo... On Saturday evening Vlado and I met some of our friends /two other couples/ at a very nice pub, called 'Mistral'... We enjoyed some good drinks, delicious food and an interesting chat...:) I really needed such a relaxing time after being so busy and stressed out lately...:)

I haven't seen many movies in the last couple of weeks... I only saw 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' /an OK, but a bit predictable thriller/ and 'Dear John' /a very nice and touching love story, I absolutely enjoyed it:) And Channing Tatum was charming as always...:)/

Monday, April 12, 2010

A relaxing weekend:)

Yes, it turned out to be a nice and relaxing weekend, just as I hoped!!!:) The weather was fantastic - warm and sunny and I enjoyed being at home with my lovely family!!!:)

I also enjoyed some movie watching and reading - I saw 'Love Happens' /an OK romantic movie - some moments were rather boring, some made me cry...;)/ and finally finished reading 'Angels and Demons' /I found it quite interesting but I think 'The Da Vinci Code' was better, maybe because the atmosphere in it was not as dark;)/.

The book I'm planning to read next is 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. It's quite thick and considering how little time I have for fun reading, I'll be lucky if I finish it for a year...:P But I'm sure I'll enjoy the process and that's what really matters, right?!;)