Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet days...

Nothing interesting has happened here lately... I feel a bit bored and I'm looking forward to the weekend when, hopefully, I'll have some fun!!!;) We're planning to visit the couple whose 'kumove' we are /Maria and Nickolay/ and see their baby Angel... According to the tradition we are supposed to bring them 'kravay' /a round sweet bread with a hole in the middle/ and a cake on Jordan's Day /January 6th/. We just couldn't make it to visit them earlier but I hope we can finally do it on Saturday...:) I bet Angel has grown up a lot since we last saw him and he will be a very amusing little boy!!!:)

Our 'kumove' /Vassil and Todorka/ also visited us this month to bring us 'kravay' and a cake.:) They came on January 16th /Saturday/ and we had a wonderful time as always!!!:) Their children /Renny and Peter/ get along with ours quite well so both the adults and the children were happy!!!:) It was actually the first visit of our 'kumove' at our new home and they said they liked it a lot!!!:) We had delicious lunch and enjoyed a long and interesting chat...:) I guess next time we'll get together will be at Easter when the tradition obliges us to bring them painted eggs and 'kozunak'... It's a pity that we see each other so rarely...

I haven't seen any movies lately... But I've started watching 'The Tudors' TV show and I like it a lot!!!:) I became so obsessed that I even started playing the computer game based on the TV show!!!;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vanyo's name day:)

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th /Thursday/. When he went to the Kindergarten, he took with him two huge boxes of chocolates as a treat for his little friends and teachers!!!:)

We had a quiet and simple celebration at home for his name day at the evening... It wasn't anything huge, but we still had some quality family time and that is the most important!!!:)

Of course, Vanyo got some lovely presents for his name day!!!:) He got a Ben 10 watch from my parents, some money from my mother-in-law and a mini Tech Deck skateboard /he was dreaming of having one for quite a long time:D/ from his father, sister and me...:) My dear son was so happy with all the presents he got!!!:D

This weekend has been another quiet and relaxing one... And once again I made it to see some more movies...;) I saw 'Armored' /an OK action movie, but nothing special/ and 'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' /a total disappointment... the only interesting thing for me was that the movie was made in Bulgaria and there are some BG actors playing in it..:P/...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010:)

Well, the New Year is already here so I guess it's time to wish all my dear friends a wonderful 2010, full of health, happiness, love and success!!!:) 

I hope it will be a great year for us all!!!:) Just like Christmas, it was actually our first New Year celebration at home so it felt extra special as well!!!:) We had a quiet evening and the four of us enjoyed it to the fullest!!!:)

First we had dinner - roasted goat and potatoes, Russian salad /I know we had it on Christmas as well, but what can I say - we just love it in our family;)/ and, of course, 'banitza' with fortunes /I got 'health', Vlado - 'love' - much to Vanyo's disappointment who was hoping to get exactly this fortune, Minnie - 'happiness' and Vanyo - 'success'/.:)

After dinner we watched TV /mainly the musical channels:P/ and danced a lot... :) And at midnight, when the president finished his speech, we welcomed the New Year by drinking some sparkling wine and enjoying the fireworks...:)

Then came the kids' favourite New Year's tradition - the 'survakane'...:) I've already written about it in my first entry of 2009, so I'm not going to explain about it again...:) Let me just say that we all had so much fun during the 'survakane'!!!:)

January 1st also happens to be my name day, so I didn't forget to treat my dear family with some delicious chocolates as soon as the 'survakane' was over!!!;) And I was extremely pleased that so many people phoned, sent SMS or e-mails to greet me!!!:) It felt great to realize they hadn't forgotten my name day in spite of all the fuss around the holidays!!!:)

The first days of the New Year we spent at home reading, watching TV or just relaxing...:) One evening we even made it to play 'Monopoly' and the children greatly enjoyed it!!!:) Unfortunately the long weekend has come to an end, so we'll all be back to the routine tomorrow...

I just realized that during this first January weekend I've seen as many movies as during the whole month of December...;) Perhaps this means that the New Year will be a good one for movie watching?! Let's hope so!!!:) Anyway, here are the December movies: '2012' /a very interesting movie, full of action and excitement, plus great special effects:)/, 'American Pie 7: The Book of Love' /one of the silliest movies I've ever seen:(/ , 'Bathory' /a very good and interesting movie especially for a Middle Age fan like me;)/, 'Spread' /another silly movie:(/ and 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' /I've always loved Nicolas Cage but this movie was totally meaningless to me...:(/. 

And the movies I've seen this weekend are: 'The Time Traveler's Wife' /a wonderful movie - dramatic, exciting, touching, beautiful love story:)/, 'Dorian Gray' /a simply terrible movie, some scenes were too cruel and disgusting...:(/, 'All About Steve' /an OK comedy... and, by the way, Sandra Bullock is so cute as a blondie:)/, 'The Box' /weird, unusual, kept my attention most of the time... but in the end I couldn't help asking myself 'Who was the crazy brain who decided to make such a movie?'/ and 'The Simpsons Movie' /nothing special, even though there were some funny moments/.