Friday, March 26, 2010

Life is good!!!:)

Yes, life is good indeed!!!:) The spring has finally come here and I'm enjoying its beauty to the fullest - the warm and sunny weather, the green leaves that start to appear on the tree branches and this general feeling of revival!!!:) It's all so amazing and exciting!!!:)

I just saw a video about the character of my most favourite character in LOST - Sawyer...:) My dream guy...:) I had to see it three times before I could start doing anything else...:P If you want to see it too, the link is in my Twitter Updates box... As well as in my Facebook profile!!!:D

Right now I'm listening to another favourite of mine - 'Depeche Mode'. Their music and lyrics /and Dave's voice and appearance:P/ have been an important part of my teens and twenties...:) And even now they fill my heart with such incredible feelings and emotions!!!:) Yes, now I feel totally inspired to start sharing what has made my life so good in the past few days..;)

The Wednesday of the previous week /March 17th/ I had to go to Blagoevgrad /a lovely town in South-West Bulgaria/ as I had a case there. Luckily hubby was not working then /he had taken two weeks off/ so he drove me there. We had decided to take Vanyo with us as well...:) Unfortunately Minnie could not come as she had to go to school, but she has been to Blagoevgrad before, so it was OK for her...:) We arrived there at noon and after a short stroll along the central street we found a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed delicious lunch...:) Then it was time for me to go to court and the guys went to have some fun...:) It was such a nice surprise to find them waiting for me when I went out of the court hall!!!:) We did some shopping and then headed home.:)

The weekend that followed was very nice and relaxing.:) I saw 'The Blind Side' and I just loved this movie...:) It deeply touched my heart and made me go through a whirlwind of emotions - I smiled, laughed, cried...:) It was definitely the best movie I've seen so far this year...:)

This week I had two important events to attend. The first one was the meeting with Minnie's teachers on March 23rd /Tuesday/. All the teachers were very pleased with my daughter /and with her class as a whole/.:) That was not a surprise actually, but I still felt very pleased and proud...:)

The second event was the musical/operetta in Vanyo's Kindergarten on March 24th /Wednesday/. It was about a girl whose baby brother was stolen by the crows and the other animals in the forest help her to find him... My son was the hedgehog and he was so cute and artistic!!!:) We took some pictures and made some videos, but the quality is not very good, unfortunately... :(

The weekend is almost here...:) Tomorrow after Minnie finishes her Maths course we're going to Karlovo to visit my mother-in-law... Let's hope I won't get too bored then!!!;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another quiet weekend...:)

Yes, it was another quiet weekend indeed...:)

Unfortunately Minnie was busy both days again - on the Saturday morning she had to attend her Maths course and on the Sunday morning she was at a Bulgarian Language and Literature Competition /this is the second stage of the competition - she got 92% at the first one/...:) Once again she was upset that there were questions about stuff they haven't studied at school /yet/ but I hope she did fine anyway /on one of the previous competitions where they also had such questions, she got 78% and the highest result was 88%, so she did well there too:)/!!! Anyway, no matter what the result may be, these competitions at least show that my daughter is ready for the High School Entrance Exams...:) Or at least for the Bulgarian Language and Literature ones!!!:)

As for movies, last week I saw 'Seven Pounds'. Well, what can I say... It's not the typical Will Smith kind of movie, but I liked it anyway...:) The ending was a bit predictable, though...:P

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day today, so I wouldn't miss the chance to greet all my wonderful lady friends and to remind them how special they are!!!:) Those roses are for you, because you are simply amazing!!!:)

Unfortunately the weather is not very nice today - when I got up in the morning I was shocked to find out that everything was covered with snow...:( It's still snowing and cold, so I guess the winter is not quite gone yet...:( But hopefully soon!!!

Last week we had the Wednesday /March 3rd/ off as it was our National holiday then - Independence Day...:) Unfortunately Minnie still had to go to her Maths course in the morning, but for the rest of us it was just a relaxing day at home...:)

The weekend was very nice and relaxing too...:) We finally saw 'New Moon' but I was rather disappointed...:( For some reason I didn't like this Twilight movie as much as the first one... The first half an hour or so was rather slow and boring... The rest of the movie was OK but I sill can't help thinking that it could have been much more interesting and exciting...:P

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chestita Baba Marta!!!:)

It is finally time for one of the most beautiful Bulgarian holidays - Baba Marta!!!:) I've written about this ancient and unique Bulgarian tradition in my blog from March 4th, 2009, so I won't repeat my explanations here... I just want to express how happy I feel that the first spring holiday has already come!!!:) Even the weather feels different these days - milder and fresh!!!:) So I just couldn't miss the chance to wish 'Chestita Baba Marta' to all my wonderful friends around the world!!!:)

What else has happened here lately?! Nothing much, actually... I've just been too busy at work... Oh, no, no, no, wait... On February 18th /Thursday/ my parents and I went to the Notary's Office. They had decided to donate their flat to me but they'll continue to live in it, so it was just a formality... Still, knowing that the flat is mine now makes me feel more secure... You know we have taken two loans to pay for the flat we're living in, so sometimes I can't help feeling worried about what could happen if we can't pay our loans anymore... Of course, I hope such a thing will never happen, but even if it does, at least we'll have another place to live in...:)

The weekend that followed the deal with my parents /February 20th - 21st/ was a very nice one.:) Unfortunately Minnie had to go to school on both days as she had two competitions to attend - Bulgarian Language and Literature on the Saturday and Maths on the Sunday. But she still could have some fun afterwards - on the Saturday the four of us went for a late lunch at one of our favourite restaurants - 'Verdi' and on the Sunday she was invited to a 'Blue and Orange Birthday Party' of one of her classmates...:)

Vanyo was quite busy during the weekend too - he learned the last letters of the Bulgarian alphabet so now he knows them all!!!:) I'm so proud of him!!!:) As a matter of fact he is not as diligent in studying as his sister was at his age, but he was not supposed to know the alphabet until the age of 7 /when he should be in 1st grade at school/, so knowing it before his 6th birthday is already quite a progress, I guess!!!;)

Last weekend /February 27th - 28th/ was quite uneventful... We spent it at home relaxing... Except of Minnie who attended her Maths course on the Saturday and another Maths competition of the Sunday... No wonder she's been feeling so exhausted lately...

I saw only two movies during the second half of February - 'Black Lightning' /a very good Russian movie about a young man who becomes a super hero:)/ and 'Edge of Darkness' /not bad, but not as good as most Mel Gibson movies either....:P/.