Monday, April 12, 2010

A relaxing weekend:)

Yes, it turned out to be a nice and relaxing weekend, just as I hoped!!!:) The weather was fantastic - warm and sunny and I enjoyed being at home with my lovely family!!!:)

I also enjoyed some movie watching and reading - I saw 'Love Happens' /an OK romantic movie - some moments were rather boring, some made me cry...;)/ and finally finished reading 'Angels and Demons' /I found it quite interesting but I think 'The Da Vinci Code' was better, maybe because the atmosphere in it was not as dark;)/.

The book I'm planning to read next is 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. It's quite thick and considering how little time I have for fun reading, I'll be lucky if I finish it for a year...:P But I'm sure I'll enjoy the process and that's what really matters, right?!;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Easter holidays...:)

My Easter holidays were the perfect mix of pretty much everything - some traditions, some family time, some meetings with friends and even some work...:) Yes, I happened to be in the 'on duty' list for April, so I was called a couple of times to work during the holidays... But I can't complain, as the last time I was on duty was in April 2009...;)

On April 1st /Thursday/ I had a very unpleasant incident...:( I got to the building where my office is, bought myself a cup of coffee and was just about to get into my office when I realized that I had forgotten my keys at home...:( Just the 'perfect' thing to happen to me on Fool's Day...:P I called the lawyer I share the office with and luckily she arrived about 15-20 minutes later so I could finally get into my working place...:) Forgetting my keys, however, turned out to be a very good excuse for me to get home at lunch time...:) During our daily 'date' with my hubby for a cup of coffee at his lunch break he told me that his boss had allowed them to go home at noon and start their holidays earlier. I immediately said that I would go home too and that's what I did...:)

Unfortunately about an hour later I got a call from the court asking me to take part in an urgent case... When I arrived at the Court Palace, the secretary of the judge who was on duty told me that they had decided to call me as they both wanted a nice and serious lawyer, who won't be wasting their time...:) Well, that was something really sweet of them both and hearing this compliment was worth all the efforts I made!!!:D

April 1st was also the first day of Minnie's spring holidays...:) She went to the mall with two of her friends to see 'Alice in Wonderland' in 3D and she told me that she had had a great time...:) I was very happy to hear this, because my girl is super busy and stressed out at school this year...:( Even during the holidays she had heaps of homework and she had to go to her Maths course almost every day...:((( So she definitely deserves to have some fun!!!:)

April 2nd /Friday/ was the first day of the official Easter holidays. Minnie had to go to her Maths course in the morning but for the rest of us it was just a slow and lazy day at home... And in the afternoon we drove to Karlovo where we were about to spend most of the holidays... That evening Vlado and I met a couple of our friends /Renny and Istillian/ at a restaurant called 'Hunting Club' and we had a wonderful time together...:)

The next day /April 3rd, Saturday/ was mostly dedicated to preparations for Easter - the kids painted and decorated the boiled eggs and my mother-in-law and Minnie baked the home-made 'kozunak' /which came out delicious as always:D/. In the afternoon Vlado drove me to Plovdiv as I was called to work in one of the police offices and in the evening we were invited at Renny and Istillian's home for another nice meeting...:)

The first Easter day /Sunday, April 4th/ I had to go to Plovdiv again in the morning /got a call from another police office/. Luckily Vlado drove me again, so we got back to Karlovo on time for the special Easter lunch - fresh salad /tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and bolied eggs/, roasted lamb and 'drob-sarma' and, of course, 'kozunak' for dessert.:) And as always the kids had so much fun with the 'egg fight'...:)

Then we went to visit our 'kumove' Vassil and Todorka who live in the town of Sopot /the neighbour town of Karlovo/ and according to the tradition we brought them 'kozunak', painted eggs, a box of chocolates and 'rakiya'...:) We had some good food there too and enjoyed catching up with them...:) Oh, and the kids loved playing with the new dog of our 'kumove'- a female Golden Retriever, called... Goldie, of course!!!:D

After the visit at our 'kumove' we drove to Plovdiv.:) It was so nice to be back home again!!!:)

The second Easter day /Monday, April 5th/ Minnie had to go to her Maths course in the morning again. Vlado happened to be on duty that day but luckily he wasn't too busy... And in the evening the couple whose 'kumove' we are /Maria and Nickolay/ visited us with their baby Angel. They brought us 'kozunak', painted eggs, a box of chocolates and 'rakiya'. We had prepared delicious dinner and we spent a very nice time together...:)

The following day /Tuesday, April 6th/ the holidays were over, so Vlado and I had to get back to work and Vanyo - to the Kindergarten. Minnie was the only one who still had some days off /she should be back to school on Monday, April 12th/. But as I already mentioned, she was too busy to really feel like she was on holidays...:(((

As for me, this week I had to work for four days only, but I was so busy that it felt like a much longer time...:( I'm totally exhausted now so I'm planning a lazy and quiet weekend...:) Unless I get a call from one of the police offices saying that they need me...;)