Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A perfect weekend:)

Last weekend was simply perfect!!!:) On Friday /May 21st/ I worked only until noon and in the afternoon we gathered with some friends /colleagues of my husband with their families/ and headed for the Batak Area in the Rhodope Mountains!!!:) We stayed in a resort which can be used only by prosecutors and their families. Each family had a house of their own which was very convenient...:) And the place was so beautiful!!!:) We had a breath-taking view to the Batak dam lake from the terraces of 'our' house!!!:)

Our company was great - both the adults and the children had a wonderful time together!!!:) There was so much to do at the resort - we could play table/court tennis or football, go to the fitness centre /which I did for a first time in my life and I absolutely enjoyed:)/, try sauna, solarium, hand/hydro-massages /I tried the hydro-massage/tangentor and loved it:)/, etc. or just relax at the cafe or the lobby bar of the resort...:) Unfortunately the pool wasn't working /it was an open air one and the weather was still a bit cold for it/ but all the other facilities were more than enough!!!:) Oh, and I shouldn't forget that the food at the restaurant was delicious!!!:)

We left in the afternoon of Sunday /May 23rd/ but we all enjoyed this weekend so much that we're determined to go to the resort again /probably in autumn as everything is already booked for the summer season/...:)

Monday /May 24th/ was the Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture, so it was another day off...:) We mostly stayed at home and relaxed!!!:) Oh, I also saw a movie /of course;)/ - 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' /definitely not my kind of movie - too weird and unusual...:(/... That was also the day I saw the series finale of 'LOST'... What can I say about it?! It was epic, touching, beautiful...:) Typically for 'LOST' it left a lot of questions unanswered...:) And it brought tears to my eyes!!!:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vanyo's 6th Birthday:)

It's amazing how fast time is flying...:) Seems like it was yesterday Vanyo was born and we celebrated his 6th birthday last Thursday /May 6th/...:) It's also a public holiday /Day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army/ and the Orthodox Church celebrates Saint George then!!!:)

My parents and my mother-in-law visited us for lunch. On Saint George's Day Bulgarians should eat roasted lamb or goat /as this Saint is believed to protect herds and shepherds/ and 'drob-sarma', so we followed the tradition...:) We also had 'Shopska salad' and my mother-in-law had baked delicious 'kozunak'...:) There was also a cake, of course /chocolate with three types of cream inside - very fresh and light taste:)/, and my son was very proud that he could blow all the 6 candles at once!!!:)

But what he enjoyed most about his birthday, was all the attention...and the presents!!!:) He got a Star Wars laser sword /with light and noise:)/, a magic board /where he can write and erase/ and a set of Ben 10 cards from my parents, a tractor toy, a Power Rangers magazine & toy and a book about the letters of the Bulgarian alphabet from my sister and her family, some money from my mother-in-law and a Ahsoka figure /a character from 'Star Wars' I suspect my son has a crush on as he wanted to have this figure for months:P/ from his dad, his sister and me...:)

When we finished with the lunch, we drove to a village close to Karlovo to visit one of Vlado's aunts who had a name day...:) It was nice to see her and her family again...:) We stayed for a while and then Vlado and I went to visit a friend of ours /who had a name day as well/ while my mother-in-law took Minnie and Vanyo for a hike to the waterfall at the Stara Planina Mountain /it's right where the town of Karlovo ends/..:) After the visit at our friend we said 'good-bye' to my mother-in-law and drove home. It was such an exciting day, full of emotions!!!:)

The following day /May 7th, Friday/ was given as a day off /we'll have to work this Saturday, May 15th, instead/, so my son's birthday was the beginning of a long /4 day/ weekend!!!:) The second day of the long weekend was quite full as well!!!:) We went to Starnitza /the village in the Rhodope Mountains where we've bought a house/ as we wanted to plant a pine tree in our land!!!:) We all enjoyed our day in the mountains so much!!!:)

On the Saturday that followed /May 8th/ Minnie had to attend her Maths course but right afterwards she went to the birthday party of one of her friends /a girl in her class she is very close with/. The party took place in the 'Excalibur Castle' and obviously my daughter has had a wonderful time there!!!:)

During the long weekend I finally could see some movies...:) I saw 'The Lovely Bones' /such a sad and heart-breaking story...:((( Still, there were moments - when Susan Sarandon appeared - which put a huge smile on my face...:) The movie was good, but I doubt I would like to see it again... Just the topic of children being abused/murdered is too painful for me...:(((/, 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' /an OK entertaining movie with some really good special effects...:) Still, my teen daughter remarked they could have chosen a better-looking actor for Percy's role...:P/ and 'The Book of Eli' /such a disappointment... even Denzel Washington's acting could not make me like the movie...:(((/.

On May 10th /Monday/ Vanyo had a birthday celebration at the Kindergarten /his cake was with a picture of Harry Potter which he had chosen himself/:) and he was very happy to get some extra attention and some more presents /a Ben 10 colouring book and a desk organizer with pencils, a ruler and scissors - the perfect gift for a boy who is going to attend pre-school next year:)/.

Minnie will attend two more birthday parties of her classmates /a boy and a girl/ this week...:) The first one is this evening at the 'Excalibur Castle' and the other one will be on Sunday at 'Club Escada'. Choosing a present for the boy turned out to be quite a challenge, but I hope he'll like the T-shirt we got for him from 'Metal Shop' /it's black with a picture of skulls that are glowing in the dark...:P/.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy weeks...:)

Yes, the past few weeks were absolutely hectic... I had a super full 'on duty' month... There were whole days spent in court and sometimes I could not go home before 7 or 8 p.m. One day I was even called for a murder case and I couldn't get home before 10 p.m. But I love my job, so I actually enjoyed being so busy!!!:) A few of the cases I worked on were mentioned in the press, the murder being the most popular one... They even published my picture and asked me for an interview...:) Perhaps this means that I'm finally going to become a famous lawyer?! Well, I truly hope so...:P

April 16th /Friday/ was Constitution Day, so both hubby and I celebrated our professional holiday then... We treated the children yummy dinner at a Chinese restaurant, situated on one of the banks of the Maritza River and we all had a wonderful time that evening...:)

Last weekend we visited my in-laws in Karlovo... On Saturday evening Vlado and I met some of our friends /two other couples/ at a very nice pub, called 'Mistral'... We enjoyed some good drinks, delicious food and an interesting chat...:) I really needed such a relaxing time after being so busy and stressed out lately...:)

I haven't seen many movies in the last couple of weeks... I only saw 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' /an OK, but a bit predictable thriller/ and 'Dear John' /a very nice and touching love story, I absolutely enjoyed it:) And Channing Tatum was charming as always...:)/