Thursday, July 29, 2010

A wedding anniversary and a penpal meeting...:)

Yes, hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on July 22nd /Thursday/...:) We were both quite busy at work that day /so busy that we even missed our usual date over a cup of coffee in his lunch break/ but in the evening we had a very nice and romantic dinner at 'Happy Bar and Grill'...:) And we even got a phone call from the kids /who are still in Karlovo with my in-laws/ wishing us 'Happy Anniversary'...:) It was soooo sweet and thoughtful of them!!!:)

On July 26th /Monday/ I had another penpal meeting - my Dutch pal Yvonne came to visit me with a friend of hers...:) Both ladies had spent 3 days in Sofia /our capital/ before that but they both enjoyed Plovdiv much more /saying that my city has much better atmosphere - and they are absolutely right:)/... That same day Minnie had come to Plovdiv too /as she was invited to a birthday party/ and she said that she wanted to meet my Dutch guests as well... So the four of us had a great time together in spite of the rainy day!!!:)

Minnie and I met our Dutch guests at the bus station and as it had become almost noon, we went to have lunch at a restaurant, called 'The Old Plovdiv'. The food was very good and we had a great conversation, chatting almost non-stop...:) I even tried to learn some words in Dutch /Minnie's idea/ but found the pronunciation incredibly complicated...;)

After lunch we went to the Old Part of Plovdiv, where we saw the Antique Theatre, the old houses and churches and did some souvenir shopping ...:) We were supposed to visit the Ethnographic museum but it turned out that it wasn't working on Monday /what a shame that this piece of info was missing in their website:(/... But we visited another /smaller/ museum, so I guess that was good enough...;)

Then we sat at a cafe for a while where we continued with our interesting chat and I even got a wonderful present from Yvonne - some typical Dutch wafers /which turned out to be really yummy:)/ and... whole two pads of writing paper /Diddl and Diddlina/...:) Minnie and I were both so excited about the writing paper as it's impossible to be found here...:)

After our coffee break Minnie left for the birthday party of her friend and I took my Dutch guests to the bus station... It was sad to say good-bye to them... We spent 6 hours together but we had so much fun that it seemed like 6 minutes...:( Still, I think they both enjoyed their visit a lot too, so I hope they'll come again - for a longer time!!!:)

Minnie had also had a great time at her friend's birthday - she came home exhausted and very, very excited!!!;) It was great to have her at home - even though it was for two days only!!!:)

The following day /July 27th, Tuesday/ after hubby and I finished work, we took Minnie to a new fast food place where we had some real good sandwiches... After that we did a nice walk along the main street /and enjoyed the procession of the participants in the International Folklore Festival which is taking place in Plovdiv this week/ and finally sat on a bench in the Central Park with ice-creams in our hands...:) Then it was time for Minnie to catch the bus to Karlovo...:( Both Vlado and I found it hard to say 'good-bye' to our daughter but we know she has a lot more entertaining things to do in Karlovo and besides, the weather is much better there in the summer... So knowing that we're simply doing it for the children has helped us to accept the separation easier...;)

During the past two weeks I've made it to see three movies - 'Repo Men' /dark, cruel, depressing, but also full of action and unexpected twists.../, 'The Back-up Plan' /a very nice romantic movie:)/ and 'The Last Song' /a very beautiful and touching story, I loved it... and cried a lot in the end...:)/.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer time:)

Well, on the day I last wrote here /June 28th, Monday/ Vanyo got sick - he had high temperature /39C/ and his throat hurt a lot... When I took him to his doctor the following morning he was diagnosed with angina /just as I feared/. He had the same illness in the middle of June as well, so I was rather upset that he would have to take antibiotics again /and even stronger ones this time/...:( But we had no choice... Luckily he got better as soon as he started with the medicines!!!:)

On July 4th /Sunday/ Minnie had to sit for her History exam at the NGDEK school in Sofia... All the four of us went to the capital as well as we wanted to support her...:) The exam was oral and she had to speak in front of a commission which consisted of the headmaster of the school, a History teacher at the school and a History professor at the Sofia University /as NGDEK is a lyceum school towards that university/. Minnie came out of the exam room rather surprised that the commission did not examine her as long as the other candidates... I told her that it was a good sign and I proved to be right - on July 8th /Thursday/ we found out that Minnie has received a very good mark /5/ and was accepted to study at the NGDEK!!!:) You should have seen the joy in her eyes when she found out about it!!!:) These moments are simply priceless!!!:)

After the exam the four of us decided to have a late lunch so we went to a 'Happy Bar and Grill' restaurant where we enjoyed delicious /as always/ food!!!:) Because of the FIFA World Cup Championship we also got a quite unexpected gift from the restaurant - a foot ball /Vanyo was thrilled:)/...:)

The following day /July 5th, Monday/ after work we went to the Rowing Canal. We sat at a cafe next to the water and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening...:) Afterwards we had a walk in the nearby park... :) We all had a wonderful time - especially the kids /as you can see from the picture I've uploaded/...:)

During that week I could see only one movie - 'Public Enemies'. Unfortunately, it was too slow and boring for my liking...:(

That week was also our last one with the kids... On July 9th /Friday/ after work we all drove to Karlovo and spent the weekend there... On Sunday afternoon Vlado and I got home but we left Minnie and Vanyo with my in-laws... The kids will stay there for 3 or 4 weeks as every summer... And just as every summer I've been missing them a lot...:( But I also know that they'll enjoy their time in Karlovo to the fullest...:) And that hubby and I need to spend some time as a couple as well...:)

Actually enjoying our time as a couple was exactly what we did last weekend!!!:) On the Saturday /July 17th/ we went to a theatre performance... We saw 'Golemanov' /a Bulgarian satiric comedy/. It was a charity performance - all the money collected from the sold tickets will be used for the children of Plovdiv - for building a new eco playground and for renovating the asylum for abandoned children... Both are very good causes...:)

After the performance hubby and I went for a walk along the main street of Plovdiv...:) We bought some ice cream /mango and Baileys for me/ which was the perfect thing to do in the hot summer night!!!:)

When we got home, we saw some movies - 'Cop Out' /a nice and entertaining cop movie - lots of action and some quite funny moments... Nothing extraordinary, though...;)/ and 'Clash of the Titans' /it turned out to be much better than I actually expected - lots of action and wonderful special effects!!!:) The perfect summer entertainment!!!:)/.

The Sunday /yesterday/ was quieter - we just stayed at home and relaxed...:) We saw one movie /'Vampires Suck'/ but it was so silly that I'm not sure if it's worth being mentioned at all...:(

Yesterday there was a big celebration in Karlovo and the president of Bulgaria had been there as well... Well, my mother-in-law told us on the phone that Vanyo had somehow passed by his guards and had shaken hands with the president, introducing himself...:) This is so typical for my extroverted and sociable son!!!:D What a pity that Minnie hasn't had a camera with her to take a picture of this important moment...:(