Monday, August 16, 2010

Some August news:)

Yes, I've been too lazy to post anything here lately... So I guess it's time for a catch-up!!!:)

August started with quite an unpleasant experience - I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed on August 2nd /Monday/...:((( I was very scared because two years ago when I had my other upper wisdom tooth removed, the two shots of anesthesia didn't work and I was in a lot of pain...:((( Luckily this time I didn't feel a thing...:))) And I felt fine enough to go to 'Verdi' with hubby for dinner in the evening...:)

The rest of the month was full of nice events!!!:) On August 4th /Wednesday/ I met three of my High School friends and we had a great time together!!!:) We went to the 'Afreddo Ice Cream House' where we stayed for three hours chatting and laughing non-stop!!!:) Oh, and I had delicious chocolate ice cream cake...:)

On August 6th /Friday/ hubby and I finally went to pick our kids up from Karlovo...:) It was fantastic to have them home with us again!!!:) They have had a nice time in Karlovo hiking in the mountains and swimming in the mineral water pool in Banya but they were so happy to be at home with us too!!!:)

The weekend that followed /August 7th-8th/ we were invited to visit our friends in their house in Starnitza /the same village where we've bought a house too/. We had a great time and both the adults and the kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest!!!:) We had BBQ and a couple of drinks on the Saturday evening... The table where we sat had a fantastic view over the mountain slopes!!!:) And the air was so fresh and cool - totally different from the heat in Plovdiv...:) We didn't feel like getting back to the hot and dirty city at all...;) On our way home we picked up some wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries...:) They were so yummy!!!:)

I had a case in the Law Court of Blagoevgrad early in the morning of August 10th /Tuesday/. Considering that the traveling time is 4-5 hours I had to arrive there the day before... So on August 9th /Monday/ I took the 1 p.m. bus and arrived at Blagoevgrad at about 5 p.m. I checked in at the hotel where I was about the spend the night /it was a family hotel called 'Merida' which wasn't anything special but it was cheap and close to the Law Court so it was good enough/... After checking in and having a quick shower I walked to the Law Court /wanted to see how long it would take me to get there the next morning/ and back... Then I had dinner in the 'summer garden' of the hotel /neither the 'summer garden' nor the dinner were worth it:(/ and went back to my room where I watched some TV, had another shower and felt so bored that decided to fall asleep at 10 p.m. /too early for a night person like me;)/... Getting enough sleep was probably the only good thing during this trip to Blagoevgrad!!!;)

The following morning I had a cup of coffee at the lobby bar of the hotel and then went to the Law Court... Luckily my case was the first one on the list so it was over within 15 minutes...:) I went back to the hotel, had my last shower there and spent the whole morning watching TV /I deeply regretted that I hadn't taken a book with me/... At noon I checked out of the hotel and as my bus was only at 2.30 p.m., I walked around the central part of the town to kill the time... It was too hot and I got exhausted easily so I decided to sit at a pizzeria where I had a light lunch /French fries and Coke/... Time definitely seemed to be dragging those two days...:((( Finally it was time to get on the bus and after 4 hours of traveling my sweet hubby and kids met me at the bus station in Plovdiv!!!:) It was fantastic to be at home again!!!:)

The rest of the week I was quite busy at work and it felt great!!!:) I was busy even on my birthday /August 12th, Thursday/... But it was a very nice and special day for me anyway!!!:) I felt so spoit to receive all those phone calls, SMS, e-cards, e-mails, Facebook messages/wall postings/virtual gifts, and snail mail cards from my friends!!!:) I also got a piece of abstract art created by Vanyo /luckily he explained me in details what he had drawn;)/ and Minnie had written a sweet sign on it!!!:) Vlado bought me a T-shirt I wanted to have /there's a sign on it saying 'Buy me a drink and I'll think about it.' - I love such funny signs on clothes:)/... So I got some cute gifts as well!!!:)

In the evening of my birthday I took hubby and the kids to the 'Mall of Plovdiv'. First we had dinner at KFC and then yummy ice cream /plus great coffee for me and Vlado/ at Afreddo.:) We all had lots of fun even though we didn't have a big celebration...:)

Last weekend was lots of fun too...:) In the evening of August 13th /Friday/ the four of us went to the new mall - 'Galeria'. To be honest, we didn't like it as much as 'Mall of Plovdiv' but it was still interesting...:) There is a 'Carrefour' supermarket there /the first one in Plovdiv/ and we had lots of fun looking at the Carrefour products which were totally new to us...:) And we ended up buying lots of chocolates, biscuits and juices which were almost finished by the end of the weekend!!!;)

Yesterday we decided to have lunch at 'Verdi' - all of us except Vanyo /who had chicken wings as he doesn't like pizza/ had delicious pizzas...:) We were so full that none of us wanted to have dinner that day...:)

During the first half of August I saw some movies - 'The Upside of Anger' /a very beautiful, warm and touching movie... I loved it!!!:)/, 'Amelia' /at first I thought the movie would be boring but it turned out to be quite nice and interesting...:) Not the type I would like to see more than once, though...;)/, 'Couples Retreat' /an OK romantic movie with some quite funny moments... and breath-taking views:)/, 'The Boys Are Back' /a beautiful story which deeply touched me...:) And Clive Owen is incredible as always!!!:)/, 'The Karate Kid' /great movie - touching story, wonderful battle scenes, and a fantastic - cute and very talented - Jaden Smith...:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once...:)/, 'Beauty & the Briefcase' /an OK romantic comedy...:)/, 'Centurion' /I love historical movies but this one is nothing special...:( Comparing it to '300' and 'Gladiator' is quite an exaggeration...:(((/ and 'Killers' /and OK entertaining movie with some funny moments and some interesting action/battle scenes...:)/.