Monday, September 20, 2010

A good start:)

Well, looks like both children have had a really good start of the new school year!!!:) Vanyo has been doing fine at the Pre-School and his teachers are very pleased with him...:) Minnie likes her new school in Sofia very much too and has already managed to make some new friends!!!:)

On September 11th /Saturday/ the four of us went to Sofia to get the keys for the flat where Minnie will be staying while at school...:) And as soon as we got back to Plovdiv, we visited my dad to celebrate his birthday!!!:) We all had a great time together and the food my mum had prepared was delicious as always!!!:)

The Sunday that followed /September 12th/ was very quiet and relaxing...:) We saw a few movies: 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' /I have to confess that this movie was much more interesting and exciting than 'New Moon' and I enjoyed watching it a lot:)/, 'Gunless' /nothing special:(/ and 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' /the second Camp Rock movie was much worse than the first...:( The songs and dances were OK but the story was not interesting at all...:(/.

On September 14th /Tuesday/ after hubby and I finished work, we drove to Sofia and left Minnie there with all her luggage as she had to start school the following day... My mother-in-law stayed with her as well... It was very sad to say 'good-bye' to my little girl, but I tried to keep in mind that I'm helping and supporting her to follow her dreams and this thought helped a lot...:)

On September 17th /Friday/ after school Minnie got home and we were all so happy to have her here for the weekend!!!:) That same evening we were invited by our friends Vanya and Dobri for a 'kurban' at their home and as every year we had a wonderful time enjoying an interesting conversation and some delicious food!!!:)

Unfortunately I caught a cold that day too /I suspect the changeable weather and all the stress I've been dealing with lately are to blame:(/ so I couldn't enjoy the weekend much...:((( But I think I'm a bit better today and I hope I'll be perfectly fine the following weekend!!!:)))

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our summer holidays...and some other news...:)

Well, our summer hoildays were quite short this year, but nevertheless it was great to get away from home for a while...:) We spent a week in Varna /August 18th - 26th/ and it was nice to see my sister and nieces again...:) Plus, the weather was perfect and we could go to the beach every day so the children had lots of fun!!!:)))

My first day at work after the holidays /August 27th, Friday/ was a real nightmare...:( I told the lawyer I'm sharing my office with that after the term of our rental contract is over /beginning of October/ I want to use the office alone... I had every right to do so because it was me who had found the office /I knew the lawyer who was renting it before and he had introduced me to the owner/ and it was always me who was contacting the owner... I had invited that woman to share the office with me as she seemed very nice at first... Unfortunately she turned out to be a totally different person...:((( So I had decided to use the office only by myself for the next rental period... I was hoping to have a quiet conversation with my colleague - but no, she called her husband and made a scene in front of him...:((( Her husband wanted to know why I prefer to be alone but I replied that I would never tell him anything against his wife and that if she wanted to know the reasons, I would readily tell them to her in a private conversation... I did my best to keep my dignity and remain calm even though she tried hard to provoke me... Anyway, a few days later /August 31st, Tuesday/ she moved out and since then I've been working alone in the office...:) It's such a relief for me...:)))

The last August weekend was quite busy - on the Saturday /August 28th/ Vlado and I baptized Angel /the son of Maria and Nickolay - the couple whose 'kumove' we are/ and on the Sunday /August 29th/ we took our kids to the Karlovo Fair /needless to say, they tried all the attractions and enjoyed themselves to the fullest:)/...

During that weekend we also made it to see two movies - 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' /a great entertainment:)/ and 'Salt' /great movie!!!:) Lots of action, unexpected twists and an incredible Angelina Jolie!!!:)/.

The Monday that followed /August 30th/ was very busy too... We went to Sofia to search for a flat to rent for Minnie and we found a nice one-room apartment which is in a new building right next to her new school...:) It's totally furnished with nice new furniture and at an affordable price...:))) I still can't believe how lucky we were!!!:)))

Last weekend was a long one - we had the Monday /September 6th/ off as it was a public holiday /Unification Day/ and we did our best to relax after all the stress we've been through lately...:) And, of course, we saw some movies - 'Iron Man 2' /I didn't like the first movie, but the second was even worse:(/ and 'Robin Hood' /well, let's just say that I expected much more from the movie...;)/.

Today is a normal working day for me and my husband...:) And it's the first day at Pre-School for Vanyo!!!:) He'll attend it at his Kindergarten, even his teachers will be the same so there won't be too many changes for him, which is good...:) This morning he was very happy to meet all his little friends again after the summer break!!!:)