Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Intense days...

The last couple of weeks were very intense... So much was going on... Luckily I have some free time today and I'll do my best to sum it up here...:)

Well, in the evening of October 12th /Tuesday/ I started feeling sick...:( I thought I had caught a virus, because I was feverish and my whole body was stiff and painful...:( My tonsils were hurting a lot too...:( I felt terrible the following day, but luckily by the end of the week I was healthy again...:)

Then, on October 14th /Thursday/ the most incredible thing happened!!!:) My daughter called to tell me that she had won two Wizz Air tickets to a destination of her choice - London, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Milano, Venice, Forli/Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia...:) This came so unexpected that even now, two weeks later, we still can't believe this is really happening...:)))

When I shared the news with my friends around the world, a lot of them suggested to meet, which was so sweet of them!!!:)))

First Minnie and I wanted to go to London but we were told it was very expensive there and we are totally unprepared for making any extra expenses at the moment... Besides, someone from Minnie's class had told her that it would be too cold there in December /when we're planning of making that trip/... So we decided to choose a warmer destination - Italy!!!:) Minnie will go to Rome, Milano, Venice and Pisa with her class in May /as part of their Latin Language Practice/, so she wanted to go somewhere else this time... That's how we decided on Forli/Bologna /you can see a view of Forli in the picture of this post, by the way:)/!!!:)

I have a friend living in Forli /her name is Bri/ who is a professional guide, so we'll be in good hands!!!:) Bri was kind enough to offer to meet us at the airport and she also booked a very nice hotel for us!!!:) She will also take us to day trips to Florence and Ravenna, so we'll try to see as much as we can!!!:)

During the day trip to Florence I'll also meet my friend Sonia who lives in Pisa!!!:) So I'll meet two of my wonderful Italian friends in December - needless to say I'm looking forward to that!!!:)))

I've booked the tickets already and we'll be flying to Italy on December 11th /which is also Minnie's 14th birthday/ and back home on December 14th... It's going to be a short trip, but as I've already said, it was quite unexpected and that's all we can afford right now!!!:) Besides the financial aspect of it, none of us both can be absent from school/work for longer than two days at the moment... But we have decided that it will not be our last trip together so hopefully this will be the beginning of a new adventure for us both!!!:) In fact this will be Minnie's first travel abroad and for me it will be the first foreign trip since 1990!!!:))) So we are both excited beyond explanation!!!:)))

The weekend that followed /October 16th - 17th/ was simply great!!!:) Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia on the Friday evening. The four of us were so happy to get together again!!!:) We went to Mall of Plovdiv to have dinner at KFC /again, I know:)/ and on the Saturday we went to the other mall - Galeria for some shopping and afterwards we sat at one of the cafes there... The time we spent together was so nice and was over so quickly...

Oh, I also saw some movies that week - 'Tekken' /the movie was nothing special, but the battle scenes were quite spectacular;)/, 'Whiteout' /an OK thriller:)/, 'Sex and the City 2' /I loved it!!!:)/, and 'The Last Airbender' /wonderful movie!!!:) Can't wait for the sequels!!!:)/.

The next week brought us another surprise - a very unpleasant one this time...:((( On October 20th /Wednesday/ Minnie called to tell me that she had broken her right wrist at her gym class and it should be in plaster for a month /until November 22nd/...:((( Poor girl!!!:((( I'm really amazed by the way she is handling the situation, though - she is not complaining about the pain or discomfort at all... The only thing she is worried about is that she can't write her homework and do the tests at school, can you believe it?! Wish I was that strong...

Last weekend was nice and relaxing too, but it was heart-breaking to see Minnie's arm in plaster...:((( Still, we went for a dinner out on the Friday evening /October 22nd/ - we enjoyed the yummy food at 'Pizza Originale' to the fullest!!!:)

On the Saturday evening /October 23rd/ I attended a meeting with my ex-classmates... We had dinner at the restaurant called 'Classic' /just like the previous time we met/ and I enjoyed catching up with my friends a lot...:) But I just wasn't in the right mood for going to a bar afterwards, so I skipped that part of the reunion this time...

Last week I saw only two movies, but they were both very good - 'Street Dance' /great entertainment/ and 'Knight&Day' /lots of action and funny moments:)/.

This week has been quiet so far - just work and nothing exciting...:) But I'm somehow grateful for it!!!:) And, needless to say, I'm already looking forward to the weekend!!!:)))

Monday, October 11, 2010

The autumn is here...

...and it seems incredible that not so long ago we were complaining about the heat...;) Oh, how I miss those hot, sunny days...:( It's been grey, cold and rainy here for weeks already and this terrible weather does not influence my mood in a positive way...:( But I should get myself together now and stop complaining... As I have to concentrate on summing up the most important things which have happened in the past three weeks...;)

September 22nd /Wednesday/ was an official holiday - Bulgaria celebrated its Independence Day then... As it was in the middle of the week, Minnie remained in Sofia with my mother-in-law... Vlado, Vanyo and I didn't do anything special - we just stayed at home and relaxed...:) Which was the perfect as it helped me to completely get rid of the cold I had caught the previous weekend...;)

The following day /September 23rd, Thursday/ I took the bus to Sofia... My mother-in-law had something to do in Karlovo so I stayed with Minnie instead of her... My daughter was so happy to have me around...:) We had a great time together!!!:)

In the evening of September 24th /Friday/ Vlado and Vanyo arrived at Sofia too as the following morning we had to attend the first parent-teacher meeting in Minnie's new school...:) The four of us felt so wonderful to be together again!!!:)

The parent-teacher meeting took place in the big hall of the University of Sofia /which makes perfect sense as Minnie's school is a lyceum towards the University/... It was all very official and we liked it a lot!!!:)

As soon as the meeting was over, we headed for the resort in the Batak Area /the same place where we had spent a great weekend back in May/...:) Our friends had arrived there the previous evening and were already waiting for us!!!:) And just as in May, we had a wonderful time again and we didn't feel like getting back home at all!!!:)

The last days of September I also made it to see some movies: 'Letters to Juliet' /very sweet and romantic movie - I loved it!!!:)/, 'Everybody's Fine' /a beautiful yet a bit sad story... And Robert De Niro is brilliant as always!!!:)/ and 'The Joneses' /a very deep and interesting movie...:)/. I also saw 'The Pillars of the Earth' mini-series /I just loved them and regretted there were only 8 episodes...:)/.

On October 4th /Monday/ hubby started working in the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office... So from that moment on he has been the one staying with Minnie... I've been feeling quite lonely without him, but we'll be together during the weekends, so it could have been much worse...;) And I've started making plans of moving to Sofia as well /not before September 2011, though, when Vanyo should start going to school/...;)

Last weekend was a very nice one...:) It was great when Vlado and Minnie came home on Friday evening... They had brought us two boxes of Dunkin' Donuts which was so thoughtful and sweet of them!!!:) We ate some /left a few for breakfast/ and then headed for the mall where we had dinner at KFC /more unhealthy food, I know, but so yummy;)/.

On the Saturday we went shopping and we had so much fun together!!!:) I bought myself a black leather jacket and I'm so happy about it!!!;) We had lunch in the mall /KFC again;)/ and in the evening we just stayed at home and relaxed...:)

Unfortunately Minnie and Vlado had to leave for Sofia early the following morning as there was a ceremony for the 33rd anniversary of Minnie's school on the Sunday and she had to attend... But I'm already looking forward to the next weekend when the four of us will re-unite again!!!:)