Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quiet time...

After the intense days I wrote about in my previous post, life seems to get back to normal again and I'm so grateful for that!!!:)))

The last October weekend was very nice - after Minnie and Vlado came home on the Friday evening /October 29th/ the four of us went to 'Happy Bar and Grill' where we enjoyed delicious dinner...:)))

On the Saturday we went to Karlovo to see my mother-in-law but we didn't stay there for the night /to my greatest relief:)/...

The Sunday was very quiet and relaxing but I felt very sad and depressed when I had to say good-bye to my hubby and daughter...:(

Luckily I was quite busy during the following week, so the next weekend came rather quickly...:)

After Minnie and Vlado came home on the Friday evening /November 5th/ the four of us went to have dinner at the mall /KFC, what else;)/.:)))

The Saturday was quite busy, but fun...:) First we went to apply for Minnie's passport /should be ready today/, so we got one step closer to our Italy trip!!!:) Then we went shopping - Minnie got two Metallica T-shirts from 'Metal Shop' -'...And Justice for All' and 'Master of Puppets'...:) She actually wanted to have one of Linkin Park, but unfortunately none of her size was available...:( Vanyo got a new Ben 10 toy and hubby got two pairs of shoes... I guess I was the only one who didn't get anything, but it was totally my fault - hubby wanted to buy me a new pair of shoes but I just wasn't sure whether I wanted them or not...:P

We had coffee at my parents that day too and in the evening we saw the movie 'Inception' /unusual, weird, exciting, great special effects, incredible /as always/ Leo DiCaprio/... And actually I would like to see it more than once...:)

On the Sunday evening we went to Karlovo to leave Vanyo with my mother-in-law. I had a case in the Supreme Court of Cassation /SCC/ early on the Monday morning, so I spent the night in Sofia with Vlado and Minnie...

The Monday was quite tiring - after the case at the SCC was over, I went to have coffee and breakfast at 'Happy Bar and Grill' /delicious mini pancakes with chocolate:P/. Hubby was at a seminar in the morning but we wanted to have lunch together so I waited for him...:) When the seminar was over, we had yummy lunch at a Chinese restaurant...:) I missed the 4 p.m. bus to Plovdiv so I got home rather late and very, very exhausted... My mother-in-law and Vanyo were waiting for me already...:) It was so nice to be at home after such a long day...:) I just had a quick shower and went to bed early with my book... This helped me immensely to relax and to recharge my batteries...:)

Today has been a nice day so far...:) I met a friend from High School at a cafe and we had such a wonderful time together...:) Actually we're planning to meet tomorrow again /plus two more friends/ so this is something I'm definitely looking forward to!!!:)))