Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Minnie's 15th Birthday... and some Christmas activities...:)

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote here... You probably remember that Vanyo had his tooth taken out in the beginning of December so the Tooth Fairy was about to put some money under his pillow... Well, unfortunately Vanyo was very disappointed when he saw the money as it turned out that he had expected a toy instead...:( So we returned the money under the pillow and when he got back from school, he found a Lego City toy instead...:) Needless to say, my son was totally satisfied with his gift this time!!!:)

That Sunday /December 11th/ was Minnie's 15th birthday!!!:) As always, we spent the weekend in Plovdiv, but we came back to Sofia earlier than usual because of the birthday party...:) Minnie celebrated with her best friends in a bar, called 'Antre' and even though they were only four kids, they all said they have had a great time...:) Minnie had a very special chocolate cake, called 'Cleopatra' which was super delicious...:) And she got some really cute gifts from her friends...:)

After the party with her friends, Minnie had another celebration - this time with her family...:) We got some KFC food at home and had a nice quiet dinner, just the four of us...:) Minnie got some nice presents from us too - some clothes from her dad, her brother and me /a new top and a new leather belt for her jeans/ and some money from her grandparents and aunt /which will most probably be spent for clothes as well:)/.

We also managed to see a Bulgarian movie during the weekend of Minnie's birthday. It's called 'Footprints in the Sand' and we greatly enjoyed it!!!:)))

The following week was rather uneventful... The only interesting thing that happened was that we saw 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' /a very nice movie for the whole family:)/.

Yesterday was the Christmas party at Minnie's school...:) She brought some chocolate muffins for her classmates and the kids have exchanged gifts...:) 

And in the evening Minnie, Vanyo and I went to the 'Saturnalia' organized by the 10th grade students at Minnie's school. The performance was excellent and very, very funny...:) The children did a great job imitating their teachers...:)))

That evening was also my office Christmas party so as soon as we were back from the 'Saturnalia', I went to the pub where my colleagues were already celebrating...:) We had a very nice evening together, enjoying yummy food, good drinks and an interesting conversation...:) 

So yesterday was a very busy, but fun-filled day as well!!!:)))

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Missing home...

I've been missing my home and city so much lately...:((( Looks like I will never feel comfortable at the capital, no matter how spectacular, cool and shiny living here might seem...:((( I'm afraid that if we didn't go home every weekend, I might become depressive... So even though all that travelling is quite tiring, it's necessary for my mental sanity...;)

Of course, I'm happy that our family is not separated anymore, but I miss my previous life so much... Sigh... Oh, why does everything have to be so complicated?!

Anyway, I didn't mean to complain... All I wanted to do was to share what's been going on here in the past few weeks...;)

My news are mainly about Vanyo now...:) In November he started attending Fun Mathematics lessons and he really likes it there...:) It's great to see him so interested in Mathematics!!!:)))

Yesterday he made me super proud!!!:))) He had found some money at school and had given them to the teacher...:))) You can imagine how happy had been the girl who had lost the money!!!:)))

And today Vanyo had his third tooth taken out /the second bottom tooth on the left/... He was very brave and didn't cry at all!!!:))) I guess the Tooth Fairy will put some money under his pillow tonight!!!:)))

I have some book news too...:) In November I finished the third book of the Vulgar Novels by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Cycle of Messalina'. Just like the previous two books of the series, I have read it in 1996, but it was very interesting to re-read it - this time as an e-book on my phone!!!:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two parent-teacher meetings and Minnie's name day...:)

Last week was super busy… Besides my usual obligations I also had two parent-teacher meetings to attend. The first one was at Vanyo’s school – on November 10th /Thursday/. I was a bit nervous as I was afraid that Vanyo’s class teacher might not be completely satisfied with his discipline, but luckily it turned out that all my worries had been in vain…:) Actually the teacher was very pleased with him!!!:) She even told me that once they were having a discussion in class about being tolerant towards the different people and Vanyo had made a very long and nice speech about how important it is to be good to everyone around us…:) The teacher was greatly impressed…:) Needless to say, I was super proud when I heard this!!!:)

The second parent-teacher meeting was the following day at Minnie’s school. This time I wasn’t nervous at all as I knew that I’ll hear only good comments about my daughter… And I was absolutely right!!!:) All the teachers I spoke with were very pleased with Minnie and kept saying what a pleasure it is for them to have such an intelligent, serious, hard-working student as her…:) I was so happy and proud, that I even got tears in my eyes…:)

That day was a Friday, so as soon as the meeting at Minnie’s school was over, the four of us drove to Plovdiv for the weekend. It was also Minnie’s name day then, so we stopped at McDonald’s for dinner…:) Of course, Minnie had also brought a box of chocolates to school that day as a name day treat for her classmates and teachers…:)

The celebrations for Minnie’s name day continued yesterday as well…:) My parents came for lunch and we had a wonderful time together…:) Of course, Minnie got some nice presents for her name day…:) She got a Calliope shirt from her dad, her brother and me /we had bought it together at the mall the previous weekend/. My mother-in-law had given her some money in advance, so Minnie bought herself a new winter jacket and a long sleeved top from the New Yorker shop that day at the mall too… My parents gave Minnie some money too so we’ll have to figure out what to spend them for… Most probably for some new clothes again…:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

A few more nice weekends...:)

The last few weekends were very nice indeed...:) Maybe it was so because we spent them at home, in Plovdiv?!;)

On the morning of October 22nd /Saturday/ Minnie and I went to the hairdresser for a much needed cut and then the four of us visited my parents for lunch. :) We drove back to Sofia on the Sunday and we stopped at Karlovo on our way to visit my mother-in-law for a while… We even made it to see a movie that weekend – ‘Captain America’ /very entertaining:)/.

The following weekend /October 29-30/ we once again visited my parents for lunch on the Saturday...:) And once again we saw a movie - this time it was 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' /breath-taking, super exciting and touching end of the saga... I had misty eyes most of the time... I can't believe that the whole adventure is over now... Sigh.../

Last weekend we stayed mostly at home as I was trying to recover from the nasty cold I had caught the previous week... But we still made it to see a movie - 'Friends with Benefits' /a very fresh and nice movie, I liked it a lot:)/.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A long weekend, a radio show, an Ancient Feast, and some other news...

The long weekend at the end of September /September 22-25/ was wonderful - we enjoyed our time in Plovdiv to the fullest!!!:) We didn't do anything special, just relaxed at home... My parents came for lunch on the Friday /September 23rd/ and we had a great time together - yummy food and nice conversations...:)

Of course, we saw some movies as well - 'Zookeeper' /well, maybe not the funniest movie I've seen, but it wasn't too bad, either;)/, 'Morning Glory' /a very nice movie, I liked it a lot:)/, and 'Fast Five' /I loved it - lots of breath-taking action scenes and incredible Vin Diesel:)/. 

We spent the first October weekend /October 1st - 2nd/ in Sofia and on the Sunday we decided to go to the park at the National Palace of Culture /a walking distance from the flat we're renting/. Vanyo rode his scooter there and the rest of us just enjoyed the gorgeous weather sitting at one of the numerous cafes there...:) 

As Minnie is studying Ancient Greek this school year, I've decided to give it a try too and I started sudying it in the beginning of October... So far I've only learnt the alphabet, but I'm very proud of myself and I hope I'll keep it up...:)

The second October weekend /October 8th - 9th/ was spent in Plovdiv again...:) And once again we had such a wonderful time just staying at home and relaxing...:) My sister and my parents came on the Saturday and we had a very yummy lunch meal together...:) And on the Sunday we listened to a kids' radio show where Vanyo was interviewed...:) We were so amazed when we heard him speaking about the phases of the moon, asteroids and meteorites, black holes in the Universe, and other things we had no idea he knew about...:) We were all so proud of him!!!:)

This week I finished reading the second book of the 'Vulgar Novels' by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Caligula the Furious'. I have read it in 1996 but I greatly enjoyed re-reading it as an e-book on my phone...:)

Yesterday there was an Ancient Feast at Minnie's school. She had to recite a poem in Latin, so she was a bit nervous, but she did fine...:) She told me that she has had lots of fun there!!!:) They showed the event on the news and it seemed very interesting indeed!!!:) She is so lucky to study at such a great school!!!:)

Today is a rather uneventful day... The only thing worth mentioning is that it was snowing this morning... What a shock!!!:((( I can't believe that the winter is trying to come so early...:((( Luckily they're predicting warmer weather next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some more sunny autumn days!!!:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our new life in Sofia...

The last days of August were wonderful...:) We mainly stayed at home and relaxed but we also did some reading and movie watching...:) Vanyo and I finished reading 'Pippi Longstocking' /Minnie also wanted to listen to the last adventures of Pippi with us:)/ and then started another lovely book by Astrid Lindgren - 'Emil of Loneberga'. As for the movie we saw, it was 'Water for Elephants'. It turned out to be a very nice and touching movie, I really liked it!!!:)

In the evening of August 31st hubby drove me to Sofia as I was about to start work the following day... We moved some stuff to the flat which we started renting since then /the bigger one, in the centre of Sofia/ and after that he got back to Plovdiv to join the kids /he was still on holidays until September 7th/. I was a bit upset to stay alone in Sofia, but it was for two days only, so I survived...;) 

The following weekend was a long one because September 6th /Tuesday/ was a national holiday and we were given the Monday off as well...:) We had to work on the Saturday /September 3rd/ instead but luckily not in our law firm, so I had a lovely four-day weekend to enjoy with my dear family!!!:)

On the Sunday /September 4th/ we drove to Starnitza /the village where we have bought a house/ as we were invited to a BBQ by our friends...:) Needless to say, we had a great time there as always!!!:))) We got back home on the following day but we did some stops on our way for picking up some wild raspberries, yum!!!:)

We also saw some movies during the long weekend - 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' /definitely not my kind of movie... Johnny Depp did a great job, though.../ and 'Black Swan' /too weird and dark for me.../.

When the long weekend was over, hubby and I left the kids in Karlovo and then drove to Sofia as we both had to work the following three days... As soon as we finished work on the Friday, we went to Karlovo again to pick the children up and then we drove home where we spent another lovely quiet weekend...:) 

During that weekend we saw 'Thor' which turned out to be a great entertainment for the whole family.:)

September 11th /Sunday/ was my dad's birthday so we were invited to my parents' home for lunch...:) We had a very nice time together!!!:)

In the evening we drove to Sofia again, but this time the kids came with us as they were about to start school on September 15th /Thursday/...:) 

I still can't believe that my little son is already in 1st grade at school!!!:) Vanyo was super excited to start school too!!!:) He didn't know anyone there, but it was not a problem for him at all!!!:) He made lots of friends in no time!!!:) He likes all his classmates and teachers and he really enjoys going to school so far, which is such a relief for me!!!:) I hope he will keep it up this way, fingers crossed!!!:) 

Minnie was also very happy to be back to school and re-unite with all of her friends there!!!:) She will have some new teachers and subjects this school year /Arts and Ancient Greek/ but I'm sure she'll do fine as always!!!:)

Today is a national holiday /Independence Day/ and we're a given tomorrow as a day off too /we had to work the previous Saturday, September 17th, instead/, so it's the beginning of a long /4-day/ weekend...:) We got back to Plovdiv and we have no special plans yet... I guess we'll just relax and some fun things like movie watching, reading and letter-writing...:)

Monday, August 29, 2011

My birthday and summer holidays...:)

August 12 /Friday/ was my 36th birthday...:) It started off as a normal working day, but it also felt somehow special, because I received so many calls, SMS, e-mails, e-cards, Facebook wall posts and messages from family and friends...:) As soon as I finished work, I took the bus to Plovdiv to spend the weekend with my dear hubby and kids...:) To my greatest surprise they welcomed me at the bus station with a red rose /my favourite flower/...:) Minnie explained that giving only one flower means 'You are the one and only for me', so interesting /I didn't know it before;)/ and sweet...:)

When we got home, there were some more surprises waiting for me - Vanyo had drawn me a BD card and had written me a poem...:) My dear hubby and kids had also made a cake for me, which was so thoughtful of them...:) And the cake was so delicious!!!:))) I was so deeply touched by these surprises, that I burst into tears...:P I felt so special and loved!!!:)))

My birthday celebration continued the following day as well - we visited my parents at their holiday house and we had some yummy BBQ there...:)

The next Monday /August 15/ was my last day at work before my summer holidays...:) It was super busy but I made it!!!;) While I was at work, hubby and Minnie were moving all of our stuff out of the flat we were renting in Sofia /close to Minnie's school/ because we will rent a bigger one since the beginning of September...:) When I finished work, we said 'good-bye' to Sofia and went to Karlovo to pick up Vanyo /he was staying with my mother-in-law that day/ and then we drove to Plovdiv...:)

The following day was super busy as well because we had to prepare for our holidays at the Black Sea...:) We did some shopping, Minnie and I went to a beautician, and Vanyo and hubby went to the hairdresser...:) And, of course, we did lots of packing...;)

We left for the Black Sea coast early in the morning of August 17 /Wednesday/ and stayed there until August 23 /Tuesday/. We had rented two rooms /one for the kids and one for hubby and me/ at a hotel in Kiten /a lovely little town on the South Black Sea coast/. Our hotel was not anything luxurious but it was very clean and in good shape...:) The service and food were excellent, but most importantly - its location was perfect - in a little forest, yet very close to the beach...:)

The weather was perfect, so we went to the beach every day...:) Minnie and Vlado used to run along the beach early in the morning, then we would have breakfast and go to the beach for a while /9-11 a.m./. After a shower, a lunch and some rest we would go to the beach again /3.30-5.30 p.m./. Then we would have another shower, a dinner and would either go for a walk or just relax...:) It was a very lazy holiday, exactly what we needed...:) 

Normally I don't like sunbathing much but this time I actually enjoyed it...:) I think it was because I always had something to read with me in my phone...:) I actually finished reading one book at the beach - 'Nero the Wolf' by Hristo Kaltchev. It's the first book of the 'Vulgar Novels' series of this author. He writes about the criminal world in Bulgaria, which, needless to say, makes it very interesting for me...:) I've read this book in 1996 and now I re-read it as an e-book....:)

After we got back home from the Black Sea, we spent a few more lazy days... I guess the only interesting thing that happened then was that we finally saw 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' /except of some action scenes the movie was nothing special, to be honest/...

Last weekend we went to Karlovo for the annual fair... We went to the fair twice - on the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon... The kids enjoyed all the attractions as always...:) We met our friend Istillian with his family at the fair on Friday and all of us went to a restaurant that evening...:) We had a great time there!!!:)

Now we're back home and I'm enjoying my last days with my family before starting work again on September 1...:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting used to Sofia...

Yes, I'm slowly getting used to my new life in Sofia and I've even started enjoying all the opportunities the capital has to offer...:) 

July 28 /Thursday/ was a very nice day!!!:) Hubby and I met after work and went shopping.  He liked a shirt and I bought it for him as an early birthday present...:) Then I liked a dress and he bought it for me in return /as an early birthday gift too/. We were both so pleased with each other...:) When we finished shopping, we sat at a cafe enjoying the lovely summer evening...:)

The following day my boss told me that he liked the way I work, so my probation period was over /in three weeks instead of a month as he originally planned, great:)/. So it looks like I'll stay at that law firm for a while...;)

My boss also told me that he'll be on holidays the folowing two weeks /1-15 August/ and when he gets back I can take two weeks off as well /16 August - 1 September/...:) So needless to say, I'm looking forward to my holidays...:) We have booked two rooms at a hotel in Kiten /a lovely town on the Black Sea coast/ and we'll be staying there for a week /17-23 August/. I'm sure we'll have a great time there!!!:)

The day when I found out that my probation was over, was a Friday, so as soon as hubby and I finished work, we drove to Karlovo to pick the children up and bring them to Plovdiv for the weekend..:)

On the Saturday /July 30/ we went to the mall. Vanyo remained at the children's section /to his greatest joy:)/ and the rest of us went shopping... This time Minnie got lucky - we bought her jeans, a shirt and a top from Mango and shorts and a T-shirt /with the sign 'Wild hearts can't be broken';)/ from Fox.:) I got something from Fox too - a black cotton dress, perfect for the beach...:) 

Then we went for lunch at the mall /McDonald's for Minnie and me, KFC for the guys/ and we spent the rest of the day quietly at home...:)

Minnie and Vanyo were invited to a birthday party at the bowling club of Novotel Plovdiv on the Sunday. While they were at the party, hubby and I went for a walk and then we had lunch at 'Happy Bar and Grill'. I had delicious Greek style calamari - the perfect summer meal!!!;) 

In the evening we drove the children back to Karlovo and then continued to Sofia... Actually hubby was on holidays from August 1st /Monday/ but there were still some errands he had to run, so he remained at the capital for two days... Then he joined the children in Karlovo... I was a bit sad to remain alone in Sofia, but it would be too selfish to ask him to stay with me just to be around when I get back from work... Besides, our separation won't be too long - I'm planning to join them next weekend /when we should also celebrate my birthday;)/...

So far this month I've seen only one movie - 'Conviction' /very good and touching, I absolutely loved it!!!:) Made me realize once again how much I love Criminal Law...:) And the actors were great too!!!:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

An emotional meeting with friends, a weekend in Starnitza, a new job in Sofia and a wedding anniversary...:)


Once again a lot happened since I've last written... On July 6 /Wednesday/ I met three of my High School friends for a drink and it was such an emotional evening...:) To top it off they gave me an icon as a good-bye gift... So touching and thoughtful...:) This made me realize once again that I have the best friends in the whole world...:) I'm so lucky!!!:)

On July 8 /Friday/ after work hubby went to Karlovo to pick the children up and brought them home...:) The following morning we drove to Starnitza because our friends had invited us for a BBQ. We had a great time as always - yummy food, great company, beautiful nature, fresh mountain air...:) We didn't feel like getting back to the hot city on the Sunday at all... But we had to, because hubby and I had to work the next week...

So we brought the children back to Karlovo on the Sunday evening and left for Sofia... I was supposed to start my new job at the law firm in Sofia on Monday /July 11/ but my boss had phoned on the Saturday telling me that he would be away then so I should start working the following day /Tuesday, July 12/. Actually I didn't mind starting work a day later... Still, I was a bit annoyed that I found out about it a bit late...:( If I knew earlier that I would start on the Tuesday, I could have gone to the second job interview I was invited to /which was scheduled for the Monday/...:( Oh, well...

My first days at the new job were super busy and stressful...:( But I'm slowly getting used to the new working environment and I'm a kind of enjoying it now /even though I still miss the freedom I had when I was self-employed;)/...:) My boss seems to like me too, so I guess he'll keep me after my one-month probation period is over... I guess we'll just wait and see...;)

As the kids are in Karlovo this month, hubby and I miss them a lot, so we're visiting them every weekend...:) It's so heart-warming and relaxing to spend the weekends with them...:) Still, Vlado and I are enjoying our time as a couple as well - we meet for lunch every day and two evenings we also met for a cup of coffee after work...:) It felt like a date, so romantic!!!:)

On July 22 /Friday/ hubby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary...:) We had a very special and delicious lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, called 'Capriccio' /which is officially one of my most favourite places to eat in Sofia now:)/ and as soon as we finished work in the evening, we drove to Karlovo to be with our dear kids again...:)

I haven't seen many movies lately because I've been too busy... Still, I could see a few: 'The Librarian: Quest for the Spear' /great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines' /somehow not as interesting as the first movie, but still fun to watch...:)/ and  'Beastly' /an OK teen movie, but to be honest, I was slightly disappointed.../. I hope that I'll have more time for movie watching in the next couple of weeks... Fingers crossed...:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big changes...

Yes, June has definitely been a month of big changes...:) Lots of things happened which made me realize how close we are to our moving to Sofia...:) It feels both scary and exciting at the same time!!!:)))

June 8th /Wednesday/ was a very nice day...:) First, in the morning I thought I would miss the bus but the driver was so nice to pick me and Vanyo up from the building where we live /even though he is not supposed to stop there/...:) 

Then I met Minnie's ex-class teacher and she gave me a red rose /my most favourite flower/ saying that it would suit my dress...:)

In the afternoon I left for Sofia because Vlado and I had to attend the first parent-teacher meeting at Vanyo's new school. It went fine and all of his teachers seemed very nice and experienced...:) So we both hope our son will like his new school and will enjoy going there!!!:)

After the meeting hubby and I went to see a flat we were offered to rent. It's not perfect, but it's bigger than we expected /consists of three spacious rooms/ and has all the necessary furniture. The location is great - it's situated at the centre of the city, a walking distance from Vanyo's new school, from the Palace of Justice and from the metro station /Minnie will need to take the metro to her school/ which makes it very convenient... So we decided to rent it and we'll move there in the beginning of September...:)

The following day while picking up Vanyo from the Kindergarten one of his little friends came up to me and told me 'You are very beautiful. You look like a bride'. How could I look like a bride with my black-and-red dress is beyond me, but I was definitely flattered by this young man...:) My little admirer kept coming up to me and making me compliments every day since then... So sweet!!!:)

Unfortunately not everything which happened to me in June, was that nice...:( A few days after my trip to Sofia I started coughing...:( And my cough became worse and worse...:((( So on June 16th /Thursday/ I went to see my doctor and it turned out I was having bronchitis...:( My doctor prescribed me some medicines /including some quite strong antibiotics/ and told me I should stay at home for a few days... I followed her advice and the medicines and rest made me feel better in a short time...:)

During my sick leave I got a call for an interview from a law firm in Sofia. The interview took place on June 23rd /Thursday/ and it went perfectly fine. I was offered the job but as the payment was a little lower than I wanted, I said I would think about it... I didn't think too much, though, and called the law firm on June 27th /Monday/ to tell them that I'll accept the job...:) We decided that I'll start working there on July 11th /Monday/ so the last June week was quite busy for me - I had to finish all the pending work, to inform the owner of my office that I was moving out, to arrange the moving itself /and I'm extremely grateful to my parents and hubby for helping me with the last task which definitely was the most difficult one...:)/. Luckily I made it all in time and now I have a whole week to relax at home before starting my new job!!!:) I'll do my best to enjoy it to the fullest!!!:)

The funny thing is that today I got another job offer but as the interview was scheduled for July 11th /which should be my first day at my new job/, I had to reject it... Now I can't stop wondering if I have done the right thing... Sigh...

June 30th /Thursday/ was the last day at the Kindergarten for Vanyo and at school for Minnie. My son was very sad to say 'good bye' to his little friends and his teachers... I'm sure he will miss them a lot...:( 

As for Minnie, once again she made it to get 'excellent' 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of her 8 grade subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Latin, History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Culture, Music, IT, and Sports. We got a very touching e-mail from Minnie's class teacher who congratulated us for having such a hard-working and determined daughter...:) Needless to say, we are all very proud of Minnie doing so well at school and we hope she'll keep it up that way!!!:)

Last weekend we drove both children to Karlovo where they'll spend the first month of their summer holidays... My mother-in-law had such a wonderful surprise for them - she had taken a little male cat!!!:) The kids were so excited and happy as they've always wanted a pet!!!:) I hope Tommy /as they called the cat/ will be strong enough to survive their love!!!:)

Besides full of changes June turned out to be a great month for movie watching...:) I saw ' I Want Candy' /a very fresh comedy, some moments were simply hilarious!!!:)/, 'Mission London'/a Bulgarian movie, very weird and funny:)/, 'Doubt' /to be honest, the movie didn't touch me too deeply but it made me think, which was good enough... The acting was great and Meryl Streep was simply incredible...:)/, 'Michael Clayton' /very good and deep movie...:)/, 'Keeping Mum' /it turned out to be much better than I expected... Perhaps I should see more British black comedies in the future...:)/, 'Red Riding Hood' /I loved it!!!:) Very fresh and suspenseful!!!:)/, 'The Jane Austen Book Club' /such a beautiful and touching movie, I greatly enjoyed it!!!:)/, 'The Burning Plain' /the only two things I liked were the acting /great job, Chalize Theron and Kim Basinger:)/ and the way the story was revealed /like putting together the pieces of a puzzle/. Other than that, the movie was pretty ordinary.../, 'The Last Legion' /putting aside the fact that the story doesn't seem historically correct, the movie isn't that bad...;) And, most importantly, it has Colin Firth in it...;)/, 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' /the special effects were just as breathtaking as in the first Transformers movie... But once again that is the only good thing I can say about it...:) Oh, actually there is one more - I saw it together with my son and it was so funny to observe his enthusiasm!!!:)/, 'Australia' /the story was beautiful and touching - there were moments which made me laugh and others which put tears in my eyes... The actors were great too /especially Hugh Jackman, who was such a pleasure for my eyes:)/...:)/,  and 'Pope Joan' /I loved this movie!!!:) Beautiful, touching, thought-provoking...:) Two thumbs up!!!:)/. 

In June finished the first season of 'Game of Thrones'. It's our favourite TV show now and we just can't wait to see the next episodes!!!:) I'm also planning to read the books... some day...:)

So far this month I've seen only one movie - 'American Gangster' /great actors, but the movie was somewhat slow and even boring at times.../, but we're still in the beginning of July, so there is still hope!!!;) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A long weekend, a Pre-School Graduation Party and some other news...:)

Well, the past couple of weeks were very, very nice!!!:)

May 24th /Tuesday/ was a national holiday /Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture/, but the government had decided to give the Monday /May 23rd/ off as well /and we had to work one Saturday, May 28th, instead/, so we enjoyed a long /four day/ weekend!!!:) We spent it mostly relaxing at home, but on the Monday Vlado, Vanyo and I went to Sofia to meet Minnie at the airport. The four of us were so happy to be together again!!!:))) Minnie told us that she had had a wonderful time in Italy, she had seen and experienced so much during those 9 days...:) They've visited Pompei, Naples, Rome /for three days, they've also seen the Vatican then/, Siena, Firenze, Pisa, Milano, Verona, Venice /while there Minnie has also taken a boat to the islands Burano, Murano and Torcello/. She told me she simply loves Italy and she is determined to visit this beautiful country again...:) Oh, I understand her so well!!!:) She had brought us lots of great souvenirs from all the places she had been to and she had taken 500 pictures!!!:)))

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful... Of course, we saw some movies - 'Stranger Than Fiction' /a quite predictable movie... But Emma Thompson was incredible and made it worth watching...;)/, 'The Maiden Heist' /a very fresh and funny movie, I liked it very much/, 'Just Go with It' /quite predictable but also very, very funny:)/ and 'Push' /there were some interesting action scenes but nothing extraordinary/.

I only worked for three days the following week, which was super nice!!!:) On the Thursday /May 26th/ I met a couple of High School friends for a drink after work and we had such a great time together!!!:) Vanyo /who had also come with me/ had so much fun that he even told me 'Mum, you have the coolest friends!'...:) What a wise boy he is!!!:)))

Last weekend was rather short as hubby had to work on the Saturday /because of the extra day off the previous weekend/, but we had a great time anyway!!!:))) On the Saturday evening I took Vanyo and Minnie to the Antique Theatre to see a play put up by some students from Minnie's school. It was a historical play, but there was also some modern music /Queen/ and some dancing... Very interesting and well done!!!:)

On the Sunday /May 29th/ the four of us attended Vanyo's Pre-School Graduation Party....:) There was a very nice show - songs, dances, and even some demonstration of how well the children are prepared for school, and then they got their certificates...:) Vanyo participated at the Russian Dance....:) I think he looked very cute in his Russian costume and he danced very well!!!:) I was so proud looking at him and couldn't stop wondering when did he grow up so much...:) By the way, the video of the Russian dance is in Facebook so if you're interested, you are more than welcome to have a look!!!:)))

By the end of May I've seen two more movies - 'Night at the Museum' /very funny and entertaining:)/ and 'The Brave One' /Jodie Foster did her best, but the movie as a whole was nothing special to me.../. I hope June will be just as good for movie watching as May was!!!:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A rollercoaster...

The past couple of weeks were pretty intense emotionally... I felt as if I was riding on a rollercoaster... Sigh...

On April 28th /Thursday/ I was at a meeting with Vanyo's Pre-School teachers when I got a call from my dad telling me that he should be hospitalized because he had been diagnosed with pulmonary pneumonia...:( It was such a shock for me...:( Needless to say, I was super worried for him...:( I tried to get as much info as I could find online, but the more I read, the more scared I got, so I finally gave it up...:(

Minnie came home from her school practice on the Saturday afternoon /April 30th/ so unfortunately we couldn't spend the whole weekend together...:( Still, Vlado and I could see a movie - 'No Strings Attached' /an OK romantic comedy/ which was probably the only fun thing we did that weekend...

On May 3rd /Tuesday/ my dad got back from the hospital as all his test results were fine. However, the doctors had noticed a spot on one of his lungs which they had decided to remove... So my dad had to return to the hospital the following week...:( But he was very happy to be home again especially as it allowed him to attend the party for Vanyo's 7th birthday.:)

Vanyo's birthday was on May 6th /Friday/. As it's also an official holiday /Day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army/, it marked the beginning of a long weekend...:) My mother-in-law and my parents came for lunch and we enjoyed some yummy food - a Shopska salad, roasted lamb /it was also Saint George's Day, so we were supposed to eat lamb or goat according to the tradition;)/ , 'drob-sarma' and, of course, a cake...:) Actually Vanyo had two cakes - one we had bought for him to light his candles on /chocolate/ and another one my mother-in-law had made /with bananas/...;)

Needless to say, Vanyo received lots of wonderful gifts!!!:) He got a transformer toy /turns into a police car/ and a set of tools /hammer, bolts, screwdrivers, etc., all made of plastic, of course;)/ from my parents, a Ben 10 motorbike and a Bakugan ball from my sister and her family, a board game about mathematics and some money from my mother-in-law and a scooter from the brand of his favourite cartoon 'Cars' /which you can see on the picture of this post/ from his dad, his sister and me...:) Vanyo loved all the presents and it was difficult for him to choose which one to play with first!!!;)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet... We made it to see the movie 'I Am Number Four' which turned out to be a great entertainment for the whole family...:)

On the Monday of the following week my dad was back to the hospital and a few days later /on May 12th, Thursday/ he got operated. Luckily the operation went fine, the tumor /which, to our greatest relief, was not cancer/ was removed without a problem, and yesterday my dad was allowed to go home.:) He is still weak but I'm sure he'll get stronger soon as my mum takes a really good care of him...:)

The day of my dad's operation I had to travel to Sofia as I had a case at the Supreme Court of Cassation early the following morning... Luckily my dad was out of the OR just before I took the bus to the capital, so I could speak with him and my mum /who was at the hospital/ on the phone before I left... Which, needless to say, allowed me to travel with a lighter heart...:) I didn't have to worry about Vanyo either, as my mother-in-law came to pick him up from the Pre-School and took him to Karlovo with her...:)

As soon as I arrived in Sofia, I met Vlado /who had just finished work/ at 'Happy Bar and Grill' where we had yummy dinner...:) We called Minnie to join us but she said that she would rather have something from McDonald's instead so that's where we went afterwards...;)

My case the next morning went fine and as soon as it was over, I met hubby for a cup of coffee at a very fancy place, called 'Flocafe'...:) I really liked it there even though it was rather expensive...;)

When Minnie got back from school and Vlado finished work, we drove to Karlovo to pick Vanyo up and then the four of us got home.:) Unfortunately once again we couldn't spend the whole weekend together, though...:( Minnie had to be at the airport early on the Sunday morning for her school practice in Italy /she'll be there for 9 days... Lucky her...:)/... So hubby had to drive her back to Sofia on the Saturday evening...

That week I finally finished reading 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' /after more than a year, I know...:P/. I loved it just as the previous four Harry Potter books even though this one seemed a bit too long /almost 850 pages, that's one of the reasons why it took me so long to read it;)/... But it was still a good and interesting book...:)

I've decided to take a little break before continuing with the young wizard's adventures, so I've started reading 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' by Victor Hugo next. It is the first one of the 19th Century Golden Books Collection hubby and I bought 2 years ago...:) This collection consists of 40 books, some of which I've read before but I won't mind re-reading...:) It is the first time I'm reading this particular book, though, and I'm greatly enjoying it!!!:) Hopefully it won't take me another year to finish it...;)

Oh, there are so many books I want to read, and so little time... This week I received a prize - the book 'The Lincoln Lawyer' by Michael Connelly and I hope I'll be able to read it in the near future as well...:)))

So far this week I've seen two movies - 'Brothers' /the actors were great but the story of the movie somehow couldn't touch me as deeply as it was supposed to.../ and 'Remember Me' /turned out to be much better than I expected...;)/. But we're still in the middle of the week, so there is some room for improvement...;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A different Easter...

The days before the Easter holidays were pretty uneventful... Even the weekend before Easter was quiet... Only on the Friday /April 15th/, as soon as Minnie and Vlado came home from Sofia, the four of us went to have dinner at 'Happy Bar and Grill'...:) The food was delicious as always and we had so much fun that evening...:)

That weekend I saw only one movie /'Battle: Los Angeles'/ which was a total waste of time...:( Lots of action and battle scenes /as expected/ but the plot was nothing special...:((( It also seemed unfinished somehow which means that either there might be a sequel or the movie is even worse than I thought...:P

On the Thursday before Easter /April 21st/ I decided to work only until noon so my Easter holidays started a little bit earlier...:) I picked up Vanyo from his Pre-School, we had a nap together /a rare and much needed pleasure/ and when we woke up, hubby and Minnie arrived...:)

Our original plan was to spend Easter at my in-laws as every year but we suddenly decided to stay at home instead /which turned out to be the perfect choice:)/.:))) We spent some super nice time together, just the four of us....:) Unfortunately early on Monday /April 25/ Minnie had to leave for her school practice /around the monasteries of Bulgaria for a week, lucky her:)/, so she and Vlado had to leave for Sofia on Sunday evening and we couldn't spend the last day off together...:( But the next weekend is near, so I'm trying to be positive!!!;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring holidays...:)

Yes, March turned out to be a really good month for movie watching...:) After writing my last post here, I saw one more - 'Gamer' /lots of action and fantastic Gerard Butler... That sums up the only good thing about the movie...;)/... 

On March 30th /Wednesday/ started Minnie's spring holidays...:) As Vanyo is in Pre-School, he also had spring holidays but he was allowed to attend the Kindergarten during that time, so he continued going there until the end of the week /Friday, April 1st/... 

Hubby had taken a week off during the kids' spring break /April 4th-8th/, so the four of us finally had the chance to spend a longer time together!!!:) Which we enjoyed to the fullest!!!:) 

As soon as Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia on Friday evening /April 1st/, the four of us went to have dinner at KFC and did some grocery shopping at the mall...:)

On the Saturday we slept in, and after having coffee /breakfast for the kids/ we drove to Karlovo to visit my in-laws. We had a lazy time there, just relaxing, watching TV, reading and eating lots of yummy food...:) We got home on the Sunday after lunch. 

I had to work a bit on the Monday and Tuesday, but I took the rest of the week off as I had nothing urgent to do and I wanted to spend more time with my family...;) On Tuesday /April 5th/ I met a few of my High School friends for a drink after work and we had such a great time together - lots of nice chats and fun!!!:) 

On April 6th /Wednesday/ the four of us went to do some grocery shopping at Galeria Mall. The kids wanted to climb the wall in the middle of the mall so that's what they did when we finished shopping...:) Each one of them climbed it for 3 times and they had so much fun!!!:))) After the wall climbing we went to have lunch at 'Verdi' /yummy pizza:)/ and spent a quiet afternoon at home...:) 

The following day we had lunch at Mall Plovdiv /KFC again:)/ and then we went to the Rowing Canal where hubby and the kids played football... I tried to play some too, but got tired quite easily, so I just sat under a tree and observed the game...:P When the others decided they were tired too, we sat at a cafe next to the canal and enjoyed the perfect spring weather to the fullest...:) 

The last three days of our spring holidays were spent mostly at home /the only exception was the lunch we had at McDonald's on Friday/... We just relaxed, did some reading and - surprise, surprise- saw some movies - 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1' /one of the best Harry Potter movies - very interesting and exciting!!!:) I loved it and I just can't wait for the second part!!!:)/, 'How Do You Know' /and OK romantic movie/, 'Star Trek' /I love science fiction, but this movie just couldn't impress me much...:(/, 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' /a great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'The Girl Who Played with Fire' /maybe not as suspenseful as the first movie, but still very good and interesting:)/ and 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' /a great ending to the story!!!:) The scenes of the trial were especially interesting for me as I noticed so many differences between the court procedures we have in Bulgaria and those in the movie...;) I was especially shocked when I saw the prosecutor, the lawyer, and even the defendant remaining seated while talking to the judge... In Bulgarian court this would be considered as disrespectful...;)/. 

Unfortunately our wonderful spring holidays were over too soon...:( Today hubby and I got back to work and the kids are attending school/Pre-School again... But I'm already looking forward to the following weekend!!!:)))

Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost over...

I can't believe that March is almost over... After that wonderful weekend at the Batak Area I wrote about in my previous post, my life has been rather boring... Still, some things happened, so I guess it's time to share them here...

On March 11th /Friday/ my parents became owners of a house in a village not too far away from Plovdiv. I helped them to prepare all the necessary documents for the purchase and I went with them to the Notary's Office when they signed the deal... I'm not very impressed by the house and the village /I would rather prefer it to be situated in the mountains/ but my parents are extremely happy and enthusiastic, so I guess my own opinion simply doesn't matter...;)

The following day /Saturday, March 12th/ Minnie attended an English Competition /it was a second round - between students from various schools in the Sofia region who had passed the first round successfully/. As soon as the competition was over, her dad drove her home... It was a pity that we had less time together that weekend, but we did our best to enjoy it to the fullest!!!:)

Unfortunately the next week Vanyo got sick - he had high temperature and cough, but the worst of all was that he had completely lost his voice...:( It was heartbreaking to see him suffer so much...:( Especially knowing how much he loves talking...;)

Luckily my dear son got better by the following weekend /which was a short one as the Saturday, March 19th, was a working day/...:) As soon as hubby and Minnie got home, the four of us went to the mall where we had yummy dinner at KFC and then we did some shopping...:) Vlado bought me a beautiful shirt /light blue with white stripes/ which was so sweet of him...:)

On March 23rd /Wednesday/ Vanyo was healthy enough to start attending the Pre-School again and life got back to normal for us both...:) His little friends were so happy to see him again!!!:) One of the girls had even told him that she loved him and wanted to become his girlfriend /unfortunately they broke up a few days later/...:)

Last weekend was great!!!:) We went to the mall on the Saturday evening /and had some yummy KFC dinner again:)/ and I worked a bit on the Sunday but most of the time we were simply relaxing at home...:)

March turned out to be a great month for movie watching!!!:) I saw 'Fireflies in the Garden' /great actors, weak movie...:(/, 'Revolutionary Road' /a very good movie, but too sad and depressing for my taste...:(/, 'Tron: Legacy' /great special effects, some breath-taking scenes, but nothing more than that...;)/, 'Hereafter' /the beginning was interesting, but the rest of the movie was boring and predictable...:(/, 'The Lost City' /a very sad, yet beautiful story... Andy Garcia did a great job... He acted so well that at certain moments I felt like reaching out and hugging him...:)/, 'Little Fockers' /there were some funny moments but not as much as in the first movie of the trilogy.../, 'Season of the Witch' /another disappointment... I have always loved Nicolas Cage but I like the movies he plays in recently less and less...:(/ and 'Love and Other Drugs' /a bitter-sweet story, funny, sad and touching like life itself...:) Much better than I expected it to be...:)))/.

And before I go, let me finish off with a quote from my favourite character in 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' - Gannicus /whose picture I've put in the beginning of this post/: 'There are many things given to us in this life for the wrong reasons. What we do with such blessings, that is the true test of a man'. Wise words, don't you think?!;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A perfect weekend...:)

Last weekend was simply perfect!!!:) March 3rd /Thursday/ was an official holiday /Liberation Day/ and as the government made March 4th /Friday/ a day off as well /we're supposed to work one Saturday, March 19th, instead/, we enjoyed a 4-day weekend!!!:)

In the morning of March 3rd the four of us drove to our favourite resort in the Batak Area and we had such a wonderful time there!!!:) We were surprised with some snow but actually we didn't mind it much as the houses of the resort were all perfectly heated and besides the kids had so much fun sledging, snowball fighting or simply lying in the snow!!!:)))

We went together with two other families and both the adults and the children enjoyed themselves to the fullest!!!:))) I didn't feel like having any spa procedures this time, but I went to the fitness centre once with Vlado and the kids and we had lots of fun there!!!:) We also enjoyed some quiet chats at the lobby bar of the resort, some yummy food at the restaurant and a couple of drinks in the evenings with our friends...:)

Unfortunately our holidays were over too quickly and on Saturday /March 5th/ after having breakfast we had to leave for Plovdiv as I had a case in court in the afternoon... I'm on duty this month, so I was busy on the Sunday as well, but I didn't mind it much as I had recharged my batteries the days before!!!:)

Let me see now what else has happened here... On March 1st we celebrated Baba Marta in Bulgaria - one of my favourite holidays!!!:) Vanyo and Minnie were so happy to receive so many 'marthenitza's from their family and friends!!!:) I had to go to Sofia for work, so met hubby for lunch and we had such a great time together - it felt like a date!!!:)))

Yesterday /March 8th/ was International Women's Day but it was just a normal working day for me... Still, I got a lovely surprise from Vanyo - he had drawn a picture of us both and had made me a little bracelet, which was so sweet of him!!!:))) I also got greetings from my family and friends which also added a great deal to my positive mood that day!!!:)))

This month I haven't seen any movies so far, but I did see a few in the second part of February: 'The Switch' /an OK romantic comedy/, 'The Resident' /maybe not one of the best thrillers, but it was definitely interesting to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in such a different image...;)/ and 'The Tourist' /what a disappointment...:(/. I also saw 'The Forsyte Saga' mini series /I enjoyed them to the fullest/ and 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' TV series /I loved them and I just can't wait to see the next season of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'/...:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can't believe...

..that we're already in the middle of February... Where did the time go?! It's not that bad actually, as I'm so much looking forward to the end of winter and beginning of spring...;)

Well, nothing super exciting has been going on in my life in the past couple of weeks, to be honest... We spent the last January weekend /January 29th-30th/ in Karlovo and the only interesting thing that happened then was that hubby and I went for a walk on the Sunday and we met with our friend Istillian for a cup of coffee...

That week I also saw 'Step Up 3D' which was nice and entertaining...:)

On February 2nd /Wednesday/ I took out Vanyo's second tooth /the front lower one on the left/ because it was seriously shaking and Vanyo was in so much pain that he couldn't even eat...:( And I have to tell you that my dear son was incredibly brave and didn't cry at all!!!:) So the Tooth Fairy brought him a very cool transformer toy which he loved so much!!!:)))

The first February weekend /February 5th-6th/ was very quiet... Most of the time we were just relaxing at home... Only on Friday evening we went to the mall for dinner at KFC and on the Saturday hubby and I went to METRO to buy new sheets and pillow cases for our bed /light blue - I love them:)/.

Unlike the weekend, the week that followed was quite busy and stressful... On February 8th /Tuesday/ I went to the Police Station to pick up Minnie's first ID card... I still can't believe that my little girl has grown up so much!!!:)

Early the next morning /February 9th, Wednesday/ I had to take the bus to Blagoevgrad as I had some work to do there... I traveled for 4 hours and had everything done for less than half an hour after my arrival... Then I had some coffee and lunch and took the bus to Sofia... I traveled for 2 more hours and when I got to the capital, I sat at 'Happy Bar & Grill' where I waited for hubby to finish work.

After having a cup of coffee /and some yummy mini pancakes with chocolate/ together, hubby took me to the building where I was supposed to have a case the following morning /as I had no idea where it was/... Then it was time for dinner so we got back to 'Happy' and called Minnie to join us...:) We had a lovely time together - yummy food and a nice chat...:) And after dinner we went to Dunkin' Donuts for a dessert!!!:) We also phoned my parents to hear Vanyo /who spent that night at their place/ and it was such a relief to find out that he was dealing with my absence quite well...:)

The case I had the following morning was a real nightmare and I was quite upset when I got out of the court building...:( Luckily I felt much better after meeting hubby during his lunch break - we went to sign Vanyo up at a very nice school in the centre of Sofia /called 'Count Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatiev'/ and then we had lunch and coffee together...:) Then hubby got back to work and I took the bus to Plovdiv...:)

The next day /February 11th, Friday/ was my mother's birthday, so I was invited for lunch at my parents' place /roasted goat with potatoes - yummy:)/ and we had a very nice time together!!!:)

In the evening, when Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia, the four of us went to have dinner at the mall /KFC again, of course;)/. Vanyo played at the children section /which he adores:)/ and Vlado took some pictures of Minnie together with two young actors /very popular at the moment/ - Radina Kardzhilova and Yavor Baharov - who were at the mall to present their newest movie - 'TILT' /which we're planning to see very soon:)/.

Speaking of movies, that weekend I finally saw 'The King's Speech' and I think it's an incredible movie, which definitely deserves an Oscar!!!:) A touching story, great acting and fantastic /as always:)/ Colin Firth...:) This is certainly one of the best movies I've ever seen!!!:)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day but I didn't celebrate it as hubby was in Sofia...:( We heard on the phone, of course, and said that we love each other, but it definitely was not enough for me...:( Still, I'm trying to keep in mind that even though we couldn't celebrate this year, our love is strong and this is the most important thing...:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quiet days...

Well, the past two weeks were quite dull and uneventful... The weekends, however, turned out to be very quiet and nice...:)

On January 14th /Friday/ as soon as Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia, the four of us went to the mall where we had yummy dinner at KFC and did some grocery shopping...:)

The following morning Minnie, Vanyo and Vlado went to a hairdresser as they all needed haircuts /I had cut my hair earlier that week so I just waited for them/. Then we did some shopping and Vanyo got new clothes - jeans, a Ben 10 sweatshirt and some underwear...:) He was sooo happy!!!:)))

At noon our 'kumove' /and godparents of our children/ Vassil and Todorka came to bring us 'kravay' and a cake. According to the tradition they were supposed to do it on January 6th but they couldn't come then, so they postponed the visit a little bit. Their daughter Renny was with them too, but unfortunately their son Peter was ill, so he couldn't join them... We had yummy lunch and it was so nice to catch up with them...:)))

Last weekend /January 22nd - 23rd/ was even quieter... The only interesting thing was that Vlado and I went out on the Saturday evening... We sat at a bar and we spent about an hour there, chatting and joking non stop, it felt like a date...:)))

I also saw the movie 'Eat Pray Love' and I greatly enjoyed it...:) Watching the part which took place in Italy made me want to get back there again!!!:)

Schools in Sofia closed for a week because of the flu so Minnie is staying at home January 24th - 28th and it feels great!!!:) Both Vanyo and I are so happy to have her around!!!:) And I was so pleasantly surprised when I got home from work on the Monday evening and found the flat totally clean and tidy!!!:) As soon as Vanyo saw how pleased I was with what his sister had done, he quickly decided to put all his toys in the cupboards and drawers in his room...:) So sweet and funny!!!:)))

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vanyo's name day...:)

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th /Friday/. In the morning he brought to his Pre-School two boxes of chocolates as a treat for his friends and teachers.:) We picked him up from Pre-School earlier than usual - at noon, as my dad /who also had a name day then;)/ had invited us for lunch!!!:) My mum had prepared delicious food - roasted turkey with sauerkraut...:) The turkey was filled with rice, minced meat, mushrooms and some spices - yummy...:)))

Vanyo was super excited as he got some really nice presents from my parents - a Ben 10 gun /with light and sound/, a Ben 10 omnitrix and Ben 10 pencils...:)

That day Minnie and Vlado came to Plovdiv earlier than usual as we needed to apply for Minnie's first ID card...:) Luckily we did that quite quickly and then we went to my parents' home where we continued celebrating...:))) And Vanyo got one more present /from his dad, his sister and me/ - Dunkan Bulk from the Lego Hero Factory series...:))) He was soooo happy!!!:)))

We continued celebrating the following day as well because my in-laws came to visit us then... Which meant more yummy food and some more nice gifts for Vanyo /he got money this time/...:)))

That weekend was pretty quiet and uneventful...:))) I saw three movies - 'Law Abiding Citizen' /quite cruel, but very exciting as well... And Gerard Butler is incredible as always...:)/, 'You Again' /a nice and funny movie, I liked it...:)/ and 'Takers' /what a disappointment...:( So many great actors, some really nice action scenes but the movie seemed so long and boring...:(((And predictable...:(((/.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Christmas and New Year's Eve...

Well, our Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations were quiet, but nice...:)

On December 21st /Tuesday/ Minnie and her classmates exchanged gifts... And as my daughter is studying at a Classical Lyceum, all the children were given names of ancient Greek gods or goddesses... Only their class teacher knew which child is which god or goddess... There was a draw and it turned out that Minnie had to give a gift to Aphrodite... My daughter had to do some research about that goddess and her gift had to be related to Aphrodite's personality... She had found a very beautiful and elegant souvenir - two hearts, pierced with an arrow, covered with Swarovski crystals...:) To Minnie's greatest surprise, however, it had turned out that actually she had been Aphrodite /how appropriate:)/...:) So she exchanged gifts with another girl who had also drawn herself - Persephone /and got a cute demon from her/!!!:)

But this was not all...:) Being a Classical Lyceum, Minnie's new school has another lovely tradition for Christmas - Saturnalia!!!:) It is held by the 10th-graders /it took place on December 23rd, Thursday/ and Minnie told me she had had lots of fun!!!:) She was so enthusiastic that I'm determined to see the show next year!!!:)))

Minnie's Christmas holidays started right after the Saturnalia!!!:) When hubby finished work, they both came home and we were so happy to get together again!!!:)

In the evening of December 24th /Friday/ we drove to Karlovo where we spent the weekend...:) We had traditional dinner /Minnie got the coin in the 'pitka' again:)/ and when we finished eating, we found the presents under the Christmas tree!!!:)

As usual, almost everything was for the kids!!!:) Minnie got a C-THRU Purple Diamond cosmetic set /from her dad and me/, an Adidas Pure Lightness cosmetic set /from my parents/, 'The Magic Circle' book by Katherine Neville /from my sister and her family/ and some money /from my in-laws/.

Vanyo got a Star Wars Lego set /from his dad and me/, a Bakugan set /from my parents/, 'The Black Arrow' book by Robert Louis Stevenson /from my sister and her family/ and a knight set /from my in-laws/.

I got something from Santa as well - a B.U.Wild cosmetic set I had chosen myself!!!:))) So I have obviously been a good girl again!!!:)))

On the first Christmas Day /December 25th, Saturday/ hubby and I went out for a walk and sat for a cup of coffee with one of our best friends in Karlovo - Istillian. It was great to catch up with him!!!:)))

The following day /Sunday, December 26th/ after lunch hubby and I drove to Plovdiv but we left the kids in Karlovo for a few days as we do every year... It was nice to spend a few hours just the two of us as a couple at home...:) Unfortunately hubby had to drive to Sofia that night as he had to work the following day...:(((

The last week of 2010 felt a bit strange as I was all alone at home... I missed my hubby and the kids but it was also a kind of nice to be by myself for a few days...:) On the first day of that week /Monday, December 27th/ I met three of my High School friends /Aysel, Daniela and Alexandra/ for a drink after work /Tequila Sunrise for me:)/ and we had such a wonderful time together!!!:))) Being with them always makes me feel like a teen again!!!:)))

December 30th /Thursday/ was the last working day of that week. Hubby came from Sofia at noon and we went shopping...:) Then we went to Karlovo to pick the children up!!!:)))

We spent New Year's Eve at home and we had a great time just as the year before!!!:) Lots of nice food and drinks, lots of dancing and fun!!!:))) As soon as we welcomed the New Year I started receiving many calls, SMS and e-mails from friends, family and clients because of my name day /January 1st/...:) I felt spoilt!!!:)))

That week we saw two movies... My last movie for 2010 was 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' /some scenes were too brutal and violent, but generally it was a good thriller...:)/ and my first movie for 2011 was 'RED' /great entertainment - funny, exciting, and full of action...:)/.

The first two days of 2011 /January 1st and 2nd/ were spent mainly at home, relaxing... And on January 3rd /Monday/ our life got back to normal again - Minnie and Vanyo started attending school/Pre-School and me and hubby started work...

This week has been pretty dull and uneventful so far... The only thing that's worth being mentioned is the movie 'Rabbit Hole' which I saw on Tuesday... Such a sad and touching story... One of the best movies I've seen recently...