Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quiet days...

Well, the past two weeks were quite dull and uneventful... The weekends, however, turned out to be very quiet and nice...:)

On January 14th /Friday/ as soon as Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia, the four of us went to the mall where we had yummy dinner at KFC and did some grocery shopping...:)

The following morning Minnie, Vanyo and Vlado went to a hairdresser as they all needed haircuts /I had cut my hair earlier that week so I just waited for them/. Then we did some shopping and Vanyo got new clothes - jeans, a Ben 10 sweatshirt and some underwear...:) He was sooo happy!!!:)))

At noon our 'kumove' /and godparents of our children/ Vassil and Todorka came to bring us 'kravay' and a cake. According to the tradition they were supposed to do it on January 6th but they couldn't come then, so they postponed the visit a little bit. Their daughter Renny was with them too, but unfortunately their son Peter was ill, so he couldn't join them... We had yummy lunch and it was so nice to catch up with them...:)))

Last weekend /January 22nd - 23rd/ was even quieter... The only interesting thing was that Vlado and I went out on the Saturday evening... We sat at a bar and we spent about an hour there, chatting and joking non stop, it felt like a date...:)))

I also saw the movie 'Eat Pray Love' and I greatly enjoyed it...:) Watching the part which took place in Italy made me want to get back there again!!!:)

Schools in Sofia closed for a week because of the flu so Minnie is staying at home January 24th - 28th and it feels great!!!:) Both Vanyo and I are so happy to have her around!!!:) And I was so pleasantly surprised when I got home from work on the Monday evening and found the flat totally clean and tidy!!!:) As soon as Vanyo saw how pleased I was with what his sister had done, he quickly decided to put all his toys in the cupboards and drawers in his room...:) So sweet and funny!!!:)))

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vanyo's name day...:)

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th /Friday/. In the morning he brought to his Pre-School two boxes of chocolates as a treat for his friends and teachers.:) We picked him up from Pre-School earlier than usual - at noon, as my dad /who also had a name day then;)/ had invited us for lunch!!!:) My mum had prepared delicious food - roasted turkey with sauerkraut...:) The turkey was filled with rice, minced meat, mushrooms and some spices - yummy...:)))

Vanyo was super excited as he got some really nice presents from my parents - a Ben 10 gun /with light and sound/, a Ben 10 omnitrix and Ben 10 pencils...:)

That day Minnie and Vlado came to Plovdiv earlier than usual as we needed to apply for Minnie's first ID card...:) Luckily we did that quite quickly and then we went to my parents' home where we continued celebrating...:))) And Vanyo got one more present /from his dad, his sister and me/ - Dunkan Bulk from the Lego Hero Factory series...:))) He was soooo happy!!!:)))

We continued celebrating the following day as well because my in-laws came to visit us then... Which meant more yummy food and some more nice gifts for Vanyo /he got money this time/...:)))

That weekend was pretty quiet and uneventful...:))) I saw three movies - 'Law Abiding Citizen' /quite cruel, but very exciting as well... And Gerard Butler is incredible as always...:)/, 'You Again' /a nice and funny movie, I liked it...:)/ and 'Takers' /what a disappointment...:( So many great actors, some really nice action scenes but the movie seemed so long and boring...:(((And predictable...:(((/.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Christmas and New Year's Eve...

Well, our Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations were quiet, but nice...:)

On December 21st /Tuesday/ Minnie and her classmates exchanged gifts... And as my daughter is studying at a Classical Lyceum, all the children were given names of ancient Greek gods or goddesses... Only their class teacher knew which child is which god or goddess... There was a draw and it turned out that Minnie had to give a gift to Aphrodite... My daughter had to do some research about that goddess and her gift had to be related to Aphrodite's personality... She had found a very beautiful and elegant souvenir - two hearts, pierced with an arrow, covered with Swarovski crystals...:) To Minnie's greatest surprise, however, it had turned out that actually she had been Aphrodite /how appropriate:)/...:) So she exchanged gifts with another girl who had also drawn herself - Persephone /and got a cute demon from her/!!!:)

But this was not all...:) Being a Classical Lyceum, Minnie's new school has another lovely tradition for Christmas - Saturnalia!!!:) It is held by the 10th-graders /it took place on December 23rd, Thursday/ and Minnie told me she had had lots of fun!!!:) She was so enthusiastic that I'm determined to see the show next year!!!:)))

Minnie's Christmas holidays started right after the Saturnalia!!!:) When hubby finished work, they both came home and we were so happy to get together again!!!:)

In the evening of December 24th /Friday/ we drove to Karlovo where we spent the weekend...:) We had traditional dinner /Minnie got the coin in the 'pitka' again:)/ and when we finished eating, we found the presents under the Christmas tree!!!:)

As usual, almost everything was for the kids!!!:) Minnie got a C-THRU Purple Diamond cosmetic set /from her dad and me/, an Adidas Pure Lightness cosmetic set /from my parents/, 'The Magic Circle' book by Katherine Neville /from my sister and her family/ and some money /from my in-laws/.

Vanyo got a Star Wars Lego set /from his dad and me/, a Bakugan set /from my parents/, 'The Black Arrow' book by Robert Louis Stevenson /from my sister and her family/ and a knight set /from my in-laws/.

I got something from Santa as well - a B.U.Wild cosmetic set I had chosen myself!!!:))) So I have obviously been a good girl again!!!:)))

On the first Christmas Day /December 25th, Saturday/ hubby and I went out for a walk and sat for a cup of coffee with one of our best friends in Karlovo - Istillian. It was great to catch up with him!!!:)))

The following day /Sunday, December 26th/ after lunch hubby and I drove to Plovdiv but we left the kids in Karlovo for a few days as we do every year... It was nice to spend a few hours just the two of us as a couple at home...:) Unfortunately hubby had to drive to Sofia that night as he had to work the following day...:(((

The last week of 2010 felt a bit strange as I was all alone at home... I missed my hubby and the kids but it was also a kind of nice to be by myself for a few days...:) On the first day of that week /Monday, December 27th/ I met three of my High School friends /Aysel, Daniela and Alexandra/ for a drink after work /Tequila Sunrise for me:)/ and we had such a wonderful time together!!!:))) Being with them always makes me feel like a teen again!!!:)))

December 30th /Thursday/ was the last working day of that week. Hubby came from Sofia at noon and we went shopping...:) Then we went to Karlovo to pick the children up!!!:)))

We spent New Year's Eve at home and we had a great time just as the year before!!!:) Lots of nice food and drinks, lots of dancing and fun!!!:))) As soon as we welcomed the New Year I started receiving many calls, SMS and e-mails from friends, family and clients because of my name day /January 1st/...:) I felt spoilt!!!:)))

That week we saw two movies... My last movie for 2010 was 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' /some scenes were too brutal and violent, but generally it was a good thriller...:)/ and my first movie for 2011 was 'RED' /great entertainment - funny, exciting, and full of action...:)/.

The first two days of 2011 /January 1st and 2nd/ were spent mainly at home, relaxing... And on January 3rd /Monday/ our life got back to normal again - Minnie and Vanyo started attending school/Pre-School and me and hubby started work...

This week has been pretty dull and uneventful so far... The only thing that's worth being mentioned is the movie 'Rabbit Hole' which I saw on Tuesday... Such a sad and touching story... One of the best movies I've seen recently...