Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost over...

I can't believe that March is almost over... After that wonderful weekend at the Batak Area I wrote about in my previous post, my life has been rather boring... Still, some things happened, so I guess it's time to share them here...

On March 11th /Friday/ my parents became owners of a house in a village not too far away from Plovdiv. I helped them to prepare all the necessary documents for the purchase and I went with them to the Notary's Office when they signed the deal... I'm not very impressed by the house and the village /I would rather prefer it to be situated in the mountains/ but my parents are extremely happy and enthusiastic, so I guess my own opinion simply doesn't matter...;)

The following day /Saturday, March 12th/ Minnie attended an English Competition /it was a second round - between students from various schools in the Sofia region who had passed the first round successfully/. As soon as the competition was over, her dad drove her home... It was a pity that we had less time together that weekend, but we did our best to enjoy it to the fullest!!!:)

Unfortunately the next week Vanyo got sick - he had high temperature and cough, but the worst of all was that he had completely lost his voice...:( It was heartbreaking to see him suffer so much...:( Especially knowing how much he loves talking...;)

Luckily my dear son got better by the following weekend /which was a short one as the Saturday, March 19th, was a working day/...:) As soon as hubby and Minnie got home, the four of us went to the mall where we had yummy dinner at KFC and then we did some shopping...:) Vlado bought me a beautiful shirt /light blue with white stripes/ which was so sweet of him...:)

On March 23rd /Wednesday/ Vanyo was healthy enough to start attending the Pre-School again and life got back to normal for us both...:) His little friends were so happy to see him again!!!:) One of the girls had even told him that she loved him and wanted to become his girlfriend /unfortunately they broke up a few days later/...:)

Last weekend was great!!!:) We went to the mall on the Saturday evening /and had some yummy KFC dinner again:)/ and I worked a bit on the Sunday but most of the time we were simply relaxing at home...:)

March turned out to be a great month for movie watching!!!:) I saw 'Fireflies in the Garden' /great actors, weak movie...:(/, 'Revolutionary Road' /a very good movie, but too sad and depressing for my taste...:(/, 'Tron: Legacy' /great special effects, some breath-taking scenes, but nothing more than that...;)/, 'Hereafter' /the beginning was interesting, but the rest of the movie was boring and predictable...:(/, 'The Lost City' /a very sad, yet beautiful story... Andy Garcia did a great job... He acted so well that at certain moments I felt like reaching out and hugging him...:)/, 'Little Fockers' /there were some funny moments but not as much as in the first movie of the trilogy.../, 'Season of the Witch' /another disappointment... I have always loved Nicolas Cage but I like the movies he plays in recently less and less...:(/ and 'Love and Other Drugs' /a bitter-sweet story, funny, sad and touching like life itself...:) Much better than I expected it to be...:)))/.

And before I go, let me finish off with a quote from my favourite character in 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' - Gannicus /whose picture I've put in the beginning of this post/: 'There are many things given to us in this life for the wrong reasons. What we do with such blessings, that is the true test of a man'. Wise words, don't you think?!;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A perfect weekend...:)

Last weekend was simply perfect!!!:) March 3rd /Thursday/ was an official holiday /Liberation Day/ and as the government made March 4th /Friday/ a day off as well /we're supposed to work one Saturday, March 19th, instead/, we enjoyed a 4-day weekend!!!:)

In the morning of March 3rd the four of us drove to our favourite resort in the Batak Area and we had such a wonderful time there!!!:) We were surprised with some snow but actually we didn't mind it much as the houses of the resort were all perfectly heated and besides the kids had so much fun sledging, snowball fighting or simply lying in the snow!!!:)))

We went together with two other families and both the adults and the children enjoyed themselves to the fullest!!!:))) I didn't feel like having any spa procedures this time, but I went to the fitness centre once with Vlado and the kids and we had lots of fun there!!!:) We also enjoyed some quiet chats at the lobby bar of the resort, some yummy food at the restaurant and a couple of drinks in the evenings with our friends...:)

Unfortunately our holidays were over too quickly and on Saturday /March 5th/ after having breakfast we had to leave for Plovdiv as I had a case in court in the afternoon... I'm on duty this month, so I was busy on the Sunday as well, but I didn't mind it much as I had recharged my batteries the days before!!!:)

Let me see now what else has happened here... On March 1st we celebrated Baba Marta in Bulgaria - one of my favourite holidays!!!:) Vanyo and Minnie were so happy to receive so many 'marthenitza's from their family and friends!!!:) I had to go to Sofia for work, so met hubby for lunch and we had such a great time together - it felt like a date!!!:)))

Yesterday /March 8th/ was International Women's Day but it was just a normal working day for me... Still, I got a lovely surprise from Vanyo - he had drawn a picture of us both and had made me a little bracelet, which was so sweet of him!!!:))) I also got greetings from my family and friends which also added a great deal to my positive mood that day!!!:)))

This month I haven't seen any movies so far, but I did see a few in the second part of February: 'The Switch' /an OK romantic comedy/, 'The Resident' /maybe not one of the best thrillers, but it was definitely interesting to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in such a different image...;)/ and 'The Tourist' /what a disappointment...:(/. I also saw 'The Forsyte Saga' mini series /I enjoyed them to the fullest/ and 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' TV series /I loved them and I just can't wait to see the next season of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'/...:)