Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A different Easter...

The days before the Easter holidays were pretty uneventful... Even the weekend before Easter was quiet... Only on the Friday /April 15th/, as soon as Minnie and Vlado came home from Sofia, the four of us went to have dinner at 'Happy Bar and Grill'...:) The food was delicious as always and we had so much fun that evening...:)

That weekend I saw only one movie /'Battle: Los Angeles'/ which was a total waste of time...:( Lots of action and battle scenes /as expected/ but the plot was nothing special...:((( It also seemed unfinished somehow which means that either there might be a sequel or the movie is even worse than I thought...:P

On the Thursday before Easter /April 21st/ I decided to work only until noon so my Easter holidays started a little bit earlier...:) I picked up Vanyo from his Pre-School, we had a nap together /a rare and much needed pleasure/ and when we woke up, hubby and Minnie arrived...:)

Our original plan was to spend Easter at my in-laws as every year but we suddenly decided to stay at home instead /which turned out to be the perfect choice:)/.:))) We spent some super nice time together, just the four of us....:) Unfortunately early on Monday /April 25/ Minnie had to leave for her school practice /around the monasteries of Bulgaria for a week, lucky her:)/, so she and Vlado had to leave for Sofia on Sunday evening and we couldn't spend the last day off together...:( But the next weekend is near, so I'm trying to be positive!!!;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring holidays...:)

Yes, March turned out to be a really good month for movie watching...:) After writing my last post here, I saw one more - 'Gamer' /lots of action and fantastic Gerard Butler... That sums up the only good thing about the movie...;)/... 

On March 30th /Wednesday/ started Minnie's spring holidays...:) As Vanyo is in Pre-School, he also had spring holidays but he was allowed to attend the Kindergarten during that time, so he continued going there until the end of the week /Friday, April 1st/... 

Hubby had taken a week off during the kids' spring break /April 4th-8th/, so the four of us finally had the chance to spend a longer time together!!!:) Which we enjoyed to the fullest!!!:) 

As soon as Vlado and Minnie came home from Sofia on Friday evening /April 1st/, the four of us went to have dinner at KFC and did some grocery shopping at the mall...:)

On the Saturday we slept in, and after having coffee /breakfast for the kids/ we drove to Karlovo to visit my in-laws. We had a lazy time there, just relaxing, watching TV, reading and eating lots of yummy food...:) We got home on the Sunday after lunch. 

I had to work a bit on the Monday and Tuesday, but I took the rest of the week off as I had nothing urgent to do and I wanted to spend more time with my family...;) On Tuesday /April 5th/ I met a few of my High School friends for a drink after work and we had such a great time together - lots of nice chats and fun!!!:) 

On April 6th /Wednesday/ the four of us went to do some grocery shopping at Galeria Mall. The kids wanted to climb the wall in the middle of the mall so that's what they did when we finished shopping...:) Each one of them climbed it for 3 times and they had so much fun!!!:))) After the wall climbing we went to have lunch at 'Verdi' /yummy pizza:)/ and spent a quiet afternoon at home...:) 

The following day we had lunch at Mall Plovdiv /KFC again:)/ and then we went to the Rowing Canal where hubby and the kids played football... I tried to play some too, but got tired quite easily, so I just sat under a tree and observed the game...:P When the others decided they were tired too, we sat at a cafe next to the canal and enjoyed the perfect spring weather to the fullest...:) 

The last three days of our spring holidays were spent mostly at home /the only exception was the lunch we had at McDonald's on Friday/... We just relaxed, did some reading and - surprise, surprise- saw some movies - 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1' /one of the best Harry Potter movies - very interesting and exciting!!!:) I loved it and I just can't wait for the second part!!!:)/, 'How Do You Know' /and OK romantic movie/, 'Star Trek' /I love science fiction, but this movie just couldn't impress me much...:(/, 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' /a great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'The Girl Who Played with Fire' /maybe not as suspenseful as the first movie, but still very good and interesting:)/ and 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' /a great ending to the story!!!:) The scenes of the trial were especially interesting for me as I noticed so many differences between the court procedures we have in Bulgaria and those in the movie...;) I was especially shocked when I saw the prosecutor, the lawyer, and even the defendant remaining seated while talking to the judge... In Bulgarian court this would be considered as disrespectful...;)/. 

Unfortunately our wonderful spring holidays were over too soon...:( Today hubby and I got back to work and the kids are attending school/Pre-School again... But I'm already looking forward to the following weekend!!!:)))