Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A rollercoaster...

The past couple of weeks were pretty intense emotionally... I felt as if I was riding on a rollercoaster... Sigh...

On April 28th /Thursday/ I was at a meeting with Vanyo's Pre-School teachers when I got a call from my dad telling me that he should be hospitalized because he had been diagnosed with pulmonary pneumonia...:( It was such a shock for me...:( Needless to say, I was super worried for him...:( I tried to get as much info as I could find online, but the more I read, the more scared I got, so I finally gave it up...:(

Minnie came home from her school practice on the Saturday afternoon /April 30th/ so unfortunately we couldn't spend the whole weekend together...:( Still, Vlado and I could see a movie - 'No Strings Attached' /an OK romantic comedy/ which was probably the only fun thing we did that weekend...

On May 3rd /Tuesday/ my dad got back from the hospital as all his test results were fine. However, the doctors had noticed a spot on one of his lungs which they had decided to remove... So my dad had to return to the hospital the following week...:( But he was very happy to be home again especially as it allowed him to attend the party for Vanyo's 7th birthday.:)

Vanyo's birthday was on May 6th /Friday/. As it's also an official holiday /Day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army/, it marked the beginning of a long weekend...:) My mother-in-law and my parents came for lunch and we enjoyed some yummy food - a Shopska salad, roasted lamb /it was also Saint George's Day, so we were supposed to eat lamb or goat according to the tradition;)/ , 'drob-sarma' and, of course, a cake...:) Actually Vanyo had two cakes - one we had bought for him to light his candles on /chocolate/ and another one my mother-in-law had made /with bananas/...;)

Needless to say, Vanyo received lots of wonderful gifts!!!:) He got a transformer toy /turns into a police car/ and a set of tools /hammer, bolts, screwdrivers, etc., all made of plastic, of course;)/ from my parents, a Ben 10 motorbike and a Bakugan ball from my sister and her family, a board game about mathematics and some money from my mother-in-law and a scooter from the brand of his favourite cartoon 'Cars' /which you can see on the picture of this post/ from his dad, his sister and me...:) Vanyo loved all the presents and it was difficult for him to choose which one to play with first!!!;)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet... We made it to see the movie 'I Am Number Four' which turned out to be a great entertainment for the whole family...:)

On the Monday of the following week my dad was back to the hospital and a few days later /on May 12th, Thursday/ he got operated. Luckily the operation went fine, the tumor /which, to our greatest relief, was not cancer/ was removed without a problem, and yesterday my dad was allowed to go home.:) He is still weak but I'm sure he'll get stronger soon as my mum takes a really good care of him...:)

The day of my dad's operation I had to travel to Sofia as I had a case at the Supreme Court of Cassation early the following morning... Luckily my dad was out of the OR just before I took the bus to the capital, so I could speak with him and my mum /who was at the hospital/ on the phone before I left... Which, needless to say, allowed me to travel with a lighter heart...:) I didn't have to worry about Vanyo either, as my mother-in-law came to pick him up from the Pre-School and took him to Karlovo with her...:)

As soon as I arrived in Sofia, I met Vlado /who had just finished work/ at 'Happy Bar and Grill' where we had yummy dinner...:) We called Minnie to join us but she said that she would rather have something from McDonald's instead so that's where we went afterwards...;)

My case the next morning went fine and as soon as it was over, I met hubby for a cup of coffee at a very fancy place, called 'Flocafe'...:) I really liked it there even though it was rather expensive...;)

When Minnie got back from school and Vlado finished work, we drove to Karlovo to pick Vanyo up and then the four of us got home.:) Unfortunately once again we couldn't spend the whole weekend together, though...:( Minnie had to be at the airport early on the Sunday morning for her school practice in Italy /she'll be there for 9 days... Lucky her...:)/... So hubby had to drive her back to Sofia on the Saturday evening...

That week I finally finished reading 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' /after more than a year, I know...:P/. I loved it just as the previous four Harry Potter books even though this one seemed a bit too long /almost 850 pages, that's one of the reasons why it took me so long to read it;)/... But it was still a good and interesting book...:)

I've decided to take a little break before continuing with the young wizard's adventures, so I've started reading 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' by Victor Hugo next. It is the first one of the 19th Century Golden Books Collection hubby and I bought 2 years ago...:) This collection consists of 40 books, some of which I've read before but I won't mind re-reading...:) It is the first time I'm reading this particular book, though, and I'm greatly enjoying it!!!:) Hopefully it won't take me another year to finish it...;)

Oh, there are so many books I want to read, and so little time... This week I received a prize - the book 'The Lincoln Lawyer' by Michael Connelly and I hope I'll be able to read it in the near future as well...:)))

So far this week I've seen two movies - 'Brothers' /the actors were great but the story of the movie somehow couldn't touch me as deeply as it was supposed to.../ and 'Remember Me' /turned out to be much better than I expected...;)/. But we're still in the middle of the week, so there is some room for improvement...;)