Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A long weekend, a Pre-School Graduation Party and some other news...:)

Well, the past couple of weeks were very, very nice!!!:)

May 24th /Tuesday/ was a national holiday /Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture/, but the government had decided to give the Monday /May 23rd/ off as well /and we had to work one Saturday, May 28th, instead/, so we enjoyed a long /four day/ weekend!!!:) We spent it mostly relaxing at home, but on the Monday Vlado, Vanyo and I went to Sofia to meet Minnie at the airport. The four of us were so happy to be together again!!!:))) Minnie told us that she had had a wonderful time in Italy, she had seen and experienced so much during those 9 days...:) They've visited Pompei, Naples, Rome /for three days, they've also seen the Vatican then/, Siena, Firenze, Pisa, Milano, Verona, Venice /while there Minnie has also taken a boat to the islands Burano, Murano and Torcello/. She told me she simply loves Italy and she is determined to visit this beautiful country again...:) Oh, I understand her so well!!!:) She had brought us lots of great souvenirs from all the places she had been to and she had taken 500 pictures!!!:)))

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful... Of course, we saw some movies - 'Stranger Than Fiction' /a quite predictable movie... But Emma Thompson was incredible and made it worth watching...;)/, 'The Maiden Heist' /a very fresh and funny movie, I liked it very much/, 'Just Go with It' /quite predictable but also very, very funny:)/ and 'Push' /there were some interesting action scenes but nothing extraordinary/.

I only worked for three days the following week, which was super nice!!!:) On the Thursday /May 26th/ I met a couple of High School friends for a drink after work and we had such a great time together!!!:) Vanyo /who had also come with me/ had so much fun that he even told me 'Mum, you have the coolest friends!'...:) What a wise boy he is!!!:)))

Last weekend was rather short as hubby had to work on the Saturday /because of the extra day off the previous weekend/, but we had a great time anyway!!!:))) On the Saturday evening I took Vanyo and Minnie to the Antique Theatre to see a play put up by some students from Minnie's school. It was a historical play, but there was also some modern music /Queen/ and some dancing... Very interesting and well done!!!:)

On the Sunday /May 29th/ the four of us attended Vanyo's Pre-School Graduation Party....:) There was a very nice show - songs, dances, and even some demonstration of how well the children are prepared for school, and then they got their certificates...:) Vanyo participated at the Russian Dance....:) I think he looked very cute in his Russian costume and he danced very well!!!:) I was so proud looking at him and couldn't stop wondering when did he grow up so much...:) By the way, the video of the Russian dance is in Facebook so if you're interested, you are more than welcome to have a look!!!:)))

By the end of May I've seen two more movies - 'Night at the Museum' /very funny and entertaining:)/ and 'The Brave One' /Jodie Foster did her best, but the movie as a whole was nothing special to me.../. I hope June will be just as good for movie watching as May was!!!:)