Monday, August 29, 2011

My birthday and summer holidays...:)

August 12 /Friday/ was my 36th birthday...:) It started off as a normal working day, but it also felt somehow special, because I received so many calls, SMS, e-mails, e-cards, Facebook wall posts and messages from family and friends...:) As soon as I finished work, I took the bus to Plovdiv to spend the weekend with my dear hubby and kids...:) To my greatest surprise they welcomed me at the bus station with a red rose /my favourite flower/...:) Minnie explained that giving only one flower means 'You are the one and only for me', so interesting /I didn't know it before;)/ and sweet...:)

When we got home, there were some more surprises waiting for me - Vanyo had drawn me a BD card and had written me a poem...:) My dear hubby and kids had also made a cake for me, which was so thoughtful of them...:) And the cake was so delicious!!!:))) I was so deeply touched by these surprises, that I burst into tears...:P I felt so special and loved!!!:)))

My birthday celebration continued the following day as well - we visited my parents at their holiday house and we had some yummy BBQ there...:)

The next Monday /August 15/ was my last day at work before my summer holidays...:) It was super busy but I made it!!!;) While I was at work, hubby and Minnie were moving all of our stuff out of the flat we were renting in Sofia /close to Minnie's school/ because we will rent a bigger one since the beginning of September...:) When I finished work, we said 'good-bye' to Sofia and went to Karlovo to pick up Vanyo /he was staying with my mother-in-law that day/ and then we drove to Plovdiv...:)

The following day was super busy as well because we had to prepare for our holidays at the Black Sea...:) We did some shopping, Minnie and I went to a beautician, and Vanyo and hubby went to the hairdresser...:) And, of course, we did lots of packing...;)

We left for the Black Sea coast early in the morning of August 17 /Wednesday/ and stayed there until August 23 /Tuesday/. We had rented two rooms /one for the kids and one for hubby and me/ at a hotel in Kiten /a lovely little town on the South Black Sea coast/. Our hotel was not anything luxurious but it was very clean and in good shape...:) The service and food were excellent, but most importantly - its location was perfect - in a little forest, yet very close to the beach...:)

The weather was perfect, so we went to the beach every day...:) Minnie and Vlado used to run along the beach early in the morning, then we would have breakfast and go to the beach for a while /9-11 a.m./. After a shower, a lunch and some rest we would go to the beach again /3.30-5.30 p.m./. Then we would have another shower, a dinner and would either go for a walk or just relax...:) It was a very lazy holiday, exactly what we needed...:) 

Normally I don't like sunbathing much but this time I actually enjoyed it...:) I think it was because I always had something to read with me in my phone...:) I actually finished reading one book at the beach - 'Nero the Wolf' by Hristo Kaltchev. It's the first book of the 'Vulgar Novels' series of this author. He writes about the criminal world in Bulgaria, which, needless to say, makes it very interesting for me...:) I've read this book in 1996 and now I re-read it as an e-book....:)

After we got back home from the Black Sea, we spent a few more lazy days... I guess the only interesting thing that happened then was that we finally saw 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' /except of some action scenes the movie was nothing special, to be honest/...

Last weekend we went to Karlovo for the annual fair... We went to the fair twice - on the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon... The kids enjoyed all the attractions as always...:) We met our friend Istillian with his family at the fair on Friday and all of us went to a restaurant that evening...:) We had a great time there!!!:)

Now we're back home and I'm enjoying my last days with my family before starting work again on September 1...:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting used to Sofia...

Yes, I'm slowly getting used to my new life in Sofia and I've even started enjoying all the opportunities the capital has to offer...:) 

July 28 /Thursday/ was a very nice day!!!:) Hubby and I met after work and went shopping.  He liked a shirt and I bought it for him as an early birthday present...:) Then I liked a dress and he bought it for me in return /as an early birthday gift too/. We were both so pleased with each other...:) When we finished shopping, we sat at a cafe enjoying the lovely summer evening...:)

The following day my boss told me that he liked the way I work, so my probation period was over /in three weeks instead of a month as he originally planned, great:)/. So it looks like I'll stay at that law firm for a while...;)

My boss also told me that he'll be on holidays the folowing two weeks /1-15 August/ and when he gets back I can take two weeks off as well /16 August - 1 September/...:) So needless to say, I'm looking forward to my holidays...:) We have booked two rooms at a hotel in Kiten /a lovely town on the Black Sea coast/ and we'll be staying there for a week /17-23 August/. I'm sure we'll have a great time there!!!:)

The day when I found out that my probation was over, was a Friday, so as soon as hubby and I finished work, we drove to Karlovo to pick the children up and bring them to Plovdiv for the weekend..:)

On the Saturday /July 30/ we went to the mall. Vanyo remained at the children's section /to his greatest joy:)/ and the rest of us went shopping... This time Minnie got lucky - we bought her jeans, a shirt and a top from Mango and shorts and a T-shirt /with the sign 'Wild hearts can't be broken';)/ from Fox.:) I got something from Fox too - a black cotton dress, perfect for the beach...:) 

Then we went for lunch at the mall /McDonald's for Minnie and me, KFC for the guys/ and we spent the rest of the day quietly at home...:)

Minnie and Vanyo were invited to a birthday party at the bowling club of Novotel Plovdiv on the Sunday. While they were at the party, hubby and I went for a walk and then we had lunch at 'Happy Bar and Grill'. I had delicious Greek style calamari - the perfect summer meal!!!;) 

In the evening we drove the children back to Karlovo and then continued to Sofia... Actually hubby was on holidays from August 1st /Monday/ but there were still some errands he had to run, so he remained at the capital for two days... Then he joined the children in Karlovo... I was a bit sad to remain alone in Sofia, but it would be too selfish to ask him to stay with me just to be around when I get back from work... Besides, our separation won't be too long - I'm planning to join them next weekend /when we should also celebrate my birthday;)/...

So far this month I've seen only one movie - 'Conviction' /very good and touching, I absolutely loved it!!!:) Made me realize once again how much I love Criminal Law...:) And the actors were great too!!!:)