Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our new life in Sofia...

The last days of August were wonderful...:) We mainly stayed at home and relaxed but we also did some reading and movie watching...:) Vanyo and I finished reading 'Pippi Longstocking' /Minnie also wanted to listen to the last adventures of Pippi with us:)/ and then started another lovely book by Astrid Lindgren - 'Emil of Loneberga'. As for the movie we saw, it was 'Water for Elephants'. It turned out to be a very nice and touching movie, I really liked it!!!:)

In the evening of August 31st hubby drove me to Sofia as I was about to start work the following day... We moved some stuff to the flat which we started renting since then /the bigger one, in the centre of Sofia/ and after that he got back to Plovdiv to join the kids /he was still on holidays until September 7th/. I was a bit upset to stay alone in Sofia, but it was for two days only, so I survived...;) 

The following weekend was a long one because September 6th /Tuesday/ was a national holiday and we were given the Monday off as well...:) We had to work on the Saturday /September 3rd/ instead but luckily not in our law firm, so I had a lovely four-day weekend to enjoy with my dear family!!!:)

On the Sunday /September 4th/ we drove to Starnitza /the village where we have bought a house/ as we were invited to a BBQ by our friends...:) Needless to say, we had a great time there as always!!!:))) We got back home on the following day but we did some stops on our way for picking up some wild raspberries, yum!!!:)

We also saw some movies during the long weekend - 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' /definitely not my kind of movie... Johnny Depp did a great job, though.../ and 'Black Swan' /too weird and dark for me.../.

When the long weekend was over, hubby and I left the kids in Karlovo and then drove to Sofia as we both had to work the following three days... As soon as we finished work on the Friday, we went to Karlovo again to pick the children up and then we drove home where we spent another lovely quiet weekend...:) 

During that weekend we saw 'Thor' which turned out to be a great entertainment for the whole family.:)

September 11th /Sunday/ was my dad's birthday so we were invited to my parents' home for lunch...:) We had a very nice time together!!!:)

In the evening we drove to Sofia again, but this time the kids came with us as they were about to start school on September 15th /Thursday/...:) 

I still can't believe that my little son is already in 1st grade at school!!!:) Vanyo was super excited to start school too!!!:) He didn't know anyone there, but it was not a problem for him at all!!!:) He made lots of friends in no time!!!:) He likes all his classmates and teachers and he really enjoys going to school so far, which is such a relief for me!!!:) I hope he will keep it up this way, fingers crossed!!!:) 

Minnie was also very happy to be back to school and re-unite with all of her friends there!!!:) She will have some new teachers and subjects this school year /Arts and Ancient Greek/ but I'm sure she'll do fine as always!!!:)

Today is a national holiday /Independence Day/ and we're a given tomorrow as a day off too /we had to work the previous Saturday, September 17th, instead/, so it's the beginning of a long /4-day/ weekend...:) We got back to Plovdiv and we have no special plans yet... I guess we'll just relax and some fun things like movie watching, reading and letter-writing...:)