Sunday, October 16, 2011

A long weekend, a radio show, an Ancient Feast, and some other news...

The long weekend at the end of September /September 22-25/ was wonderful - we enjoyed our time in Plovdiv to the fullest!!!:) We didn't do anything special, just relaxed at home... My parents came for lunch on the Friday /September 23rd/ and we had a great time together - yummy food and nice conversations...:)

Of course, we saw some movies as well - 'Zookeeper' /well, maybe not the funniest movie I've seen, but it wasn't too bad, either;)/, 'Morning Glory' /a very nice movie, I liked it a lot:)/, and 'Fast Five' /I loved it - lots of breath-taking action scenes and incredible Vin Diesel:)/. 

We spent the first October weekend /October 1st - 2nd/ in Sofia and on the Sunday we decided to go to the park at the National Palace of Culture /a walking distance from the flat we're renting/. Vanyo rode his scooter there and the rest of us just enjoyed the gorgeous weather sitting at one of the numerous cafes there...:) 

As Minnie is studying Ancient Greek this school year, I've decided to give it a try too and I started sudying it in the beginning of October... So far I've only learnt the alphabet, but I'm very proud of myself and I hope I'll keep it up...:)

The second October weekend /October 8th - 9th/ was spent in Plovdiv again...:) And once again we had such a wonderful time just staying at home and relaxing...:) My sister and my parents came on the Saturday and we had a very yummy lunch meal together...:) And on the Sunday we listened to a kids' radio show where Vanyo was interviewed...:) We were so amazed when we heard him speaking about the phases of the moon, asteroids and meteorites, black holes in the Universe, and other things we had no idea he knew about...:) We were all so proud of him!!!:)

This week I finished reading the second book of the 'Vulgar Novels' by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Caligula the Furious'. I have read it in 1996 but I greatly enjoyed re-reading it as an e-book on my phone...:)

Yesterday there was an Ancient Feast at Minnie's school. She had to recite a poem in Latin, so she was a bit nervous, but she did fine...:) She told me that she has had lots of fun there!!!:) They showed the event on the news and it seemed very interesting indeed!!!:) She is so lucky to study at such a great school!!!:)

Today is a rather uneventful day... The only thing worth mentioning is that it was snowing this morning... What a shock!!!:((( I can't believe that the winter is trying to come so early...:((( Luckily they're predicting warmer weather next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some more sunny autumn days!!!:)