Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two parent-teacher meetings and Minnie's name day...:)

Last week was super busy… Besides my usual obligations I also had two parent-teacher meetings to attend. The first one was at Vanyo’s school – on November 10th /Thursday/. I was a bit nervous as I was afraid that Vanyo’s class teacher might not be completely satisfied with his discipline, but luckily it turned out that all my worries had been in vain…:) Actually the teacher was very pleased with him!!!:) She even told me that once they were having a discussion in class about being tolerant towards the different people and Vanyo had made a very long and nice speech about how important it is to be good to everyone around us…:) The teacher was greatly impressed…:) Needless to say, I was super proud when I heard this!!!:)

The second parent-teacher meeting was the following day at Minnie’s school. This time I wasn’t nervous at all as I knew that I’ll hear only good comments about my daughter… And I was absolutely right!!!:) All the teachers I spoke with were very pleased with Minnie and kept saying what a pleasure it is for them to have such an intelligent, serious, hard-working student as her…:) I was so happy and proud, that I even got tears in my eyes…:)

That day was a Friday, so as soon as the meeting at Minnie’s school was over, the four of us drove to Plovdiv for the weekend. It was also Minnie’s name day then, so we stopped at McDonald’s for dinner…:) Of course, Minnie had also brought a box of chocolates to school that day as a name day treat for her classmates and teachers…:)

The celebrations for Minnie’s name day continued yesterday as well…:) My parents came for lunch and we had a wonderful time together…:) Of course, Minnie got some nice presents for her name day…:) She got a Calliope shirt from her dad, her brother and me /we had bought it together at the mall the previous weekend/. My mother-in-law had given her some money in advance, so Minnie bought herself a new winter jacket and a long sleeved top from the New Yorker shop that day at the mall too… My parents gave Minnie some money too so we’ll have to figure out what to spend them for… Most probably for some new clothes again…:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

A few more nice weekends...:)

The last few weekends were very nice indeed...:) Maybe it was so because we spent them at home, in Plovdiv?!;)

On the morning of October 22nd /Saturday/ Minnie and I went to the hairdresser for a much needed cut and then the four of us visited my parents for lunch. :) We drove back to Sofia on the Sunday and we stopped at Karlovo on our way to visit my mother-in-law for a while… We even made it to see a movie that weekend – ‘Captain America’ /very entertaining:)/.

The following weekend /October 29-30/ we once again visited my parents for lunch on the Saturday...:) And once again we saw a movie - this time it was 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' /breath-taking, super exciting and touching end of the saga... I had misty eyes most of the time... I can't believe that the whole adventure is over now... Sigh.../

Last weekend we stayed mostly at home as I was trying to recover from the nasty cold I had caught the previous week... But we still made it to see a movie - 'Friends with Benefits' /a very fresh and nice movie, I liked it a lot:)/.