Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Minnie's 15th Birthday... and some Christmas activities...:)

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote here... You probably remember that Vanyo had his tooth taken out in the beginning of December so the Tooth Fairy was about to put some money under his pillow... Well, unfortunately Vanyo was very disappointed when he saw the money as it turned out that he had expected a toy instead...:( So we returned the money under the pillow and when he got back from school, he found a Lego City toy instead...:) Needless to say, my son was totally satisfied with his gift this time!!!:)

That Sunday /December 11th/ was Minnie's 15th birthday!!!:) As always, we spent the weekend in Plovdiv, but we came back to Sofia earlier than usual because of the birthday party...:) Minnie celebrated with her best friends in a bar, called 'Antre' and even though they were only four kids, they all said they have had a great time...:) Minnie had a very special chocolate cake, called 'Cleopatra' which was super delicious...:) And she got some really cute gifts from her friends...:)

After the party with her friends, Minnie had another celebration - this time with her family...:) We got some KFC food at home and had a nice quiet dinner, just the four of us...:) Minnie got some nice presents from us too - some clothes from her dad, her brother and me /a new top and a new leather belt for her jeans/ and some money from her grandparents and aunt /which will most probably be spent for clothes as well:)/.

We also managed to see a Bulgarian movie during the weekend of Minnie's birthday. It's called 'Footprints in the Sand' and we greatly enjoyed it!!!:)))

The following week was rather uneventful... The only interesting thing that happened was that we saw 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' /a very nice movie for the whole family:)/.

Yesterday was the Christmas party at Minnie's school...:) She brought some chocolate muffins for her classmates and the kids have exchanged gifts...:) 

And in the evening Minnie, Vanyo and I went to the 'Saturnalia' organized by the 10th grade students at Minnie's school. The performance was excellent and very, very funny...:) The children did a great job imitating their teachers...:)))

That evening was also my office Christmas party so as soon as we were back from the 'Saturnalia', I went to the pub where my colleagues were already celebrating...:) We had a very nice evening together, enjoying yummy food, good drinks and an interesting conversation...:) 

So yesterday was a very busy, but fun-filled day as well!!!:)))

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Missing home...

I've been missing my home and city so much lately...:((( Looks like I will never feel comfortable at the capital, no matter how spectacular, cool and shiny living here might seem...:((( I'm afraid that if we didn't go home every weekend, I might become depressive... So even though all that travelling is quite tiring, it's necessary for my mental sanity...;)

Of course, I'm happy that our family is not separated anymore, but I miss my previous life so much... Sigh... Oh, why does everything have to be so complicated?!

Anyway, I didn't mean to complain... All I wanted to do was to share what's been going on here in the past few weeks...;)

My news are mainly about Vanyo now...:) In November he started attending Fun Mathematics lessons and he really likes it there...:) It's great to see him so interested in Mathematics!!!:)))

Yesterday he made me super proud!!!:))) He had found some money at school and had given them to the teacher...:))) You can imagine how happy had been the girl who had lost the money!!!:)))

And today Vanyo had his third tooth taken out /the second bottom tooth on the left/... He was very brave and didn't cry at all!!!:))) I guess the Tooth Fairy will put some money under his pillow tonight!!!:)))

I have some book news too...:) In November I finished the third book of the Vulgar Novels by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Cycle of Messalina'. Just like the previous two books of the series, I have read it in 1996, but it was very interesting to re-read it - this time as an e-book on my phone!!!:)