Monday, November 19, 2012

My operation, Minnie's name day, our new car and some other news...:)

My gynecological operation was scheduled for October 31st /Wednesday/. Luckily it went fine and I could go home the following morning...:) I was on sick leave for a week after that, which allowed me to recover completely!:))) Now I still need to pick up my histology results, but I have the feeling that everything will be fine!:)))

Minnie's name day was on November 11th. It was a Sunday, so we had a small celebration at home /just the four of us:)/. Of course, Minnie brought two boxes of chocolates to school the following day as a treat for her classmates and teachers!:) And she got some presents too -  a top and some underwear from her dad, her brother and me and some money from her grandparents /that was spent for clothes too - jeans this time:)/. 

The following day was super exciting - hubby and I picked up our new car!:) It's a 2012 Chevrolet Aveo - so cute and elegant!:) The colour is very special too - Misty Lake...:) Needless to say, we're all very happy with it!:)))

I saw only one more movie by the end of October - 'Shawshank's Redemption'. It's one of my all-time favourites so it was great to see it again. And I'm very happy that Minnie enjoyed it very much too /it was her first time seeing it/...:)

The movies I've seen so far in November are: 'Total Recall' /maybe not as good as the first Total Recall movie, but still great entertainment!:)/, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' /fresh, interesting, funny, great special effects and breath-taking action scenes!:) Two thumbs up!:)/ and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' /I really liked the idea, the actors were great too, but somehow the movie itself was too strange and unusual for me.../. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn is here...

... and I miss the summer so much... Luckily we have mostly sunny days for now, so I'm not too depressed yet...:) And I guess I should hurry up with my update while I'm still in good mood!;)

So... what has happened in my life lately... I've been too busy with work and the kids starting school... But there was still some time for fun stuff and I'm planning to write about it here...;) 

My dad's birthday was on September 11th. It happened on a week day /Tuesday/, so were in Sofia then... But on the Saturday /September 14th/ we visited my parents and celebrated dad's birthday...:) Needless to say, we had a wonderful time together!:)

The children started school on September 17th /Monday/. Both are doing well at their studies which I'm very happy about...:) Minnie has two new subjects in 10th grade - Ancient Bulgarian and Psychology and I hope she'll enjoy studying them!:) Vanyo is in 2nd grade and he started getting marks this school year - only 'excellent' 6 so far /the best mark in Bulgaria/ and we're all super proud of him!:)

In the beginning of the school year we were told that only 10 children from Vanyo's class will be allowed to attend full-time education... It was quite a huge shock for all the parents, as you can imagine...:S Luckily Vanyo made it to be one of those children /actually I got him on the list as number 11;)/. He was very happy about it too, because he loves going to school in the afternoon...:)

This school year Minnie will continue with her Conversational Latin and Vanyo has decided to stop dancing lessons and attend chess lessons instead...:) So far he really enjoys playing chess and I hope he'll keep it up!:)

September 29th /Saturday/ was a working day because of a extra day off in the beginning of September. Luckily my boss allowed me to stay at home, yay!:) Minnie was at a birthday party that day /her best friend:)/, so after hubby finished work, we picked her up and drove to Karlovo to take the puppy.:) Then we went to Plovdiv to enjoy the rest of the weekend!:) On Sunday we left the puppy in Karlovo and got back to Sofia...

We didn't see a lot of movies in September... Here is the list: 'Marvel's The Avengers' /great entertainment:)/, 'Carrie' /I saw it only because someone had told Minnie that she looks like Carrie... Well, there is some similarity between the two of them indeed, but to be honest, I wasn't impressed with the movie itself at all...:(/, 'Men in Black III' /not as funny as the first movie, but still interesting:)/ and 'Super 8' /such a disappointment...:(/.

October has generally been a good month so far... Yet, some not so nice things happened as well...:( First, this Monday /October 8th/ I was told that I'll need a small gynecological operation...:( I'm a bit worried, of course, but I'm trying to be positive as it's not anything serious, so hopefully everything will be fine!:)

And yesterday Vanyo went to a school trip. They went to a Water Park near Sofia and my son had greatly enjoyed all the attractions...:) Unfortunately a boy Vanyo was playing with had broken his arm and even needed to have it operated...:S Vanyo was extremely scared because of it, but I spoke on the phone with the boy's mum and she told me that the operation had went well and the boy is recovering... I hope with all my heart that he'll be fine soon!

So far this month I have seen only one movie - 'The Cold Light of Day' /nothing special...:(/.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My summer holidays...:)

My summer holidays were great and I guess it's time to finally write about them here...:) I was off from August 11th until September 3rd...:) And what a wonderful time it was!!!:)

The first highlight was, of course, my birthday on August 12th /Sunday/...;) We didn't do anything special, just a little celebration at home...:) Vlado and the kids made me a yummy birthday cake!:) So sweet of them!:))) I also received some gifts - a lovely summer dress from hubby and some money from my parents and sister /and I still haven't figured out what to buy with it...:)/...:) 

And as always I got many, many phone calls, SMS, e-mails, e-cards, Facebook messages and posts on my wall, cards and gifts from my friends and relatives...:) Which made me realize once again how blessed I am and made my day extra special!!!:)

The celebration for my birthday continued the following day as well - we visited my parents at their holiday house and had yummy BBQ there!:)))

The next couple of days were spent quietly at home... And in the morning of August 17th /Friday/ we drove to the Black Sea coast. We spent a week in Kiten - the lovely little town where we went last summer as well...:) We even stayed at the same hotel!:) 

The weather was gorgeous, so we went to the beach every day - both in the morning and in the afternoon, avoiding only the time when the sun is the strongest /12.30 - 16.00/...:) We had so much fun at the beach!:)))

In the evenings we used to walk along the central part of the town, enjoying all the entertainments it offers - shops, funfairs, cafes, restaurants, etc....:)))

One evening we went to a nearby little town - Tsarevo. It was hubby's idea, because he had never been there before... And as his birthday was on August 22nd /Wednesday/, we decided that's a perfect day for making the trip...:) We liked Tsarevo so much, that we might spend our next summer holidays there...:)

We returned to Plovdiv on August 24th /Friday/ and spent a few more lazy days then...:) We saw some movies - 'Shrek Forever After' /great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'The Mummy Returns' /also great entertainment:)/ and 'The Hunger Games' /I have to confess that I've heard so much about this movie, that I was having really huge expectations... It was good indeed, but let's just say that seeing children killing each other was not exactly my cup of tea...;)/...

During the summer holidays the kids and I finished reading 'Emil of Lonneberga' by Astrid Lindgren /one of the best books ever!:) Re-reading it with my children was so much fun!:)/. The book we started next is another one of my favourites - 'The Flying Classroom' by Erich Kastner...:)

The first September weekend was spent in Karlovo...:) The annual fair took place then and, needless to say, we couldn't miss it!:) The children had lots of fun at the bumping cars as always!:) We also met a couple of friends on the Saturday evening and had a wonderful time catching up with them!:)

Hubby and I left for Sofia on the Sunday afternoon, as we both had to start work on September 3rd /Monday/... Luckily it was a short working week /3 days only/, because September 6th /Thursday/ is an official holiday here and we were given the Friday off as well /we should work one Saturday, September 29th, instead/, so it wasn't too bad...;) The children spent those three days in Karlovo with my in-laws...

As soon as hubby and I finished work on September 5th /Wednesday/, we drove to Karlovo to pick the children and the puppy up and continued to Plovdiv to spend the long weekend...:) And, needless to say, we had a wonderful time as always!:)

Mostly we relaxed at home, but we also attended a huge event - the 60th anniversary of one of hubby's cousins...:) It was so nice to meet his relatives /some of them - even for the first time:)/!:) And the food was yummy too!:)))

Unfortunately the long weekend was over too soon...:( On the Sunday we drove to Karlovo to leave the puppy with my in-laws and then continued to Sofia /this time the children were with us too/. That same day Vanyo was invited to the birthday party of one of his classmates and he had a great time there...:) 

The children still have a week off before starting school, but we'll be quite busy with all the preparations - buying clothes, shoes, bags, books, supplies, etc...:) But these preparations are also lots of fun, so I'm not complaining...;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer movie update..:)

Yes, this summer turns out to be really great for movie watching...:) By the end of July I saw also 'Rachel Getting Married' /Anne Hathaway is brilliant, but I didn't like this movie - it was too sad and depressing for my taste...:(/ and 'You May Not Kiss the Bride' /nothing special:(/.

Also in July we started watching 'The Vampire Diaries'. I'm not a vampire fan, but the actress playing Elena /Nina Dobrev/ is a Bulgarian, so we were curious... And actually I enjoyed this TV show a lot so I’ll continue watching it...:)

The movies I’ve seen so far in August, are: ‘The Other Man’ /the actors are all great, but the movie was a total disappointment...:( Too slow and boring...:(/, ‘Bel Ami’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie... The story, the atmosphere, the actors... Everything!:)/, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ /a very good movie - touching, witty, interesting...:) And the actors were all great too!:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once!:)/, ‘The Fast and The Furious’ /Great entertainment!:) And Vin Diesel is always pleasure to watch...:)/, ‘The Eagle’ /nothing special:(/, ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ /to be honest, this movie definitely is not as good as the first one /maybe because Vin Diesel is missing?!/ but it’s still fun to watch…:)/, ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ /not as good as the first movie, but much better than the second…:)/, ‘Bad Teacher’ /maybe not the best comedy, but still fun to watch…:)/ and ‘Julie & Julia’ / a lovely movie!:) And I’m glad that I wasn’t hungry when I saw it…:)/.

Today is my last day at work...:) I’ll be off for three weeks and I’ll do my best to enjoy my holidays to the fullest!:) And I hope I’ll be able to see some more movies as well!:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some July news...:)

As I wrote in my previous post, the kids are staying in Karlovo this month, because hubby and I still have to work in Sofia... We're enjoying our time as a couple, but we also miss the kids a lot, so we're taking them home to Plovdiv with us every weekend... And the past two weekends we also took along the puppy which my mother-in-law had taken for the kids...:) 

By the way, the puppy was originally named Vicky, but then her name was changed to Theodora /Minnie chose it, because it means 'a gift from God' in Greek:)/, or Teddy for short...:) As for the kitty my brother-in-law surprised the kids with, his/her name was changed from Alex to Tommy II /it was Vanyo's idea, because the previous cat of my in-laws, Tommy, had escaped.../.

Anyway, when we took Teddy with us to Plovdiv, I was afraid that she would cause us a lot of problems, but luckily I was absolutely wrong...:) She turned out to be such a nice, well-behaved and intelligent little creature, that I became fond of her in no time...:)

Last Sunday /July 22nd/ hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything huge, just spent a quiet day with our dear kids...:) We had yummy homemade pizza for lunch and in the evening, after dropping the kids and puppy off to Karlovo, hubby and I sat for a cup of coffee at 'Happy Bar and Grill'.:)

Now that the children are on holidays, we can see a lot of movies during the weekends.:) Here is the list of what we have seen so far in July: 'Dirty Dancing' /hubby and I wanted to share some of our favourite movies with Minnie, so this is what we chose first - one of the best movies ever:)/, 'Some Kind of Wonderful' /another one of my all-time favourites... When I was a teen, I saw it more than 10 times at the cinema...:)/, 'A Thousand Words' /this movie turned out to be much better than I expected... There were some funny moments, but it also delivered some important messages to the audience...;)/, 'Lockout' /nothing special...:(/, 'American Reunion' /definitely not as funny as the first American Pie movie, but much better than the other ones...;)/, 'X-Men: First Class' /great entertainment...:) But I missed Wolverine...:(/, 'Soldiers of Fortune' /such a silly movie...:( Comparing it to 'The Expendables' is quite an exaggeration...:(/ and 'The Three Musketeers' /I didn't have high expectations, so I wasn't much disappointed...;)/.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some June news...:)

Vanyo spent the first two weeks of June in Karlovo with my in-laws and he really enjoyed his time there.:) My brother-in-law had brought a kitty just a day before Vanyo arrived, so needless to say, my son was thrilled with the surprise.:) The kids named the kitty Alex.:) 

Minnie was still at school the whole month of June, so she had to stay with us in Sofia... But we all missed Vanyo very much, so we used to take him to Plovdiv with us every weekend.:)

After the two weeks in Karlovo with my in-laws, Vanyo spent a week with my parents in Plovdiv and once again he had a very nice time and got totally spoilt...:) And the last week of June he stayed with us in Sofia again as he was invited to the birthday party of one his classmates /a girl:)/...:) The party was on June 29th /Friday/ and he has had a great time there!!!:)

June 29th was also Minnie's last day at school.:) And for a 9th year in a row she got excellent '6' /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of her subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Latin, Ancient Greek, History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Art, Music, IT, and Sports. We're all so proud of her doing so well again!!!:)))

Speaking of Minnie, in June came the results of the third part of the Ancient Languages Competition and she had done great again - she was third among all the 9 graders!!!:))) 

We had another lovely surprise in the last week of June - my mother-in-law had taken a puppy!!!:))) The kids were soooo excited!!!!:))) We drove them both to Karlovo on Saturday evening /June 30th/ and they simply fell in love with the puppy!!!:) They named him /or her/ Vicky...:)

The kids will stay in Karlovo the whole month of July as hubby and I still need to work... We miss them a lot, but we're also enjoying our time as a couple as every year at this time...:))) Besides, we know that the kids are well and happy, and this is the most important thing!!!;)

I saw only two movies in June - 'History of the World - Part 1' /I *loved* Mel Brooks' 'Robin Hood: Men in Thights', so had high expectations for this movie too... Sadly it wasn't anything special...:(/ and 'Wrath of the Titans' /definitely not as good nor interesting as 'Clash of the Titans', but still fun to watch...:)/.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A lovely weekend, a dance performance and some other news...:)

The long weekend was simply great!!!:) On the first day /May 24th/ we celebrated the Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture...:) The weather was gorgeous, so we decided to go to the parade of Plovdiv schools...:) It was so exciting!!!:) Minnie met some ex-classmates and ex-teachers and she was so happy!!!:))) When I saw the students and teachers of my High School, I became so nostalgic, that I started crying too...;)

The children wanted to take pictures in front of Minnie's ex-school, so that's what we did next...:) While Minnie studied there, we had that little tradition of taking pictures there at the end of each school year and as Vanyo had just finished school, he wanted to take a picture there too...:) So cute!!!:)

Then we visited the Roman Stadium...:) It was renovated recently, so we were very curious to see it after the renovation and we really liked what we saw...:)

After that we went to the Antique Theatre and had a cup of coffee /ice-cream for the kids:)/ at the cafe nearby, enjoying the beautiful view...:)

And finally we visited my parents for lunch and had a wonderful time there as well...:)

The rest of the long week was spent mostly at home, we relaxed, saw some movies and did some reading...:) The movies we saw, were: 'In Time' /it was a pleasant surprise - the story was original /I really liked the idea of time being currency/, there were some great action scenes and the actors were quite good too...:) I really hope to see Justin Timberlake in a new movie soon!!!:)/, 'My Future Boyfriend' /a very silly movie, but still there were some funny moments/, 'This Means War' /I loved this movie - it was interesting, funny, entertaining, there were some exciting action scenes /but not too many, so everything was perfectly balanced/, the actors were great...:) Definitely a movie I would love to see more than once...:)/, 'Bend It Like Bekham' /another wonderful surprise!!!:) This movie was sweet, touching, funny... Loved it!!!:)/ and 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island' /great entertainment for the whole family!!!:)/.

On May 30th /Wednesday/ Vanyo had another dance performance...:) This time it was held by all the dancing and gymnastics groups, trained by the same teacher, who leads the dance lessons at Vanyo's school as well...:) The show was great!!!:))) Vanyo's group performed two dances and it turned out that my son was the only boy on stage that evening...:) But in spite of that, and in spite of the fact that he was dancing for only a few weeks /while all the other children in his group were dancing from the beginning of the school year/, he was very confident and danced wonderfully!!!:))) We were all so proud of him!!!:)))

This weekend was very nice too...:) We spent it in Plovdiv and we enjoyed it to the fullest!!!:))) We saw only one movie - 'Black Gold' /it was not too bad, but quite long for my liking...:( I was happy to see Antonio Banderas in it, though...:)/. I also finished reading the last book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Opening of the Hunting Season'...:) I read it as an e-book on my phone, and, to be honest, I didn't find it as interesting as the previous books...:(

Before driving to Sofia on the Sunday afternoon, we went to Karlovo to visit my in-laws and to leave Vanyo with them... He'll stay there for the next two weeks... We'll miss him a lot, but as he's on summer holidays already, we decided that he would be bored staying alone at home all day long while we're at school/work... I know my mother-in-law will take a really good care of him and he'll have lots of fun, so there's nothing to worry about...:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A nice surprise, an earthquake and a graduation party...:)

On May 9th /Wednesday/ hubby told me we were going out in the evening, but he didn't tell me where...:) He took me to a very popular club, called 'Studio 5'. We saw a very funny one-man show...:) It was such a wonderful surprise!!!:) And the kids were super excited that their parents had gone on a date that evening...:)

That week Minnie found out that she had done great at the second part of the Ancient Languages Competition, so she qualified for the third part as well!!!:))) Of course, it was even more difficult, but I'm sure she had been successful once again!!!:)))

During the weekend that followed I saw 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'. I was quite disappointed with the first movie and I didn't like much the second one either... There was some excitement in the beginning and in the end, but the rest felt too long...:(

Last weekend I saw a few more movies: 'Haywire' /some of my most favourite actors are playing in this movie, but unfortunately their presence was not enough to make me like it...:(/, 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' /most of the movie was too slow for me, but the last half an hour was really interesting...:)/ and 'John Carter' /a total waste of time...:( If someone craves for sci-fi, he/she should better see 'Avatar' again...;)/.

I also finished reading 'Hobbit, or There and Back Again' by J.R.R. Tolkien that weekend. I read it as an e-book on my phone and I greatly enjoyed it...:) Now I'm looking forward to seeing the movie!!!:)

Not everything, which has happened in my life, however, was that nice... On May 22nd we were woken up at 3 a.m. by a nasty earthquake...:((( We were all so scared that we hardly had any sleep that night...:((( It was a strong earthquake /5.8/ and we were quite close to the epicentre /25km/, but luckily there were no casualties... 

May 22nd happened to be the day when Vanyo officially finished 1st grade, so we had a celebration to attend!!!:) First we gathered in the classroom and the children had a very nice performance for us - they sang and recited poems...:))) They also got their certificates /Vanyo got two - for finishing the school year and for attending the project 'The School - a Friendship Environment':)/. Then there was a celebration for the whole school... Vanyo danced with his dance group there...:) I was so proud of him - even though he attended the dance lessons for only a few weeks, he did great!!!:)))

Today is my last day at work for this week... We're going to have a long /4-day/ weekend because May 24th /Thursday/ is an official holiday here /Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture/ and we are given the Friday off as well /we were supposed to work the previous Saturday, May 19th, but luckily my boss allowed me to stay at home then...:)/. Needless to say, I'm more than ready for the long weekend!!!:) We don't have any special plans, we'll just go to Plovdiv and enjoy some relaxing quiet time at home, I guess...:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vanyo's 8th birthday... and some other news...:)

Yes, Vanyo celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday and I still can't believe that my little boy has grown up so much!!!:) But let me start sharing the events in my life in their chronological order...:)

As I wrote in my previous post, the Orthodox Easter was a week later this year - on April 15th. As soon as hubby and I finished work on April 12th /Thursday/, our Easter holidays started.:) We had four days off /the children were already on holidays since the previous Saturday, April 7th/ and we enjoyed these days to the fullest...:) We celebrated Easter with my in-laws in Karlovo and as always we had a wonderful time there.:) We ate yummy traditional Easter meals, watched some TV, did some reading and mostly relaxed...:) The highlight of Easter was, of course, the 'egg fight' /especially for the children:)/.

On the last day of our Easter holidays we also visited my parents...:) We didn't stay too long, but we had lots of fun... and more yummy traditional food...:)

During our Easter holidays we made it to see three movies - 'Jack and Jill' /one of the silliest movies I have ever seen...:( A total waste of time...:(((/, 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' /definitely not as interesting nor thrilling as the first Mission Impossible movie, but still fun to watch...:) Especially as it starts with Josh Holloway - the guy who so brilliantly played my beloved Sawyer in 'LOST' ...;)/, and 'War Horse' /to be honest, I doubted I could like a movie about a horse but this one turned out to be very interesting and touching actually!!!:)/.

Unfortunately our Easter holidays were over too soon and on April 17th /Tuesday/ the children got back to school and hubby and I started work again... 

That Saturday /April 20th/ was a working day because we had one extra day off /April 30th, Monday/ the following weekend... I didn't work that Saturday, however, because I went to Plovdiv to hand in my tax declaration... Hubby and the children came to Plovdiv in the evening too and we had another lovely /though shorter than usual/ weekend at home again...:)

During the week that followed I finished reading the eighth book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Last Sacrament'. I read it as an e-book on my phone and luckily found it much more interesting than the previous one...:)

On April 25th /Wednesday/ there was a parent-teacher meeting at Minnie's school. And as always all the teachers were very pleased with her and kept saying what a wonderful girl she is...:) Needless to say, I never get tired of hearing such nice comments about my daughter...:)

The weekend that followed was a long one /4 days/ because May 1st /Tuesday/ is an official holiday here /Labour Day/ and we were given the Monday /April 30th/ off as well...:) As soon as hubby and I finished work on Friday, we took the children to our favourite resort in the Batak Area...:) And we had a wonderful time there as always!!!:) We stayed at the resort until Sunday afternoon and then we drove to Plovdiv /as we wanted to spend some time at home as well:)/.

We made it to see only one movie during the long weekend - 'Conan the Barbarian'. I was curious about it as it was filmed in Bulgaria,  but, to be honest, I was quite disappointed...:(((

During that weekend I finally finished reading 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' by Victor Hugo.:) It was the first book of my 19th Century Golden Books Collection. I greatly enjoyed reading it because it was such a beautiful and touching story, the characters were so vivid and realistic and - last, but not least - I learned so much about the history, architecture and ways of life of Medieval France...:) But I still lacked something - I was disappointed that the mystery of Esmeralda's disappearance was not fully revealed...

On the first school/working day after the long weekend /May 2nd, Wednesday/ Vanyo went to his first school trip - they visited a museum, a monastery, a waterfall and a factory for sweets nearby Sofia...:) My son was so excited!!!:) He told me he had had a wonderful time there!!!:) 

And let me finally write a few words about Vanyo's 8th birthday, which was on May 6th /Sunday/...:) We celebrated it in Karlovo with my in-laws. My parents were invited too...:) We had yummy food /the traditional roasted lamb:)/, there was delicious pineapple cake and of course Vanyo got some nice presents - Lego Atlantis set from my parents, Ben 10 car from my sister and her family, some money from my in-laws, 100 Magic tricks set from his sister, his dad and me... But the most special gift was a painting, on which Vanyo was painted among his favourite characters - TMNT...:) Minnie had asked a girl from her class to make this painting as a birthday gift for Vanyo and he was so excited when he saw it!!!:)))

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ready for Easter...:)

Yes, I'm more than ready for Easter...:) As soon as hubby and I finish work today, our Easter holidays will start!!!:) And, needless to say, I'm counting the hours!!!:) 

But let me see now what has happened in my life since I've last posted here...:) 

Minnie returned from her school practice in Turkey on March 31 /Saturday/. We were all so happy to be together again!!!:))) She had so many stories to tell, so many pictures to show and such wonderful gifts for all of us!!!:))) This practice was very special for her, because she was one of the guides - she presented the Library of Celsus /on the photo of this post/ and the Nympheum of Traian to her classmates...:)))

After Minnie's arrival from Turkey the children studied for only one week and then their Easter holidays started...:) But what a week it was!!!:) 

First Vanyo surprised me by telling me that he had attended two dance lessons /Modern Dance/ and he had enjoyed them so much that he wants me to sign him up...:) I spoke with the lady who leads the lessons and she told me that Vanyo was the only boy of the 1st graders in his school who was interested in dancing but that he was very good, so she would be happy if I allowed him to participate... Well, how could I say no?!;) So after he gets back to school after the holidays, he'll take up dance lessons...:)

Then Minnie attended the second part of an Ancient Languages Competition... She had done a great job at the first part - got 100 points /the maximum/ in Latin and 85 points at Ancient Greek...:) So she was second among all the 9 grade participants...:) In fact the girl who was first, had only 3 points more than Minnie, so my daughter has indeed been very successful and could classify for the second part of the competition...:) Minnie told me that the second part had been quite difficult, but I'm sure she had done well again!!!:)))

During the first weekend of their Easter holidays /April 7-8/ both children were invited at birthday parties /Minnie - on the Saturday and Vanyo - on the Sunday/ and they have both had a wonderful time there!!!:)))

This week I finished reading the seventh book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Hunting for the Green Prince'. I have read the previous books of the series a few years ago, but this one was all new to me... I read it as an e-book on my phone and to be honest, I didn't find it as interesting as the previous six books...:(

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some nice news again...:)

During the first March weekend I saw 'Love.Net'. It's a Bulgarian movie and I greatly enjoyed it...:))) Actually I liked it so much that I want to get it on DVD as well!!!:)))

March 8th /Thursday/ was such a wonderful day...:))) We celebrated International Women's Day then and I felt so spoilt...:))) I got so many nice surprises from my hubby and kids...:))) What a great feeling it is to be loved!!!:)))

During the weekend that followed I finished reading the sixth book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Bloody Silk Road'. I have read it in 1999, but I still enjoyed re-reading it /this time as an e-book on my phone/...:)

On March 16th /Friday/ as soon as hubby and I finished work, we picked the children up and drove to our favourite resort at the Batak Area... We enjoyed our time there to the fullest as always!!!:))) On the Saturday morning we made a short trip to a nearby town /the weather was fantastic:)/ and in the afternoon we went sledging down the mountain slope...:))) Oh, we had so much fun!!!:))) And on the Sunday after breakfast we drove to Plovdiv as we wanted to spend some time at home before getting back to Sofia...

The week that followed was very, very busy... I had three cases in Plovdiv, so I spent three days at home /March 20th-22nd/... Which allowed me to meet some friends in the evenings and catch up with them...:)))

On the first day of my business trip to Plovdiv /March 20th, Tuesday/ Vanyo called to tell me that he had lost his sixth tooth /the first upper one on the right/...:))) He had found another Lego set under his pillow when he had returned from school the following day, so the Tooth Fairy has done a great job again!!!:)))

Last Saturday Minnie left for her school practice in Turkey /Ancient Aegea/. She will be there for 8 days and we're all missing her a lot... But we are also very happy for her as we know that she will see a lot of interesting places during that practice!!!:)))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another lost tooth, new school projects and Baba Marta...:)

In my previous post I wrote about Vanyo losing his fourth tooth... When he got back from school the following day, he found a new Lego City toy under his pillow...:) Needless to say, my son was super pleased with the Tooth Fairy once again!!!:)

And only a few days later, on February 27th /Monday/ Vanyo lost another /his fifth:)/ tooth - the first upper one on the left...:) And once again he found Lego City set under his pillow when he got back from school the following day!!!:) Yes, the Tooth Fairy has been very generous with my Vanyo!!!:) And he has been extremely happy because of it!!!:)

Speaking of Vanyo, he was chosen to attend a school project, called 'The School - A Frienship Environment', which started off in February. He really likes it there...:) The project involves various activities - drawing, colouring, reading, acting, crafting, etc. - all about friendship...:) 

Minnie also started attending a new school project in February - Conversational Latin...:) You know that she loves languages /and Latin in particular:)/, so she enjoys this project a lot!!!:)

By the end of February I managed to read another book and to see another movie...:)

The book I finished reading is the fifth one of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'An Oratorio for a He-Goat and an Angora Cat'. I have read it in 1998, but it was nice to re-read it after a few years /this time as an e-book on my phone/...:)

The movie I saw was 'Tower Heist'. It was nothing special, to be honest...:(

And finally one of the most exciting news I've had to share for a while - we celebrated Baba Marta on March 1st /Thursday/...:) It's one of my most favourite Bulgarian holidays...:) Especially as it marks the coming of spring!!!:) This winter has been too long and severe, so the spring is more than welcome!!!:)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A costume party, a birthday, some nice movies and a lost tooth...:)

February has been a rather boring and depressing month with the super cold weather...:( But there were still some nice moments and I think I should share them with you!!!:)

My mum's birthday was on February 11th. It happened on a Saturday, so we visited her for lunch and we had a wonderful time together - yummy /as always:)/ food, good red wine and an interesting conversation!!!:)

Last Friday /February 17th/ Minnie attended a costume party, organized by her school. The theme was '20 Century' and as you can see from the picture, my daughter decided to be a hippie...:) The guy next to Minnie is her date Yoan, who is also the brother of her best friend Kristin...:) Aren't they a cute couple?!;) Minnie told me she had had a great time at the party and had danced all night long...:)))

Yesterday Vanyo lost his fourth tooth /the second bottom one on the right/ so I guess the Tooth Fairy will put a new Lego toy under his pillow while he's at school...;)

So far this month I have seen only two movies - 'She's the Man' /very cute movie, and to top it off, Channing /or Charming, as I call him;)/ Tatum is in it... And, by the way, Amanda Bynes looks so much like my Minnie!!!;)/ and 'Footloose' /unfortunately I haven't seen the original version, but I greatly enjoyed this one!!!:)/.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vanyo's name day...:)

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th /Saturday/. Vlado and I had picked the children up from Karlovo the previous evening, so the four of us celebrated it together...:) We visited my parents for lunch as my dad had a name day too and we spent a very nice time there - enjoying delicious food, good drinks and a funny conversation...:) 

Needless to say, Vanyo got some nice gifts for his name day - a Lego City set from his sister, his dad and me and some money from my parents and my mother-in-law...:) He was soooo happy!!!:)))

The Monday that followed Vanyo's name day /January 9th/ was the first school day after the Christmas holidays, so my son brought two boxes of chocolates as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:) He was very proud that his name day was celebrated that long...;)

Other than the celebration of Vanyo's name day, that weekend was quite uneventful... I guess the only other thing worth mentioning is that we saw 'Real Steel' /wonderful movie - interesting, touching, exciting... And it also has Jugh Jackman in it... What else could a girl like me need in a movie?!:P/. 

Last weekend we saw another nice movie - 'Johnny English Reborn' /quite funny, I liked it a lot:)/.

Yesterday was a very busy and stressful day - I had to get up too early /5.45 a.m./ in order to catch a bus to Botevgrad /a town in the mountains, 60 kilometers away from Sofia/ as I had a case there...:( To top it off, it had started snowing that morning, but luckily I didn't have any unpleasant road adventures!!!:) The views of the snowy mountains were fantastic!!!:))) And the best thing about the trip was that I made it to finish reading the fourth book of the Vulgar Novels series of the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Liquidate the General'. I have read it in 1998, but it was nice to re-read it after a few years /this time as an e-book on my phone/...:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas holidays...:)

December 23rd /Friday/ was the last day before our Christmas holidays... Vanyo had a Christmas party at school that day, so he brought some cookies as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:) All the children got a very nice Franklin Christmas package at the party, so Vanyo was super happy...:)

I worked only until noon that day and just as I was about to leave the office, my boss called me and gave me a Christmas bonus...:) I was so shocked as I didn't expect that at all!!!:))) Needless to say, this surprise added quite a lot to my Christmas mood!!!;)

We arrived at Plovdiv in the afternoon and we were more than ready for the beginning of our Christmas holidays...:) We spent Christmas Eve in Karlovo with my inlaws and we had a very traditional celebration...:) This year Vanyo was the lucky one - he got the coin in his piece of 'pitka'!!!:)

While we were having dinner, Santa Claus had put the presents under the Christmas tree!!!:) The children got spoilt as always!!!:) 

Minnie got a tiger puzzle /500 pieces/ and a dog folder from my parents, a 'She is cool' toilet water from my sister, a FOX sweater from my in-laws, lots of cosmetics and stationery, two books in English /'The Hound of the Baskervilles' by Arthur Conan Doyle and 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins/, and a helicopter toy /she had chosen it herself/ from her dad and me...:)

Vanyo got a Rescue Centre toy from my parents and my sister, a helicopter toy from my in-laws, some Lego toys and a tiny skateboard /Tech Deck/ from Minnie /she receives a scholarship this school year, so she wanted to buy some Christmas gifts too;)/, a TMNT helicopter toy /helicopters were obviously the hit for our children this Christmas;)/ and two books /fairy tales from different corners of the world, part of a series he is collecting/ from his dad and me...:)

The adults got some nice little gifts too, mainly cosmetics, so everyone was happy...;)

We got back to Plovdiv the following day /December 25/, but before going home we went to visit my parents for a while... We had a short, but very nice time together...:)

The rest of our holidays were spent quietly at home... We watched TV, read, and most of all - relaxed and enjoyed our time together to the fullest!!!:)

I also met some friends and had such a wonderful time catching up with them!!!:))) I've missed them all so much!!!:)))

We made it to see only one movie during our Christmas holidays - 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'. It turned out to be very nice, much better than I expected!!!:)

We celebrated New Year's Eve at home and we had so much fun...:) We had yummy food, good drinks, we danced and laughed a lot!!!:)))

January 2nd /Monday/ was the last day off for Vlado and me... We went to visit my parents once again and then drove to Karlovo... Minnie and Vanyo are still on holidays /until January 9th, lucky them;)/, so hubby and I left them with my in-laws and continued to Sofia... We were a bit sad to leave the kids but it's just for four days and then we'll be together again...;) They love spending their holidays in Karlovo, so they'll be fine...;) Plus, hubby and I need some time as a couple every once in a while too...;)

Yesterday was my first day at work and I was feeling quite stressed out, but I hope that I'll be back in track in no time, fingers crossed...;)