Monday, February 20, 2012

A costume party, a birthday, some nice movies and a lost tooth...:)

February has been a rather boring and depressing month with the super cold weather...:( But there were still some nice moments and I think I should share them with you!!!:)

My mum's birthday was on February 11th. It happened on a Saturday, so we visited her for lunch and we had a wonderful time together - yummy /as always:)/ food, good red wine and an interesting conversation!!!:)

Last Friday /February 17th/ Minnie attended a costume party, organized by her school. The theme was '20 Century' and as you can see from the picture, my daughter decided to be a hippie...:) The guy next to Minnie is her date Yoan, who is also the brother of her best friend Kristin...:) Aren't they a cute couple?!;) Minnie told me she had had a great time at the party and had danced all night long...:)))

Yesterday Vanyo lost his fourth tooth /the second bottom one on the right/ so I guess the Tooth Fairy will put a new Lego toy under his pillow while he's at school...;)

So far this month I have seen only two movies - 'She's the Man' /very cute movie, and to top it off, Channing /or Charming, as I call him;)/ Tatum is in it... And, by the way, Amanda Bynes looks so much like my Minnie!!!;)/ and 'Footloose' /unfortunately I haven't seen the original version, but I greatly enjoyed this one!!!:)/.