Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some nice news again...:)

During the first March weekend I saw 'Love.Net'. It's a Bulgarian movie and I greatly enjoyed it...:))) Actually I liked it so much that I want to get it on DVD as well!!!:)))

March 8th /Thursday/ was such a wonderful day...:))) We celebrated International Women's Day then and I felt so spoilt...:))) I got so many nice surprises from my hubby and kids...:))) What a great feeling it is to be loved!!!:)))

During the weekend that followed I finished reading the sixth book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Bloody Silk Road'. I have read it in 1999, but I still enjoyed re-reading it /this time as an e-book on my phone/...:)

On March 16th /Friday/ as soon as hubby and I finished work, we picked the children up and drove to our favourite resort at the Batak Area... We enjoyed our time there to the fullest as always!!!:))) On the Saturday morning we made a short trip to a nearby town /the weather was fantastic:)/ and in the afternoon we went sledging down the mountain slope...:))) Oh, we had so much fun!!!:))) And on the Sunday after breakfast we drove to Plovdiv as we wanted to spend some time at home before getting back to Sofia...

The week that followed was very, very busy... I had three cases in Plovdiv, so I spent three days at home /March 20th-22nd/... Which allowed me to meet some friends in the evenings and catch up with them...:)))

On the first day of my business trip to Plovdiv /March 20th, Tuesday/ Vanyo called to tell me that he had lost his sixth tooth /the first upper one on the right/...:))) He had found another Lego set under his pillow when he had returned from school the following day, so the Tooth Fairy has done a great job again!!!:)))

Last Saturday Minnie left for her school practice in Turkey /Ancient Aegea/. She will be there for 8 days and we're all missing her a lot... But we are also very happy for her as we know that she will see a lot of interesting places during that practice!!!:)))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another lost tooth, new school projects and Baba Marta...:)

In my previous post I wrote about Vanyo losing his fourth tooth... When he got back from school the following day, he found a new Lego City toy under his pillow...:) Needless to say, my son was super pleased with the Tooth Fairy once again!!!:)

And only a few days later, on February 27th /Monday/ Vanyo lost another /his fifth:)/ tooth - the first upper one on the left...:) And once again he found Lego City set under his pillow when he got back from school the following day!!!:) Yes, the Tooth Fairy has been very generous with my Vanyo!!!:) And he has been extremely happy because of it!!!:)

Speaking of Vanyo, he was chosen to attend a school project, called 'The School - A Frienship Environment', which started off in February. He really likes it there...:) The project involves various activities - drawing, colouring, reading, acting, crafting, etc. - all about friendship...:) 

Minnie also started attending a new school project in February - Conversational Latin...:) You know that she loves languages /and Latin in particular:)/, so she enjoys this project a lot!!!:)

By the end of February I managed to read another book and to see another movie...:)

The book I finished reading is the fifth one of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'An Oratorio for a He-Goat and an Angora Cat'. I have read it in 1998, but it was nice to re-read it after a few years /this time as an e-book on my phone/...:)

The movie I saw was 'Tower Heist'. It was nothing special, to be honest...:(

And finally one of the most exciting news I've had to share for a while - we celebrated Baba Marta on March 1st /Thursday/...:) It's one of my most favourite Bulgarian holidays...:) Especially as it marks the coming of spring!!!:) This winter has been too long and severe, so the spring is more than welcome!!!:)