Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ready for Easter...:)

Yes, I'm more than ready for Easter...:) As soon as hubby and I finish work today, our Easter holidays will start!!!:) And, needless to say, I'm counting the hours!!!:) 

But let me see now what has happened in my life since I've last posted here...:) 

Minnie returned from her school practice in Turkey on March 31 /Saturday/. We were all so happy to be together again!!!:))) She had so many stories to tell, so many pictures to show and such wonderful gifts for all of us!!!:))) This practice was very special for her, because she was one of the guides - she presented the Library of Celsus /on the photo of this post/ and the Nympheum of Traian to her classmates...:)))

After Minnie's arrival from Turkey the children studied for only one week and then their Easter holidays started...:) But what a week it was!!!:) 

First Vanyo surprised me by telling me that he had attended two dance lessons /Modern Dance/ and he had enjoyed them so much that he wants me to sign him up...:) I spoke with the lady who leads the lessons and she told me that Vanyo was the only boy of the 1st graders in his school who was interested in dancing but that he was very good, so she would be happy if I allowed him to participate... Well, how could I say no?!;) So after he gets back to school after the holidays, he'll take up dance lessons...:)

Then Minnie attended the second part of an Ancient Languages Competition... She had done a great job at the first part - got 100 points /the maximum/ in Latin and 85 points at Ancient Greek...:) So she was second among all the 9 grade participants...:) In fact the girl who was first, had only 3 points more than Minnie, so my daughter has indeed been very successful and could classify for the second part of the competition...:) Minnie told me that the second part had been quite difficult, but I'm sure she had done well again!!!:)))

During the first weekend of their Easter holidays /April 7-8/ both children were invited at birthday parties /Minnie - on the Saturday and Vanyo - on the Sunday/ and they have both had a wonderful time there!!!:)))

This week I finished reading the seventh book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'Hunting for the Green Prince'. I have read the previous books of the series a few years ago, but this one was all new to me... I read it as an e-book on my phone and to be honest, I didn't find it as interesting as the previous six books...:(