Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A nice surprise, an earthquake and a graduation party...:)

On May 9th /Wednesday/ hubby told me we were going out in the evening, but he didn't tell me where...:) He took me to a very popular club, called 'Studio 5'. We saw a very funny one-man show...:) It was such a wonderful surprise!!!:) And the kids were super excited that their parents had gone on a date that evening...:)

That week Minnie found out that she had done great at the second part of the Ancient Languages Competition, so she qualified for the third part as well!!!:))) Of course, it was even more difficult, but I'm sure she had been successful once again!!!:)))

During the weekend that followed I saw 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'. I was quite disappointed with the first movie and I didn't like much the second one either... There was some excitement in the beginning and in the end, but the rest felt too long...:(

Last weekend I saw a few more movies: 'Haywire' /some of my most favourite actors are playing in this movie, but unfortunately their presence was not enough to make me like it...:(/, 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' /most of the movie was too slow for me, but the last half an hour was really interesting...:)/ and 'John Carter' /a total waste of time...:( If someone craves for sci-fi, he/she should better see 'Avatar' again...;)/.

I also finished reading 'Hobbit, or There and Back Again' by J.R.R. Tolkien that weekend. I read it as an e-book on my phone and I greatly enjoyed it...:) Now I'm looking forward to seeing the movie!!!:)

Not everything, which has happened in my life, however, was that nice... On May 22nd we were woken up at 3 a.m. by a nasty earthquake...:((( We were all so scared that we hardly had any sleep that night...:((( It was a strong earthquake /5.8/ and we were quite close to the epicentre /25km/, but luckily there were no casualties... 

May 22nd happened to be the day when Vanyo officially finished 1st grade, so we had a celebration to attend!!!:) First we gathered in the classroom and the children had a very nice performance for us - they sang and recited poems...:))) They also got their certificates /Vanyo got two - for finishing the school year and for attending the project 'The School - a Friendship Environment':)/. Then there was a celebration for the whole school... Vanyo danced with his dance group there...:) I was so proud of him - even though he attended the dance lessons for only a few weeks, he did great!!!:)))

Today is my last day at work for this week... We're going to have a long /4-day/ weekend because May 24th /Thursday/ is an official holiday here /Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture/ and we are given the Friday off as well /we were supposed to work the previous Saturday, May 19th, but luckily my boss allowed me to stay at home then...:)/. Needless to say, I'm more than ready for the long weekend!!!:) We don't have any special plans, we'll just go to Plovdiv and enjoy some relaxing quiet time at home, I guess...:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vanyo's 8th birthday... and some other news...:)

Yes, Vanyo celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday and I still can't believe that my little boy has grown up so much!!!:) But let me start sharing the events in my life in their chronological order...:)

As I wrote in my previous post, the Orthodox Easter was a week later this year - on April 15th. As soon as hubby and I finished work on April 12th /Thursday/, our Easter holidays started.:) We had four days off /the children were already on holidays since the previous Saturday, April 7th/ and we enjoyed these days to the fullest...:) We celebrated Easter with my in-laws in Karlovo and as always we had a wonderful time there.:) We ate yummy traditional Easter meals, watched some TV, did some reading and mostly relaxed...:) The highlight of Easter was, of course, the 'egg fight' /especially for the children:)/.

On the last day of our Easter holidays we also visited my parents...:) We didn't stay too long, but we had lots of fun... and more yummy traditional food...:)

During our Easter holidays we made it to see three movies - 'Jack and Jill' /one of the silliest movies I have ever seen...:( A total waste of time...:(((/, 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' /definitely not as interesting nor thrilling as the first Mission Impossible movie, but still fun to watch...:) Especially as it starts with Josh Holloway - the guy who so brilliantly played my beloved Sawyer in 'LOST' ...;)/, and 'War Horse' /to be honest, I doubted I could like a movie about a horse but this one turned out to be very interesting and touching actually!!!:)/.

Unfortunately our Easter holidays were over too soon and on April 17th /Tuesday/ the children got back to school and hubby and I started work again... 

That Saturday /April 20th/ was a working day because we had one extra day off /April 30th, Monday/ the following weekend... I didn't work that Saturday, however, because I went to Plovdiv to hand in my tax declaration... Hubby and the children came to Plovdiv in the evening too and we had another lovely /though shorter than usual/ weekend at home again...:)

During the week that followed I finished reading the eighth book of the Vulgar Novels series by the Bulgarian author Hristo Kaltchev - 'The Last Sacrament'. I read it as an e-book on my phone and luckily found it much more interesting than the previous one...:)

On April 25th /Wednesday/ there was a parent-teacher meeting at Minnie's school. And as always all the teachers were very pleased with her and kept saying what a wonderful girl she is...:) Needless to say, I never get tired of hearing such nice comments about my daughter...:)

The weekend that followed was a long one /4 days/ because May 1st /Tuesday/ is an official holiday here /Labour Day/ and we were given the Monday /April 30th/ off as well...:) As soon as hubby and I finished work on Friday, we took the children to our favourite resort in the Batak Area...:) And we had a wonderful time there as always!!!:) We stayed at the resort until Sunday afternoon and then we drove to Plovdiv /as we wanted to spend some time at home as well:)/.

We made it to see only one movie during the long weekend - 'Conan the Barbarian'. I was curious about it as it was filmed in Bulgaria,  but, to be honest, I was quite disappointed...:(((

During that weekend I finally finished reading 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' by Victor Hugo.:) It was the first book of my 19th Century Golden Books Collection. I greatly enjoyed reading it because it was such a beautiful and touching story, the characters were so vivid and realistic and - last, but not least - I learned so much about the history, architecture and ways of life of Medieval France...:) But I still lacked something - I was disappointed that the mystery of Esmeralda's disappearance was not fully revealed...

On the first school/working day after the long weekend /May 2nd, Wednesday/ Vanyo went to his first school trip - they visited a museum, a monastery, a waterfall and a factory for sweets nearby Sofia...:) My son was so excited!!!:) He told me he had had a wonderful time there!!!:) 

And let me finally write a few words about Vanyo's 8th birthday, which was on May 6th /Sunday/...:) We celebrated it in Karlovo with my in-laws. My parents were invited too...:) We had yummy food /the traditional roasted lamb:)/, there was delicious pineapple cake and of course Vanyo got some nice presents - Lego Atlantis set from my parents, Ben 10 car from my sister and her family, some money from my in-laws, 100 Magic tricks set from his sister, his dad and me... But the most special gift was a painting, on which Vanyo was painted among his favourite characters - TMNT...:) Minnie had asked a girl from her class to make this painting as a birthday gift for Vanyo and he was so excited when he saw it!!!:)))