Monday, September 10, 2012

My summer holidays...:)

My summer holidays were great and I guess it's time to finally write about them here...:) I was off from August 11th until September 3rd...:) And what a wonderful time it was!!!:)

The first highlight was, of course, my birthday on August 12th /Sunday/...;) We didn't do anything special, just a little celebration at home...:) Vlado and the kids made me a yummy birthday cake!:) So sweet of them!:))) I also received some gifts - a lovely summer dress from hubby and some money from my parents and sister /and I still haven't figured out what to buy with it...:)/...:) 

And as always I got many, many phone calls, SMS, e-mails, e-cards, Facebook messages and posts on my wall, cards and gifts from my friends and relatives...:) Which made me realize once again how blessed I am and made my day extra special!!!:)

The celebration for my birthday continued the following day as well - we visited my parents at their holiday house and had yummy BBQ there!:)))

The next couple of days were spent quietly at home... And in the morning of August 17th /Friday/ we drove to the Black Sea coast. We spent a week in Kiten - the lovely little town where we went last summer as well...:) We even stayed at the same hotel!:) 

The weather was gorgeous, so we went to the beach every day - both in the morning and in the afternoon, avoiding only the time when the sun is the strongest /12.30 - 16.00/...:) We had so much fun at the beach!:)))

In the evenings we used to walk along the central part of the town, enjoying all the entertainments it offers - shops, funfairs, cafes, restaurants, etc....:)))

One evening we went to a nearby little town - Tsarevo. It was hubby's idea, because he had never been there before... And as his birthday was on August 22nd /Wednesday/, we decided that's a perfect day for making the trip...:) We liked Tsarevo so much, that we might spend our next summer holidays there...:)

We returned to Plovdiv on August 24th /Friday/ and spent a few more lazy days then...:) We saw some movies - 'Shrek Forever After' /great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'The Mummy Returns' /also great entertainment:)/ and 'The Hunger Games' /I have to confess that I've heard so much about this movie, that I was having really huge expectations... It was good indeed, but let's just say that seeing children killing each other was not exactly my cup of tea...;)/...

During the summer holidays the kids and I finished reading 'Emil of Lonneberga' by Astrid Lindgren /one of the best books ever!:) Re-reading it with my children was so much fun!:)/. The book we started next is another one of my favourites - 'The Flying Classroom' by Erich Kastner...:)

The first September weekend was spent in Karlovo...:) The annual fair took place then and, needless to say, we couldn't miss it!:) The children had lots of fun at the bumping cars as always!:) We also met a couple of friends on the Saturday evening and had a wonderful time catching up with them!:)

Hubby and I left for Sofia on the Sunday afternoon, as we both had to start work on September 3rd /Monday/... Luckily it was a short working week /3 days only/, because September 6th /Thursday/ is an official holiday here and we were given the Friday off as well /we should work one Saturday, September 29th, instead/, so it wasn't too bad...;) The children spent those three days in Karlovo with my in-laws...

As soon as hubby and I finished work on September 5th /Wednesday/, we drove to Karlovo to pick the children and the puppy up and continued to Plovdiv to spend the long weekend...:) And, needless to say, we had a wonderful time as always!:)

Mostly we relaxed at home, but we also attended a huge event - the 60th anniversary of one of hubby's cousins...:) It was so nice to meet his relatives /some of them - even for the first time:)/!:) And the food was yummy too!:)))

Unfortunately the long weekend was over too soon...:( On the Sunday we drove to Karlovo to leave the puppy with my in-laws and then continued to Sofia /this time the children were with us too/. That same day Vanyo was invited to the birthday party of one of his classmates and he had a great time there...:) 

The children still have a week off before starting school, but we'll be quite busy with all the preparations - buying clothes, shoes, bags, books, supplies, etc...:) But these preparations are also lots of fun, so I'm not complaining...;)