Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn is here...

... and I miss the summer so much... Luckily we have mostly sunny days for now, so I'm not too depressed yet...:) And I guess I should hurry up with my update while I'm still in good mood!;)

So... what has happened in my life lately... I've been too busy with work and the kids starting school... But there was still some time for fun stuff and I'm planning to write about it here...;) 

My dad's birthday was on September 11th. It happened on a week day /Tuesday/, so were in Sofia then... But on the Saturday /September 14th/ we visited my parents and celebrated dad's birthday...:) Needless to say, we had a wonderful time together!:)

The children started school on September 17th /Monday/. Both are doing well at their studies which I'm very happy about...:) Minnie has two new subjects in 10th grade - Ancient Bulgarian and Psychology and I hope she'll enjoy studying them!:) Vanyo is in 2nd grade and he started getting marks this school year - only 'excellent' 6 so far /the best mark in Bulgaria/ and we're all super proud of him!:)

In the beginning of the school year we were told that only 10 children from Vanyo's class will be allowed to attend full-time education... It was quite a huge shock for all the parents, as you can imagine...:S Luckily Vanyo made it to be one of those children /actually I got him on the list as number 11;)/. He was very happy about it too, because he loves going to school in the afternoon...:)

This school year Minnie will continue with her Conversational Latin and Vanyo has decided to stop dancing lessons and attend chess lessons instead...:) So far he really enjoys playing chess and I hope he'll keep it up!:)

September 29th /Saturday/ was a working day because of a extra day off in the beginning of September. Luckily my boss allowed me to stay at home, yay!:) Minnie was at a birthday party that day /her best friend:)/, so after hubby finished work, we picked her up and drove to Karlovo to take the puppy.:) Then we went to Plovdiv to enjoy the rest of the weekend!:) On Sunday we left the puppy in Karlovo and got back to Sofia...

We didn't see a lot of movies in September... Here is the list: 'Marvel's The Avengers' /great entertainment:)/, 'Carrie' /I saw it only because someone had told Minnie that she looks like Carrie... Well, there is some similarity between the two of them indeed, but to be honest, I wasn't impressed with the movie itself at all...:(/, 'Men in Black III' /not as funny as the first movie, but still interesting:)/ and 'Super 8' /such a disappointment...:(/.

October has generally been a good month so far... Yet, some not so nice things happened as well...:( First, this Monday /October 8th/ I was told that I'll need a small gynecological operation...:( I'm a bit worried, of course, but I'm trying to be positive as it's not anything serious, so hopefully everything will be fine!:)

And yesterday Vanyo went to a school trip. They went to a Water Park near Sofia and my son had greatly enjoyed all the attractions...:) Unfortunately a boy Vanyo was playing with had broken his arm and even needed to have it operated...:S Vanyo was extremely scared because of it, but I spoke on the phone with the boy's mum and she told me that the operation had went well and the boy is recovering... I hope with all my heart that he'll be fine soon!

So far this month I have seen only one movie - 'The Cold Light of Day' /nothing special...:(/.