Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vanyo's name day and some other news...:)

January 7th was not only the children's first day at school after the Christmas holidays, but it was also Vanyo's name day, so he brought two boxes of chocolates as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:) We had a small celebration in the evening and a bigger one during the weekend /we were invited to my parents' home that Sunday as my dad celebrates his name day on January 7th too:)/. And of course, Vanyo got some presents - a new game for his PSP from his dad, his sister and me and some money from his grandparents...:)

Other than Vanyo's name day, January has been a rather quiet month so far. Of course, we saw some movies - 'Deadfall' /nothing special:(/, 'Brave' /great entertainment for the whole family:)/, 'Bachelorette' /there were some funny moments, but the movie as a whole was nothing special...:(/ and 'The Adjustment Bureau' /not too bad, but not as good as I expected either... I was hoping for more excitement but the story was going rather slow most of the time...:(/

We also finished watching 'World Without End' TV show... Maybe it was not as good as 'Pillars of the Earth' but it was still very interesting...:)

January turned out to be a good month for reading too...:) The children and I finished 'The Starlight Barking' by Dodie Smith. It was an OK read, but not as interesting nor funny as my favourite children books...:) The kids have the same opinion as me!:) As Vanyo pointed out 'It started promising, but became a bit dull as the story continued...' The book we started reading next is 'The Black Arrow' by Robert Louis Stevenson...:)

I finished reading 'Game of Thrones' by George R. R. Martin. It proved to be a wonderful book - interesting, wise, touching, exciting...:) It revealed a whole new world in front of me and made me feel like a part of it...:) I'm sure I'll enjoy the other books of the series too!:) The book I started reading next is 'Bridget Jones' Diary' by Helen Fielding.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Minnie's 16th birthday, our Christmas holidays and some other news...:)

By the end of November I made it to see one more movie -  'Looper' /such a disappointment...:(/.

On November 22nd /Thursday/ I got my histology results and they proved that I don't have any cancer just as I hoped, such a relief!:))) 

December was a very nice and eventful month, full of celebrations!:) First, on December 8th /Saturday/ hubby and I attended a University reunion and we had such a wonderful time there!:) It was great to catch up with our colleagues, it was ages since we have last seen some of them /at our graduation back in 1998/...;)

Then, on December 10th /Monday/ I met a Turkish girl I used to correspond with in the past /now we're in touch only on Facebook/.... Her name is Sibel and she is just as sweet as she seemed in her letters!:) Sibel had come to Sofia together with her aunt and cousins, so I got the chance to meet them too and we spent a really nice time togehter...:) Hopefully we'll meet again in the near future!:))) 

The next day /December 11th/ was Minnie's 16th birthday...:) Yes, 16th, time definitely flies...:) Unfortunately I had to attend a parent-teacher meeting at Minnie's school that evening /and as always all techers were very pleased with my daughter:)/, so we didn't have a big celebration then... Minnie celebrated with her friends on the Friday evening /December 14th/, at a bar, called 'Long John' and told me that they've had a great time there!:)

Of course, Minnie received some presents for her birthday...:) This year she got money from my parents, my in-laws, my sister's family and from her dad, her brother and me /which was mostly spent for new clothes and shoes:)/...:) And she got some really thoughful and sweet gifts from her friends...:)

Vanyo attended two birthday parties in December - the first one was on Sunday, December 16th /one of his classmates/ and the second one was on Saturday, December 22nd /his girlfriend Ivayla from Plovdiv/.:) Needless to say, my son has had lots of fun on both!:)))

On December 20th /Thursday/ hubby, Vanyo and I attended the annual 'Saturnalia' performance, organized by Minnie's school...:) Students imitate their teachers and make fun of them... The 'Saturnalia' is organized by the 10th graders, so my daughter was one of the actors this year...:) And she did great!:))) She was so happy and excited after the performance!:))) We allowed her to spend that night at one of her friends' home along with the other girls, so that had been lots of fun too!:))) 

After hubby and I finished work on December 21st /Friday/, the four of us drove to Plovdiv for our Christmas holidays...:) 

As always, we had a wonderful time, mostly staying at home and relaxing, but we also made it to visit our parents and meet some friends...:) 

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Karlovo with my in-laws.:) We had traditional dinner /and once again Vanyo was the lucky person who found the coin in his piece of the 'pitka':)/ and then the children found their presents under the Christmas tree...:) This year we have decided that they'll get only gift, but an expensive one...:) Vanyo got PSP and Minnie - Sony player...:) These were exactly the gifts the children wanted, so they were both super happy and excited!:) Vanyo got a Lego set from his sister too, so he really felt spoilt!:)))

We went home to Plovdiv the following day, but took Teddy /the puppy/ with us too...:) She was so happy to spend the holidays with us!:)))  

On December 27th /Thursday/ we visited my parents for lunch and had a wonderful time there as well...:) 

We welcomed the New Year at home, with lots of music, dances, laughter and yummy food as always!:) The fortunes we got from the New Year's banitza, were, as follows: 'a new car' for hubby, 'studies' for me, 'health' for Minnie and 'good luck' for Vanyo /who was super disappointed that he didn't get 'love' this time...:)/. 

During the Christmas holidays the children and I finished reading 'The Flying Classroom' by Erich Kastner...:) I've read this book as a child but it was such a pleasure to re-discover it with my children!:) Such a beautiful, touching, hearth-warming story!:))) The perfect Christmas read!:))) The book we started reading next is 'The Starlight Barking' by Dodie Smith...:)

We saw only two movies in December - 'The Bourne Legacy' /the worst Bourne movie so far...:(/ and 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' /such a sweet and touching story, I loved it!:)/.

Minnie and Vanyo are still on holidays /until January 7th/, but hubby and I had to get back to work today, so yesterday evening we drove to Karlovo to leave the children and the puppy with my in-laws and then continued to Sofia... As soon as we finish work on Friday, we'll pick the children up and will enjoy another great weekend with them at home, in Plovdiv!:)