Friday, March 29, 2013

Baba Marta, Women's Day, a parent-teacher meeting, a competition and some other news...:)

I saw only one more movie by the end of February - 'Snow White and the Huntsman' /such a disappointment:(/.

March has been a quiet month so far... We celebrated 'Baba Marta' on March 1st which is one of my favourite Bulgarian traditions!:) I just love 'marthenitza's and what they symbolize so much!:) 

March 8th was Women's Day and as always I was spoilt by my dear family!:) I got lots of handmade gifts from Vanyo, flowers from Minnie and a box of chocolates from hubby!:) Hubby also bought me a lovely black dress and I can't wait to start wearing it /it needs to get warmer first/...:) 

There was a parent-teacher meeting at Minnie's school earlier this week /March 27th/ and as always all the teachers were super pleased with my daughter!:) Needless to say, I was very, very proud of her!:)

And yesterday Minnie told us that she is first among the 10 graders at the Ancient Languages Competition - she got 97 points out of 100 in Ancient Greek and 95 out of 100 in Latin!:) Amazing!:))) I hope she'll do just as well at the second part of the competition!:) Fingers crossed!:)

Both children are on spring holidays starting from today and should be back to school on April 8th. Minnie will leave for her school practice to Greece tomorrow morning, lucky girl!:) Vanyo and Teddy /the puppy, who has been staying with us since February 22nd/ will spend the holidays in Karlovo with my in-laws and I bet they'll both get totally spoilt there!:) Only hubby and I need to work, poor us... But I'm sure we'll enjoy our time as a couple as well!:)

I have seen only two movies so far in March - 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' /maybe not as brilliant as Lord of the Rings, but still fun to watch!:)))/ and 'The Vow' /maybe not the best romantic movie, but still nice and sweet!:)))/. Hopefully I'll be able to see more movies next month!:)