Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Minnie's school practice and some other news...:)

I saw one more movie after writing my previous post - 'Immortals' /such a disappointment...:(/ so that makes three movies for March... Not much at all...:(

As I mentioned in my previous post, Minnie had a school practice in Greece from March 30 until April 8 /10 days:)/. She absolutely loved Greece and came home full of stories, wisdom, pictures and souvenirs!:) Minnie had even met my dear friend Christine who lives in Athens and they both told me they had had a wonderful time together!:) And look at the gifts Minnie got from Christine - priceless!:))) Being the good girl that she is, she even brought four of the chocolates home, and I can assure you they were super yummy!:)))

Vanyo had a wonderful time in Karlovo during his spring holidays too and got totally spoilt, just as I expected!:) 

The week after the spring holidays was very busy, but in a nice way...:) Vanyo attended two birthday parties of his classmates /one on April 10 and one on April 14/ and on April 13 the four of us attended the wedding anniversary party of our friends Vanya and Dobri /where we had a wonderful time as always:)/...

I saw only one movie this month - 'The Hangover Part II' /very silly...:(/... It's a pity I've seen so little, but ever since the third season of 'Game of Thrones' has started, we haven't missed an episode...:)  Hopefully I'll be able to watch more movies in May, though...:)

Today is my last day at work and I'll be off for six days, a real mini vacation...:) May 1 is an official holiday here /Labour Day/ and as the Orthodox Easter will be on May 5, we'll have May 3 /Good Friday/ off as well... And May 6 is another day off because it's both the second day of Easter and Saint George Day /another official holiday here/... So all in all, there is only one working day this week /May 2/ which the government gave off too and we'll need to work one Saturday /May 18/ instead... Needless to say, I'm looking forward to those days off and I'll do my best to enjoy them to the fullest with my dear family!:)