Monday, June 24, 2013

Easter, Vanyo's 9th Birthday and some other May and June news...:)

I haven't posted here in ages... Such a shame, I know!:( But my life has been super busy and hectic in the last couple of weeks... Hopefully there's a calmer period in front of me, because I really need it!:)

Our Easter holidays were very nice.:) We spent the first couple of days at home, simply relaxing as much as we could...:) Then we drove to Karlovo to celebrate Easter /May 5/ with my in-laws and enjoyed some really delicious traditional food...:) The children had lots of fun with the 'egg-fight' as always too...:)

Vanyo's 9th birthday /May 6/ happened on the last day of the Easter holidays. We celebrated it in Karlovo. My parents came too with my elder niece Amalia-Maria /who was visiting for Easter/.:) We had a very nice time together...:) The food was delicious - fresh Easter salad, roasted lamb with drob-sarma, and chocolate cake...:) Of course, Vanyo got some presents - a new PSP game from my parents, some books and a chess game from my sister and her family /who were represented by my niece:)/, some money from my in-laws and a Lego set from Vlado, Minnie and me... Needless to say, Vanyo was super excited the whole day!:)))

The following day Vanyo brought two boxes of chocolates to school as a treat for his classmates and on May 17 /Friday/ he invited some friends to his birthday party, which took place at KFC...:) The children had lots of fun, Vanyo got heaps of presents and - most importantly - he felt super special and loved!:))) Just as he deserves!:)))

That Saturday /May 18/ was a working day because of the extra day off during the Easter holidays /May 2/. I was at the office until about noon and so was hubby. As soon as we both finished work, we drove to Plovdiv for the rest of the weekend...:) The Night of the Museums took place then, so we wanted to attend... Sadly we couldn't visit the Archeology Museum because the queue in front of it was too long, but we visited the History Museum and an art gallery instead... But most of all we enjoyed our stroll along the main street of Plovdiv /which is only for pedestrians/ and the time we spent at one of the numerous cafes there...:)

Minnie started attending a German language course /A1/ since May 21... Looks like all the languages my daughter studies at school are simply not enough for her, so she needs more...:) She really enjoys studying German so far and it seems that she is making a good progress in it!:)))

May 24 is an official holiday here /Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture/, so we had another long weekend then /three days/...:) On May 24 we went to the parade of the Plovdiv schools as we did last year...:) Minnie was happy to meet some ex-classmates and ex-teachers...:)

After the parade we went to a village close to Plovdiv, where some relatives of my hubby had invited us for BBQ...:) We had a very nice time together and it was great to catch up with them all!:)

The following day we visited my parents for lunch /more yummy food, yay...:)/, then went for a walk at the Old Part of Plovdiv and sat at a cafe next to the Antique Theatre...:) 

The last day of the long weekend we visited my in-laws in Karlovo...:) There was more yummy food, of course, and we played with Teddy /the puppy/, so everyone was happy!:)

My children made me super proud in the last week of May...:) On May 30 we found out that Minnie was first among all the 10 graders at the second part of the Ancient Languages Competition and had continued to the third part!:))) I'm sure she has done just as great there too!:)))

And the following day, May 31, Vanyo finished 2nd grade...:) He has excellent '6' /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of his subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, Maths, English, Surrounding World, Music, Arts, Sports, Domestic Ways of Life and Techniques, Compulsory Chosen Subject Bulgarian and Compulsory Chosen Subject Maths...:) Looks like he'll be a good student just like his sister!:) He also got a certificate for his chess lessons, which made him super proud!:)

We saw some movies in May - 'Taken 2' /sadly not as exciting as the first movie, but still good...:)/, 'Rock of Ages' /I loved everything - the atmosphere, the music, the humour, the actors!:) Especially Tom Cruise was amazing!:)))/, 'Source Code' /very exciting and touching movie, I liked it a lot!:)))/, 'Silver Linings Playbook' /it took me a while to get into the story and the characters, but once this happened, I enjoyed it all to the fullest!:) Such a beautiful and touching movie!:))) And the acting is great too!:)))/ and 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' /very entertaining:)/.

Also in May we saw the last episodes of the TV show 'Spartacus'... It was so sad to say 'good-bye' to Gannicus and all the other characters in the show...:(

As Vanyo started his summer holidays in the beginning of June, we drove him to Karlovo, where he spent two wonderful weeks with his granny, his uncle and the puppy...:) Of course, he was with us during the weekends /we used to pick him up on our way to Plovdiv and then leave him on our way back to Sofia/...:) Then Vanyo spent a week in Plovdiv with my parents and now he is in Sofia with us...:) So far he is enjoying his summer holidays to the fullest, lucky boy!:))) 

We haven't seen any movies so far this month, such a shame!:( But we saw the last episodes of the third season of 'Game of Thrones' and now we just can't wait for the next season...:) 

However, I've been in the mood for reading, so finished three books this month...:) Here is the list: 'Let Me Tell You' /some of the stories I've heard before, some of them were totally new to me, some I liked a lot, some - not that much... But all in all, it was a nice and easy read.../, 'To Love with Eyes Wide Open' /I liked its idea and found it an easy and entertaining read/ and 'Stories to Think About' /another nice and easy read.../. All these books were written by Jorge Bucay, but the second one has a co-author as well /Silvia Salinas/. Hopefully my great reading mood will continue throughout the whole summer...:) Fingers crossed!:)