Friday, July 12, 2013

Some nice news and a fire experience...:)

The last week of June was full of positive emotions...:) First, on June 25 /Tuesday/ we found out that Minnie had become first at the last /third/ part of the Ancient Languages Competition as well!:) Needless to say, we were all super proud of her!:)

Then, on June 28 /Friday/ Minnie finished school... And as always she got the best possible mark - 'excellent' 6 for all of her 10 grade subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Bulgarian, History, Culture, Psychology, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Sports. 10 grade is considered the most difficult year in Minnie's school, so we're all happy that she did so well!:)

And finally, on June 29 /Saturday/, Vanyo /who was staying with us in Sofia that week/ went to the birthday party of his best friend Neda...:) He told us he had had a wonderful time there and Neda has finally agreed to become his girlfriend...:) 

That last week of June was good for reading too - I read 'Letters for Claudia' by Jorge Bucay. It was a bit more in-depth and serious than the other books I've read by him, but still a nice read... The children and I also finally finished reading 'The Black Arrow' by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was full of adventures and history, but we were a little bit disappointed with the way it was written... Maybe it was due to bad translation, though...

Vanyo is spending the first two weeks of July in Karlovo with my in-laws and he is enjoying his time there to the fullest...:) We took him with us to Plovdiv last weekend and will do the same today after hubby and I finish work...:) I'm counting the hours!:)

Minnie is on holidays already, but she is still in Sofia with us because her German course continues... But she really enjoys learning German, so staying in Sofia is not a problem for her...:)

We had a really exciting experience early in the morning of July 2 /Tuesday/... We heard someone knocking at our door at 4.30. It was a neighbour who informed us that there was a fire in the building...:( We didn't see any flames, but there was a lot of smoke and I was quite scared, to be honest...:( There wasn't any electricity, so getting dressed in the dark also added to my stress...:( We went outside, and within an hour the fire was extinguished, the electricity system /which had caused the fire/ was secured and we could finally go home... Needless to say, I had a hard time falling asleep afterwards...:( Luckily no one was injured and there wasn't much damage... By the evening we had our electricity back as well, so everything was fine in the end...:) 

Last weekend was very nice...:) On the Saturday /July 6/ we went to Starnitza /the village in the Rhodope Mountains where we own a house/. We had yummy lunch at one of our favourite places - The Blue Inn /the building on the picture/. The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed our time at the beautiful nature so much!:)

We also saw three movies that weekend - 'Jack Reacher' /nothing special/, 'StreetDance 2' /not as good as the first 'Street Dance' movie but still fun!:)/ and the German movie 'Kokowaah' /it was wonderful - sweet, funny, touching - I loved it!:) Highly recommended!:)/.

This week I finally finished reading 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. It took me a long time to read this book, but I enjoyed it to the fullest!:) I liked it much more than 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' as I found it somehow deeper, more exciting and touching...