Monday, September 23, 2013

A new chapter...:)

The three-day weekend in the beginning of September was wonderful...:) We enjoyed our time home to the fullest and of course saw some movies: 'R.I.P.D.' /very silly:(/, 'Iron Man 3' /I'm not a fan of Iron Man, to be honest, so I didn't have any high expectations... And therefore I wasn't disappointed much...:)/ and 'A Walk to Remember' /a very nice and touching movie.../. 

When the weekend was over, hubby and I left Minnie and Vanyo in Karlovo with my in-laws and drove to Sofia as we both had to work and the children still had a week of holidays... Sadly my mother-in-law called us on Monday night /September 9/ to tell us that Vanyo had fallen off his roller blades and had broken his left arm...:( All of us met in Plovdiv and spent most of the night at the emergency...:( It turned out that the bone was not only broken, but dislocated at well, so they had to set it right and then they put plaster on Vanyo's arm... What a terrible ending of my son's summer holidays...:( Luckily it seems that Vanyo's arm heals well and hopefully the plaster will be removed in 2-3 weeks...:)

The weekend that followed was quite uneventful... Still we saw two movies: 'Beautiful Creatures' /very sweet movie... Turned out much better than I expected!:)/ and 'The Dark Knight Rises' /I liked it much more than 'The Dark Knight'... It was great to see Tom Hardy playing the bad guy!:)/.

When the weekend was over, hubby and Minnie drove to Sofia and Vanyo and me remained in Plovdiv. Yes, after a lot of thinking we have decided that it's time to get back to Plovdiv!:) I still can't believe that it's really happening!!!:)

On September 16 /Monday/ both children started school. Vanyo started 3rd grade in the same school where his sister used to study and even his class teacher is the same /something we're all very happy about as she is a great person:)/!:) He really likes his new school, classmates and teachers and he is very happy to be back to Plovdiv!:) Of course, he misses his friends from Sofia, but he is keeping in touch with them as much as possible...

Minnie is in 11th grade now. This is the first year of the lyceum level of her education... At the lyceum level the students choose a profile. Minnie has chosen 'Latin with Italian', so besides Bulgarian, English, Latin, Ancient Greek and Ancient Bulgarian she will study one more language this school year - Italian!:) She will also continue with her German language course /A2/, so she won't be bored!:)

I'm back to being self-employed again. I've rented a very nice office at the same building where my previous office was /before I moved to Sofia in July 2011/. It consists of two rooms and I'm sharing it with my friend Vanya, who is an accountant...:) I hope we'll both be very busy there and will have lots of clients!:)

Hubby is still in Sofia, but hopefully next month he'll return to Plovdiv too... My in-laws will stay in Sofia with Minnie then but we have agreed that I'll stay with her every once in a while too...:) Anyway, I hope the new chapter of our lives will be a good one and we'll all be happy and satisfied with the new situation!:) Fingers crossed!:)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My summer holidays...:)

I had my summer holidays from August 17 until yesterday, September 2...:) But before that I enjoyed a long weekend as my super nice boss allowed me to take my birthday off and it happened on a Monday this year... Lucky me!:)

As always, I didn't have a big celebration for my birthday /August 12/... The day before my birthday we visited my parents at their holiday house and had a really nice time there!:) We had BBQ and ate lots of fresh vegetables and fruit!:) 

Then, at home, a few minutes before midnight /and before my BD/ hubby said he was going out to buy some cigarettes and came back with a box of yummy truffle chocolates for me!:) What a -literally- sweet surprise!:)
My birthday was super nice, many friends and relatives called to wish me a happy birthday, which really made me very, very happy!:)
Unfortunately hubby and I had some boring but unavoidable errands to run during the working hours of the day, but still we managed to sit at a cafe in between, just the two of us, and it felt great!:)
We had a yummy lunch at home. I suggested to hubby and the kids that instead of making a cake /which they always do for me/ we could go out for some ice cream for a change...:) And, needless to say, they agreed!:)

In the evening we drove to Sofia and had dinner at a park close to our new place - duner and pizza!:) Not healthy at all, I know, but so yummy!:)
And when I got online the following day, I was deeply touched to find so many messages and Facebook posts!:) Once again I realized how lucky I am to have such wonderful people caring about me!:)

During the long weekend for my birthday we saw some movies - 'Oblivion' /it started well, but soon became quite boring and predictable...:( Great special effects, though!:)/, 'Olympus Has Fallen' /I loved it and not only because of Gerard Butler...:) It was full of excitement and breath-taking scenes!:) Comparing it to 'Die Hard' is not an exaggeration!:) I could perfectly go without the speech of the president at the end, though...;)/, 'Epic' /I'm not much of a cartoon fan, but this movie was actually pretty good!:)/ and 'The Hangover Part III' /Just as silly as the previous 'Hangover'... I wonder why do they keep making them... And what's more important - why do I keep watching them...:(/...

On August 17 we drove to the Black Sea coast and stayed there for 8 days...:) This time we were in Nessebar which is a little town, full of history...:) The atmosphere is very special there and we liked it much more than Kiten...:) 

We used to go to the beach every day and in the evenings we used to walk along the beautiful streets of the Old Part of Nessebar...:) It was such a relaxing time, all of us enjoyed it to the fullest!:)

After our holidays in Nessebar we found out that Minnie's result at her A1 exam in German is 99%, can you believe it?!:) Needless to say, we're all very, very proud of her and we hope she'll continue just as well at her A2 level!:)

The second week of my holidays we spent in Plovdiv...:) It was even more relaxing!:) Of course, we saw some movies: 'The Big Wedding' /total disappointment...:( So many great actors and such a boring movie...:(/, 'The Great Gatsby' /I simply loved this movie - the story, the actors, the atmosphere...:) It touched me deeply and kept me thinking long after it was over... I should definitely read the book some day!:)/ and 'The Help' /one of the best movies I've seen lately!:) It made me laugh and cry /sometimes even at the same time/...:) I should definitely see it again!:) Two thumbs up!:)/.

In August we also saw the final season of 'Desperate Housewives' /I postponed it for a whole year, because I knew I would be sad when it's over.../... I'm definitely going to miss this incredible TV show and those wonderful women... We also saw the 9th season of 'Grey's Anatomy' and I just can't wait for the 10th to start!:)

Just before the end of my summer holidays we drove to Karlovo and left the children there with my in-laws... Hubby should be back to work next week, but he decided to stay in Sofia with me so that I won't feel lonely, so sweet of him!:) Luckily this is a short working week as Friday is an official holiday so as soon as I finish work on Thursday we'll pick the children up and will spend the long weekend at home, in Plovdiv!:)