Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Minnie's 18th Birthday...:)

I still can't believe that my daughter is 18 already - a grown-up person according to our laws!:) Minnie's birthday on 11 December happened on a week day /Thursday/ so she could celebrate only with her friends /who treated her with lots of thoughtful gifts:)/, her dad /who had bought her a mini chocolate cake and had taken her to her favourite tea place:)/ and Teddy /who is living in Sofia now - when my husband started working there he decided that taking care of our son by myself would be enough for me so he and Minnie should help with the pet:)/... 

Of course, we continued with the celebrations as soon as Minnie, hubby and Teddy came home for the weekend...:) We had a great time as always and the eclair cream cake was simply delicious...:) 

During the weekend Minnie bought her birthday present - a smartphone...:) She used the money she had received by her grandparents and us for her name day and birthday...:) She really likes her new phone!:)

That weekend was a good one for shopping - hubby got a new shirt, Vanyo - new jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt and me - new sports shoes...:)

I saw six movies since the last time I posted here -  'Paris Je T'aime' /I liked it much more than 'New York I Love You' because almost all stories touched me - some made me smile, some made me laugh, others made me cry...:) Only two or three confused me.../, ‘Trust’ /I liked the idea of the movie, the actors were great too, but the end disappointed me...:(/, ‘Luther’ /a very good movie about a very interesting person...:) It also made me feel proud that what Martin Luther has fought for in the 16th century, the Bulgarians have achieved in the 9th - translating the Bible into their own language and establishing an independent Bulgarian church...:)/, ‘Hanna’ /nothing special…/, ‘Ironclad’ /I love the Middle Ages, so I was really willing to like this movie, but I simply couldn't - there were too many cruel and disgusting scenes in it...:(/, ’Jane Eyre’ /great movie, I loved it so much that felt like re-reading the book!:)/

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A roller coaster...

Minnie’s name day was on November 11th. Unfortunately it happened on a weekday /Tuesday/ so she was in Sofia and the rest of us – in Plovdiv and we couldn’t celebrate together…:( Minnie celebrated her name day with her friends in Sofia, though, and got totally spoilt by them…:) Instead of presents, she got some money from her grandparents and from her dad and me as she is saving for a smartphone…:) And, needless to say, when she came home for the weekend, we had a special meal for her name day…:)
On November 20th I attended a bridal henna party…:) My good friend from High School Aysel got married on November 22nd, so she invited me and three other High School friends to her bridal henna party…:) It was the first time for me to attend such an event, so I was very excited and found it a very interesting tradition…:) My friend was very beautiful in her traditional Turkish costume and I hope she will have a very, very happy marriage!:)

I saw quite some movies by the end of November: ‘Blue Valentine’ /even though the actors were great, the movie didn't touch me at all...:(/, ‘The Tempest’ /total disappointment…:(/, ‘Never Let Me Go’ /a very sad and depressing movie which touched me so deeply that made me cry.../, ‘The Other Woman’ /nothing special…:(/, ‘The Mechanic’ /a very stupid movie…:(/, ‘Lucy’ /I was expecting too much from this movie, but got quite disappointed as some moments were really boring…:(/, ‘The Big Bang’ /to be honest, I saw this movie only because of Antonio Banderas, but it turned out to be quite a nice surprise…:)/, ‘The Next Three Days’ /great movie, I loved it:)/, ‘When in Rome’ /a bit silly, but still OK to watch if you're in the right mood...:)/, ‘Drive Angry’ /a very silly movie...:( Another failure of my favourite Nicolas Cage...:(/, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ /a bit slower that the previous Planet of the Apes movie but still very good...:)/, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ /not as thrilling and intense as I hoped, but still very interesting and Matthew McConaughey did a great job - he really made me like his character!:)/, ‘Swtich’ /it was thrilling and exciting most of the time, but at the end it turned out that the plot is pretty lame...:(/, 'You Got Served' /great dances but a silly story/ and 'The Fault in Our Stars' /a very beautiful and touching story... And full of unexpectedly good humour.../.

December brought a huge change to our family… My husband was invited to become part of a new formed team for special investigations, so since December 1st he started working in Sofia... The new position is very good for his career and I’m very proud of him, but I miss him a lot... I got a nice job offer for Sofia too, but Vanyo is in the middle of a very important school year so changing schools is out of the question for the moment... And I can't move to Sofia without my son... Besides, I really like living in Plovdiv, in my own home... This new situation makes me feel very confused and depressed... Of course, my husband is coming home for the weekend, so our separation shouldn't be that unbearable... Plus, it’s nice that he is in Sofia with Minnie so she’s not all alone there anymore… And I have enough time until the end of the school year to think it over and decide what to do... But it’s not an easy period of my life, as you can imagine…:(

I’ve seen 2 movies so far this month: ‘You Got Served: Beat the World’ /much more interesting than the first 'You Got Served' movie but still not as good as other dance movies I've seen.../ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ /great entertainment for the whole family…:)/.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Some October news...:)

Most of October was pretty uneventful... Vanyo had two days off school - October 20th and 21st. On October 20th he went to a school trip to Sofia and had lots of fun with his classmates...:) And on October 21st my son attended a sports event which he enjoyed a lot too...:) There was an unpleasant surprise for us when he came home from the sports event, though - his phone was missing..:( We checked everywhere it could have been, but we didn't find it, so we bought him a new one the following day... And you know how they say that every cloud has a silver lining?!:) Well, while buying Vanyo's phone, my husband got a very nice offer for a tablet so he bought it for me!:) I can now read my e-books on a bigger screen and I also have mobile internet all the time, lucky me!:) I'm so happy and satisfied with my new toy!:) 

October 31st was a very nice day for my children - it was a day off school for both of them, and as it happened on a Friday, Minnie came home from Sofia on Thursday after school...:) Needless to say, we were all very happy to spend an extra day with her that week!:) In the evening Minnie and Vanyo went to see a performance of 'Circus Balkanski' which is a world-famous Bulgarian circus...:) Both children had lots of fun at the performance!:) When they came home, my husband and Minnie carved a pumpkin and made a jack-o'-lantern...:) The children named it lovingly 'Tikvitchko' /which means something like 'Little Pumpkin'/.:) Halloween is not officially celebrated in Bulgaria but young people are very open towards foreign cultures and Halloween is such an attractive holiday that it becomes popular here too...:) 

The following day, November 1st, was Vanyo's first swimming lesson and he enjoyed it to the fullest!:) We'll try to take him to the swimming pool every Saturday...:) We have no sports ambitions for him, but we hope he will learn to swim well and will become stronger and healthier!:)

I saw nine more movie by the end of October: ‘Creation’ /it was interesting for me to learn more about Darwin's personal life, but that was the only thing I liked about this movie.../, ‘New York, I Love You’ /I usually love such movies, which are like a puzzle of different stories... This time, however, my feelings are mixed... I liked some stories, but not all of them.../, ‘Playing for Keeps’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was sweet, touching and funny!:) And Gerard Butler is in it, which is always a plus!:)/, ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ /sweet and funny:)/, ‘Young Catherine’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, interesting and inspiring...:)/, ‘Deception’ /it was rather predictable to be a good thriller, but still it was a nice movie with great actors…:)/, ‘The Rise /Wasteland/’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was fresh, exciting and full of dark humour…:)/, ‘22 Jump Street’ /maybe not as good as 21 Jump Street but still fun to watch.../ and ‘Automata’ /I really wanted to like this movie because it was filmed in Bulgaria and because I love Antonio Banderas. Indeed, the idea of the movie was interesting and thought-provoking, but the story was going so slowly that it got boring at times...:(/. 

During the first November weekend I saw 'Hercules' - great entertainment for the whole family...:) I hope November will be a good month for watching movies just like October was...:) Fingers crossed!:)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to the routine...

September was a nice month… Hubby and I started work on September 1st, but the children were on summer hoidays until September 15th, lucky them!:)

Minnie is in 12th /last/ grade this school year… At the end of it she will sit for mature exams and University entrance exams… And Vanyo is in 4th grade, which is the last year of Elementary School, so he will sit for mature exams too… He will also sit for some entrance exams in order to continue in one of the specialized classes /starting from 5th grade/ in his school… So it will be a very difficult and important school year for both my children, but I hope they’ll be successful as always, fingers crossed!:)

I saw 17 /!/ movies in September: ‘RoboCop’ /there were some great special effects and battle scenes but I was a bit disappointed, to be honest... I think the first Robocop /from 1987/ was much better.../, ‘The Beaver’ /there were some touching moments and the actors were really good, but the movie as a whole was too sad and depressing...:( Not my cup of tea at all...:(/, ‘Extraordinary Measures’ /such a touching an inspiring movie... I had misty eyes most of the time...The actors were brilliant too!:)/, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ /weird, but in a nice way:)/, ‘Godzilla’ /total disappointment:(/, ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ /weird and silly, but also very fresh and funny...:)/, ‘Frozen’ /a very sweet movie... But if there were less songs, it would have been perfect...:)/, ‘Transcendence’ /I loved the idea of the movie, but it's going so slowly that it gets boring...:( Such a pity...:(/, ‘Lord of War’ /very good movie - cruel, thought-provoking and full of dark humour.../, ‘Limitless’ /OK to watch for some entertainment, but nothing special.../, ‘The Constant Gardener’ /a very sad and touching movie... And Ralph Fiennes is amazing!/, ‘The English Patient’ /a very beautiful and touching story... The actors were all great too...:)/, ‘Kitchen in Paris’ /it’s a Russian movie, a sequel to the third season of the super sweet and funny Russian TV series ‘Kitchen’…:) We greatly enjoyed the movie too and now we’re looking forward to the fourth season of the series…:)/, ‘Yogi Bear’ /a very sweet and entertaining movie for the whole family...:)/, ‘Dredd’ /total disappointment :(/, ‘Bright Star’ /I really wanted to like this movie but it couldn't really touch me...:(/ and ‘I, Frankenstein’ /nothing special, but OK to watch for some entertainment.../.

September was a good month for reading too…:) I finished reading ‘The Edge of Reason’ by Helen Fielding and I found it witty and amusing - just as the previous book of the Bridget Jones series...:)

October started well too…:) Last weekend we visited my in-laws in Karlovo and on the way back we brought our dog Teddy home…:) She is happy to be with us again after spending the whole summer in Karlovo…:) We are happy to have here too, to be honest, even though this means having more obligations as well…:)

Because of the visit to my in-laws we saw only one movie last weekend – ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. It was very entertaining, full of great battle scenes and amazing special effects!:) But the month is just beginning, so I'm sure I'll catch up soon!:)

Monday, September 1, 2014

My summer holidays...:)

Hubby and I had the whole month of August off, so on August 2nd /Saturday/ we drove to Tatarevo to pick our children up...:) My parents welcomed us with another yummy BBQ and we had a great time together...:) 

After spending the rest of the weekend at home, the four of us went to Karlovo where we spend a wonderful, lazy week - we slept a lot, read books, watched TV, made some walks and BBQs, and got totally spoilt by my mother-in-law...:) 

We made a day trip too - on August 9th /Saturday/ we visited the Shipka Monument on the Shipka Peak in Stara Planina /Old Mountain, or the Balkan Mountains/. This monument is a memorial to those who had died for the liberation of Bulgaria during the battles of Shipka Pass in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Vanyo wanted to visit this monument for a long time /ever since he attended Kindergarten/ so he was super happy to finally do it!:)

After the Shipka Monument we visited Etara - an open-air ethnographic museum...:) It's very interesting and beautiful there...:) We bought some really yummy breads from a bakery and then sat at an old-fashioned cafe...:) 

Our final destination was the Shipka Memorial Church which is built in a Russian style - very beautiful!:)

We drove to Plovdiv the following day, August 10th /Sunday/.:) August 12th /Tuesday/ was my 39th birthday, so we did another day trip - this time to the Rhodope Mountains...:) We had dinner at our favourite place - the Blue Inn...:) And on the way home we bought delicious ice-cream cake!:) 

As usual, I was super spoilt for my birthday - I got lots of phone calls, e-mails, messages, Facebook greetings, cards, gifts, etc...:) The children had made me a super cute card - so sweet and thoughtful of them!:)

The days that followed, were quite uneventful - we mainly relaxed at home reading, watching movies, etc. We went out a couple of times too - did some walks, sat at cafes, had fried fish at the Rowing Canal... 

The highlight of our summer holidays, however, was our trip to Greece on August 29th /Friday/. We travelled to the area of Xanthi which is the home town of my dear friend Konstantina /who now lives in France with her husband and their daughter/ and she was extremely nice to give me some information and tips about the places worth visiting...:) It felt so special, because all the time I was thinking that my friend has been there too...:)

We travelled at night as hubby wanted us to meet the sunrise at the sea...:) We arrived to Xanthi easily, but then we had a problem finding Avdira... Luckily the people were very friendly and nice so they helped us to find the way... We arrived to the beach of Avdira before the sunrise and we totally fell in love with it!:) Such a beautiful place!:) And not crowded at all - totally unlike our Bulgarian beaches... Unfortunately it was a bit windy that day, so I didn't dare to get into the sea, but I dipped my feet a bit and the water was warm and nice...:) We loved Avdira so much that we might go there for a longer time next summer...:)

We stayed at the beach until 11 o'clock and then we drove to Xanthi. We passed by the Abdera archaeological site /that my friend Konstantina had advised me to visit/ but we were too hungry and it was too hot, so we decided to leave it for the next visit. By the way, my husband and Minnie had a very funny conversation about the Abdera archaeological site on our way home. My husband teased her, saying something like: 'What there is to see, just some rocks?' and Minnie replied: 'Dad, you have no idea how many rocks I've seen during my school practices. And I can assure you that each one was different and unique. So it's much more interesting than you can imagine'...:)

When we arrived to Xanthi, we tried to find a nice place to eat. We sat at 'Kipos', which is right next to the river... We really liked it there, because the view was beautiful and there was a nice fresh wind coming from the mountains...:) The staff was very helpful and super friendly.:) They brought us two bottles of water at our arrival /a very nice and unexpected gesture:)/. We had Greek salad /for all of us/, pork souvlaki /for hubby and me/, chicken souvlaki /for Minnie/ and a cheeseburger /for Vanyo/. The souvlaki were garnished with rice, cooked in a very interesting way /with raisins and walnuts/. The cheeseburger was garnished with French fries and onion rings. We also asked for bread and they brought us a big plate with it... The portions were very delicious but also very huge so we couldn't eat all and sadly had no room for dessert... The children had cokes and hubby and I enjoyed wonderful Greek coffee...:) We were pleasantly surprised by the bill - all that yummy food and drinks for only 35 euro!:)

After our lunch we went for a walk at the Old Town. We loved it there!:) It reminded us of Plovdiv so much!:) We visited the Folklore Museum as my friend Konstantina had suggested...:) Then the kids decided that they wouldn't mind having ice-cream, so I bought them some /hubby and I were still feeling too full to eat anything/ and they ate it at a park...:) Unfortunately we had to leave Xanthi /and Greece/ soon afterwards, because there was a fair in Karlovo the next day and we had promised to my in-laws that we'll visit them then... But it was such an eventful and adventurous day, and we loved Xanthi and its area so much that we'll definitely visit it again - hopefully for a longer time!:) And hopefully next time we can meet my dear friend Konstantina and her family too!:) That would be awesome!:)

After leaving Greece we made a short visit to Zlatograd - a Bulgarian town right at the border with Greece. It turned out to be a very beautiful place too!:) The children visited the Ethnographic Museum while hubby and I enjoyed a cup of coffee outside...:) On our way home we suddenly felt hungry again so stopped at the Blue Inn for dinner...:) We got home at about 10 p.m., totally knocked out, but so full of nice memories and positive emotions!:)

The following day /August 30th, Saturday/ we drove to Karlovo for the annual fair...:) My mother-in-law welcomed us with super yummy BBQ and on the Sunday we took the children to the fair where they had lots of fun at the bumping cars...:) Then it was time to get home as hubby and I both had to be back to work today...

Of course, we saw some movies in August - 'Identitiy Thief' /very silly...:(/, 'The Stepford Wives' /nothing special...:(/, 'Last Vegas' /nothing extraordinary, but still nice, funny and heart-warming...:)/, 'Magic Mike' /I really wanted to like this movie as I love all the actors... The dances were great /Channing Tatum was amazing as always/, there were funny and touching moments, but as a whole it was nothing special... Maybe I just expected too much.../, 'Paranoia' /nothing special again:(/, 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' /great entertainment for the whole family...:) And incredible Wolverine - as always!:)/, 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' /lots of breath-taking special effects, spectacular action scenes and dark humour...:)/, 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' /unfortunately not as interesting as the first Amazing Spiderman, but still OK to watch for some entertainment.../, '47 Ronin' /it was great to see Keanu Reeves again, but the movie was nothing special...:(/ and 'Divergent' /I was pleasantly surprised by this movie - it was thrilling, exciting, and very, very interesting to the very end!:) Two thumbs up!:) Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the sequels...:)/.

During my summer holidays I also finished reading the fifth book of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George R.R.Martin'A Dance with Dragons'. It was much more interesting and exciting than the previous book of the series...:) Actually it was not a surprise as all my favourite characters are back in the story...:) Now I'm looking forward to the sixth book, hopefully it will be finished and published soon, fingers crossed! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The month of July so far...:)


Minnie and Vanyo spent the first week of July at home with us and it was so wonderful to have them around…:)

On July 6th we drove to Sofia because Vanyo was invited to the birthday party of his dear friend Neda.:) Minnie joined the fun too, so both children had a great time /there were laser fights, karaoke, dances…/:) Hubby and I enjoyed the company of the parents – we knew some of them so was nice to catch up…:) When the party was over, we left the children in Karlovo… Sadly hubby and I still had to work, so we had to get back to Plovdiv…

On July 22nd hubby and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary…:) We didn’t do anything huge, just a special dinner at home, but it was nice and romantic anyway…:)

Last weekend we picked the children and Teddy up from Karlovo…:) It was so wonderful to be together again!:) And on Sunday we drove to Tatarevo where we enjoyed super yummy BBQ prepared by my parents…:) After the BBQ we left the children and Teddy in Tatarevo where they’ll stay by the end of the month… Hubby and I still need to work this week, but as soon as we finish, we’ll finally take the children home!:) Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this moment!:)

So far I’ve seen eleven movies this month: ‘Up in the Air’ /nothing special:(/, ‘An Education’ /silly and boring:(/, ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans’ /there were some funny moments but nothing hilarious/, ‘Unknown’ /there were some interesting twists and turns in the story, but the movie as a whole was not too thrilling and exciting.../, ‘Walk of Shame’ /very silly:(/, ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ /beautiful and interesting movie, bitter-sweet as life itself... The actors were great too...:)/, ‘Miss Potter’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, touching, exciting and Renee Zellweger does a fantastic job!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, ‘Charlie St.Cloud’ /a very beautiful and touching movie..../, ‘Closer’ /I love all the actors of this movie so tried really hard to like it but it just didn't happen...:(/, ‘Last Night’ /very boring:(/ and ‘Noah’ /total disappointment:(/.

In the beginning of July I finished reading ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ by E.L.James. This was definitely the most dynamic and dramatic book of the trilogy so it was an easy read... Still, in all honesty, I doubt I liked it enough to recommend or re-read it... The book I started reading next is the fifth /and so far the latest/
book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R.Martin'A Dance with Dragons' and I'm greatly enjoying it so far...:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some more June news...

Vanyo enjoyed the week with my parents to the fullest and now he is back at home...:) Minnie finished 11th grade yesterday, so she joined him too and now they're both on summer holidays...:) They'll spend the current week in Plovdiv and then they'll go to Karlovo...:) 
As always, Minnie got ‘excellent’ 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all of her subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Bulgarian, History, Culture, Philosophy, Ethics and Law, IT, Profile /Latin with Italian/ and Sports. Needless to say, we are all super proud of her!:) 
June turned out to be a great month for movie watching indeed - I saw three more movies by the end of it...:) Here is the list: ‘The Spy Next Door’ /funny and entertaining:)/ ‘Green Lantern’ /great entertainment for the whole family:)/ and ‘Mansfield Park’ /sadly I didn't like it much - the story was not interesting enough and I just couldn't force myself to care for the characters...:(/.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The month of June so far...:)

Even though Vanyo finished school on May 31st , he still had some studying to do in the beginning of June…:) He attended an English language course at Euro-Aliance. The course was organised according to the project ‘Knowledge for Leaders’ and was attended by children who had finished grades 1, 2 and 3 with excellent marks…:) It lasted five days /June 2nd - 6th/ and Vanyo enjoyed it very much…:) He got a certificate and made lots of friends there!:)

As soon as Vanyo finished his course, we drove him and Teddy to Karlovo…:) He stayed there for two weeks, so hubby and I enjoyed our time as a couple then…:) 

When the two weeks were over, we picked Vanyo up from Karlovo and he spent the weekend with us…:) It was so wonderful to be together again!:) And last Sunday, June 22nd, we drove Vanyo to Tatarevo /the village close to Plovdiv where my parents bought a house/ where he stayed this week…:) Today, as soon as hubby and I finish work and Minnie gets back from Sofia, we're going to Tatarevo to pick up Vanyo...:) So far he is enjoying his summer holidays to the fullest, being totally spoilt by his grandparents…:) 

I’ve seen thirteen movies since the beginning of June‘Me and Orson Welles’ /nothing special:(/, ‘Uncertainty’ /definitely not my kind of movie...:( It just couldn't keep my attention nor touch me...:(  And it seemed too sophisticated for me to like it enough...:(/, ‘The Island’ /I really liked this movie - it was exciting, touching, full of breath-taking action scenes and great special effects!:)/, ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’ /sad, heart-breaking, and depressing, but also very beautiful and touching... The actors were brilliant too...:)/, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ /unfortunately not as good nor exciting as the first 300 movie and Gerard Butler's charisma was definitely missing... But there were still some great fighting scenes and special effects...:)/, ‘The Tooth Fairy’ /sweet, funny and heart-warming...:) A perfect entertainment for the whole family!:)/, ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’ /at first I thought the movie was too slow and boring but as it progressed, I started to like the characters and to feel for them... And I have to confess that the end left me misty-eyed...:)/, ‘It’s Complicated’ /a wonderful movie - funny, sweet, touching, great actors - I loved it!:)/, ‘Leap Year’ /a very sweet and touching movie...:) Plus breathtaking Irish views!:)/, ‘A Single Man’ /too slow, sad and depressing - not my cup of tea at all...:(/, ‘According to Greta’ /nothing special:(/, ‘Serious Moonlight’ /even though I didn't find it as funny as I probably should have, I still liked it as whole…:) And I'm very proud that I guessed the twist in the end...:)/ and ‘Northanger Abbey’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, sweet and touching...:) Plus, the actors were totally unknown to me which made the story even more believable...:) Two thumbs up!:)/... And the month is not over yet, so I hope I’ll be able to see some more…:) 

June turned out to be a great month not only for watching movies, but for reading books as well…:) I finally finished reading ‘The Name of the Rose’ by Umberto Eco and I greatly enjoyed this book - I just loved it how Eco had incorporated his philosophical views into the criminal story and the dialogues...:) I also admire his unique sense of humour...:) Even the structure of the novel was impressing - I found it very witty that the chapters were named after the church services…:) A brilliant book!:) The book I started reading next is ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’:) 

Also in June I finished reading the fourth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R.Martin‘A Feast for Crows’. To be honest, I found it less interesting than the previous three of the series, because it was concentrated on the characters I don't care much about... But my favourite characters will return in the next book, so I'm sure my attention will be grasped again pretty soon!:)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Proud of my children...:)


After the long weekend Minnie brought us a wonderful piece of news again – she had become first among the 11 graders at the second part of the Ancient Languages competition as well!:) And it turns out that she had made the best result during all the three years of attending the Ancient Languages competition /in 9th, 10th and 11th grade/ so the teachers have congratulated her as the champion of her school…:) Way to go, Minnie!:)

May 10th was the first working Saturday of the month /because of the six-day weekend/ but hubby and I worked only until noon and then got home…:) Vanyo went to a school trip that day and Minnie simply relaxed at home with Teddy…:) That evening we saw ‘Pompeii’ and I greatly enjoyed this movie - on one side it was beautiful, touching and sad, but it was also very, very exciting, full of breath-taking battle scenes and amazing special effects!:) Oh, and last, but not least - Kit Harington /the actor who plays Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’/ is such a pleasure to watch!:)

Both children enjoyed a few days off school /May 21st - 26th/ because there are some mature exams going on for students in grade 7 and 12… Needless to say, they both made the most out of those free days…:)

May 31st was the second working Saturday of the month because of the 6-day weekend. Vanyo went to a school trip and came back full of positive emotions...:) It was actually his last day of this school year and I'm proud to say that he finished 3rd grade with flying colours - he got 'excellent' 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all his subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, Maths, English, Man and Society, Man and Nature, Music, Arts, Sports, Domestic Ways of Life and Techniques, Compulsory Chosen Subject Maths and Compulsory Chosen Subject English...:)
May turned out to be a great month for movie watching…:) During the second half of it I saw ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ /nothing extraordinary, but OK to watch for some entertainment...:)/, ‘The Expendables 2’ /I liked it even more than the first Expendables movie - lots of breath-taking action scenes, dark humour and great actors - the perfect entertainment!:) Plus, most of it was filmed in Bulgaria, even at the Plovdiv airport:)/, ‘Dare’ /I've read some really good reviews about this movie, so I wanted to see it... But then I was quite disappointed...:(/, ‘Shutter Island’ /amazing movie - breath-taking, unusual, creepy, full of suspense... And Leo does a brilliant job!:) Two thumbs up!:)/,  ‘Pirate Radio’, a.k.a. ’The Boat That Rocked’ /a very sweet and funny movie:)/ and 'The Legend of Hercules' /
I was quite irritated by this movie because it had nothing to do with the real legend of Hercules nor life in Ancient Greece...:( There were gladiator fights in the movie, can you imagine?:(/.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Green school', practice, a long weekend and Vanyo's 10th birthday...:)

Well, as I wrote in my previous post, Vanyo went to a 'green school' with his classmates right after Easter...:) They stayed at a hotel in Bansko /one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountain resorts/ for five days /April 22nd - 26th/ and my son came back home full of excitement and positive emotions...:)

On April 28th we got two fantastic news about Minnie...:) The first one was that she had received 91% at her German B1 level exam and the second one was that she became first among the 11 graders at the first part of the Ancient Languages competition!:) This girl once again proved how amazing she is!:)

A few days after Vanyo came back from his 'green school', it was Minnie's turn to travel - on April 30th she left for her school practice /7 days/, which was named 'The Mission in Great Moravia' and included Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Graz and Zagreb...:) As always, Minnie enjoyed her school practice to the fullest and she fell in love in Budapest just like me!:) Perhaps we should arrange a trip to this beautiful city in the near future?! I would definitely love that!:)

We had a super long weekend in the beginning of May /6 days/, because May 1st and 6th were official holidays /Labour Day and Saint George's Day/, so the only working days between these and the weekend were May 2nd and May 5th which luckily the government gave off as well /and we need to work on two Saturdays instead - May 10 and May 31st/.:) Minnie was on her school practice at that time, but the three of us plus Teddy did our best to relax and to enjoy those days off to the fullest...:)

The last day of the long weekend /May 6th/ was Vanyo's 10th birthday...:) I still can't believe that my son has grown up so much!:) Yes, time definitely flies!:) We had a small celebration at home, just the three of us /plus the puppy:)/.:) First we had traditional lunch /traditional for Saint George's Day which was also celebrated that day/ - fresh salad and roasted lamb, garnished with rice, mushrooms and other vegetables.:) It was yummy!:) In the evening we picked up Minnie from Sofia /she had returned from her school practice right on time for her brother's birthday - something both children were very happy about:)/ and then Vanyo blew the candles of his /very small, but very, very delicious/ chocolate cake...:)

Of course, Vanyo received some presents for his birthday - a PSP game /'Lego Pirates of the Caribbean'/ from my parents, some money from my mother-in-law, some new clothes from his dad and me and some souvenirs from his sister /which she had bought for him at her school practice/...:)

And the following day, when the long weekend was over and we all got back to the routine, Vanyo brought two boxes of chocolates to school as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:)

I saw only two movies by the end of April - 'The Taking of Pelham 1 2  3' /nothing special:(/ and '10 Items or Less' /it was not anything extraordinary, but still a sweet and heart-warming movie:)/.

Luckily I was able to see quite many movies in the beginning of May because of the long weekend - 'A Perfect Getaway' /maybe not the best thriller, but there were some unexpected turns, so it kept my attention most of the time...:)/, 'The Boondock Saints' /I greatly enjoyed this movie - the story, the dark humour, the action scenes, it was really fresh and unique!:) Two thumbs up!:)/, 'The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day' /not as interesting as the first movie, but still good...:)/, 'Kick-Ass' /weird, but in a nice way, and very entertaining...:)/ and 'Kick-Ass 2' /not as good as the first movie, but still fun to watch...:)/.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter

Our Easter was very calm and uneventful this year!:) We had four days off /starting from Good Friday, April 18th/ and we did our best to relax and to enjoy them to the fullest!:)

On Good Friday we visited my parents for lunch and had a very nice time there plus yummy /as always:)/ food!:) My younger niece Johanna was visiting my parents for the holidays, so it was great to catch up with her too!:)

On Saturday we drove to Karlovo to visit my in-laws. On Sunday, the first Easter day, we had traditional lunch - Easter salad, roasted lamb with 'drob-sarma' and supper yummy 'kozunak', made by Minnie...:)

And of course, the highlight of Easter was the 'egg-fight' which made us all laugh so much!:)

We drove back to Plovdiv after lunch, so we spent the rest of the holidays at home and did our best to relax and recharge our batteries...:)

Today we're all back to the routine... Except Vanyo, who went to 'green school' with his classmates this morning...:) They'll stay at a very nice hotel in Bansko /one of the best Bulgarian mountain resorts/ for five days and I'm sure he'll have lots of fun with his friends!:) Lucky him!:)

Surprisingly, we didn't see any movies during our Easter holidays, but I finished reading 'Fifty Shades Darker' by E. L. James.:) I found it more interesting than the first 'Fifty Shades' book and I especially liked the last chapter, so I'll definitely read the last book as well to see how it all ends...:) But before that I started reading 'A Feast for Crows' /the fourth book of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George R. R. Martin/...:) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring holidays

The children were on spring holidays from March 28th until April 7th, lucky them!:) Usually they spend these holidays in Karlovo, with my in-laws, but this year they wanted to stay at home...:) Hubby and I had to work, but Minnie and Vanyo relaxed and enjoyed themselves to the fullest!:)

During the last weekend of March we finally saw 'Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' and I found it just as entertaining as the first 'Hobbit' movie.:)

We got some really bad and upsetting news during the spring holidays...:( Minnie and a boy from her school had won a competition about translating the poems of Horace from Latin into Bulgarian. This allows them to participate at an international competition, called 'Certamen Horatianum' in Venosa, Italy, where they would translate Horace from Latin into another foreign language /English in their case/... But suddenly it turned out /at the last minute, literally/ that the school can't sponsor the event... They should travel right after Easter, so it would be a miracle if they find the money in such short notice... Really annoying! The bank account of the school was published online by the teacher who is in charge of the competition and I posted the article in Facebook, but I seriously doubt there will be many people willing to donate as the standard of life in Bulgaria is so low that most people live only to pay their bills...:( Needless to say, Minnie is extremely disappointed as she had put so much effort into the preparation for the competition...:(

Luckily we got some good news during the spring holidays too - Vanyo had received 46 points /out of 50/ at a competition, called 'Me and the Letters' /Bulgarian Langauge/...:) I'm so proud of him for doing so well again!:)

During the first April weekend I finished reading 'A Storm of Swords' /the third book of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George R.R.Martin/ and I greatly enjoyed it just as the previous two books...:)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Life is good...:)

Yes, March came and brought the health, good luck and happiness back to my family!:)

March 8th was International Women’s Day and my hubby and children made it super special for me!:) They had so many lovely surprises - handmade cards from the children /Minnie had even written me a poem, wow:)/, a care package /a book about healthy food and some cosmetics/ from the children and hubby, and, last, but not least - a beautiful black suit /jacket, skirt and trousers/ by my favourite local designer from hubby...:) Hubby also bought a cross trainer that weekend, so I have less excuses for keeping fit now...:) 

On March 10th I had two more occasions to celebrate - Minnie's plaster was taken off /finally:)/ and I found out that Vanyo had received 48 points /out of 50/ at a competition, called 'I communicate with Europe' which he had in English...:)

Looks like my son is really good at English for his age, as on March 19th I also found out he had received 96% at a mock YLE Cambridge Starters exam, organized by Europe Schools /a private school which offers language and computer courses/…:) Needless to say, we’re all very proud of his great result!:) Europe Schools were very impressed by Vanyo and even offered to let him skip a level if we decide to sign him up at their courses…:) But hubby and I think Vanyo is OK with his English studies at school /4 lessons a week/ so we decided against signing him up at Europe Schools for extra lessons.:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chestita Baba Marta! :)

Well, dear friends, as most of you know, Bulgarians celebrate Baba Marta on March 1st...:) Baba Marta is an imaginary character who gives 'marthenitza's to the children and this way shows that the spring has come...:) 'Marthenitza's are made of white and red threads and by giving them to each other we wish health, happiness and good luck...:) We wear the 'marthenitza's until we see the first stork /symbol of spring here/, then we take them off and tie them on a fruit tree for fertility...:) On March 1st we greet one another with 'Chestita Baba Marta' /it can be translated as 'Happy Granny March'/... It's one of the most beautiful Bulgarian traditions...:) So - chestita Baba Marta, dear friends!:)

Now let me get back to February for a while... It definitely was a bad month for our family and I'm so happy that it's over!:) Just as we all got healthy again, we got a call from my brother-in-law on February 18th that Minnie had stepped on the side of her right foot and had broken some muscle fibres on her ankle…:( She had her foot immobilized and put in plaster, which should be taken off on March 10th...:( Needless to say, we’re all worried about her… And she couldn't participate any more at the Ancient Greek comedy where she plays one of the two main *male* characters /this performance was part of the exhibition, held at the Bulgarian Science Academy, called ‘Greece – Ancient and Modern Times’/. Such a pity, as she really enjoyed playing at that comedy and it was quite a success…:(

We saw three more movies by the end of February - '21 Jump Street' /funny and entertaining... And Channing Tatum is always a pleasure to watch...:)/, 'Reasonable Doubt' /nothing special:(/ and 'The Young Victoria' /great movie - beautiful, heart-warming and touching!:) I loved it! :)/. So at least it was a good month for movie watching!:)

The first weekend of March was a long one /three days/ because Monday, March 3rd, is Bulgaria's national holiday /Liberation Day/.:) We relaxed at home and, of course, saw some movies - 'In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale' /nothing special:(/, 'TILT' /a great Bulgarian movie about love... and about the choices we need to make in our lives...:)/ and 'Valentine's Day' /I just *loved* this movie - it is sweet, touching, funny, full of great stories and the actors are brilliant!:) Two thumbs up!:)/.

During the long weekend we saw all the episodes of 'Life'... Such a pity there are only two seasons...:( We really fell in love with the story and the characters...:)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tough times...:(

I saw one more movie in January after writing my previous post here - 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'. I liked it much more than the first Hunger Games movie and now I'm looking forward to the sequels...:)

Also in January I started watching 'Downton Abbey' series and liked them so much that I saw all the 4 seasons in no time and now I'm looking forward to season 5...:)

February has been a very bad month for my family so far...:( The children were on holidays on February 3rd and 4th but Minnie had come sick from Sofia for the weekend...:( Luckily she was fine when she returned to school after the short holidays, but then it was my turn to be ill... And Vanyo followed soon after me...:( Vanyo and me are on sick leave from February 6th and we should be back to work/school on February 17th... At first I thought it was too much, but our recovery is going rather slow so our doctor was right to give us such a long sick leave... Because of our illness we couldn't visit my mum for her birthday yesterday, but I'm sure we'll have many more occasions to celebrate as soon as we're all healthy again...:)

Well, at least February turned out to be a good month for movie watching...:) I've seen 5 movies so far and we're still at the very beginning of the month...:) Here is the list: 'Thor: The Dark World' /just as entertaining as the first Thor movie:)/, 'Rapid Respnse Corps' /a Bulgarian movie... It was a bit silly, but still quite funny...:)/, 'Homefront' /nothing special...:(/, 'The A-Team' /lots of action, crazy situations and dark humour...:) The perfect entertainment!:)/ and 'Ender's Game' /total disappointment:(/.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vanyo's name day and some other news...:)

January has been a quiet month so far... Both children started school on January 6th and our life is back to the routine since then... 

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th. We had special lunch at my parents' home as my dad celebrates his name day then too...:) Vanyo brought two boxes of chocolates to school as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:) And in the evening we had a small celebration at home but as Minnie couldn't attend it /she was in Sofia then/, we had another celebration the following Saturday - the four of us!:) Vanyo got some presents, of course - a Lego set from one of his friends and some money from his grandparents...:)

Vanyo made us super proud that day - we found out that he had received 49 points /out of 50/ at a competition, called 'Me, the nature and the world'...:)

I've seen three movies so far this month - ‘About Time’ /one of the best movies I've seen lately - touching, beautiful, heart-warming, funny and bitter-sweet as life itself...:) It made me laugh and cry...:) Highly recommended!:)/, ‘Man of Steel’ /lots of action, excitement, special effects and amazing Henry Cavill - the perfect entertainment!:)/ and 'LOL' /I didn't expect much from this movie, but it turned out to be a nice surprise - sweet, touching, funny...:) I loved it!:)/. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Christmas holidays...:)

Our Christmas holidays were great!:) Both children had their school Christmas celebrations on December 20th - Minnie had the traditional 'Saturnalia' and Vanyo had a party at a dance club...:) Needless to say, both children have had a lot of fun!:) What a wonderful way to begin their holidays!!!:)

Hubby and I were both off until yesterday, January 2nd, and what a perfect time we had...:) Such a pity our holidays were over too soon, though... Now I'm already looking forward to Easter!;) The children are luckier than us - they'll be back to school on Monday, January 6th...:)

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Karlovo with my in-laws and returned home in the afternoon of the first Christmas Day, December 25th...:) We had the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and this year Minnie was the lucky one who found the coin in her piece of the 'pitka'...:)

As always, Santa had put the presents under the Christmas tree while we were having dinner!;) Vanyo got a new game for his PSP /'Prince of Persia'/ from his dad and me, a knight set /armour, sword, bow and arrows/, a 'Cars' colouring book with crayons and some socks from his sister /who had generously decided to spend her whole scholarship for Christmas presents;)/ and some money from his grandparents. Minnie got from her dad and me a book she had wanted very, very much /'Game of Thrones';)/ and some money from her grandparents too...:) Hubby and I got a gift from Minnie too - a book by the Bulgarian author Vladimir Zarev - 'The Genesis' /it's the first book of a trilogy, on which are based the TV series 'The Tree of Life' which we enjoy a lot.../. So sweet of her!:)

On December 28th we visited my parents for lunch and had some more yummy traditional food...:)
We celebrated New Year's Eve at home and even though it was rather quiet this time /we danced less than we usually do/, we had lots of fun, yummy food and good drinks...:) The fortunes we got from the New Year's 'banitza' were, as follows: hubby got 'joyful games' /this fortune was supposed to go for the puppy actually;)/, Minnie - 'success' /quite appropriate;)/, Vanyo - 'health', me - 'happiness' and Teddy - 'love' /to Vanyo's disappointment as he was hoping to get that fortune himself;)/. 

During the Christmas holidays I finished reading 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown. It was interesting, but sadly not as exciting as the other two books of the Robert Langdon series... Let's hope the next one will be better...:) The book I started reading next is the first book of my 20th Century Golden Books Collection - 'The Name of the Rose' by Umberto Eco.
And of course, we saw quite some movies during our Christmas holidays - 'Stalingrad' /sadly not as good as other movies about WWII I've seen...:(/, 'Side Effects' /the beginning was rather slow but then it became really good - thrilling, exciting, full of unexpected turns... I loved it!:)/, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' /I liked it more than 'Star Trek'...:) And now I'm curious to see more Star Trek movies...:)/, 'Runner Runner' /nothing special, even though two of my favourites are playing - Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake...:(/, 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' /I found it very entertaining...:) And I actually liked it even more than the first Percy Jackson movie...:)/, 'Brother Bear 2' /I liked it just as much as the first Brother Bear movie...:)/, 'Agora' /a very good movie, but I also found it too sad and heart-breaking to like it enough...:(/ and 'Riddick' /nothing special...:(/.
During the Christmas holidays we also saw the first two seasons of the 'Sherlock' series and now we're looking forward to season 3...:)