Monday, January 20, 2014

Vanyo's name day and some other news...:)

January has been a quiet month so far... Both children started school on January 6th and our life is back to the routine since then... 

Vanyo's name day was on January 7th. We had special lunch at my parents' home as my dad celebrates his name day then too...:) Vanyo brought two boxes of chocolates to school as a treat for his classmates and teachers...:) And in the evening we had a small celebration at home but as Minnie couldn't attend it /she was in Sofia then/, we had another celebration the following Saturday - the four of us!:) Vanyo got some presents, of course - a Lego set from one of his friends and some money from his grandparents...:)

Vanyo made us super proud that day - we found out that he had received 49 points /out of 50/ at a competition, called 'Me, the nature and the world'...:)

I've seen three movies so far this month - ‘About Time’ /one of the best movies I've seen lately - touching, beautiful, heart-warming, funny and bitter-sweet as life itself...:) It made me laugh and cry...:) Highly recommended!:)/, ‘Man of Steel’ /lots of action, excitement, special effects and amazing Henry Cavill - the perfect entertainment!:)/ and 'LOL' /I didn't expect much from this movie, but it turned out to be a nice surprise - sweet, touching, funny...:) I loved it!:)/. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Christmas holidays...:)

Our Christmas holidays were great!:) Both children had their school Christmas celebrations on December 20th - Minnie had the traditional 'Saturnalia' and Vanyo had a party at a dance club...:) Needless to say, both children have had a lot of fun!:) What a wonderful way to begin their holidays!!!:)

Hubby and I were both off until yesterday, January 2nd, and what a perfect time we had...:) Such a pity our holidays were over too soon, though... Now I'm already looking forward to Easter!;) The children are luckier than us - they'll be back to school on Monday, January 6th...:)

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Karlovo with my in-laws and returned home in the afternoon of the first Christmas Day, December 25th...:) We had the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and this year Minnie was the lucky one who found the coin in her piece of the 'pitka'...:)

As always, Santa had put the presents under the Christmas tree while we were having dinner!;) Vanyo got a new game for his PSP /'Prince of Persia'/ from his dad and me, a knight set /armour, sword, bow and arrows/, a 'Cars' colouring book with crayons and some socks from his sister /who had generously decided to spend her whole scholarship for Christmas presents;)/ and some money from his grandparents. Minnie got from her dad and me a book she had wanted very, very much /'Game of Thrones';)/ and some money from her grandparents too...:) Hubby and I got a gift from Minnie too - a book by the Bulgarian author Vladimir Zarev - 'The Genesis' /it's the first book of a trilogy, on which are based the TV series 'The Tree of Life' which we enjoy a lot.../. So sweet of her!:)

On December 28th we visited my parents for lunch and had some more yummy traditional food...:)
We celebrated New Year's Eve at home and even though it was rather quiet this time /we danced less than we usually do/, we had lots of fun, yummy food and good drinks...:) The fortunes we got from the New Year's 'banitza' were, as follows: hubby got 'joyful games' /this fortune was supposed to go for the puppy actually;)/, Minnie - 'success' /quite appropriate;)/, Vanyo - 'health', me - 'happiness' and Teddy - 'love' /to Vanyo's disappointment as he was hoping to get that fortune himself;)/. 

During the Christmas holidays I finished reading 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown. It was interesting, but sadly not as exciting as the other two books of the Robert Langdon series... Let's hope the next one will be better...:) The book I started reading next is the first book of my 20th Century Golden Books Collection - 'The Name of the Rose' by Umberto Eco.
And of course, we saw quite some movies during our Christmas holidays - 'Stalingrad' /sadly not as good as other movies about WWII I've seen...:(/, 'Side Effects' /the beginning was rather slow but then it became really good - thrilling, exciting, full of unexpected turns... I loved it!:)/, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' /I liked it more than 'Star Trek'...:) And now I'm curious to see more Star Trek movies...:)/, 'Runner Runner' /nothing special, even though two of my favourites are playing - Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake...:(/, 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' /I found it very entertaining...:) And I actually liked it even more than the first Percy Jackson movie...:)/, 'Brother Bear 2' /I liked it just as much as the first Brother Bear movie...:)/, 'Agora' /a very good movie, but I also found it too sad and heart-breaking to like it enough...:(/ and 'Riddick' /nothing special...:(/.
During the Christmas holidays we also saw the first two seasons of the 'Sherlock' series and now we're looking forward to season 3...:)