Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tough times...:(

I saw one more movie in January after writing my previous post here - 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'. I liked it much more than the first Hunger Games movie and now I'm looking forward to the sequels...:)

Also in January I started watching 'Downton Abbey' series and liked them so much that I saw all the 4 seasons in no time and now I'm looking forward to season 5...:)

February has been a very bad month for my family so far...:( The children were on holidays on February 3rd and 4th but Minnie had come sick from Sofia for the weekend...:( Luckily she was fine when she returned to school after the short holidays, but then it was my turn to be ill... And Vanyo followed soon after me...:( Vanyo and me are on sick leave from February 6th and we should be back to work/school on February 17th... At first I thought it was too much, but our recovery is going rather slow so our doctor was right to give us such a long sick leave... Because of our illness we couldn't visit my mum for her birthday yesterday, but I'm sure we'll have many more occasions to celebrate as soon as we're all healthy again...:)

Well, at least February turned out to be a good month for movie watching...:) I've seen 5 movies so far and we're still at the very beginning of the month...:) Here is the list: 'Thor: The Dark World' /just as entertaining as the first Thor movie:)/, 'Rapid Respnse Corps' /a Bulgarian movie... It was a bit silly, but still quite funny...:)/, 'Homefront' /nothing special...:(/, 'The A-Team' /lots of action, crazy situations and dark humour...:) The perfect entertainment!:)/ and 'Ender's Game' /total disappointment:(/.