Friday, June 27, 2014

The month of June so far...:)

Even though Vanyo finished school on May 31st , he still had some studying to do in the beginning of June…:) He attended an English language course at Euro-Aliance. The course was organised according to the project ‘Knowledge for Leaders’ and was attended by children who had finished grades 1, 2 and 3 with excellent marks…:) It lasted five days /June 2nd - 6th/ and Vanyo enjoyed it very much…:) He got a certificate and made lots of friends there!:)

As soon as Vanyo finished his course, we drove him and Teddy to Karlovo…:) He stayed there for two weeks, so hubby and I enjoyed our time as a couple then…:) 

When the two weeks were over, we picked Vanyo up from Karlovo and he spent the weekend with us…:) It was so wonderful to be together again!:) And last Sunday, June 22nd, we drove Vanyo to Tatarevo /the village close to Plovdiv where my parents bought a house/ where he stayed this week…:) Today, as soon as hubby and I finish work and Minnie gets back from Sofia, we're going to Tatarevo to pick up Vanyo...:) So far he is enjoying his summer holidays to the fullest, being totally spoilt by his grandparents…:) 

I’ve seen thirteen movies since the beginning of June‘Me and Orson Welles’ /nothing special:(/, ‘Uncertainty’ /definitely not my kind of movie...:( It just couldn't keep my attention nor touch me...:(  And it seemed too sophisticated for me to like it enough...:(/, ‘The Island’ /I really liked this movie - it was exciting, touching, full of breath-taking action scenes and great special effects!:)/, ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’ /sad, heart-breaking, and depressing, but also very beautiful and touching... The actors were brilliant too...:)/, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ /unfortunately not as good nor exciting as the first 300 movie and Gerard Butler's charisma was definitely missing... But there were still some great fighting scenes and special effects...:)/, ‘The Tooth Fairy’ /sweet, funny and heart-warming...:) A perfect entertainment for the whole family!:)/, ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’ /at first I thought the movie was too slow and boring but as it progressed, I started to like the characters and to feel for them... And I have to confess that the end left me misty-eyed...:)/, ‘It’s Complicated’ /a wonderful movie - funny, sweet, touching, great actors - I loved it!:)/, ‘Leap Year’ /a very sweet and touching movie...:) Plus breathtaking Irish views!:)/, ‘A Single Man’ /too slow, sad and depressing - not my cup of tea at all...:(/, ‘According to Greta’ /nothing special:(/, ‘Serious Moonlight’ /even though I didn't find it as funny as I probably should have, I still liked it as whole…:) And I'm very proud that I guessed the twist in the end...:)/ and ‘Northanger Abbey’ /I greatly enjoyed this movie - it was beautiful, sweet and touching...:) Plus, the actors were totally unknown to me which made the story even more believable...:) Two thumbs up!:)/... And the month is not over yet, so I hope I’ll be able to see some more…:) 

June turned out to be a great month not only for watching movies, but for reading books as well…:) I finally finished reading ‘The Name of the Rose’ by Umberto Eco and I greatly enjoyed this book - I just loved it how Eco had incorporated his philosophical views into the criminal story and the dialogues...:) I also admire his unique sense of humour...:) Even the structure of the novel was impressing - I found it very witty that the chapters were named after the church services…:) A brilliant book!:) The book I started reading next is ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’:) 

Also in June I finished reading the fourth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R.Martin‘A Feast for Crows’. To be honest, I found it less interesting than the previous three of the series, because it was concentrated on the characters I don't care much about... But my favourite characters will return in the next book, so I'm sure my attention will be grasped again pretty soon!:)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Proud of my children...:)


After the long weekend Minnie brought us a wonderful piece of news again – she had become first among the 11 graders at the second part of the Ancient Languages competition as well!:) And it turns out that she had made the best result during all the three years of attending the Ancient Languages competition /in 9th, 10th and 11th grade/ so the teachers have congratulated her as the champion of her school…:) Way to go, Minnie!:)

May 10th was the first working Saturday of the month /because of the six-day weekend/ but hubby and I worked only until noon and then got home…:) Vanyo went to a school trip that day and Minnie simply relaxed at home with Teddy…:) That evening we saw ‘Pompeii’ and I greatly enjoyed this movie - on one side it was beautiful, touching and sad, but it was also very, very exciting, full of breath-taking battle scenes and amazing special effects!:) Oh, and last, but not least - Kit Harington /the actor who plays Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’/ is such a pleasure to watch!:)

Both children enjoyed a few days off school /May 21st - 26th/ because there are some mature exams going on for students in grade 7 and 12… Needless to say, they both made the most out of those free days…:)

May 31st was the second working Saturday of the month because of the 6-day weekend. Vanyo went to a school trip and came back full of positive emotions...:) It was actually his last day of this school year and I'm proud to say that he finished 3rd grade with flying colours - he got 'excellent' 6 /the best mark in Bulgaria/ for all his subjects - Bulgarian Language and Literature, Maths, English, Man and Society, Man and Nature, Music, Arts, Sports, Domestic Ways of Life and Techniques, Compulsory Chosen Subject Maths and Compulsory Chosen Subject English...:)
May turned out to be a great month for movie watching…:) During the second half of it I saw ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ /nothing extraordinary, but OK to watch for some entertainment...:)/, ‘The Expendables 2’ /I liked it even more than the first Expendables movie - lots of breath-taking action scenes, dark humour and great actors - the perfect entertainment!:) Plus, most of it was filmed in Bulgaria, even at the Plovdiv airport:)/, ‘Dare’ /I've read some really good reviews about this movie, so I wanted to see it... But then I was quite disappointed...:(/, ‘Shutter Island’ /amazing movie - breath-taking, unusual, creepy, full of suspense... And Leo does a brilliant job!:) Two thumbs up!:)/,  ‘Pirate Radio’, a.k.a. ’The Boat That Rocked’ /a very sweet and funny movie:)/ and 'The Legend of Hercules' /
I was quite irritated by this movie because it had nothing to do with the real legend of Hercules nor life in Ancient Greece...:( There were gladiator fights in the movie, can you imagine?:(/.