Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to the routine...

September was a nice month… Hubby and I started work on September 1st, but the children were on summer hoidays until September 15th, lucky them!:)

Minnie is in 12th /last/ grade this school year… At the end of it she will sit for mature exams and University entrance exams… And Vanyo is in 4th grade, which is the last year of Elementary School, so he will sit for mature exams too… He will also sit for some entrance exams in order to continue in one of the specialized classes /starting from 5th grade/ in his school… So it will be a very difficult and important school year for both my children, but I hope they’ll be successful as always, fingers crossed!:)

I saw 17 /!/ movies in September: ‘RoboCop’ /there were some great special effects and battle scenes but I was a bit disappointed, to be honest... I think the first Robocop /from 1987/ was much better.../, ‘The Beaver’ /there were some touching moments and the actors were really good, but the movie as a whole was too sad and depressing...:( Not my cup of tea at all...:(/, ‘Extraordinary Measures’ /such a touching an inspiring movie... I had misty eyes most of the time...The actors were brilliant too!:)/, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ /weird, but in a nice way:)/, ‘Godzilla’ /total disappointment:(/, ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ /weird and silly, but also very fresh and funny...:)/, ‘Frozen’ /a very sweet movie... But if there were less songs, it would have been perfect...:)/, ‘Transcendence’ /I loved the idea of the movie, but it's going so slowly that it gets boring...:( Such a pity...:(/, ‘Lord of War’ /very good movie - cruel, thought-provoking and full of dark humour.../, ‘Limitless’ /OK to watch for some entertainment, but nothing special.../, ‘The Constant Gardener’ /a very sad and touching movie... And Ralph Fiennes is amazing!/, ‘The English Patient’ /a very beautiful and touching story... The actors were all great too...:)/, ‘Kitchen in Paris’ /it’s a Russian movie, a sequel to the third season of the super sweet and funny Russian TV series ‘Kitchen’…:) We greatly enjoyed the movie too and now we’re looking forward to the fourth season of the series…:)/, ‘Yogi Bear’ /a very sweet and entertaining movie for the whole family...:)/, ‘Dredd’ /total disappointment :(/, ‘Bright Star’ /I really wanted to like this movie but it couldn't really touch me...:(/ and ‘I, Frankenstein’ /nothing special, but OK to watch for some entertainment.../.

September was a good month for reading too…:) I finished reading ‘The Edge of Reason’ by Helen Fielding and I found it witty and amusing - just as the previous book of the Bridget Jones series...:)

October started well too…:) Last weekend we visited my in-laws in Karlovo and on the way back we brought our dog Teddy home…:) She is happy to be with us again after spending the whole summer in Karlovo…:) We are happy to have here too, to be honest, even though this means having more obligations as well…:)

Because of the visit to my in-laws we saw only one movie last weekend – ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. It was very entertaining, full of great battle scenes and amazing special effects!:) But the month is just beginning, so I'm sure I'll catch up soon!:)